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EVOclorophyll Candles

  • Корпус:
  • Дата рождения:
  • Количество: 10 candels in a pack
  • Вес (упаковка):

Цена: 2350.00 руб.

«EVOclorophyll Candles» 10 candels in a pack Content:Natural wax, Cocoa oil, EVOchlorophyll Active chlorophyl substance content - 25 mg per candle; 250 mg per pack. Poses imuune-modulating action both at cellular and humoral levels. Recommended for correction, prophylaxis and additional therapy, improvement of functional activity of main organs and organism systems. Recommended as a chlorophyll source. Contr-indications: individual intollerance of components, pregnancy, breast feeding Consult doctor before use. Implementation directions: Use one candle every other day prior to going to bed.

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