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Live Water 2016

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Every year S. V. Koltsov and Center Region company release Natural Antibiotic and Live Water FSCs. S. V. Koltsov takes numerous water samples during Epiphany night (January 18-th), analyzes dynamic characteristics of these samples and forms two sets of samples for a pair of unique FSCs, that work only during the current year. Starting from the next Epiphany information, recorded on them, becomes non actual, thou FSCs could be used for protection from electromagnetic influences and water structuring.

It is recommended to use these FSCs as a pair, as a an additional remedy in complex therapy of bacterial diseases. The scheme of the structured water intake is the following: at first one should drink 100-200 milliliters of water, structured at the Natural Antibiotic FSC, and 12-15 minutes later one should drink the same volume of water from the Live Water FSC.

This year Natural Antibiotic and Live Water FSCs were released in renewed 5 element version.

Live Water FSC

Indicated at worsening of the state of health, in case of prolonged healing processes;

Tunes human organism to various cyclic changes of outer geophysical oscillations;

Restores energy level of the human organism, including thin levels;

Recommended at water procedures (bath, shower) for activation and harmonization of the organism biology cycles.

One can use this FSC in order to male foods alive in the process of cooking. In order to do this, one should tie up the Live Water FSC either at the power cable of the electric oven or at the gas pipe, or at the upper outer surface of the microwave oven. One may also place this corrector at the upper side of the fridge in order to increase the shelf time of the products stored in it.

Exclusive FSCs were released either separately from other series, or they simply were not placed into exiting series, because there is a tradition in the Center Region Company to release 8 FSCs in a series. Exclusive FSCs could be in cases of different color, case color shows at the series, to which this or that exclusive corrector would belong. There are also correctors in cases, which have a color that differs from the rest, there are correctors with body and cover of different colors. Exclusiveness is stressed by a fact, that it is possible to order exclusive FCSs only during special promotion periods. So you have to check the availability when ordering.

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