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Sanita antyparasite complex

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Sanita line is targeted to fight parasitic diseases, it consist of three products of three kinds of capsules, it is recommended to take them in sequence. It is three stage system of deep organism cleaning. Every stage has its specific action, providing maximum cleaning, health-restoring and restoration effects.

First stage is organism cleaning form microbes and parasites. Second is detoxication and organism health restoration, because when we deduced parasites out, we shell help it recover from mechanical and toxic injuries caused by helminthes and parasites. The third stage is restoration of gastro-intestinal tract and liver functions, restoration of the whole organism.

First stage product is Fungo-sept, it has anti-parasite, antimicrobial action. It contains effective anti-parasite components. It contains chanterelle mushroom, many people who are living in moderate climate know them well, gathered them, and of course know that chanterelle are never wormy, always clean. All other mushrooms could be wormy, but not chanterelle. They contain unique substance called Hinomanoza, which blocks nervous system of parasites helminths and able to lyse their larva and ovum, without doing any harm to human organism. At the same time almost all chemical remedies have side effects. Hinomanoza is not toxic for human and other warm-blooded animals. Contra-indications are standard: along with pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is acute pancreatitis, this product does not assimilates at this condition. And one should be careful with children due to the possibility of allergic reactions. Other components are: cinnamon, cloves, walnut, curcumin, ginger, garlic, soy fiber. Cinnamon suppresses many kinds of microbes and fungi-infections, aids digestion processes. Cloves contains lots of cellulose, which improves peristaltic in the intestines. Walnut has anti- helminth and bactericidal properties. Curcumin has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger stimulates production of digestive juices, normalizes secretion and appetite. Garlic prevents various infections in intestines, which are more frequent at helminthes presence, stimulates bile production. Soy fiber has antibacterial properties, it is needed because helminthiasis is often followed by bacterium infection.

The second stage of the antyparasite program is called Fungo-detox it is cleaning out of toxins and parasites vital activities products. Composition includes effective components, which possess bactericidal, anti-tumorous, immune-modulating action, bind up toxins, improve functional state of the organism. Fungo-detox consists of shiitake mushroom, chlorophyll, pectin, grapefruit, nutmeg, guarana and lipoic acid. Along with numerous enzymes and vitamins, shiitake mushroom contains lysine and leucine amino-acids, polysaccharide lentinan, which plays important role in the immune system support, resists cells degeneration, binds toxins and slugs, has anti-bacterial action, activates immunity, improves liver functional state, has tumoricidal property. Some researches connect development of cancer in some organs, intestines at the first place, with helminthes. Contra-indication is also standard it is pregnancy and breast feeding. It is possible to talk about chlorophyll for hours, now we are interested in its ability to increase quality and quantity of red blood cells erythrocytes, and its ability to protect organism from toxins and slugs. Pectin stabilizes metabolism, improves blood circulation, intestines peristalsis, being powerful absorbent it has ability to protect from harmful substances. Grapefruit stimulates appetite and digestive processes. Often, when one drove out helminthes, asthenia, loss of appetite, inflammation conditions of the gastro-intestinal tract are observed. Grapefruit helps exactly for the gastro-intestinal prophylaxis. Nutmeg helps at the digestion disorders, improves immunity, has antiphlogistic and antibacterial properties. Guarana contains tannin agent, which acts positively at stomach disorders, which are frequent after helminthes. It tones, improves brain action, increases endurance. lipoic acid takes part in carbonhydrate, albumen, lipid exchange, helps to preserve antioxidants in the organism, supports liver.

Fungo-vita is a third stage of the antyparasite program restoration of the organism and health improvement. Closing stage of the program contains components which restore the immune system, gastro-intestinal tract, provide antioxidant protection of the organism, pose general health protection action. Fungo-vita contains reishi mushroom and a row of supporting components. They are: extracts of rice, papain, bromeline, fenugreek, wild orange, sodium alginate. Reishi mushroom is widely used in eastern medicine, it is powerful antioxidant, strengths immune system, possess antiphlogistic properties, decreases cholesterol level and high blood pressure, protects liver, possess antiviral, antibacterial and even anti-timorous action, widens heart coronary vessels and improves heart performance, enriches blood with oxygen, prevents infarction, so in this way it helps to restore organism after helminthes invasion. Rice contains substances that cover stomach walls, preventing ulcers and gastritis, which happen often after helminthes invasion. Papain is an enzyme that decomposes slugs that prevent normal nutrition, due to its action slugs deduce better from the organism, tissues remain healthy and well provided with energy. Bromeline is plant enzyme that aids to decompose albumens, improves its suction in gastrointestinal tract, has antiphlogistic and immune-modulating properties. Fenugreek decreases and normalizes sugar level, normalizes cholesterol level in blood, decreases blood pressure. It is prophylaxis of heart and blood vessels issues, colon and breast cancer. Fenugreek is effective at skin diseases. wild orange possess antifungal activity, bactericidal properties. Often after helminthes people are suffering from additional fungi and bacterium infections. Possess antiemetic properties, aids digestion, helps at stomach pains and disorders, at congestive phenomenon in chest, at prolapsus of the rectum, at painful urge to stool. Sodium alginate is needed for the immune system tone restoration, it is immune-modulator as well as a sorbent, able to bind excessive immunoglobulins, which may cause development of the allergy reactions.

Release form of all three products - Fungo-sept, Fungo-detox, Fungo-vita is a flask with 60 capsules, 440 mg. each.

Dosage and the course: One should take Fungo-sept for 20 days, one capsule three times a day. After that one should take Fungo-detox, for 20 days, one capsule three times a day. And finally Fungo-vita - the same 20 days, one capsule three times a day. Only in this sequence! First we drive out helminthes, then deduce the products of their vital activities and after that restore organism powers, help its organs and functional systems.

Shelf life 18 months.

Developed and produced by Areal ltd exclusively for the Centr Region Company.

Price is given for a set, that consists of all three products.

How to take Sanita products


1 capsule 3 times a day. It is desirable to take it at the same time, non dependent on food intake.

Intake duration:

Full anti-parasite course takes 60 days, 20 days for each stage.

1-st stage - Fungo-Sept 20 days, 1 capsule 3 times a day;

2-st stage - Fungo-Detox 20 days, 1 capsule 3 times a day;

3-st stage - Fungo-Vitf 20 days, 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Intake habits:

It is very important to follow water drinking regimen during the whole tome of the Sanita program intake in order to ensure toxins and disintegration products deducing.

Recommended daily volume of clear structured at FSCs water intake is 30 milliliters per every kilogram of body weight. We strongly recommend to follow this norm and if possible even to increase this volume. In order to empower the effect it is recommended to structure water at FSCs 1 and 2.

It is necessary to follow strictly daily intake doses not increasing or decreasing them. One should not break damage to the capsules shell!

In case one made a break during the 1-st stage (Fungo-Sept ) intake, that lasted two days and more, one shall start the course anew. During Fungo-Sept intake one shall exclude the use of other vitamin-mineral supplements in order to prevent parasites survival. At the 2-nd and 3-rd stages one may use any other supplements.

Taking into account high risk of recontamination, it is advisable to take prophylaxis courses twice a year in spring and in winter. In case of clinic manifestations one shall use the program immediately.


Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy and breastfeeding, acute conditionns or chronic conditions in acute phase, age below 14.

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