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Resveratrol 200 Virti - Vigour and power

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Цена: 1800.00 руб.

Resveratrol 200 Virti content: resveratrol 90 mg., red vine extract 150 mg., carnitine, leucine, arginine, citruline, walnut extract, green tea extract, wild orange extract.

Additional ingredients aid vigour improvement, increase adaptation to physical loads at sports trainings, and at abrupt increase of physical loads. Provides energy in period of stresses of physical loads, stimulates brain functions, improves state of health at cardio-vascular issues, hypertension, sclerosis, atherosclerosis. Improves memory. Aids lowering of the sugar and fats content in blood. Works as a stimulant at decreased thyroid gland function. Resveratrol 200 could be regarded as vitamin and tonic remedy. It is indicated after illnesses, surgery, for adaptation to abruptly increased physical load and stress, at weakness.

Release form - flask with 60 capsules, 440 mg. each.

Method of application: one capsule a day, after meals, washing down with water. Minimum course is 4 month. It is possible to take Resveratrol continuously.

The only contra-indication is individual intolerance, breast feeding, pregnancy.

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