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Resveratrol 150 Vici - Rejuvenation & Longevity

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Цена: 1800.00 руб.

Resveratrol 150 Vici content: resveratrol 90 mg., red vine extract 150 mg., Red fermented rice, calcium lactate, silicon dioxide, citrulline, broccoli extract, rosemary extract.

Clinical effects: Regulates phosphorus – calcium exchange, replenishing calcium deficit in the organism, decreases risks of development of: atherosclerosis, blood pressure increase, osteoporose, diabetis. Improoves the state of skin and teeth. Prevents formation of stones in urinary and gall bladder. Prevents hair loss. Harmonizes hormonal balance, withdraws apathy and insomnia. Strengthens immunity. Decreases risk of onco-pathologies development. Increases stamina, improves metabolism and blood flow in muscles. Supports good functional state of the gastro-intestinal tract and food digestion processes. Prevents development of stomach and duodenum ulcers. Helps liver issues prophylaxis. Has expressed diuretic effect, decreases edema. Able to prevent skin ageing effects, returns elasticity to skin. Neutralizes toxins, improves state of health and tone.

Method of application: one capsule a day, after meals, washing down with water. Minimum course is 4 month. It is possible to take Resveratrol continuously.

The only contra-indication is individual intolerance, breast feeding, pregnancy.

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