Dmitiry Volohovskiy. Collection FSCs of November

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News from Moscow Center Region Office are that starting from November 14-st, untill December 4-th. we are going to have two new Collection FSCs. With this e-mail I am sending you the description we have from the Center Region office. Here they are:

FSC Nephrite

(Urinary system restoration)

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel Baka () is recorded on it.

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of the urinary system inflammatory diseases of various origin virus, bacterial (pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerulonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis).

Aids prevention and regression of stones formation processes in kidneys and other urinary system organs;

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of neoplasms of various etiology in urinary system organs (benign prostatic hyperplasia. cysts in kidneys, urinary bladder polyposis and so on);

- Aids prevention and correction of asymptomatic bacteriuria of pregnant women and people who are using urinary catheter;

- Helps to support physiology level of hormones adrenal glands and sexual hormones at both men and women;

- Aids disbandment of edemas and reduction of the increased arterial pressure, caused by the diseases of urinary system;

- Aids detoxication and support of homeostasis permanence of organism internal medium chemical composition (water-salt metabolism, acid-base equilibrium) which plays important role for human health insures the flow of physiological processes in the normal boundaries;

- Aids removal of symptoms, that follow urinary system diseases pains in the back of the spine and in the bottom of the belly, dysuria and so on.

Aids restoration of kidneys filtering ability.

FSC Nephrite is indicated to:

- People who suffer from kidneys and urinary system diseases of various etiology, and also for people in respected age in connection with lowered functions of the urinary system;

- People who suffer chronic kidney diseases which are followed by the development of nephratonia. They shall make accent at water wrappings and taking baths and showers, because water intake could be restricted;

- Those patients who are preparing to invasive procedures at the urinary tract (surgery, diagnostic procedures, insertion of cannula and so on). For more quick rehabilitation after such procedures;

- In case of cardio-vascular pathology with the development of heart failures, and other pathologies that lead to the development of edemas at legs;

- People with permanent urinary cannula.

Regular use includes carrying FSC Nephrite on the body at the projection of kidneys, intake of structured water, baths, shower, pumpings.

FSC Bereginya ()

(Restoration and rejuvenation of women's reproductive system)

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at this FSC.

They called this FSC Bereginya in honor of an ancient Slavonic Goddess patroness of women, who guards women from mischief, evil eye, angry husband and sterility. Women often embroidered her image with hands up, as if summoning the sun, spring and good. This Goddess personified blessed forces of fertility both of women and Earth.

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of the inflammatory processes in small pelvis organs, prevents developing of various complications (uterine tubes obstruction, miscarriage, abdominal pregnancy, sterility, adhesions and so on) and their development into chronic form;

- Prevents development of pathology changes in small pelvis organs, aids correction of already present pathologically changed cells. Aids health restoration and also prophylaxis of development of the following pathologies: cervical erosion, cystic ovary syndrome, polyposis of the womb and vagina, womb inflammation internal surface, mucous coating, muscular tissues (endometritis, hyperplasia, endometriosis, myoma and so on), inflammatory processes in ovaries (oophoritis, adnexitis, salpingitis), ovaries dysfunction;

- Aids quicker restoration of small pelvis organs physiological functions after endured diseases of various etiology;

- Aids restoration and support of hormonal balance and physiological functioning of the reproductive system, expansion of women's fertile period;

- Helps to ease manifestations of the premenstrual syndrome, live through critical days, aids to decrease pain syndrome during this period;

- Grants second youth, improves life quality, increases the active longevity period;

- Helps to ease entering and living through women's third age (climacteric).

FSC Bereginya is indicated to:

- All women, starting from the pubertal age (sexual maturation);

- Women in reproductive age for harmonious functioning of the reproductive system;

- Women of the third age for comfortable passing through climacteri and postclimacteric period;

- Women suffering with reproductive system diseases of various etiology, and also for quick restoration after endured surgery;

- Women who want to experience the joy of motherhood in case of reproductive system problems.

I will keep you in course if we will have more info on these new plates,  Koltsov's internet confernce is scheldued for today, thou it will take some time to translate. Keep an eye on "FSC articles".

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