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Resveratrol 100 Vidi - Healthy vision

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Цена: 1800.00 руб.

Resveratrol 100 Vidi has additives that aid vision improvement, that is accomplished through support of organism systems, connected with vision function: eyes themselves, liver, nervous system.

Resveratrol 100 Vidi content: zeaxantin, resveratrol 90 mg., red vine extract 100 mg., taurine, chitozan, lutein, spinach extract. Release form - flask with 60 capsules, 440 mg. each.

Clinical effects: Vision prophylaxis, including age-related pathologies of visual organs, vision restoration after illnesses, protects eye tissues from ultraviolet irradiation. Prophylaxis of the cataract development, increases acuity of vision, improves ability to endure bright light. Prevents hypertension development, strengthen blood vessels, quickly releases inflammation.

Method of application: one capsule a day, after meals, washing down with water. Minimum course is 4 month. It is possible to take Resveratrol continuously.

The only contra-indication is individual intolerance, breast feeding, pregnancy.

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