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Functional State Corrector

FSC (Ffunctional State Corrector) is a revolutionary invention of Sergey Vladimirovitch Koltsov, a Russian space shuttle Buran construction team member. These medical device is a product of high technology and it is aimed to solve the following tasks:

  1. Liquid media structurization. You may turn all liquids you consume into biologically active healing substance. The use of structurized water may become a part of Your lifestyle, and to help in a great number of cases.
  2. The correction of the functional state of a human organism. Any inner system (heart, lungs, bowels, buds and so on) dysfunction is automatically corrected in a subtle, but continuous way, gently returning its state to normal. If some new anomaly tends to appear, it arouses an adequate opposite reply from an FSC. So no anomaly has a chance to become a diagnosis.
  3. Protection from an outer electromagnetic influence. Electromagnetic influence is a major health damaging factor nowadays. Wary often its a main reason for so called incurable diseases FSC has no world analogs in performing these function. It does not shield, nor reradiates anything, but changes the structure of all magnetic fields in surrounding area in such a way, that these electromagnetic fields become coexistable with living organisms. They become akin to the organization principles of electromagnetic fields at a cellular level of a living organism.

The functional state of a human organism characterizes how all the systems (heart, lungs, bowels, buds and so on) do their jobs (functions). When all systems work together well and the organism is healthy, it can be compared with an orchestra, playing a pleasant melody. If by any reason some organ goes out of its normal state - a false note is heard. An FSC placed nearby continuously checks the melody. It verifies your orchestra play with a standard. When it hear a false note, on the basis of these signal energy and information a return signal is created. These return signal (electromagnetic pulse) resonates with the original false note and compensates it. The most accurate and precise remedy to solve the problem is produced right at the moment the problem appears! The misbalance is eliminated. FSC corresponds a new generation of biorezonant therapy devices. And You even do not notice its action.

Its not the end of a story yet! FSC synchronizers the internal rhythms of an organism with the rhythms of an external fields, providing the basic criteria of health maintenance. For these purpose FSC is logged by figurative harmonious information taken from the Earths magnetic field rhythms and from the external space radiation rhythms. And the magnetic field of the Earth is both the power supply and the communication line for the FSC.

A Georgian biophysicist M.I. Shaduri, who made a long-term research works on the use of Cirlian effect in the diagnostic purposes, says in his book:

Elements of biosystem, organism structures communicate among themselves by means of images. The nature uses the same mechanism for distant interactions between organisms. The concept of health means harmonious work of all organs and systems, harmony with t he environment. Therefore, a prerequisite of health recovery is the synchronization of internal rhythms with the rhythms of an external field.

FSC is developed to tackle this problem the synchronization of internal and external rhythms. It renders beneficial influence on a whole human body . Sergey Koltsov developed a method for reading of the biologically active frequencies of curative plants and for recoding them on magnetic carriers. These sets of frequencies are recorded on an FSC in order to provide a healing effect. A picturesque information from any object could be read of and recorded on magnetic carriers. Water probes and Masary Emotos ice crystals recordings are also logged on the FSC. These information is necessary to counteract psycho power influences, to rise ones mood, to assist one in flowrishment and life attitude. FSC can correct frequency characteristics of Hartmans grid of the Earth, and neutralize the biopathogenic zones. The information logged on FSC varies depending on its functional purpose. So there are four types (or simply numbers) of FSC (sometimes we will call them simply plates). The universal use of scalar magnetic fields and the longitudinal electromagnetic waves connected with them is a natural mechanism of influences and a wave exchange between biosystems. These scalar fields produce bioinformation fields of a live matter.

Experimentally a scalar magnetic field was discovered by Tomsk physicist Gennady Vasiljevich Nikolaev (the application for the discovery registration was submitted in 1982). He sawed a cylindrical magnet and turned a half of it by 180 degrees.

In the mid-90es the director of Austrian institute for fundamental physics, Stefan Marinov, after examination of G.V. Nikolaevs discovery wrote: a cylindrical magnet which is cut by an axial plane and one half is turned, creates a magnetic field in a close to a cut area which influences currents with longitudinal forces: it will be possible to create perpetuum mobiles with its help.

Irrespective of G.V. Nikolaevs works we managed to develop a device similar in principle, but made of flat magnetic materials. We have emphasized the development of physiologic wave sources which can be images: polarization of various solutions, ointments; polarization of plants, etc.

Magnetization is made in the passive generators of longitudinall waves in natural rhythms of the external magnetic fields of the Earth. The main objective which we pursued to learn how to produce dynamically stable low-intensity longitudinal l waves generators, an electromagnetic homoeopathic remedy which would be able to change a functional state of a bio-object. After all, only in nonequilibrium-steady systems, as all live organisms are, one can introduce global changes with small but lasting indignations. The task of providing constantly operating influence is an insoluble problem for classical homoeopathy. As FSCs do not shield external electromagnetic radiation, but alter it in the existential structure compatible to the organization of a biosystems, it is capable to integrally support oxidation-reduction balance, balance of oxidation-reduction processes, thereby supporting difficult hierarchy of an organism biorhythms

The manufacturer Open Company Centre Region, Russia, Moscow. The conformity certificate ROSS RU.AN48.B04827,

The Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion 77. .01.229. P 004514.05.08 of 16.05.2008, the Registration certificate FSR 2008/02908 of June, 30th, 2008 of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation which confirms that CFS is a medical purpose device.

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