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Complex devise for water ORP reduction "AquaBioPhone"

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: 7500.00 .

Aquabiofon ABF-1 (-1 ͻ) is effective portable device that would always help you to have healthy water, which helps to support your health and stay young.


Changes water ORP

Synthesizes 3 types of water solutions, which are beneficial for our health:

- Antioxidant water:

- Acidic solution;

- Alkaline solution.

Aquabiofon ABF-1 uniqueness is that it is easy to use, compact, mobile has stylish design and works on accumulators, thats why it is good for use on journeys.

Aquabiofon ABF-1 helps to slow down ageing processes, clean it from toxins, restore energy potential, improve brain, blood circulation system performance, to improve health at the cellular level.

ABF-1 working elements anode and cathode are made of high quality titanium. Coating that consists of precious metal oxides is applied at the anode surface. Device body is made of anodized aluminum.

ABF-1 distinctive feature is high efficiency and economy when working with fresh water and diluted water solutions, which is stipulated with rational construction and materials choice. Device was developed by Russian engineers initially for military mobile groups support and later adapted for civilian market. Anode coating is patented, this is know-how of this device, coating is very stable, thats why ABF-1 is able to make acid and alkaline solutions, while other similar devices cannot, due to electrodes corrosion.

Important! One shall treat with Aquabiofon ABF-1 only preliminary cleaned water.

Water with antioxidant properties

Water with negative ORP values is vitally important for body cells, because only in this case they do not lose much energy for correction of parameters of water, being consumed. The closer are water parameters to the parameters of organism internal mediums, the easier is for organism to use it in metabolic processes. Water with antioxidant properties solves the following tasks in the organism:

- Normalizes oxidation-reduction balance in the organism, that leads to ageing processes lowering;

- Has accented anti-oxidant, antiinflammation, antiallergy properties;

- Helps gastro-intestinal tract micro-flora normalization due to stimulation of own normal micro-flora growth and inhibition of pathogenic micro-flora;

- Results in immune system restoration, especially at people with lowered immunity, after immune-depressive therapies, including after courses of chemo and x-ray therapies, after surgeries, in rehabilitation periods;

- Stimulates metabolism;

- Poses general health restoration effect at organism of humans and pets;

- Helps to speed up plants growth and vegetation, for example vegetables in glasshouses without the use of chemicals.

Antioxidant water is good for:

- Children and teenagers strengthen immunity, rises activity, improves school performance;

- People in middle and respected age: improves organism hydration, slows down ageing processes, supports vigorousness and tone;

- Pregnant women: liquidates toxicosis, increases resistance to stresses, normalizes metabolism;

Sportsmen: Enhances muscle tone, improve durability, frees from exhaustion.

Acidic solution (dead water)

When adding common table salt into water (small quantity - at the end of a kitchen knife) and subsequent treatment with ABF-1 one can produce ecologically clean, non-toxic universal bactericidal remedy sodium hypochlorite.

Sodium hypochlorite, produced after salted water treatment with ABF-1 poses several properties:

- Antibacterial, antiviral, antimycotic, antiinflammation properties;

- Has antiallergic, antiedemic, antipruritic, drying effects;

- Able to pose cytotoxic and antimetabolic effects without inflicting damage to human tissues cells.

Biocidal substances in electrochemically activated solution are not toxic for somatic cells, because they are actually oxidants, similar to the ones produced by organism cells.

Acidic solution could be used to solve the following health issues:

- Insects bites;

- Burns;

- Scratches, cuts, including purulent wounds;

- Angina, rhinitis;

- Conjunctivitis;

- Mycotic skin lesion.

Sodium hypochlorite has a vide spectrum of useful properties, thats why it is used:

- In medicine for preliminary treatment of wounds, washing and disinfection of instruments, hands, premises, drinking water, disinfection treatment of wastes:

- In food industry for treatment of equipment for prevention of food products infectioning;

- In agriculture for disinfection of premises and products.

Alkaline solution

When adding common baking soda into water (small quantity - at the end of a kitchen knife) and subsequent treatment with ABF-1 one can produce alkaline solution.

Alkaline solution, produced by ABF-1 regulates sodium and potassium balance in the organism. Equilibrium (balance) of these important chemical elements in the organism helps to solve the following tasks:

- Prevents high arteria pressure:

- Reduces risk of stroke and other dangerous diseases;

- Restores loco-motor system health.

Examples of alkaline solution use for solving various health questions:

- Heartburn;

- Angina, laryngitis;

- Healing wounds.

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