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Functional State Correctors appeared at Russian market in 2008. The main purpose of FCSs is improvement of ones life quality due to upbringing of ones physical, energy and emotional states.

The use of structured water and performing pumping are the basis of FSC implementation. By doing pumpings regularly one may speed up health restoration processes by orders, enjoy brilliant well-being and active longevity.

FSC implementation system includes:

- Daily consumption of structured water (at any FSC) in amounts of 30 ml per each kilo of body weight. It is physiology norm, recommended by WHO;

- Perform pumpings everyday;

- Carry FSC at the center of the body or at a place that troubles. It is desirable to change FSC position at the body every 1-2 hours, that is move it from one place to another;

- Take baths or showers with structured water. It is recommended to take baths 2-3 times a week (or even daily) with water temperature 37-40 Centigrade for 10 minutes;

- When eating, use FSC as a stand for dishes, in which the food lays, and for various liquids such as water, tea, coffee, juices and other beverages, including dressings and alcohol.

Pumping are second important component of FCS implementation, after structured water use. When doing pumping it is important:

- To keep the drinking regimen, that is to drink 2-3 glasses of structured water prior to pumping and it is desirable to drink some water during the pumping procedure. It is recommended to use water, structured at one of the FCSs, that will be used in pumping;

- Perform procedures regularly;

- To be in positive moods.

Pumping is a procedure of FSC use in accordance with some specific technology. In most cases it is placing FSCs at specified areas at the body in a definite sequence for some time intervals. The purpose of pumping is to accent health restoration and rejuvenation processes by giving energy-informational impulse to the body.

Pumping with only one FSC

In case you have only one FSC the pumping would not be very effective, nevertheless one shall do it.

First variant:

You will need another person to help you. You should lay down or stand up in order to keep the spinal column straight. Your assistant should move FSC slowly along the spinal column (from the coccyx to the head) making 1-2 minute stops at projection of energy centers. Then you should take FSC between palms of the hands, as if in a prayer, and slowly move it along the front surface of the body from bottom to top, finishing the procedure at the level of the third eye chakra.

Second variant:

In case you have no assistants, you may put an FSC under the coccyx and sit on it for 5 minutes, then put it at the seventh neck vertebrae for another 5 minutes.

Third variant:

You take FSC into your hands and rotate it in hands, as if soaping hands. You may also move FSC slowly along hands, legs and the body, as if soaping. Make accent at feet and palms of the hands. Prior to soaping with FSC make a self massage of the body, by clapping the entire body with both hands, make palms of the hands the way shown at the picture.

Pumping of vascular and bone systems criss-cross pumping.

This pumping is must do for everybody, one should do it every day. During this procedure the entire locomotive is pumped, along with nervous, immune, cardio-vascular, lymph and endocrine systems. It also improves electrolyte balance and metabolism. If there is such a possibility one may do it barefoot at the yard for better effect. Do it at least twice a day morning and evenings.

If you have two FCSs, place one of them under the left foot, close to fingers, and take the second one into the right hand with all fingers, hold for 2-5 minutes. Change FCSs positions, that is put the first one under the right foot, and the second into the left hand and hold for another 2-5 minutes. It is important that time intervals for both positions should be equal.

If you have four FCSs, place two of them under both feet and take the other two in both hands. Pumping with 4 FSCs requires 1-2 minutes.

In case you have problems, connected with bone, cardio-vascular, nervous, immune, lymph, endocrine systems it is recommended to do this pumping minimum 5 times a day for quick positive result. In acute periods one may do 7-12 pumping procedures a day. It is recommended to make equal time intervals between pumpings. When symptoms will be disbanded, do it twice a day in prophylaxis purposes.

One may use relaxing musing when doing pumping, repeat affirmations.

Pumping of Energy Centers and Spinal column

First variant:

It is better to perform this procedure in a sitting position, but it is also possible to do it in half laying position. Place one FSC, it would be better to take number 2, under the coccyx, and let it stay there during the entire pumping procedure. Place the second FSC at the energy centers consequently, starting from the bottom, staying at any point for 1-2 minutes:

1. At the perineum;

2. Two centimeters below the navel;

3. Two centimeters above the navel;

4. Two centimeters above the ensisternum at the level of the mammillas

5. Below the underarm at the front side of the body where the right arm joins the body;

6. Below the underarm at the front side of the body where the left arm joins the body;

7. At the jugular notch at the base of the neck at the level of the 7-th neck vertebrae;

8. 1 centimeter above the bridge of the nose at the third eye level.

It is desirable to perform this pumping mornings and evenings, one may also do additional rounds during the course of the day, depending on well-being. One shall have in mind that organism energy level rises up after this pumping, so people suffering with insomnia should not do it prior to going to bed, but several hours earlier.

Second variant:

You take FSC no 1 from the blue series and Love from the green series and place them in parallel orientation number 1 at the front surface of the body, Love at the back at spinal column. Treat all points / chakras with these pair of FSCs.

You may use other combinations of plates, for example: number 1 and Harmony, number 2 and Healthy Generation, number 3 and Womans Amulet.

Spinal Column pumping with the help of 2 FSCs

First variant:

This pumping opens up energy centers, removes blocks, muscle spasms, pains in the spinal column.

One shall co-tune FSCs in order to perform this pumping. Take two FSCs. See the pictures below. Click -open external plastic cases and make sure that internal plates oriented the same way in both FSCs - holograms at the internal plates are under the face covers of external plastic cases. Place these FSCs at the surface, at which you are going to do the pumping (a sofa, coach, bed or floor), at first numbers (names) up, then turn one (any) FSC number down. After that pull FSCs apart, preserving their relative orientation, one of them should be under the coccyx, the other under the first neck vertebrae. Lay down at these FSCs for 1-5 minutes.

One may use FSCs Healing and Danilovo lake in pair for bone system diseases correction and prophylaxis;

FSCs 18 and 20 work well in case of spinal column disks hernias;

FSCs no. 10 with no. 13 or 14 pull up the spinal column;

Or one may also co-tune FSC no. 10 with Healing , Danilovo lake, 18, 20.

Second variant:

One may do spinal column pumping in a sitting position, placing one FSC under the coccyx, and another one at the first neck vertebrae for 3-10 minutes.

The Healthy Spinal Column pumping

Full value spinal column pumping allows at the same time to switch on joints and lower extremities

First variant:

Place FSC number 1 or number 7 under the coccyx, and the second one (number 13 or number 10) under the first neck vertebrae. Rise your hands up above the head, making a roof and sit 3-10 minutes in this position. Repeat the procedure 5-7 times a day.

Second variant:

In laying position place FSC number 16, at the feet, its short rib should be oriented towards the feet. Time varies from 2-5 minutes for beginners, till the whole night for those who are already accustomed to FCS energies.

Emergency pumping

Should be used in case it is necessary to bring someone into senses quickly.

First variant:

Put four FSCs at the person one for each feet and one for each palm of the hand. Hold for 10-20 minutes. After that place 1 FSC at the back of the head. FSC no. 10 works well in case of fainting, loss of consciousness (it has special channel for the case). In case one is in coma, some relative who is taking care about the person, holds with his hands one FSC between the patients palms for 3-10 minutes, the other FSC lays under the patients coccyx.

Second variant:

Place one FSC under the coccyx, the second one at the solar plexus, and the third either at the third eye chakra or at the throat. This pumping works well in case of energy breakdowns. If there is such a possibility, select the required FSCs with a pendulum or with a computer diagnostic for each specific case.

Powerful pumping for people with seriously misbalanced energy system

Four FSCs should be used for this pumping. Three of them should be assembled into the triangle, as shown at the picture. One may assemble triangle in two ways, when FSCs contact with long or short ribs, both variants are possible. One shall check the triangle performance with a pendulum. Rotate any FSC in the triangle along any axis and check energy with a pendulum again. Use a triangle with FCSs oriented in such a way, that ensures maximum energy output. (Even if you are not able to co-tune FSCs in a triangle, note that even not properly co-tuned triangle works better than a single FSC). One may use scotch tape or rubber circles to tie FCSs together. It is better to use blue or green FSCs for this pumping, it is possible to mix them up, thou it is not recommended to use lilac FSCs for this pumping. One FSC should be placed under the coccyx, the pumping scheme is the same as for the Pumping of Energy Centers, with the only difference that a triangle is used instead of a second FSC. This pumping is very effective in case of tumor processes and difficult pathologies.

Exposition time for each point could be from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, it is obligatory to watch time closely and make equal time intervals between points. For example, after working with a triangle for 30 seconds, make 1,5 minutes break. If working for 1 minute then 3 minutes break. Working for 10 minutes 30 minutes break.

Pumping of local problem place

One will need two blue FSCs, one should be placed under the coccyx, the second one above the problem place at the projection of diseased organ or some pathology process, with the exception of the heart area. For example in case of liver problems, the second FSC should be placed at the liver projection, in case of uterine pains at the uterus projection and so on. The duration of pumping for each problem place should be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. One may use a pair of FSCs in order to pump paired organs, for example, one may do kidneys pumping by placing two FSCs at the spine at the projections of organs for 3-5 minutes. The distance between FSCs will be approximately 15 centimeters.

The Healthy Belly pumping

In case of belly pains drink warm slightly salted water, structured at FSC number 2. Holding FSC no. 2 under your palm of the hand, massage the belly with circular movements. Massaging in clockwise direction will accent intestines performance. Massaging in counter-clockwise direction is good at diarrhea. If you understand that you are suffering from food intoxication, you should drink 1,5-2 liters of warm slightly salted water, structured at FSC no 2 , and in addition use FSC no. 5.

FSC pass pumping

All correctors are laid arbitrary at the floor at the step distance. One shall step over FSCs walking back and force. Effects achieved at the use of blue and green series include relieved tension, tone and feels improvement. Physiology effects include urogenital system pumping and vein blood flow in legs improvement. Merzlyakova Elena, who introduced this pumping, recommends to practice it in the morning time, and use this time to make plans for a day and for working with affirmations, due to powerful FSC influence affirmations work better and plans fulfill into life. In case various series of correctors are used for a pass, it is recommended to group them, that is, use all blue plates for one segment of the pass, then all green, and so on.

Everything at place pumping

One shall perform this pumping in case of prolapse of some organs. In this case one shall actively use FSC number 7, carry it slightly above the projection of the prolapsed organ. For example, in case of prolapsed kidneys, one shall carry FSC 7 between the blade bones. One shall also take shower with water structured at this FSC twice a day, and sleep with it.

Lymph-flow pumping 

FSC number 2 should be used for this pumping, effect will be better if you will do exercises prior to the pumping and add some movements during the pumping procedure. One shall start doing this pumping in direction from the bottom to top. You shall place FSC with its short rib subsequently to the following points, holding it for 1-3 minute in each point.

Under the feet, you perform body bents sideways and left and right body turns;

Under the knees, you squat several times;

At the groin areas, you squat several times;

At left and right subcostal areas, you breathe deep with your belly;

At subclavian lymph nodes, you breathe deep with your thorax;

At the neck lymph nodes, at that you move your jaw forward;

At the submaxillary lymph nodes, at that you do chewing movements;

At the postaural lymph nodes, at that you do chewing movements.

One may either do it first on the right side then at the left, or subsequently placing an FSC right and left feet, right and left knee and so on.

Intensive pumping

This pumping is not recommended for the beginners! One may use any FSCs (but if you are using lilac FSCs, do not open the channels passive mode). You will need 11 Functional State Correctors. First you should co-tune 2 FSCs, the way it was described in The Spinal Column Pumping chapter. Place them one under the coccyx and the other under the seventh neck vertebrae. FSCs should be oriented along the body. You lay down at these two FSCs and place other FSCs at the energy centers (at all 9 points shown at the scheme), these FSCs should be oriented transverse to the body.

Dry nose pumping

In case you are suffering from running nose, just take FSC number 16, its short rib should be directed at the nose tip. Pumping time is 10-15 minutes, perform it several times a day.

Pumping for women

This pumping is needed for prophylaxis of gynecology diseases, it is better to perform it in lying position, one may combine any blue and green FSCs. in case you have 10 FSCs you may place them at the areas, shown at the scheme one FSC for each feet. Exposition time is 20-30 minutes. In case you have 3 FSCs, assemble a triangle and activate each point during 1 minute.

Sport pumping

Recommended only for experienced users, beginners should not do it. This pumping should be performed in motion. Place 2 blue FSCs (numbers 1 and 5) slightly below the ankles at both legs, on the internal side. Place FSC no. 2 at the sacrum. Simply do your usual sport training or exercises, duration from 20 to 60 minutes.

Pumpings in accordance with ancient Slavonic practices

Slavonic system of energy centers counts 144 chakras. We are going to activate a number of energy centers, which are responsible for physical and spiritual development of a human being.

The sequence of placing FSCs at specified chakras is very important, otherwise energy centers would not switch on. It is better to use FSCs from the blue or green series, without mixing them up.

Fasten one FSC with a rubber circle at the inner side of the left hand, above the radiocarpal joint; fasten another FSC at the right hand. Do the following poses with FSCs fastened to hands this way:

Pose1. Put your hands at the hip joints both at the left and right sides for 5-10 minutes, waiting for the feeling of warmth in the legs and the body. At that, activation of hip joints chakras takes place, along with knees and feet joints chakras.

Pose 2. This and all subsequent poses should take from 1 to 3 minutes. Put the right hand palm at The Origin () chakra, it is situated in the perineum area, and the lest palm at The Source () it is situated at the crown of the head.

Pose 3. Left hand covers The Zarod () chakra at the front side of the body, Zarod is situated 3 fingers beyond the navel, the right hand covers the sam chakra at the back side of the body.

Pose4. Left hand covers The Zolotnik () chakra at the front side of the body, it is the navel place, the right hand cover the sam chakra at the back side of the body at the lordotic bent of the spinal column.

Pose 5. Left hand covers The Abdomen () chakra at the front side of the body, The Abdomen is situated 3 fingers above the navel, the right hand cover the sam chakra at the back side of the body.

Pose 6. We activate Lada () and Lel () chakras. Place the left hand under the right collar bone, and rise the right hand back under the left shoulder, the more the better. That is one embraces himself, the hands are in criss-cross manner. At that not only Lada and Lel chakras are activated, but also Yarlo () chakra activates, energy exchange balance comes to norm receiving and giving out of energy. Arterial pressure gradually comes into norm, which is violated due to improper energy balance of giving out and taking (in case one does not want or not able to give out and receive love). More to it, thymus gets additional power supply.

Pose 7. Left hand covers on the front at the zone of the jugular notch, as if enclasping the neck, at the Ustye ( deboucher); and the right hand should be placed at the back of the neck parallel to the left hand.

Pose 8. Left hand covers the forehead from the front, at the Chelo chakra, and the right hand at the first neck vertebra area. The chakra of ascension activates at the same time.

Pose 9. Repeat the pose 2. At that the right hand should be situated at the back of the body under the tailbone, as close to the perineum as possible, and the left hand at The Source chakra - the crown of the head.

Pose 10. In addition it is possible to pump up the knee chakras, left hand is situated at the front side, the right at the rear; and feet right hand should be placed under the foot and the left on top of it in parallel.

Pumping of basic and minor chakras.

In addition to 7 basic chakras human being has 21 minor chakras: feet, knees, groin chakras, navel chakras, spleen chakra, intercostal chakras, collarbone chakras, shoulder, elbow, palm of the hands chakras, ear chakras. Why it is important to pay attention at them and do pumpings with the help of FSCs? Because some diseases may appear due to problems in minor chakras.

Feet chakras: callus formation, feet edema, heel spurs, hypertension, spasms (convulsions), epilepsy, coma, sleepiness, vertigo, headache, insomnia.

Knee chakras: sciatica, arthritis, blood circulation violations, cystitis, pains in sacrum, back of the spine, hip joints.

Groin chakras: pains in side areas, hip joints stiffness, cold feeling in the back of the spine, hernias, reduced sexual appetence, urology issues, low arterial pressure, vomiting, pains in the chest.

Navel chakras (situated left and right from the navel): pains in the navel area, inoperable hernias, increased fatigability, bowel irritation syndrome.

Spleen chakra: Womb diseases, breast tumors, menopause, autoimmune diseases.

Intercostal chakras: debility, discomfort in extremities, fever diseases, shingles, vertigo.

Collarbone chakras: thyroid gland hormonal disorders, neck stiffness, pains in the spinal column thorax department, calcium deficiency bone diseases, spondylitis.

Shoulder chakras: shoulder pains, gastritis, intestinal disorders, diarrhea, depression.

Elbow chakras: pains in elbow joints, arthritis, cold hands, cystitis.

Palm of the hands chakras: fasciitis, Dupuytrens contracture, palms skin and nails infections.

Ear chakras: deafness, tinnitus, torticollis, traumatic otitis, facial paralysis, head spin, eye tension, diaphragm pains, shingles.

And so, it is necessary to bring minor chakras into the working state, that is, to unblock them. We are doing this with the following procedure of pumping with the use of blue FSCs. Pumping should be performed in laying position. Place blue FSCs as described below for 1-3 minutes, the sequence is the following:

Put one FSC at the spleen chakra, the second and the third at the main chakras 2 and 3. Three FSCs are needed for this stage

Then 5 FSCs are used simultaneously. Two of them should be placed under the feet that is to the feet chakras. Two at the palms of the hands, and the fifth corrector at the 7-th chakra.

Place 2 FSCs at the knee chakras, on the back side under the knees, another 2 FSCs should be placed at the elbow chakras, the fifth at the 1-st chakra.

Put two FSCs at the groin chakras, two at the collarbone chakras, the fifth at the 6-th chakra.

Place 2 FSC at the ear chakras, two at the intercostal chakras, the fifth - at the 4-th chakra.

Place 2 FSC at the shoulder chakras, 2 FSCs at the navel chakras, the fifth one at the 5-th chakra.

Road to success

Everyone builds plans, at least for tomorrow. These plans will come to realization with better probability if you will start to practice the following procedure. In the evening you take a clean sheet of paper and write down your plans for the next day. Bent this sheet of paper and lay it down at FSC Success. Put a glass on top of it and pour some water. Drain this water in one gulp and pour the glass again.

Next morning you shall drain the second glass in one gulp. After that do the following pumping: place FSC number 16 under the coccyx and move FSC Success along energy centers (from bottom to top), stopping at each center for 1-2 minutes.

Be sure, after such pumping the probability of your plans realization will be 80-99 percent!

Frequently  Asked  Questions

1. How  to  structurize  water ? Should one put a plate  under  the vessel or nearby?

FSC  creates  round  itself  a  vortical electromagnetic  field  in  the  form  of  enclosed  toruses. If  the  object  crosses  the  border  of  any  of  these  toruses  it  will  be   processed  by  FSC. There  is  many  active  toruses  borders  within  11s  area.  These  boders  are  less  frequent with  distance.  Precisely  the  next  active  toruses  borders  could  be  found  on  the  following distances:  22s, 160s,  800s.  Therefore  it  is  possible  to  structurize  water  on  these specified  distances,  and  it  is  also  possible  and  practically  convenient   to  put an  object on the FSC.

2. How  long  it  takes  to  structurize  water ?

Guaranteed  time  for  structurization  of  liquids  is  about  6  minutes,  but  often  1,5 minutes  is  enough.

3. How  to  charge  water  for  tea, coffee?

It  is  useless  to  charge  water  which  will  be  boiled.   It  makes  sense  to  structure  already made  tea  or  coffee. (We put FSC under a brewing teapot)

4. What  is  the  liquid temperature  influence?

Specially  this  question  was  not  investigated.  FSC  plastic  body  stands  up  to  120  degrees  by  Celsium,  so  it  is  safe  to  structurize  boiled  water.

5. Whether  the  cold  water  structure  charges  while  boiling?

At  boiling  the  information  part  can  be  lost.

6. How to  structurize  soups,  garnishes,  salads  from  vegetables,  juice,  fruit,  meat  and  fish dishes?  And  what  time  it  takes?

Salads  and  fruit  are  hard  to  structurize.  It  is  because  of  water  in  them  is  not  free,  and  is concluded  in  endocellular  space,  and  has  no  freedom  to  be  reconstructed  into another structure. On  the contrary,  juices  are  easy  to  structurize.  In  the  rest,  it  is  possible  to  put FSC simply under a plate. For example,  time  during  which  You  will  eat  Your  soup  will  be  quite  enough  for structurization;   it  is  possible  not  to  wait  especially  for  the  structurization  to  take  place. In  garnishes,  meat  and  fish  dishes   there  is  some  water  content  (about  40 %)  . Structurization of  food  will  occur  through  water. Especially  it  is  actual after a warming up in a microwave. The microwave  meter  range  radiation  is  killing  all live  food  components.   Its  enough  simply  to  put  an  FSC  on  a  microwave  top cover.

7. Where, on what  parts of  a body  a  plate should  be carried ?  How to fasten it  and  for how long?

It is not recommended to carry FSC in the heart   area.   All  the  rest of a body is OK. You can carry it on any part. It is better to carry fatburners in pockets made of cloth in the field of a stomach (on mesenteric area,  two fingers below a navel). It is recommended to remove plates at least for the night, though many people  do not remove. Fatburners  are  to be carried for  a month ones  and a  half,  then  one  should  allow  an organism  to  have  a  rest.  In  general,  it is  better  to  begin  an  FSC  use  from  N 1.  In  our  e-mail  dispatch  there  is  more  information  on  FSC  application.

8. What distance plate action extends on?

On a very large. FSC alters a Hartmans grid in a more than 150 meters radius, but it is necessary to remember that a toruses distance spectrum is discrete and at the big distance it is possible to get between toruses borders where there  is  no influence.

9. The plate which is in a cellophane bag, has the same properties?

Cellophane does not render appreciable influence. FSC works through any material and metal.

10. Without a cellophane bag the plate can become wet,  bulk  up  and be stratified?  And  what could  happen  in  these  case?

These  plates  were  bathed  in  the sea,  and  in  a  washing  machine.  FSC will normally  work, if  the  internal  design  does  not  become  unstuck.

11. How long it is possible to use a plate?  Whether  some  breaks  should  be  done  and  for what  time?

It  is  recommended  to  remove  FSC  at  least  for  the  night  time  to  give  the  organism  some time  for  rest  and  self  adaptation.

12. What  is  information  action?

Picturesque  information  in  sense  of  the  images  is the  main  influence  factor,  instead  of amplitudes  and  frequencies  (though their choice  is also important).

13. How  mach  structurized  water  should  be  consumed  daily?

30 ml per each  kilogram of body weight

14. Whether there  are  contra-indications?  

Individual intolerance,  or  dynamic  incompatibility  with  polarization  of  some  plants  which  have  grown  in  the  south  (we  mean some plants  not  naturally  growing  in Russia)

15. Whether  it  is  possible  to  put  a  plate  directly  on  a  body?

It  is  possible,  but  it  is  better  through  a  fabric  not  to  provoke  allergic  reactions.  It  is possible simply to put  a  plate  to  that  place  which  disturbs  you.

16. What is FSC warranty period of action ?

Before  physical  destruction  (not one  has not failed since 1999-2000g.).

17.  I would like to ask you, how do you store these plates?  Do they affect on each other?  Or to the surrounding space, for -example if I store them in my bedroom?

In case FSCs are stuck in piles, they are not working, as Koltsov puts it they are all silent. They do not affect each other. Generaly nothing could affect information at FSC, so be calm about it. I would rather propose to spread FSCs, that you are not using at the moment, around the house, they will support surrounding energies, or place spare FSCs at water pipes, at electric wiring or at the fuse box, at the WI-FI transmitter points.

18. There are several plates that you can use during the night, can you use them at the same time?

Yes, you can use several FSCs simultaneously, in the night time as well. For example, you may start channel at FSC number 12, after that there is no difference where it lays, and put number 8 under the pillow. Generally, when you are placing FSC at the body, or several FSCs at the body, they all work locally.

19.  For the cosmetology purpose what is the protocol of use of 6/7/8/Beauty factor plates?

For cosmetology you structure creams, liniments, at one of these FSCs. Knowing your cream action and each FSC specific designation, choose the one that is logical for the case. You can also use cosmetology FSCs for any water procedures you are taking. Choose the plate for water procedures in accordance with the desired effect. You know that number 8 is a night plate use it for water procedures you are taking before going to sleep, to structure evening meals, night creams. It is also good to put it under the pillow, because it activates melatonin production. Remember that naturally melatonin is produced only in the dark from 10 to 12 p.m. and one should sleep at this time.

20. How should I use Danilovo Lake plate?

Like any other green plate. For water structuring, water procedures, contact use. The only difference with Danilovo Lake is that it has more slower rhythms than the rest of the plates, so by Koltsovs words it is better to hold a water on it at least for 10 minutes.

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