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Lilac Series - Cosmoenergy

FSC No. 9 The Healthy Heart

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 10 The Healthy Joints

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 11 The Healthy Way of Life

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 12 The Healthy Sleep

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 13 The Healthy Intellect

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 14 The Colden Pyramid

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 15 The Light of Life

6300.00 руб.

FSC No. 16 The Clear Space

6300.00 руб.

Channels of Classical Cosmoenergy, which was founded by Bagirov, are recorded at the Lilac FSCs. At that, channels are recorded in such a form, that even unprepared user is able to work with them. With mental concentration on some specific mind-images and using affirmations, one is able to set desired specific task for the Lilac FSCs. That makes this series most flexible and versatile in comparison with blue and lilac series. Note, that a golden series, being even more powerful, is narrow specialized.

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