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FSC Braslet

Charovnitsa  - Woman's Beauty

6300.00 руб.


6300.00 руб.


6300.00 руб.

New kind of FCSs which is under development now by S. V. Koltsov.  Release in the end of Augst or September. Not much information on  Braslets  is avaliable even in Russian. their names are defined, they are "speaking". In every Braclet there will be 8 active elements similar to ones used in regular FSCs (where there are 5 of them) in a silicon coating. At that these elements will be different, that is Braclet will be as a small FSC ring, all elements will be various. they will include both elements used in already released regular and collection FSCs and new information themes that were not used in FSCs yet. there is a promotion proposal prior to July 23-rd. Those who will want to make a prepayment will receive FSC braclets at 3500 Rubles, When released they will ocst  6300 Rubles, due to higher quantity of active elements than in regular FSCs.
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