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Energy drink Ta-Vie

TaVie Energy drink consists of 22 extracted and concentrated components superfoods and active elements, that our organism needs daily. TaVie Energy has accented tonic, immune modulating, antioxidant properties, helps to control bodyweight and support balanced health, slows down processes of ageing, rejuvenates organism in general.

Content: oat seedlings powder, barley seedlings powder, wheat seedlings powder, chlorella powder, spirulina powder, Reru maca (lepidium meyenii) dry extract, ascorbic acid, kiwi dry extract, dogrose dry extract, laminaria powder, fucus powder, succinic acid, potassium acesulfam, Saint-Mary-thistle dry extract, silimarin 80%, curcumin, beta carotene 10%, BioPerin (black pepper seeds extract), coenzyme Q10, grape seeds dry extract (resveratrol), dihydroquercetin, L-selenomethionine, chromium picolinate. Accessory substance maltodextrin.

Components, included into TaVie Energy composition pose tonic, immune modulating, antioxidant, antitumor effects.

Method of application: stir the content of the pack in 200 milliliters of cold water (negative ORP water is preferable). Take daily, once a day after meals. In order to accent effects of the TaVie Energy it is recommended to drink some quantity of negative ORP water before.

BioPerin is a patented substance with confirmed clinical properties. It empowers assimilation of all biologically active components: vitamins, minerals, ferments, amino-acids and so on. Clinically proved increase of nutrients content in human blood due to the BioPerin presence is 60-280 % in average. For example resveratrol effectiveness rises by 229 %. Effectiveness of all components in the TaVie Energy drink composition increases due to the BioPerin presence!

Main components of the TaVie Energy drink

Reru maca is a most powerful adaptogen and aphrodisiac, it will take good care about your stable energy level. Kiwi extract will help to preserve strong immunity, healthy vessels and good metabolism. The main effects of succinic acid are: metabolic (enhances nutrition); antihypoxic (increases cells breathing by orders); antitoxic (due to accented metabolism it destroys toxins and helps liver and kidneys to deduce them quickly out of the body). Saint-Mary-thistle extract is most powerful natural component which is used for protection of the liver from negative outer influences. Curcumin enhances metabolism, stands against pesticides action, poses antiviral, antiparasite, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it also reduces inflammation and pains in case of arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism. This natural antioxidant is able to normalize blood pressure, hinder development of blood vessels atherosclerosis. Beta carotene, which they also call the source of youth and longevity, elixir of youth, natural defense, when comes into the organism, in distinction from other carotenes, starts a chain of complex chemical reactions, which lead to the vitamin A synthesis (retinol) and delivers retinol into organism cells. That is beta carotene is a most powerful antioxidant, able to protect organism cells from the influence if free radicals. Organic selenium in form of the L-selenomethionine is vitally important trace element, which supports a row of selenium - dependent enzymes, which are critical for human health, it aids normal functioning of the immune system and the thyroid gland and also protects cells from oxidative stress. Chromium picolinate influences carbohydrates metabolism and insulin production, which brings into norm the thyroid gland function, immune system performance, aids dissipation of the atherosclerotic plaques, protects myocardium from the destruction processes.

For the first time ever, three unique complexes are united in the composition of the TaVie Energy drink!

First unique complex of the TaVie Energy drink is Emerald triad of green seedlings.

In the TaVie Energy drink we have a balanced complex of three kinds of seedlings: oat, barley and wheat seedlings. Such a triad poses universal complex influence!

Healers all over the world are recommending to take seedlings, because they have vital power. Scientists proved that in case of daily intake of such a complex you are saturating your organism with 32 vitamins, sufficient quantities of ascorbic acid, and with more than 400 kinds of live ferments and active components, without which it would be impossible to restore normal metabolism. All organic seedlings of the triad are saturated with a well-known anti-oxidative ferment superoxydismutase, which is critical for antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antiallergic and wound healing action.

In a balanced complex Emerald triad of green seedlings synergy of useful properties of all components takes place, in addition it is accented by the BioPerin action and gives sound results, starting from the first week of the product use.

Second unique complex of the TaVie Energy drink is Superfood algae

Superfood algae are included into the composition of this drink: spirulina, luminaria, fucus, chlorella. Unsurpassed chlorella properties are basic, they are supplemented with unique characteristics of other components. Valuable components of algae are accented by the BioPerin, their action results in organism cleaning and detoxication, harmonization of the entire endocrine system performance.

Third unique complex of the TaVie Energy drink is antioxidant composition ANTIOX TaVie.

It includes coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, dihydroquercetin, beta carotene, L-selenomethionine, vitamin C, that is why ANTIOX TaVie complex is a universal composition for extension of youth and active longevity.

Dihydroquercetin is the main component of the ANTIOX TaVie complex, it significantly lowers cells ageing and activates elements of organism own antioxidant defense reactions. Scientific research results showed that dihydroquercetin is able to decrease synthesis and secretion of bad low density cholesterol, and at the same time increases the secretion of good cholesterol. This makes dihydroquercetin a powerful remedy for the atherosclerosis prophylaxis!

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance which is critical for the production of energy. Coenzyme Q10 helps in case of cardio-vascular diseases, accenting the production of energy in the heart muscle tissues, prevents formation of thrombus and ensures protection from destructive free radicals. They are taking coenzyme Q10 for rejuvenation and increase of energy.

Resveratrol is a component for preserving of the youth. Experiments revealed anticancerous, anti inflammatory, blood sugar reducing and other positive resveratrol effects.

BioPerin aids resveratrol assimilation up to maximum possible values.

Balanced combination of antioxidants, natural plant superfoods and ferments in the TaVie Energy drink supports all organism organs and systems in the state of youth, health and active longevity!

That is why TaVie Energy drink is useful for prophylaxis and in a complex therapy of the following diseases:

- cardio-vascular system diseases;

- high cholesterol level in blood, not stable arterial pressure;

- violations in feminine and masculine uro-genital systems;

- endocrine system, metabolism, tissue nourishment violations;

- low libido;

- gastro-intestinal tract diseases, diabetes;

- skin and other dermatology issues (eczema, furunculosis, psoriasis and so on);

- problems of joints (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism);

- asthenic, immune deficit states, anemia and hypovitaminosis, abstinence syndrome caused by alcohol intake;

In addition to this TaVie Energy drink:

- Slows down ageing processes in the organism, postpones climax;

- Rises mental and physical productivity, speeds up adaptation to physical loads and restoration after the loads, enhances memory and concentration, tones central nervous system;

- Aids correction of imperfect ration;

- Stimulates immunity, reducing the susceptibility to colds;

- Improves mood and decreases irritability.

Indicated to people who are leading active life, and to all who wants to prolong youth and beauty.

Clinically prooved effectiveness

All components were subjected to thorough clinical testing. Ingredients of the drink are well studied, their properties are described in details and well documented. It is important to understand that it is not just another mixture of powder ingredients of wonder-berries, but a combination of thoroughly picked nutritive ingredients, united in one formula!

Ingredients of the drink formula clinically tested for optimum dosages and interaction with each other. It is the basis of a real power, which you are feeling when drinking TaVie Energy. Power of this composition is born in the dense concentration of valuable nutrients.

We chose only such ingredients, which proved their effectiveness. We have impressive folders of documentation for each of the components that are included into the drink formula. This allows to talk about functional characteristics of the components.

TaVie Energy drink is a unique cocktail, which consists of active and effective components, which we are calling superfoods, they are natural sources of nutrients for our organisms. One may note that some ingredients are so powerful that it is possible to talk about their curative effect.

Our goal was a creation of some Mega-formula, which contains ingredients that have curative properties and effectiveness, and would bring real good to our clients and partners.

In addition to all this, we took another step forward, and added into our formula a component, which aids 60-280 % better assimilation of nutrients, ferments and trace elements by our organism. This makes TaVie Energy drink really powerful product!

the moment you taste it and feel the use of this product, the use of every component included into the composition, you will became a passionate fan of the drink no 1 - TaVie Energy.


Our energy is closely connected with products we are eating, Foods we select for satiation of the organism, may either rise our vital energy or lower it down. We are presenting natural TaVie Energy drink which is a real vitamin-energy cocktail with powerful antioxidant properties.

The most powerful antioxidant in the world

Green antioxidant TaVie Energy drink helps to fight free radicals, which according to experts, are the main reason of development of the majority of diseases. Free radicals appear in result of incorrect nutrition, physical or psychic stresses, electromagnetic and other kinds of the environmental pollution or toxins penetrating into the organism. One shall introduce in his ration effective helpers antioxidants in order to protect oneself from the influence of free radicals. Group of the antioxidant substances includes various minerals, vitamins and ferments. In our green drink they are also a nutrition elements, at that in highly concentrated form. Thus our drink is both a fuel and effective weaponry that helps to solve health problems.

Detoxication. Organism cleaning from slugs and toxins.

Everyday one is receiving toxins from the environment and foods due to their low quality and harmful chemicals in their content. For example, in every house there are cleaning agents, paints, varnishes, cosmetics, glues, but not many people give a thought to harmful effects of home care and other products of the kind.

The fact is that to the age of 30 human organism accumulates some definite quantities of slugs, no matter how good the diet was and how cheerfully one is feeling. To our sorrow, our organism is unable to deduce all wastes and toxins. Poor ecology*, low quality products, lack of healthy way of living (lack of sleeping, absence of regimen) all these poses negative influence at organism ability to work full scale. Year after year, accumulating toxins and wastes, organism ceases to cope, general state decreases, liver ability to reproduce wastes decreases.

*Environment contaminations are: aerosol, smog (photochemical fog), radioactive precipitation, inorganic and organic contamination of water, contamination of the soil, its saturation with pesticides, acidic rains as a result of connection with nature water cycle all these listed contaminants are kinds of anthropogenic pollution of the environment.

Organism nutrition at the cellular level

Taking TaVie Energy drink for breakfast, we are not only initiating the process of organism cleaning, but also feed it with energy in most effective form. Green cocktail TaVie Energy drink is a fount of vitamins, minerals, cellulose, green ingredients are the main source of chlorophyll.

Weight control

In case of regular consumption of green cocktails disappears the desire to eat lots of sweet products, this poses beneficial influence at liver and pancreas. Tiredness at the second half of the day decreases, as well as a necessity to drink coffee, due to appearance of additional energy. They are often using similar cocktails in weight control programs and for organism cleaning.


People are spending considerable resources for fighting the ageing processes, striving for such biology youth attributes as strong health, high resistance to stress and capability to work, attractiveness and fresh look. From ancient times the idea of eternal youth excited the minds of best healers, scientists and ordinary people. At the same time many discoveries were made: scientists came to know what substances influence at our organism, why ageing processes are starting and how to preserve health and prolong the years of life. Exactly these achievements in studies of the ageing problems were implemented in our super-drink. The mere idea of such a drink reflects the spirit of our time and desire of majority of people to look and feel young.

Beauty from inside

People are exerting enormous efforts in order to preserve their beauty and youth with the help of liniments, masks and other remedies. But even the best skin care would not be able to create a miracle in case one does not pay proper attention to health, because the true beauty starts from inside.

Maybe you will be amazed, if hear that beauty depends on the state of health in general, to be more exact from what we are eating. One shall feed own skin, hair, nails with all nutrients and trace elements that they need if wants them to look exactly the way one wants.

Youth is a luxury that is worth investments!

TaVie Energy for sports

TaVie Energy drink reduces tiredness, increases general tone and desire to train, stimulate vital powers and functional abilities of the organism. Components it contains amplify the action if each other. The cocktail is recommended in case of intensive physical loads, it helps to overcome flaccidity, apathy and general tiredness, for better adaptation. Good for power gymnastics, endurance sports, speed sports.

Uniqueness of the TaVie Energy drink is in complex scientific approach to its formula.

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