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Resveratrol 50 Virti - Healthy blood vessels

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Цена: 1800.00 руб.

The distinctive feature of the Center Region Resveratrol line is both high resveratrol content, which is 90 mg. per capsule, and addition of the red wine extract. Number in the product name indicates red wine extract content in mg. Another feature is harmoniously selected content of accompanying components, that provide influence at this or that functional system.

It is recommended to take one kind of resveratrol for 4 month, and only then switch to another one – that is do not mix different resveratrols for better effect.

Resveratrol 50 Veni, content: Red fermented rice, resveratrol 90 mg., red vine extract 50 mg., hawthorn extract, hop extract, quercetin. Release form - flask with 60 capsules, 440 mg. each.

Clinical effects: first of all it is prophylaxis of venous disorders, atherosclerosis, varicose veins at lower extremities, chronic lymph-venous insufficiency at lower extremities, restoration of the micro-circulation. Prophylaxis of arthritis.

Method of application: one capsule a day, after meals, washing down with water. Minimum course is 4 month. It is possible to take Resveratrol continuously.

The only contra-indication is individual intolerance, breast feeding, pregnancy.

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