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Volokhovskiy Dmitriy Andreevitch, 56.

We live in Zelenograd, a suburban Moscow district, known for its electronics. I work for a small research laboratory in Zelenograd as CEO. We have two sons. Andrey heads family business - a digital typography and design. Alexandr works in electronics for physics problems reaserch institute. Larisa keeps our home. She always were interested in medical problems. In Russian Fedrration you had too – our free medical treatment is effective mostly at hospitals, but with simple colds and so on it’s much better to cope with alternative remedies rather than spend all day in ques. I am a jazz listener and also have a great interest in aviation. Now my job is contiguous with flight simulators. So these year I worked on Moscow Air Saloon as an exhibitor.

At tenth Center Region anniversary, Augst  8 2018, Merculov Aleksey Stanislavovich (financial head of the Company) presented me this honoralble diplom, which reads "For many years of impeckable work"

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