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EVOchlorophyll-E elixir for oral cavity

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Цена: 2700.00 руб.

Product form: solution, in 100 ml flask.

Content: Purified water, sorbitol, peppermint and field chamomile hydrolates, zinc lactate, EVOchlorophyll, lactoferin, pearl extract, Indian soap tree extract, tea tree oil, guar gum, potassium sorbate. Without the use of chemical emulsifying, thickening and stabilyzing agents.

EVOchlorophyll -E:

- Poses accented antivirul, antibacterium and antiseptic action in case of various oral cavity and throat diseases (stomatitis, gingivitis, paradontosis, laryngitis, angina and so on);

- Helps to support normal oral cavity microflora, radical reduction of Candida albicans;

- Aids stimulation of the bone tissue growth;

- Helps to remove bleeding gums;

- Aids to speed up tissues regeneration processes in case of various damages (burns, wounds);

- Aids formation of the protective film on the teeth which lowers their sensibility;

- Freshens breath and helps to remove unpleasant odor for a long period of time;

- Aids reduction of the dental plaque formation;

- Aids strengthening and restoration of the dental enamel, poses safe whitening effect;

- Is obligatory remedy for oral cavity hygiene in case of wearing brackets, removable dentures, teeth extraction, implantation and other surgeries.

Using mode: For oral cavity rinsing one shall dilute ½-1 volumetric capful in 150-200 milliliters of warm water, then thoroughly rinse oral cavity several times

For gums applications, lotions, throat sanitation one shall apply EVOchlorophyll-E at the sterile cotton swab and put at the problem place for several minutes, Maximum application time is 20 minutes.

It is recommended to use EVOchlorophyll-E twice a day (mornings and evenings) after teeth cleaning, it helps 24 hours secure oral cavity protection.

Course using is recommended according to individual indications.

Special directions: EVOchlorophyll-E is concentrated remedy. It is possible to use it in irrigators for oral cavity irrigation. It is not recommended to swallow it. One may use it in complex therapy with any Supplements and Medicines.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Overdosage: no overdoses cases were revealed.

Storage directions: Keep in a place, protected from direct sunlight, which is unreachable to children. Storage temperature 0-8 Centigrade.

During transportation it is allowed to store elixir at 25 Centigrade during 3 months period in a place, protected from the direct sunlight.

Shelf life 1 year

Not a medical product

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