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Silver Guard bioinformation coverlet

Silver Guard bioinformation coverlet with silver ions filament and polarized polymer filaments, developed by Ta-Vie corporation, is a real innovation break-through of 2017. Several advanced bio-information technologies are used in one product. Silver Guar coverlet is a new generation neutralizer, it starts to work quickly and what is most important, safely, the way you should not worry about any contra-indications. Even in case one has implant or serious health issues.

This wonderful invention starts to work the moment you start using it. At the same time the coverlet is durable, convenient in use, and does not require to change the habitual way of life and regimen.

Silver Guard coverlet is a perfect remedy of organism defense and restoration after a hard day. Coverlet could be used by several members of the family without any restrictions.

It is recommended to use Silver Guard coverlet as bedclothes during the sleep time, that is for 7-8 hours a day. For this one shall put the coverlet into a blanket cover or put it under the sheet. It is also possible to use it in a contact with a body, wrapping into a coverlet for 40-60 minutes a day.

Organism adaptation to the Silver Guard coverlet takes three days:

During the first day of use, one shall use a coverlet for an hour. During the second day – for two hours. On the third day it is possible to use the coverlet without restrictions.

Silver filling, made with the use of the ultrasonic transfer of the silver ions, ensures unique effects of the coverlet use: it has antimicrobial and antifungal effects and also prevents propagation of the pathogenic micro-flora. It significantly accents cells regeneration and self restoration of the organism.

The second breakthrough technology, used in the coverlet is the use of polarized carbon polymer filaments. Similar to Functional State Correctors, very well known and studied information of the plant kingdom was selected as information content, This helps to achieve outstanding results of the influence at the human organism. Silver Guard coverlet balances energy level and also brings into balance main organism systems: nervous, immune, endocrine, cardio-vascular, uro-genital.

Scalar energy, accumulated with the help of polarized polymer filaments is able to increase the level of co-valence of hydrogen atoms, that are inside the human organism, up to the optimum energy potential. Scalar energy amplifies chemical connections of hydrogen chains inside DNA, that makes DNA more resistant to outer influences.

Scalar energy helps organism cells to regenerate quicker, resulting in fast repair of wounds, burns and other damages both of skin and internal organs.

Stabilization of one’s energy field takes place under the influence of the scalar energy of the coverlet. This poses beneficial influence at the metabolism and rises the effectiveness of the energy exchange in general. Human nervous system is very sensitive to outer irradiations especially of the negative spectrum, however high potential of the scalar energy is able to level the influence of this negative spectrum irradiation and remove its negative influence at the central nervous system.

The influence of the scalar energy, accumulated by the Silver Guard coverlet allows to clean the cell from toxins and waist products as well as to feed it with useful nutrients. In result cells acquire ability to assimilate sufficient quantities of nutrients and detox easily and without delays. Scalar energy turns water inside human organism into small groups of molecules (water associates), helping body cells to solve better nutrients, clean out from toxins and waste products.

High potential of the coverlet scalar energy aids to thin blood in the organism, erythrocytes cease to stick together and blood vessels widen, this results in better blood circulation. At that blood pressure gradually comes into norm and probability of the thrombus formation decreases. Scalar energy also has ability to increase energetic transmembrane potential. Damaged or ill cells have reduced energy potential, scalar energy brings cells energy to the optimum level – approximately minus 70 millivolts.

Human brain has its own waves frequencies. At which it interacts with the body and with the outer world. Alfa-waves frequency is between 7 and 13 Hertz, note that Earth magnetic field self-resonance frequency, which is called Shuman's frequency is in the same diapason. Scalar energy of the coverlet is beneficial to the alfa-waves appearance, this helps human organism to enter into a state of resonance, which is necessary for good health and feeling well in general. That is why scalar energy helps to achieve a state of more deep awareness, increases creative potential, concentration, sharpness of the thinking process and improves memory. Grants good relaxation during the time of sleep or rest, supports deep serene sleep and fills up with vital powers.

Effective work of organs and correct control over internal process depend on performance of mitohondrion, which deliver energy into the cells. In case they start to fail to perform their functions, then deliverance of energy and nutrients into cells becomes more difficult, this results in violation of the organism performance in general and premature ageing processes. Scalar energy, accumulated with the help of the Silver Guard coverlet, restores mitochondrion performance, gives powers, strengthens organism immunity and helps to slow down the processes of ageing, helps to avoid premature age changes. Helps to avoid numerous dangerous infections.

One shall wash the Silver Guard coverlet in a gentle mode, use delicate or quick wash at 30 Centigrade without extraction and without use of aggressive detergents (washing powders, gels, conditioners, spot removers). Soft washing remedies designated for children are recommended. It is not recommended to iron the coverlet at high temperatures, only in the «silk» mode.

Silver Guard coverlet stands up to 80 washing cycles without loss of silver filament properties. It is recommended to wash the coverlet at least twice a year. Working time of this innovation blanket is up to several decades from the moment of the start of use.

Advanced technology of silver ions transfer with the use of ultrasound is used for production of the «silver» fabric. This technology proved its effectiveness, fabric acquires unique positive properties, which are natural for the silver. Experiments at bacterium showed that fabric poses wonderful anti-microbial effect.

Ultrasonic method of the silver ions transfer is the most effective nowadays, because, fabric treated with this method stands up to 80 washing cycles without loss of its properties.

Special utilities, produced in Germany, are used for the application of ornaments at the fabric. Unique virtue of this innovative product is the use of several advanced technologies in one product. The second advanced technology is bio-polymer filament with a special information content, information is transferred at the filaments with the use of a special gas laser.

It is known for ages that plants are good friends of human beings and help to fight with countless diseases. When we are at a grassland we feel bliss, the world around becomes wonderful. When giving a hag to a tree we are forgetting about all problems, our nervous system quickly comes into norm. By preparing even the simplest decoction, we may set back on own feet even seriously ill person. That is why, in the process of development of such new generation product as the Silver Guard coverlet, we chose a technology of information transfer of information from plants at a specially developed bio-polymer filaments.

Polarization of the following plants were used in the process of the bio-polymer filaments production: immortelle, calendula, chamomile, cowberry, mint, senna, sage, eucalyptus, licorice, St. John's wort, blind weed, motherwort, bur marigold, milfoil, holy thistle, rowan, dill, dog-rose, blueberry, dandelion, topinambour, Caucasian hellebore, plantain, seabuckthom, bird cherry, gladiolus, tansy, nettles, thyme, fir gum.

Due to unique geometry patterns, polymer filament in the coverlet ensures accumulation of the scalar energy and its synchronization with human organism. Scalar energy surrounds us everywhere, it poses positive influence at the human organism as a whole, without any negative effects. The use of the Silver Guard coverlet, which has scalar energy properties, neutralizes negative energies in the human organism.

Ultrasonic method of fabric treatment with silver ions was developed not long ago – in 2008 and it’s wide production use started in the end of 2016, beginning of 2017.

The technology, that allows polymer filaments to accumulate energy (and information) and transfer it to organism has much more ancient roots. First mentioning of the scalar energy could be met in numerous artefacts, discovered by archeologists at excavations in ancient Egypt. There are numerous descriptions about extraordinary power of influence, posed by Egyptian pyramids, and especially artefacts that belonged to pharaohs and priests.

Two factors stipulated the ability to accumulate and transfer this energy: first geometry forms; second – special materials, from which these artefacts were made. Scalar energy gave ancient Egyptians wonderful abilities, super-human powers, wonderful health and longevity. All this is described in the ancient documents, that is why starting from the middle of 19-th century scientists started to study this phenomenon very actively. Nowadays we have good enough knowledge of this energy and how to work with it.

Many champion rank sportsmen are using beneficial effects of the scalar energy by everyday use of coverlets with the addition of the polarized polymer filament. Ability of such coverlets to accumulate scalar energy and protect organism from negative influence appeared to be demanded in space program and for crew protection at missile submarines – everywhere where protection from harmful electromagnetic and ionizing irradiation is needed. 

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