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S. V. Koltsovs lection on the new lilac FSC set 07.06.2011

Today they asked me to participate in the internet conference and tell the audience about new Functional State Correctors we are planning to release this summer (2011). This series is a direct prolongation of the first FSC string, but now it is based upon theoretical and practical school, which  is rapidly developing in Russia for the last 25-30 years. It started as a hobby as an interesting activity but nowadays grew into a serious  practical  branch, which is called cosmo-energy healing practices. And now it is not an astonishing  thing to see how many people get involved in these healing practices. I am especially pleased to accent that Russian healers and cosmo-energy practitioners play a leading role in these process.

Were did it came from?  It is a part of a natural course of things in the development of science, society, and consciousness, the spiritual sphere of a humanity. It happened so that for the last 200 years, everything we call science is totally based on calculation approach, considering the interactions between some physical fields they all are totally build on a strict material approach. Everything in the religious sphere has the opposite inclination they are dealing strictly with the spiritual aspects. But the cosmo-energy healing practices is naturally called theoretical and practical because it lays some bridges between strictly material and spiritual things, and grants a person the possibility to develop his own acquired habits, practices and skills.

Nothing happens by chance, and  after dialing with the vegetable kingdom which we do for the FSC from 1 to 8, and after understanding the origin  and structure of viruses and parasites, it became absolutely clear that we are living in the shunted, bypassed state. Only now it became obvious that it is not a mere accident, and people started to notice these phenomenon. Why did not people think about the fact that Biblical personages lived for 600, 900 and even 1200 years?  These is in recalculation to our time scale, and we live 10 times shorter. What is the point?  As it was logically to expect, our world is built dual, and we are surrounded with both positive and negative energy streams. And it happened so that during several last ages the negative streams prevailed, and they did not supported the state of our health, nor the development of our spirit, nor other spheres of peoples life. At the end of 1999 and at the beginning of 2000 the first books on Slavic Aryan Veda came into my hands, and they turn over my consciousness. By the Veda data it appeared that our ancestors well knew that our Earth all the time was on the line between so called light and dark worlds. And the development of mankind never go in accordance with Darvins theory, these fact is confirmed by the latest fundamental scientific findings, starting from the human genome and to the latest discoveries in the molecular biology, which showed that materialistic approach, supposing that everything is packed in the core and that DNA contains all information about how one should live and what will happen next appeared to be wrong. The truth was totally different it appeared that the main functions are kept back in the surrounding field.

So everything connected with the energy-information fields concept appeared to be not a joke, but a real things. And the selection of channels, which have the connection to the information generated by previous civilizations is becoming more and more available with the help of the cosmo-energy practices. The description existed in literature for long time ago. For me it was the first signs that they teach as the wrong things at the university. Well, of course they also taught us the right things, but some stratum of knowledge was concealed from students and the scientific  community in view of the incomprehensibility of the phenomena which take place there. Even now they did not fit into the  modern scientific paradigm, but it does not mean they do not exist or they are impossible. We are starting to discuss deeply themes, connected with the existence of the thin-world beings, learn to register them, because the approaches and equipment able to register them were developed. And now we have a possibility to check how effectively these cosmo-energy practices are working. In the books, which lay now in front of me, written by our widely known cosmo-energy leaders Tatyana Ki and Emil Bagirov, they say that for every human starting to approach to the cosmo-energy practices, it is highly desirable to do these together with a mentor. It might be true at the beginning, but the times are changing, we are living in a rapidly changing world. At the congress which was named Kvantika the questions connected with the coherence of all phenomena in living nature were discussed, as well as different aspects of coming 2012 from different viewpoints it is transitive, from a point of external magnetic field rhythms changes, and  a point of not knowing what to do in these connection. On these forum it became absolutely clear that we are heading in right direction. Because from the very beginning the FSC were based on the principals of dynamics, the principle that all living nature is subjected to some external rhythm. And a concept of light as the main reformatory basis for all phenomena. And further on, that non-linear interaction and (at the first place) light interference and wave effects give birth to the phenomena we call life.

The channels which the cosmo-energy practitioners are developing are designated for the healing of  people, for the development of ones own psychic setup, for deep conscience of these processes. The process is constantly developing and becomes more and more interesting to us. Partly due to the fact that allopathic medicine reaches a deadlock  not even understanding the reasons. Take for example a new virus strain which appeared in Germany recently, for three weeks they are unable to define what it is and where did it came from/ It may look strange at first sign: a highly developed scientific school is unable to tell what is going on. And mere observation on how their insurance medicine is organized, and their approach to the curative process lead to a conclusion that the situation in Russian Federation is not that bad that it may seem. The market mechanisms in medicine are reduced to the absurd  when it comes to the healing process. If they do not understand the disease nature, the behavior norm is to operate a patient just to take a look: what does it means?  Thank God, they did not guess to mass practice these approach in Russia yet. We visited Germany recently, and at one lection at Hamburg I was asked about my attitude towards  the situation with cucumbers and tomatoes. I insist it is not possible for the living object to serve as a carrier for such kind of a virus. It is nothing more than another competition move. And my point of view was received with understanding. From my point of view what happens there is a consequence of those disturbances which prevail in the outer magnetic field for the last 5 years. And  these  disturbances illustrate that vibration characteristics of the Earths magnetic field and of the outer cosmic emanations are changing dramatically. The uprising quantity of different social disturbances which we observe in different countries is connected with these changes.

Also the Sun activity during last year was not  on the highest level, by the geodesic principals such conditions are favorable for the earthquakes, what we observed in Fukusima. And now everybody started to worry about the radiation. The common sense tells us that restoration of coordinated rhythms  at different levels of the living systems leads to the elimination of any de-synchronization consequences. If anybody is waiting for some especial FSC-s against radiation yes, we prepared some, but one should not expect something extraordinary different from the previous plates. The effect could be multiplied with the conscious attitude towards the FSC devices. For these new FSC series we developed a new assembling technology which allowed to open full potential of the magnetic materials and rise the power of the new FSC-s in comparison with what we had at the blue and green FSC-s.

How did my communion with cosmo-energy practitioners took place? The law of pairs is well known in medicine. If a question arises, some unsolved problem it never comes alone, obligatory the second patient with the same problem shows up. Such situation is already a hint that some sing should be done with the problem. The same sing happened to me. I constantly have to appear in public, and one should not have illusions: there are always positive and negative minded people in the auditorium. With time I have to learn to protect myself from the negative information flows. Last such attack was made at the end of before last year, I had to resort to the help of different healers. It is hard to tell the situation I encountered before last year. I turned to one cosmo-energy practitioner and started to wonder about how it all works? And two weeks later I met another woman - cosmo-energy practitioner. Bough had mort ha 15 year of practical experience in these area.

In previous series I already used themes which I copied from the polarization of water charged by very powerful cosmo-energy practitioners. But only after we did thousands checks on how effectively such water is working. When we were convinced that there are people who almost never make mistakes, the only problem left was to choose the best ones. Those dames I met were deserving each other, and I started to write down their abilities through the polarization of water samples. Everybody understands now that water is a medium which is easy to informatize, and is a main medium through which the FSC devices pose their influence. Water as a medium is capable of caring any exotic information. I used the same technique to transfer the information from the places of power. We took water samples, pour the idle sample which was used for comparison purposes. And the water samples were charged at especial places: at dolmens at the  cut of the stone megalith holes, at another places of power where we were told by  healers  - for  example the spiral centers at the Arcaim mountains.

The process of selection of these cosmo- energy themes lasted approximately 5 month.  Their effectiveness really strikes the imagination. After carefully reading the books written by the leading cosmo- energy practitioners, it became absolutely clear , that we are dealing with another  very perspective line of development, and it would be a sensible thing to offer an opportunity for everybody who is interested to benefit from it. Of course, if one has some cosmo- energy practitioner nearby it would be a sensible sing to consult in order to choose the direction of effective self-development. But  even if it is not, these cosmo-energy themes work the same way as the plant themes in previous FSC series. In these new lilac FSC series I deliberately added some plant themes with corresponding action to the cosmo-energy themes, showing that they are absolutely compatible.

More to it, as it was logical to expect, in these area do exist some bends to extremes. Since we are dealing with open systems, there could not be any leading cosmo- energy practitioner, by definition. Because all these techniques, aimed to the development of each individual, are selected in accordance with the level of his consciences  and spirituality development.

Now I will start the observation of cosmo-energy themes which we prepared for replication. It is not some separate channels. It is possible to say that we prepared some answers on problem questions wish people ask at our lectures and presentations. For example, it is obviously clear that we are having a rapid growth of  acute conditions and problems connected with cardiovascular system. With a very wide spectrum beginning from inflammatory processes all that varieties of -its, up to chronicle disorders. The practice shows that behind these cases different information level  malfunctions could be traced. At that point cosmo-energy channels demonstrate their superiority over previous FSC series, mainly in terms of  protection and immunity of the information delivered by the lilac FSCs. Ive already checked their performance during my recent public appearances there is no even signs that anybody is able to shake the defense, created by these cosmo-energy channels. It is always a pressing subject, because  we should bear in mind the existence both of positive and negative information. Some people who are preoccupied with some positive businesses simply do not have time for destruction. But  others are preoccupied exclusively with destruction. And we have to learn some techniques to fence ourselves out . One of  the essential properties which differ the new FSC series from previous one, is that these time we started to check how immune these information themes are. It is a long process, I cant say that weve already checked everything, by now we managed to check  approximately half of them. And we did total compatibility checks.

Once again I want stress health improving  character of our devices. Prerogative to cure belongs to professional doctors.  There is no such thing as same diseases with different persons, even if the diseases have the same names. People should be cured under close professional observation with diagnostics and so on. The FSCs should be used not as a panacea, but as a component in a complex therapy process. Our latest medical conferences show that  only complex approach leads to excellent results. In which the FSC presence is only one of the additional means of complex therapy. If a man is not a ruin yet, the correctors do help to support his condition by his own efforts for a long time. But there is no warranty that he would never come upon a stress situation, strong enough to unbalance him and plunge into the state of illness. Everything could happen.   With the FSC presence people are able to  overcome such situations more easily. We ourselves also learn, again with the help of professionals how to implement the correctors in different situations. These is a process of co-creation, it should not be reckoned that we run somhere Yes, we are ahead of the time in some sense. Our real treasure is the wide  library of information content that we are collecting. I am not the only one who is occupied  with the collection of the information patterns. We taught some people how to take the water probes correctly, they bring us probes from different places, and our library has really fantastic size. And its content is the most  valuable asset in our project. Today it is possible to find answers to many problems in it. Thank God professional doctors started to join.  Now at my working table there are two requests for the FSC clinical approbation on specific problems. We are glad to cooperate, we are glad people started to understand that it became very difficult to solve ones own problems with chemical medicines. Our approach  is clear it is a wave dynamics in its pure form.

The first  theme is connected with the cardio-vascular system, it is the normalization of the blood pressure, blood clot organization prophylaxis, different blood and lymph vessels infections control.

And the second theme was developed as an attempt to respond to that dynamical changes which took place at 2007. These dynamic shift is to blame for the exotic micro flora appearance. Here I want to return to the question connected with Germany, what is going on there? Surely, a new parasite spices appeared, which belongs to fungus or mould. That means extremely low one. Because these years disturbances are extremely slow. In these connection it is not surprising that they are unable to identify it. Because fungus and mould were on the background all the time Until 2007 quiet different parasites played the leading role bacteria, viruses which are more quick in the dynamical sense. Humanity learned  to cope with them, but nobody gave a sought about fungus, they were always viewed as some nonsense. I am perfectly sure, if they will find an ill person, with the help of the non-linear diagnostics and the rhythm-dynamic approach it would be possible to pick up wave themes  which would be able to restore him quickly. May be it is all that difficult to find an antivirus, because it is partly virtual. And  it will change along with the outer conditions changes. Why they did not understand such things, what are they searching for?

The second prophylaxis theme, directly connected with the outer dynamic changes, is a collection of all known to us cosmo-energy channels and curative herbs, which support musculoskeletal  system. I mean such problems as arthritis of different kinds, coxarthrosis, the restoration of the blood vascular system, and so on, beginning from the information level. From that not  clear level which was missed on the plant FSC series, which was indirectly, unconsciously  present on the green FSCs series the places of power.  But now we are making the first attempt to consciously  accent different specific themes related with specific problems of  concrete people.

At once I was given an opportunity to test these themes. One very good friend of mine, a professor in one of the Moscow institutes, at his young  years was a member of the Soviet national team in boat racing. AT the 9-th of may he caught cold on the rowing channel, accompanied with a severe inflammation of all his chronic diseases. With a large stature, and with loads that boat racers experience, there is no wonder their bone system is damaged. Heavy coxarthrosis turned into chronic state, he had to get about on crutches, the man was immobilized. Our medicine proposed him to operate and substitute the  joints. He was understanding what is going on. As soon I returned from my Germany trip I urgently collected for him themes, connected with cardio-vascular system and joints. He told to me: I have nothing to lose anyway. We edged him with the FSC plates, after 4 days he put the clutches away. Now we are going to wait a couple of weeks for his cardio-vascular system to normalize, and I asked him to visit the same doctors who signed his verdict. It is important that they examine him once again: what is restored and what is not. But it is obvious that the acute phase has passed. Both on the joints and on the  cardio-vascular system. The implementation methodology is a separate question. Now we are thinking about gentle ways of the lilac FSC using, because there power will surpass the power of green series correctors.

The next set we prepared is also from the sore subjects  list, it is a combination of the cosmo-energy themes we called The sleep formula. Very important   formula because it is not possible to talk about restoration after  mental disorders, chronic tiredness, and so on without the normalization of sleep. For that purpose we choose themes different from what we used for the FSC 8 in the cosmetology series. What is the difference?  While in the FSC 8 one of the aims was to stimulate metabolism functions, including the cell mitosis acceleration, here we have an opposite situation: information based influence aimed to clean up the consciousness and sub- consciousness during the sleep process. You should not have illusions about human brain rest during sleeping time. The situation is just opposite. These theme was designed to ensure the ideal conditions for rest, for finishing the unfinished thoughts, and so on. Ive checked it on my family members, no exceptions. Really helps a human being to restore quickly. Last time I constantly live on it, I myself really liked it. Today I went to bed  at the beginning of the third hour in the morning and woke up 5:30 a.m. Everything is O.K.

Next FSC would be connected with the nervous system restoration after any stress situations, we named it Quick rest.  We selected cosmo-energy themes and some plants, which help to restore  blood circulation, primary at the  cervical vertebra area, helping by the way  to restore blood circulation in the eyes area. Many people were asking questions what to do about eyes. Life tension is constantly rising and a lot of people simply do not know how to relax. It is very important for professional sportsmen, and fro all normal people as well.

Separate set is connected with radiation. We did not even have to think out anything new one of them is based upon a well known channel The Golden pyramid. Everyone who is interested may do a little search in the web. Several themes were added with prophylaxis purposes: the restoration of the consciousness and sub - consciousness functions, aura cleaning everything to clean up the invisible thin layers, everybody nowadays understands their existence.

All these lilac FSC are aimed at one point but from different angles. The point is to restore the unbreakable structure of the thin human bodies. Weve already checked, and many researches confirm that if everything is OK with the thin bodies of the human being, the physiology quickly (in 2-3 weeks time) returns to the normal state. I especially asked our cosmo energy practitioners to accent the defense function for these corrector.

Creating these series of the lilac FSC-s we are aiming to give everybody who wishes, the opportunity to learn how to govern his own  consciousness. They do not contradict to any religious trend. The names of some channels speak fro themselves. In different sets the channels of Muhammad, of Jesus Christ, of Buddha were used. All historical experience is present in cosmo-energy, and now it becomes clear that entire history of mankind is a continuous struggle between light and dark forces. From my point of view nowadays we are getting an opportunity to rise up from our knees. We are tired of marching in formation, every human is unique and original let him develop his own talents, it is beneficial both for him and for the society.

Official science did not pay attention on the latest changes in the magnetic field dynamics. Because it seems it simply does not know what to do with the phenomenon. Yes, the metrology problem exists. We are dealing with the open systems, and we have to use a lot of different equipment in order to register the same  phenomenon in different aspects or view it from different angles. Thank God me understood the problem and started to formulate it openly, and search the ways to solve it. I think that since we have the awareness  of the problem, we may expect the appearance of new powerful diagnostic equipment in the nearest 2 or3 years, which would allow as to pick up chemical medicines and wave themes in order to cure our patients even more quicker and effectively.

Again Im stressing that now me are busy with the prophylaxis job in order to ensure that maximum quantity of people would not get into the state of some serious illness for the longest possible time period. The FSC logic remained the same: to cure similar with similar. We write these themes through the water structure changes. And finally the correctors will influence namely on the structure of liquid media.

The Golden pyramid favor the transformation of different forms of radiation from  the neutralization point of view. It works excellent with different epidemic kinds, with different information viruses. The channels which will soften any consciousness distortions, which lead to political crises, aim to terrorism prevention, help in agricultural activities, and so on. These is a conditional name, The Golden pyramid channel is present but a lot of others are added as well.

Another interesting FSC is designed as an answer to the noisy informational situation which surrounds us. It is based on channels called  Clear Space. Ive checked it during our several last conferences. It normalizes the atmosphere even in large auditoriums. We used  it during last 3 month, and we asked people, who are able to see to check the situation.  They confirm, that  due to the help of the dynamical rhythm process the atmosphere in the auditorium quickly settles down, and mutual understanding between people is established. In fact these is a dominating factor in the social medium.

Who are interested may read who to use these channel. Those people, who are initiated into these channel will get even wider opportunities, because it helps to use distant healing  practices. Using phantom, or through the photograph, or through some organic materials (nails, bunch of hair). The basic principals are the same, which you already know  from the previous series FSC implementation.  The lilac FSC do not differ from previous ones on  their using techniques. Another question is they open additional opportunities for the development of any  human being.  In prophylaxis activities as well.

We are undecided whether should we launch into production such exotic sets of channels, as we designed for several specific nosologys. They are designed for professional doctors. I mean severe autoimmune  diseases, different kinds of oncology, mutated retro-viruses (AIDS), and so on. We will talk it over with doctors.

What else we are planning?

The set of channels, which are connected with the light spectrum transformation, aiming to establish order at all physiology levels, including cleansing of radiation. It is difficult even to formulate how it works, but themes connected with the Sun spectrum are used. It became clear that the whole universe is alive. And we with our negative activity on the Planet, bring nothing good to our Celestial body. So, you should not have illusions about the Sunlight,  it should not be supportive all the time! So we had to prepare a set of themes, which would transform  the entire Sun spectrum into a  positively  influencing  irradiation, good for plants, animals and human beings. Including the recovery after radioactive poisoning. These theme is a complex one, consisting from many channels and patterns, I would not list them, but I told You the main sense instead.

We are planning to produce a separate FSC to help with such frequent happenings as  parental and childbirth problems. Including ancestral damnations, problems concerning  with karmic connections, problems concerning  with programs which are imposed by social stratum. The energy channels which switch on the internal hidden reserves on the cellular and upper levels are added.  In general it is a separate world, we are starting to get to know with. I think that the information size will be rising from meeting to meeting, and I hope it will be a reciprocate process. A lot of cosmo-energy centers appeared nowadays, and they actively help people, and they are right in doing so. Inevitably we should have meet with these tendency. So we did.

In general we designed minimum 3 sets of themes dealing with different aspects of radiation protection.

Separate set of themes was developed bearing in mind the consequences of  the democratization of our relationships. Especially in the educational processes. The disgraces we are having in schools and at other educational  institutions  are beyond description, and any move towards the normalization of relationships in these area should be useful for the social stratum at the first place. These FSC was conditionally called The birch bark. We were preparing it these year during the period of the spring birch juice movement and the birch bark was taken as a basis for these FSC plate. In Russia the birch bark was used as anti-bactericidal remedy for a long time. When there were no fridges, they kept food  wrapped into the birch bark. From a utilitarian point of view the idea was to copy the birch bark and the birch juice polarization to get anti-bactericidal action. And cosmo-energy practitioners added to them several very interesting themes. Runic channel Bercana (B birch tree, moon, motherly principal), space information channel Gektos, objects consecration  channels were added. What  for ?  To create not only a means of conservation, but favor the spiritual development, and to help schoolboys and students to gain interest in their studies. To turn the process of learning into a pleasant thing for them. At the physiology level these themes should  promote the spinal column extending, the normalization of the vertebrae position. For  women it will help to conceive and bear a healthy child. Because of to many questions connected with infertility. Cosmo-energy practitioners told that these themes should work exactly with these type of problems, we did some checks, but only time will tell. The birch bark properties, known from the traditional medicine, give us hope that we made the right guesses.

Separate FSC is called The Protection from global disasters. It is something exorbitant even for me. We created a set of a number of cosmo-energy channels, which oppose the events of such type, and help to dissolve their portents on the information level. We mean atomic stations, and consequently all types of the the radiation problems, terrorism, fire, tornado, earthquakes, floods, and even the transformation of radiation into healthy energy flows friendly to living organisms, plants, animals and humans. I will name only some of the cosmo-energy channels which were used for these Global Protection FSC: The Technology of Light,  The Channel of 4 Elements,  The Golden Pyramid,   Ra M Ha,  The Solar Fire,  Peroun,  Ra, the Spirit of the Sun Ar and many more. None of them contradicts to any of the plant themes, I checked the compatibility, but did not dare to add anything to these set.

Another interesting set is an attempt to answer a question about smoking, which Im often asked at presentations. We were not able to find an effective answer on the plant basis. It is a bit easier with the alcohol dependence, there are understandably working plant themes opposing these dependence, but with smoking it appeared to be more complicated. On my request our cosmo-energy practitioners created the set of channels, to which we added sever checked plant themes, opposing the different types of dependence. We used anti tobacco,  anti alcohol themes as a basis. By the way, they should be helpful in curative process, once again I stress that any cure  should be done by professionals, under professional supervision, in cases of epilepsy and schizophrenia. The main function of these FSC is to suggest an aversion to all kinds of dependences, cleaning of all the thin aspects, we added spiritual themes connected with self-forgiveness: what for am I doing it?.  Channel connected with the biorhythms restoration, about which I told You earlier for quick rest, channel for organs restoration, channel for  evil spirits  extermination, as a rule we are dealing with information based dependences, not necessary having the  Earth origin. We should understand that we are children of the universe, we have more and more different data sustaining the conclusion that we did not developed in accordance with Darvin theory, but we are an issue of different visitors of our beautiful planet. Sooner or later we have to learn how to cooperate. Themes connected with Clear Space were added, themes supporting cardio-vascular system, liver, opposing psychological dependences. Such channels as Makosh,  Perun  were  added. These plate should lower the aggressiveness  level. Because all these channels are calming down.

I checked these set on smoker, on the third puff they say: what for do I need such a cigarette, it is not possible to get content from it!.  Yes, the effect should be just like these. It would not be possible to get content from such cigarette they will be felt as too soft, or as too repulsive. The rest depends on ones will. The FSC may be will make the decision process a bit easier, in comparison with the other  quit smoking means. If we will continue our clinical test which we started at the  Voronezh narcological dispensary, yes it would be a sensible thing to test these new FSC as well, but it should be done only by professionals.

Another lilac FSC was created by the proposal of our cosmo-energy practitioners. Our  preliminary name we gave to it may sound a bit piquant, but I will tell you, we called it Heavenly Sex its aim is to establish relations between  men and women. It really means the restoration of all relationships of the human psychic with the outer world. Here we used about 10 channels of heavenly love. It is spiritual themes, not the material ones. And a great number of patterns which help to return natural associations connected with admiration, delight, rupture, with the addition of the Clear Space, with the restoration of balance in different areas of human life.

Ive listed more than 10 different FSC types so we are facing a hard task of choosing.

A separate FSC which we called Good, is related with the restoration of the connections of human psychic with the world of Earth, with the safeguarding of our Planet, with the connection with the elements. The corrector will have the rejuvenation programs, programs for electro-magnetic protection, for help in the constructive busyness, due to wish one would benefit from the spiritual and material goods flow. Namely due to the normalization of the relationships of the human psychic with the surrounding world.

I have several even more exotic sets which are connected with the fuel afterburning, connected with plants. They constantly ask such questions. So we decided to do some checks, it is on the run now including different types of cars and different kinds of fuel. It is too early to judge about the effectiveness now, time will tell.

Do not forget the words of  Edgar Cayci: in order to support a state of good health one should combine osteopathia and watercure. We are moving to the next row of themes connected with the watercure. But it does not mean everything will be automatically straightened out on the bone structure and on the spinal column. It seems that our vertebras are twisted due to the informational situation on Earth. Why we never ask ourselves a question: Why the Hartmans greed is called geo-pathogenic? We perceive it as a given thing, but who did create it? It is not a coincidence! We learned that viruses and parasites are dynamically unstable. That they simply unable to exist without external support. Nothing is left. We leaved under the informational pressure for a long time. Now we are getting a chance to rise up from our knees.

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