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EVO-clorophyll Capsules

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Center Region Company presents OXYchlorophyll line with active water-soluble chlorophyll active component. Chlorophyll molecules extracted from green plants with the use of special technology are cell healers of natural origin. OXYchlorophyll line products are opening new trend in organism health restoration, including all its systems. Chlorophyll has a property to be accumulated only in pathologically modified cells, stimulates apoptosis, has anti-inflammation effect and it works like natural antibiotic of wide spectrum of influence.

The main active component is extracted water soluble chlorophyll in form of sodium salt. Active component of OXYchlorophyll line products is extracted from plants with the use of exclusive innovation technology. Lucerne is leguminous plant that contains in high quantities almost all major minerals and chemical elements that are present in human organism. Lucerne extracts some trace elements from the soil due to its very deep roots (10-30 meters). This valuable plant contains the whole complex of various vitamins (, 1, 2, 12, , ) and minerals (a, Fe, Mg, , Si), chlorophyll, valuable protein, octacosanol, lecetin, saponins, coumarin, sterols, alkaloids and so on, Lucerne is used for chlorophyll extraction.

OXYchlorophyll poses accented influence at all human organism systems and organs. The action of every product in the line is targeted at rising of organism own defending powers with the help of active oxygen form and various supplements, that leads to health restoration and strengthening.

OXYchlorophyll line will be produced by the Center Region Company in the following forms:

- Chlorophyll drinks with addition of various fruits and vegetables juices:

- Dogrose and mangosteen;

- Persimmon

- Noni;

- Plum and Papaya;

- Broccoli and Kiwi;

Stick for intimate hygiene;

Elixir for moth cavity rinsing;

- Later will be released OXYchlorophyll supplement in capsules.

OXYchlorophyll line products action and content

OXYchlorophyll drinks:

with persimmon juice cardio-vascular system restoration.
Content: cleaned water, persimmon juice, apple pectin, lecitin, chlorophyll, potassium sorbate. Persimmon juice contains unique balanced vitamin-mineral complex, which is targeted at cardio-vascular system restoration, at that active chlorophyll is able to stimulate blood oxygenation.

with dogrose and mangosteen juice immunity strengthening and support. Content: cleaned water, dogrose and mangosteen juices, apple pectin, lecitin, chlorophyll, potassium sorbate. Storehouse of vitamins and mineral substances in combination with active chlorophyll create a powerful alliance for immunity support and strengthening.

with noni juice restoration and regulation of metabolism processes.
Content: cleaned water, noni juice, apple pectin, lecitin, chlorophyll, potassium sorbate. Combination of active components helps considerable decrease of carving for harmful products (sweets, nicotine, caffeine), poses antihistaminic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

with plum and papaya juice organism cleaning, digestion normalization. Content: cleaned water, plum and papaya juice, apple pectin, lecitin, chlorophyll, potassium sorbate. Original combination of components helps soft and effective organism cleaning, digestion normalization, lowering of cholesterol level.

with broccoli and kiwi juices your beauty, youth, health.
Content: cleaned water, broccoli and kiwi juices, apple pectin, lecitin, chlorophyll, potassium sorbate. Balanced content of micro- and macro- elements help to improve state of the hair, skin and nails, to shape figure, lower organism ageing processes.

OXYchlorophyll stick - prophylaxis, defense, organism health restoration.
Content: cocoa oil, glyceryl stearate, chlorophyll.

OXYchlorophyll - elixir for moth cavity strong teeth, healthy gums, fresh breathing.
Content: cleaned water, sorbitol, peppermint and field chamomile hydrolates, chestnut extract, chlorophyll, Indian soap tree extract, tea tree oil, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate. Ensures soft gums care, no artificial aromatizers.


OXYchlorophyll line products using directions

OXYchlorophyll drinks. One shall start to take drinks, starting from 5-10 drops under the tongue (resolve), or one may lick it from the teaspoon with small portions and with the use of the tongue distribute evenly along mouth cavity mucous coating. In case of excessive weight, presence of numerous neglected diseases, individual peculiarities, age over 70 it is recommended to start intake from 3-5 drops once a day, 40 minutes before meal. One shall increase dosage gradually by 1-2 drops, by the end of first month daily intake shall be 5-6 milliliters, which is recommended daily dosage.

OXYchlorophyll stick is designated for vaginal and rectal use. In the initial period sticks should be used once for the night, every other night. Later one may switch at daily use.

OXYchlorophyll - elixir for moth cavity should be used daily after tooth cleaning procedure mornings and evenings. For mouth cavity and throat rinsing one shall dilute half or full measuring capful in 150-200 milliliters of warm water, then rinse carefully several times. Undiluted remedy could be used for applications, lotions for gums and throat sanitation. One shall apply undiluted remedy at sterile cotton tampon or at the cotton stick and put at the problem area for several minutes, maximum application time is 20 minutes.

OXYchlorophyll line products storage conditions

One shall store OXYchlorophyll drinks and sticks in a place, that is protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children at temperature from 0 Centigrade up to +8 Centigrade.

For transportation it is allowed to store them for 2 months at temperature higher than +25 in a place, protected from direct sunlight.

Open flack should be stored not longer than for 2 months.

Elixir for moth cavity should be stored in a place, protected from direct sunlight at temperature not higher than +25.

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