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No. 6 locomotor apparatus

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Цена: 4700.00 руб.

Protetion is a line of products, developed by the Center Region Company, in which tissue-specific peptides are used as an active component. So each product in line is designated for the restoration and support of some specific system in human organism.

The Protetion line has three unique characteristic features:

First. Glutathione lays in a basis of all products. It is a substance, which defines and supports oxidulation-reduction potential of the intra-cellular water in the body. Oxidulation-reduction potential is a physical characteristics of water, which is characterized by the quantity of free electrons in a given volume. It is measured in millivolts. For example, oxidulation-reduction potential of internal liquids in the organism is between minus 100, minus 200 millivolts – higher values are typical for cell division; oxidulation-reduction potential of amniotic fluid is minus 200 millivolts, mother’s milk - minus 70 millivolts, melted water - minus 50 millivolts. Oxidulation-reduction potential of tap water is plus 140 millivolts (it could reach even plus 300), carbonated drinks - plus 480 millivolts.

The point is, that in order to assimilate a product with a positive oxidulation-reduction potential, organism needs first to being this parameter to its standard, to saturate it with free electrons at the expense of its own resources. In the Center Region Company we learned to preserve negative oxidulation-reduction potential for a long periods of time. It has value of minus 200 – minus 240 millivolts. it helps both to make up a deficiency of free electrons, and makes this product an ideal carrier for active (curative) components. Center Region is a patent holder at the method of injection of the curative preparations using the medium with negative oxidulation-reduction potential. Protection intake is carried out by resorption under the tongue. Negative oxidulation-reduction potential of the glutathione insures instant resorption.

Second. Tissue-specific peptides are active components of the protection line. Specific peptide complexes when are coming into the organism, are starting the processes of restoration, regeneration and rejuvenation of specific organs. Peptides are amino-acids, which naturally present in the organism, but united by a special peptide bonds, they are natural and harmless active components. Accordingly nowadays there are 9 kinds of Protetions.

Third. Natural vegetable extracts are included into the composition of each Protection, they are the source of vitamins and mineral elements. The main principle is: the daily dose of the preparation contains the daily requirement. It is convenient. Additionally pectin is included, it has a property to clean out organism tissues from poisonous substances, reduces sugar level in blood, improves peripheral circulation.

Most Protetion preparates (with the exclusion of number 9) have pleasant neutral, slightly apple –like taste. Metal package protects product from our information influences. Prodact has a dispenser – these ensures ease of use and accuracy of dosage. One pack – is one intake course – approximately 50 days.

Comtent: Cleaned water, apple pectin, peptide complex (Glutathione, glutamine, lysine), soy isoflavones, plant extracts

Implementation mode: 0,5 – 0,8 ml. two times a day, 30-40 minutes prior to meal, intake duration 7-8 weeks

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to components.

Developed and produced by “Aral” ltd exclusively for the Center Region Company

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