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How to get plenty of structured water?

The Function State Corrector poses its health maintenance influence through the liquid media. With the FSC use it is very convenient to structure any water, or any liquid one is going to consume - tea, juice, soup and so on. The consumption of structured water could easily become a part of your lifestyle. During the structuring process water acquires biologically active properties. Water is a major component of a human organism. By approximately 70 % we consist of water. Water takes participation in all metabolic processes in a human organism. Biochemical reactions progress in water media, nutrients delivery, oxygen delivery, waste deducing - literary every process requires water. I did not mention the blood composition and the saliva. Sufficient and well-timed water consumption reduces the risks of the majority of serious diseases. The required amount is known long ago - it is 30 ml for each kilogram of body weight. Now it became clear, that a role of water is even wider than that! it plays another very important role - serves as a media for the energy - informational intercellular interaction processes. With the help of water the organism is united into integrated self-regulating complex, which can cope with the majority of illnesses on its own. The role of water in bio-chemical processes is to be fully estimated in near future.

It is the underestimation of the water role in biological processes, that is the reason that biology was not able to understand the main vital signs recons French Nobel prize winner A. Sent Dierdi. The neglecting of the water role in the homeopathy remedies preparation is a major reason of the homeopathy methodology criticism from the official circles. Really the use of curative substances, which do not contain a single molecule of the active component may cause perplexity of a specialist acquainted with chemistry and biology. It all comes into places if we admit the successive medium (water) properties changes as a main result of the dilution processes.

S. Ganeman, who discovered a new principal of curative remedies preparation was ahead of his time, and he wrote that his remedies "slip away out of the chemistry laws". At the end of the twenties century even a new branch of chemistry was formed - "super-molecular chemistry". It studies the non-valence interaction of two and more molecules and the structure of the derived associates. Water is able to form a thousand molecules associates. May be through the investigation of these associates properties it would be possible to explain the way the initial active component transmits its properties first to the solvent, and later on - to the patient. Even now it is clear, that in the process of the homeopathy remedies preparation, the water is subjected to structural changes. It is the weak hydrogen bonds, that are responsible for the Water associates formation. Some new bonds are formed, some others recombine. Water super-molecules, consisting of approximately 900 molecules, represent rhomb shaped formations with electrically charged surfaces. Due to these charges larger formations called the associates are formed. It results in the change of the water substance macro level properties.

In nature more than 99 percent of water is in the structured state and our organism is used to work with these water. The water structure affects the physical properties as well - PH, conductivity, surface tension, the solution rate of different chemical substances. Of course the processes that take place in the human organism are influenced by the water parameters. The natural water from the Pakistani Hunzakud place has surface tension of 68 units, compare it to the average 75 units of the tap water, and 43 units of the inner healthy organism water. The residents of the place differ with their good health, endurance and youth, despite the rough life conditions. The water obtained from the relict Yakut ice poses stimulating effect on all kinds of living organisms. Masaru Emoto experiments should be mentioned in these connection. His photographs are well known all over the world. In Russian Federation these investigations were continued recently by Stanislav Valentinovich Zenin - the head of the federal experimental-clinical laboratory of scientific substantiation of the traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of the public health ministry. He has professor rank in biological sciences, and a degree in chemistry, and another one in philosophy. He studied the mechanism of the organism interaction with the environment and proved that the interaction takes place through the water structuring. Water, being a kind of a supercomputer, receives and stores the outer signals from space, by means of its structural recombination and transmits the information stored to another supercomputer - the human brain. The human brain sends the operating signals to all the organism sub-systems and organs. The process is called energy - informational influence, also some methodology and equipment to measure some quantity characteristics of the influence were developed. You may see his FSC testimony in the introduction video on our site. He says, that the FSC creation is a breakthrough in the energy - informational interaction, that only a few powerful bio-energy therapists are able to pose the influence of such magnitude. All the other devices we know about, do not show such results.

Our cells could be transferred from a low-active physiological state that may be even the state of some disease to a normal state with the help of the biologically active water. As I said before, only structured water could be assimilated by the organism. If one drinks unstructured water, then the organism has nothing to do, but to structure it first. This process requires a great amount of energy . The energy is redirected from "less important" jobs. So a consumption of preliminary structured water would be a natural way to help our organism to economize that energy. Only due to the energy economy a health improvement will be noticeable. It is confirmed by tests, that regular consumption of the structured water leads to the improvement of the organism parameters: blood composition, the toxin deducing and inner organs cleaning, the pathogenic micro-flora and bacteria are inhibited, and friendly micro flora is supported. The people, using an FSC for several month pointed out the beginning of rejuvenation processes along with the health restoration.

It is extremely simple to obtain any desired quantity of structured water with the help of the FSC. An FSC could be used anywhere at any time. It is enough to put a glass (a cup, any tableware, made from any material) on the FSC for a maximum of five minutes to obtain water structured in accordance with the information, prerecorded on the FSC. You may benefit from no. 1 harmonizing influence in the first half of the day, and prepare Your organism to the night rest with no 2 toxin deducing program in the evening. Also You may choose to use no 3 / 4 in order to prevent fat tissue formation after heavy meal! Another feature of the FSC action is that structuring of moving water occurs in a moment. It could be placed somewhere along the water pipe with the same results. Some water is consumed through the integument, so it will be a very good idea to take a structured water shower or a bath! It's also a great way to shake off the negative energy from Your body.

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