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FSC Neurovita

Aids prophylaxis and correction of rheumatic diseases of various origin (arthralgia, arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, spondylarthritis (Behterev disease), spondylarthrosis, bursitis, myositis, neuralgia and so on);

Aids prophylaxis and correction of neurological diseases of various genesis, including psychogenic origin (neurosis, anxiety, depression, hypochondriasis, dystonia, paralysis, paresis and so on);

Aids prophylaxis and correction of diseases of inflammatory character and connected with violation of meninx, including after endured craniocerebral injuries or neuroinfections (arachnoiditis, neurosyphilis, brucellosis, botulism, tuberculosis and so on);

Aids decreasing and leveling of influence of unfavorable factors, affecting childs brain in various periods of its formation starting from the first day and during the entire period of intrauterine fetus development;

Aids prophylaxis of various brain neurons pathologies development, also aids their activation in case of presence of violations incompatible with normal functioning (in case of ICP, childhood disintegrative disorder, sclerotic presentations);

Is a means of prophylaxis of various metabolism violations, lowering of the immune system anti-oxidant defense,  cells anoxaemia, high speed of lipids oxidization processes, rachitis, anemia;

Aids removal of concomitant symptoms, lowering or violations of motor function, speech and mental disorders, normalization of state of willpower-emotional sphere (harmonization of psycho-emotional state, performance of brain hemispheres);

Aids normalization of micro-circulation processes in brain, central and peripheral nervous system;

Aids quicker rehabilitation processes after various kinds of trauma, bone-breaks, sprains, diseases, connected with restoration of innervations through nervous tissues.

FSC Neurovita is irreplaceable in complex  rehabilitation programs  of organism functions that suffered after various traumas, including sports traumas, in case of ICP, in planning and follow-up of pregnancy in case of genetic predisposition. In case of disease presence one shall practice incessant and complex approach with the use of this FSC: pumping, structured water intake, physical exercises, physiotherapy, external use of structured greases, massage oils, medicines, structured at the FCS.

It is effective to use FSC Neurovita in complex with FSCs no 1, 2, 7, Pearl of Serbia, Zdrava, Jiva, Apple of Youth, Altarnaya Mountain, Amaranth, Indi, Phoenix, lines Resveratrol and EVOchlorophyll.

Polarization of water from the spring at the Gornya Trepcha ( ) resort (Atomska Banya (( )) in Serbia is recorded at this FSC.

Water structuring time at FSC Neurovita is not less than 2 hours.


Collection FSCs are released in restricted time periods during special "Actions". they started this practice in spring of 2017,  Every 2 month they announce three week action, in which one may order current Collection FSCs, You may read more about colection FSCs in this article.
Nearest action with Collection FSCs  starts in February 2018.  
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