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Energy drink Ta-Vie

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Цена: 3300.00 руб.

Energy drink Ta-Vie was developed in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok and produced in nearby city Berdsk at «FarmAkademLine» l.t.d. For the first time ever three powerful groups of active substances are united in one product. Their balanced action poses beneficial harmonizing influence at all main organism system, poses accented energizing and immune –modulation effects, provides powerful anti-oxidant protection.

First group is combination of three kinds of seedlings, which store in them vital energy of growing plants. Second group is a group of algae, which actually could be called superfoods, due to the rich content of vitally important nutrients and trace elements. Algae give the drink their specific taste, it is not some lemonade but a superfood. And the third group is represented by best known anti-oxidants. More to it, Ta-Vie energy drink formula includes a very interesting natural substance – BioPerin – black pepper seeds extract which increases assimilation lf all other components by 60-280 percent. Clinic tests showed increase of nutrients content in blood in case of conjoint intake with BioPerin.

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Pack contains 15 bags with concentrate, 10 grams each.

Shelf life 2 years, storage temperature 25 Centigrade.

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