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EVO - Chlorophyll. Merzlyakova Elena, may 2016

Nowadays they are introducing a new product in the Center Region Company, it is called EVO -Chlorophyll. When I heard its presentation at the medical conference, and I understood that I needed such a product urgently in 2002, when my father was seriously ill. Now we have such a product in our Company, and it is very important to notice it, why? It is really a very powerful thing like correctors, at that absolutely natural. Chlorophyll belongs to the plant kingdom, it is a molecule in the plant cells, into which chloroblasts are packed, they are factories which produce oxygen.

As soon as a red spectrum photon, with 665 nano-meters wavelength, hits this factory in which chloroplasts are packed in multiple layers, oxygen production starts at once. Plant starts to produce oxygen, which we are using for breathing. Chlorophyll is a very energetically powerful substance, that's why biggest animals on Earth feed on plants. Elephants are the biggest animals, and also cows, buffalos and so on. All of them are vegetarians, why? They are content with chlorophyll. How we can use it?

The fact is that all illnesses are forming in human body for a long long time. And the process of their formation is always connected with acidulation. Illnesses form as a result of some micro-organisms, fungi and mold growth in acidulated environment. They settle down in acidulated areas, they feel warm and comfortable there, and they produce swampy environment. They are able to influence with their ferments at lymph and blood circulation in some organism area in such a way, that this areas as if becomes swampy. There is no oxygen in a swamp, because it is acidulated medium, and so micro-organisms, fungi and mold pullulate in such environment.

We are coexisting for millions of years, under normal organism physiology, at normal energetic and nourishment it is almost impossible to create an acidulated environment in the organism. When our internal environment is normal, when PH level is at norm, several armies of the immune system are working. Immune cells are active only in specific environment. When due to the influence of different factors Ц ecology changes, energetics violations Ц PH level and redox-potentials are changing, microbes start to domesticate some organism area, let us say that they are starting to build their cities and civilizations. And immune system should attack these territories, domesticated by microbes, in order to destroy them. Immune cells should attack. But microbes adapted to this, they learned to produce such things that make them invisible for the immune system. Immune cells do not see them. It is as if a spy in an alien country. Moustache, dark glasses, hat over the eyes, and policemen do not recognize you, thou your photos are stuck everywhere. These guys mimicry, they are becoming invisible for the immunity.

This analogy is connected with the EVO - Chlorophyll. The fact is that chloroplasts are stout packs, in which chlorophyll molecules are situated. That is why all mammals, who feed on plants, have very complicated digestion systems. If I remember correctly, cow has five departments in the stomach, may be more, why? Because these chloroplasts packs should be unsealed, they should be dissolved in order to allow digestive system to reach for the food Ц chlorophyll. What is unique about these technology? Chloroplasts, the packs are torn up, chlorophyll molecules remain intact, and they are repacked in package that dissolves in our digestive system, where stomach has one department, not five as cows do. It is water solvable package, if it comes on the tongue Ц it dissolves, if it comes on the mucous coating Ц it dissolves. Chlorophyll comes into blood. What is interesting? It seems that chlorophyll molecules in blood should be filtered out by the liver. But this molecule is very close to the hemoglobin molecule, liver lets it pass absolutely freely, liver does not consider chlorophyll molecules as a threat, as a toxin or any synthetic compounds.

And so chlorophyll is completely accepted by the organism, that is it is absolutely synergetic with the organism, when getting into blood it passes freely through the liver, and it is considered as food by the ill cells, especially by cancerous cells, by various bacterium and viruses, and other aliens that are feeding in our environment, they all are striving to swallow it in enormous quantities. Imagine for example papilloma-virus. Factories that are producing viruses are our own cells, virus infiltrates into the cell core, reprograms reproduction system, simply reprograms by building itself into the core, and the cell becomes a factory that produces viruses instead of substances organism needs. In case the cell is a factory that produces something, then it needs lots of food, and it swallows lots of food from the environment. Cancerous cell need to divide again and again, so it needs building materials, and it eats a lot. Ill and old cells act similarly. Some failure takes place due to ageing, and a cell starts to practice bulimia Ц eats endlessly, producing something ugly instead of normal - it is a basics of ageing. chlorophyll molecules are becoming very attractive for such cells, they swallow them in enormous quantities. When chlorophyll molecules are getting inside the cells, it is like a Troy horse in the enemy camp. A Troy horse. It looks like nourishment, like food. But in case human being will receive this red spectrum, it comes through the body freely, photons will hit the chlorophyll molecules which are in the alien campus, chlorophyll becomes the source of oxygen instead of a food. Oxygen generation starts in this cell, environment changes, the cell as if starts to shine, and it becomes visible for the immune system cells. Oxygen production tears all masks off Ц all moustache, dark glasses, hats over the eyes Ц here he is, exactly like the one at the photo, standing in front of you! Immune system becomes extremely active towards these cells, it starts to swallow them.

EVO Ц Chlorophyll acts very well against papilloma viruses, it acts well against any viruses, and it also works well against ageing and ill cells. This change of cells Ц apoptosis Ц when a cell stops its living activity, frees the living-space, and a new one is taking the place. Nowadays we all are having serious apoptosis violations. New cells should come at the place of the old ones, when ageing cells continue doing something Ц it is the process of ageing. Apoptosis violation, that is the cells death, is a misbalance which is characteristic feature of oncology process. A cell should leave the stage, giving space for a new, but it stays and continue to divide.

EVO Ц Chlorophyll, which will be released in the Company, will be in three forms, all of them have a different chlorophyll concentration. What is important, there will be also a lamp with red LEDs, which powerfully produces this red spectrum Ц 665 nanometers. Generally, after taking chlorophyll, it is enough to take an hour walk at the sun, there is even no need to undress Ц the red spectrum penetrates through clothes, it is heat. One should take an hour walk in the streets. Our country have many northern territories, that is why they will also produce a lamp, with which one will be able to let the photons in during 15 minutes scheme. One should irradiate areas where blood vessels are coming close to the skin. Radiocarpal joint, bend of elbow, carotid artery, and similar areas at the other side of the body - carotid artery, bend of elbow, radiocarpal joint, plus popliteal fossa Ц a couple of minutes at every point. Blood starts to carry these photons everywhere, they reach cells which accumulated chlorophyll and explosive oxygen release starts. Environment changes, dying cells perish, virus factories perish, oncology may stop.

Another good thing, the developer says it influences children very well. Nowadays we are seeing many complications after vaccination at children. Development stops, various problems develop, and she told us, chlorophyll poses very beneficial influence at children.

And so, we are going to have it in three forms: water solution Ц 100 gram flask, dry extract in capsules, and the third form is candles. By concentration: the most powerful form is candles, the softest form is water-solution.

In case one wants to get serious rejuvenation effect, and takes the entire spectrum of products, and starts with water solution, then takes capsules, and after that uses candles. It will be said in details in manual Ц what to do and how. In case one is already in a serious borderline state, when one has a serious diseases, then one should start directly from capsules or even candles - it is a serious thing. One should obligatory follow the drinking regiment, because if disintegration of old cells is taking place, slugs deducing is taking place, there is a need to deduce all these.

There was a very good report on immunity at the latest scientific-practical conference, presented by a doctor from Vladivostok city. They revealed that FSC number 2 with 5 elements seriously stimulates the work of phagocytes Ц which are exactly immune system cells. It is only one army. Generally, if one is taking EVO Ц Chlorophyll course, then it is sufficient to use FSCs number 1 and 2 in accordance with our recommendations: drink sufficient amounts of water, carry them at the body.

One should remember that we encounter with acute phase almost at every patient, that is EVO Ц Chlorophyll action always takes place through the acute phase. Acute phase may have different character Ц it could be increased temperature for several days Ц one should not take efforts to drop it down because it is not too high, it could be diarrhea, it could be expectoration Ц sputum release. If one is having gynecology problems, polyposis and so on, one may have plentiful excretions at periods. One should go through these things calmly, no need to use any strong medicines, it is enough to use some herbs, it could be some expectorate or blood-stopping remedies. One should not be afraid of these acute phase manifestations, they mean that the process is going.

One should remember one thing: it is necessary to get 8 hours of insolation prior to the EVO Ц Chlorophyll course intake. That is to be at the sunlight for some time, for an hour a day. You should not use an active sun, not the afternoon sun, but prior to 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m. Ц use the morning an evening sun. Organism is saturated with the sunny energy, exactly with these photons. When one is taking chlorophyll in any form, it is necessary to take an hour walk at the morning or evening sun every day, or use red lamp for 15 minutes. It is the red part of the sunny spectrum, that turns all processes on, and it is very important to get insolation. Because one is getting a new portion of the chlorophyll every day, so it distributes over the body and accumulates in some places Ц in some cells or tissues, and the process should be started anew.

And so, oxygen starts to get into the swamp! You see?! It is absolutely different environment! All these aliens Ц some mold or mycobacterium Ц they are creating a swampy environment, and the Troy horse is coming into their camp, powerful partisan movements starts from the inside. In addition, immune cells, which are outside, are getting powerful activation.

The moment I heard the report at the conference, I remembered how hard I was looking for it. The very moment I decided to take all three forms. It is serious. Even in case one has no any serious pathology, one wants to be young and beautiful, which is a difficult task, having in mind my way of life Ц flights, roads, appointments, one would not carry a bag full of cosmetics on business trip, and one wants to be young and beautiful anyway! To put it short, I ordered everything at once.

I talked with the developer for two hours in skype. One starts using water solvable form from several drops, gradually increasing the amount of the intake to one teaspoon. Little children take a drop per every year of life. Not more than three drops. Support immunity very well, it starts to work well, children are having too many pathologies nowadays. And so you are drinking this 100 gram flask, gradually increasing dosage from 5 drops to teaspoon. After that you are going to take capsules. Suppose you are taking 2 capsules a day. Candles should be used once in two days. Vaginally or anal, depending on the problems. The entire course should take approximately 3 months. It is important to understand that powerful renewal of the cells is taking place. One should use alkaline drinking and protein diet, good quality proteins if possible. One should also listen to the organism, what it says you.

We will see what will be in future. The idea is known in medicine for a long time, but as long as it is a cardinal solution of multiple problems, the product makes big competition to the pharmaceutical companies, similar technologies appeared in various countries then disappeared. They were in Germany, France, Japan. Modern pharmaceutics should press on them due to serious competition.

There is a very good cosmetics at the same basis, hope it will appear in our Company in future. We will live and see. In any case, EVO Ц Chlorophyll in combination with FSCs number 1 and 2 allow to start and solve serious problems. I am sincerely joyous, when I heard what it is I wanted to jump at one leg. I had the same feeling when I get to know about Functional State Correctors. That is all. I recommend you to pay serious attention at this product, even if nothing is hurting at the moment. LetТs busy ourselves with rejuvenation.

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