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Цена: 10800.00 руб.

Salvator is an instrument for development of creative human consciousness functions, absorption of negative programs and negative interpretations of reality, reinforcement of a degree in which user's consciousness influences the surrounding reality. An instrument of organism defense functions awakening, through the access of the consciousness to the genome memory. In instrument that allows to form a reality, which will be congruent with the user's demands, an that in the anticipatory mode and without contradiction with the interests of other living creatures and the world.

The kit includes: Salvator Artifact, syntactic protocol «The Black Star», fabric bag for the artifact storage. Note that it comes with Russian , syntactic protocol. My translation of the protocol is here. By request I may send mp3 file with my protocol reading in Russian, that allows to feel the original poetry of the text..

It is supposed, that in a future additional protocols will be released, they will be sold separately. At that Salvator Artifact remains the same, the same material object will be used with subsequent protocols.

What is Salvator?

It is a new technology of human brain creative (cognitive) abilities development, of fine tuning of human brain and consciousness with the help of associations psychophysical influence, archetypes and physical sensations, rendered to a user in the form of the symbolic format of text messages and use of a physical object, that carries on specific symbolic.

0ne of the main Salvator tasks is creation of such conditions for the human central nervous system, that allow to reduce effectively the measure of uncertainty (entropy) of a human being as a dynamic biology system and support neg-entropy state, the state of self-preservation, self-organization and energy stability of an organism at all levels, including genome memory hierarchies. This way Salvator stimulates constant self-renewal, interchange of nutrients, energies and information in the human organism and in the surrounding spase and time.

Salvator is beyond the physics and chemistry, the entire Salvator technology is based on the human consciousness properties, as a highest function of a human brain, closely connected with speech and possessing an ability of creative modeling of reality. Salvator carries on only energies os Sence and your Consciousness. Salvator widens psychophysical interpretation of the world to the triad: Ocean - Human being – Universe. Salvator changes Human consciousness, reflecting in it global planetary and cosmic processes. It combines the resources of the Ocean, Human being and the Universe in a fine technology of symbolic development of sensations. Salvator carries past the limits of physics and chemistry, time and space to the depths of evolutionary abilities of a human being, changing properties of organism and surrounding phenomenon.

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