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How to order ?

There is no automatic ordering system at the Center region Company yet, they promice it first fot Europe, when - it is not known by now. And practice shows that people normally have a lot of questions, and we discuss them prior to sending a package. So me and Larisa kindly invite You to contact us via e-mail or skype, skype is even better when we could see each others reaction.

So, at this page, Im going to give some general information. Of course, it all starts from choosing what FSCs you need. Here is Catalog and a short description of all FSCs. And again I invite you to contact, because its better to discuss the order. But there is such a turm as basic FSC set it is numbers 1, 2 and 5. It is for initial harmonization, anti-parasite work, major cleaning, blood cleaning, liver restoration. 

At December the 2-nd 2013 Centr Region Company announced new prices.  The price for 4 plates is 18800 Rubles, including delivery by air with Russian post. USD and Euro course slightly changes, I will be able to tell exact price when you contact. In order to give estimation (for USD = 65 Rubles - it is true for  2016), the price for 4 FSCs will be 289 USD. Or approximately 250 Euros (if the course of Euro is 75 - it is true for 2016, better make an inquiery). It is possible to order a different quantity of plates. Payment could be done via epayments.com, bank trabsfer  we have USD and Euro accounts for that, or via any money transfer system, like MoneyGram or WesternUnion. Or you may ask for a Paypall invoice.

I also invite you to subscribe to our e-mail dispatch, because from time to time the Company announces promo-actions, and I send such information over people who subscribed to the dispatch.

You may also fill in the form below, the information will come to my e-mail, and i will be glad to work for you!

Skype dmitriyvolohovskiy

+7 903 746 01 34

Dear customers and Company partners!  This spring (2018) FSCs do not have brand-control stickers, because Center Region stopped working with this system and did not switched at any other yet. Well, many processes were restarted a new this year in a Company.

I did not removed the content below because probably they would start something similar and i will have only to change pictures.

This page at the official Center Region Company site will help you to make certain that you purchased original product of good quality. Products authenticity check could be done by rubbing off the scratch layer on the sticker, which is glued at all our products. A numeric code becomes visible under the scratch layer, you may enter it into the box below this text and click at the tick symbol. At the picture below you see printscreen from the official Center Region site, that shows numeric code, entered into the check system box.

If the numeric code is entered correctly, you should see the welcome screen, that reads The checking confirmed that You purchased authentic product, see the picture below.

This checking system is granted by independent brand-control service www.3888.ru

If the numeric code is entered incorrectly, you way see the warning screen that reads: This code is not registered in the system, possibly it is counterfeit product. Call our support service +7 800 100 38 88 (they speak Russian), see the picture below.

In case you are sure that you entered the numeric code correctly, and see the warning screen, address the person, through whom you purchased the product for help.

Important! Numeric code from the sticker could be checked only once. In case one is doing repeated check, the warning screen will be different, see the picture below.

The second red line (small font) reads: Code was already checked, the red number in the third line shows the number of checks done (in our example it is 2).

Stickers with brand-control numeric code could be either round or rectangular, depending on a product form, see the pictures below.

Note that functional state correctors may have outer plastic cases colors different from pictures at the site. Authenticity control stickers are on the inner plate, you can also see round sticker with plate number or name. As an example, picture below shows functional state corrector number 3 inner plate with a sticker, from which the protection layer was already scratched. 15 digit numeric code is visible.

We wish You pleasant purchases!

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