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Silver Guard bioinformation coverlet

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: 15500.00 .

Silver Guard bioinformation coverlet with silver ions filament and polarized polymer filaments. Two innovative technologies are used in it first transfer of silver ions with the ultrasonic technique, developed in Russia in 2008, second is the use of bio-polymer filaments, treated with laser in order to transfer information from the plants, much similar to the blue FSCs. Coverlet form-factor ensures soft and leveled information influence at the whole body. One of the coverlet functions is synchronization of the body rhythms with the rhythms of the Earth and outer Space, this property has also much in common with the FSC basic action synchronization of the rhythms. Introduction of silver ions into the fabric provides additional beneficial effects at the physical level.

Meet another outstanding energy-information product from Russia! Technologies developed in the Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk city  starting from Soviet times Akademgorodok was a scientific center in the middle of Siberia, where they developed numerous biology, medical and physics projects.

Package contains one coverlet, size is 140*210 centimeters. Weight with package bag 800 gram.

Materials used: Bioecosoft fabric with silver filling and polarized polymer filaments.

Price includes delivery by regular Russian Post Air service

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