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FSC Bracelet Venorm (For feet) targeted at restoration of circulation of lower extremities, removal of edema and tiredness

Light step, beautiful legs, ability to lead an active life all this closely depends on the state of veins. To our sorrow modern way of life lack of motion, regular overtiredness are posing negative influence at the health of the legs, that leads to feeling of heaviness in the legs, edema, veins widening and formation of vein nodes. FSC Bracelet Venorm, which could be used in any age, will help to prevent development of diseases, ease ones state and restore health.

Themes from the following FSCs are recorded at the FSC Bracelet Venorm: Pearl of Serbial, Jiva, The Winner, polarization of spring Legs from Mongolia (northern aimak Bulgan).

FSC Bracelet Venorm action:

- Helps prophylaxis and correction of varicose veins, diseases in periphery blood vessels;

- Helps removal of congestions and normalization of the lymph liquid circulation, removal of edemas;

- Helps restoration of circulation in capillary, arterial and venous periphery blood vessels;

- Helps prophylaxis of diseases of cardio-vascular and central-nervous systems, including infarctions and strokes;

- Poses prophylaxis thrombotic effect (prophylaxis of thrombus formation);

- Targeted at atherosclerosis prophylaxis, helps cleaning of blood vessels system from atherosclerotic plaques;

- Helps removal of tiredness, quick restoration of physical powers, increase of organism durability and adaptation to physical loads;

- Helps to rejuvenate organism and prolongs active longevity period;

- Helps restoration of organism defense powers and support of good immune system functioning.

FSC Bracelet Venorm is youth, lightness and good health of your legs! Ability to be always in time, no matter where your thoughts and legs are going to carry you! To be the first, be healthy be successful!

It is possible to structure water with Bracelets, for doing this one shall close it into the circle around the volume with water, around your cap. Bracelets are designated to generate maximum field when closed into a loop.

Time of water structuring with Venorm bracelet is  2 hours.

New kind  /form-factor of FCSs which was released in the end of 2018.  In every Braclet there will be 8 active elements that are similar to ones used in regular FSCs (where there are 5 of them) in a silicon coating.

Blood is very important component of the organism. It ensures incessant oxygen and nutrition supply of cells and removal of their waste products. Wrist is the most narrow place of the hand at which important arteries are situated. In addition all energy meridians are passing through hands and legs. Energy-informational influence at this part of the hand is especially effective for health end energy support. According to Koltsov 15 minutes is enough to "wind up" all chakras. At some bracelets there will be information themes that we have at previously released FSCs, at some themes that were never released at FSCs.

Features and advantages of FSC bracelets:

Each FSC bracelet consists of 8 active elements 2 elements of each kind (4 various kinds of elements in each bracelet);

8 active elements harmoniously supplement and amplify each other;

Pose beneficial influence at majority of human energy centers and meridians;

Pose soft and systemic influence;

Convenient and safe in use.

Implementation recommendations:

One may carry FSC bracelet at the wrist continuously or in case of need to solve this or that problem;

It is possible to structure water and other liquids with FSC bracelets by placing a glass into a closed bracelet;

It is recommended to carry bracelets at both wrists in sequence;

It is possible to carry two bracelets in any combination at both wrists simultaneously. In this case it is recommended to pay attention at organism reaction at various combinations of bracelets;

It is recommended to take away bracelets for a night time;

It is necessary to take off bracelets prior to taking water procedures.

When ordering - chose the desired bracelet colour (lilac or grey).

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