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Cosmetolohy liniment for face

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: 1600.00 .

EVO Lady cosmetology line is an organic cosmetic, made from naturally grown or taken from wild nature ingredients, 95 % of ingredients are of natural origin.

EVO Lady cosmetology line is based at photo-rejuvenation concept. EVO-Chlorophyll is an active component in all products.

Advantages of the EVO Lady cosmetology line:

Natural components;

Absence of mineral oils, parabens, silicone, talk;

Takes into consideration skin physiology requirements, depending on season different formulas for winter and summer;

Starts natural physiology processes of skin restoration and rejuvenation at the cellular level;

Combination of safety and effectiveness of active components;

Absence of components, that cause habituation and addiction;

Most safe preservative of natural origin;

Quick, obvious and lasting effect;

High degree of hypoallergenicity;

All remedies included into the line combine with each other, complimenting and reinforcing each-other's action;

Short shelf life (6 months from the production date, 2 months from opening);

Active elements of the EVO Lady cosmetology line:

EVO Clorophyll;

Avocado, almond, primerose, olive oils;


Silk and wheat proteins;

Ylang-ylang, neroli, rose, ginseng hidrolates (secondary distillate, fragrant flower water, that is poduced by steam distillation of plant raw material, that comtains essencial oils);


Alfa lipoic acid;


Alfa hydroxy fruit acid (apple and milk);

Wheat glycosires;

Sodium alginate.

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