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FSC “Lhasa”. Luzginova Svetlana Vasilievna. Seminar, February 4-th, 2017

Today we are going to talk about a wonderful FCS. Rise your hands, who has it. Did you take it with you today? I want everybody have a feeling of this unique corrector today. Those who do not have it will be in the informational field anyway. Along with “Danilovo Lake” and “Lurking Lake” this FSC is very important for activation of the energy of the spirit, for activation and opening of our spiritual heart.

Lhasa is a historic capital of the mysterious Tibet, it is the most high-mountainous city in the world, it is situated at the height of 600 meters above the sea level. In a literal translation from the Tibetan Lhasa means “The place of Gods”. That is we have information exactly from the place of Gods. Very powerful, very exclusive Functional State Corrector. Lhasa is one of the most well known places of power, it is a home of a Tibetan civilization. Tibet is a magic country in the mountains, where Gods are living, it is a traditional residence of the Dalai Lama. Djokang temple is a spiritual center of Lhasa, it is a temple of Heavenly shine. It is the most ancient and most visited Tibetan temple, thousands of people are coming into it daily for meditations and prayers.

At FSC “Lhasa” we have polarization of the Pangong-tso lake. There are sacred and very worshiped lakes in far away Tibetan mountains, and one of them is the lake, which water polarization is recorded at the FSC “Lhasa”. Pangong-tso is the most high-mountainous salty lake at the border between India and Tibet, it is surrounded with Himalayan mountains and it is situated at the height of 4350 meters. It is one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet. Unforgettable view at Tibet and Karakorum mountains chain opens through the rarefied air. One should break through the ruined mountain-streamer road in order to get there. I do not know who delivered this water sample from Tibet, but I want to express deep gratitude for the information which was used for this unique FCS, I think one mastered a difficult road. Water in the lake is salty, very cold and crystal clear. They are considering the lake to be a remaining of the sea, which was situated at this place millions of years ago. Heavenly beauty and diversity of colors of the surrounding mountains catch the eyesight. Colors are changing with weather and time of the day. I am going to show you some photos of this lake, when we will watch them, those of you who have FSC “Lhasa” may simply hold it in hands. Now you may structure some water on it, and when we come to pictures, you drink it and hold FSC in your hands. I did it myself yesterday evening, when selected photos for this seminar, I was unable to take my eyes off the screen, what a beauty the lake is! You will see it yourself soon. There are photos in different weather and time of the day, colors are changing and they create some mystic aureole around the lake. All neighboring lakes are national reserve, the place itself inclines to meditation, contemplation and pacification. Now at the photos you are going to see endless cliffs, azure waters of the lake which mirror clouds in the sky, and the air is very very clear. At this place, at the Pangong-tso lake everything seems alive, even austere and desolated scenery. In translation Pangong-tso means “long, heavenly ocean” The lake is really very long, its length is 154 kilometers, the widest part of it is 5 kilometers. Some part of it is situated at the India, and part in China. The exact border line is still contested by both countries. By the way, despite the salty water, the lake freezes in winter time. Local people do not consider the lake to be sacred, there are no any temples, but it could be called a natural place of power. And a place of wonderful beauty and harmony, where the colors of the sky, water and mountains are combined, causing silent admiration and contemplation. It is a kind of mountainous sea.

I want that everyone of you will get an opportunity to admire the fascinating beauty of this lake, feel its energy. People, who still do not have this amazing corrector will be included into our common informational channel, which will be created right now, and also receive an opportunity to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the mountainous solitude. They are even comparing the place, where the lake is situated, with the desolate valley. Stern cliffs, at which there is no any vegetation cover, and only clouds are casting their bouffant shades. The lake is unique in its beauty, and its waters are never troubled with the winds, no matter how powerful.

Pangong-tso actually has no inhabitants, with the exception of mountain geese, lizards, which choose this desolated place as their home. Landscapes of the lake amaze with their individuality, its waters reflect the weather which is above the mountains. Murky sky turns the lake into a landscape, which astonishes with its internal inaccessibility. In the sunny weather Pangong-tso lake water changes due to the bright blue skies, and the water acquires magic azure shade. I never saw so stunningly beautiful lakes. You will see it yourself, one simply is unable to take eyes from it!

Picturesque landscapes of Himalayan mountains which form a background for sparkling crystalline Pangong-tso waters are an enchanting site, that is worth to be painted. Silent granite slopes overhang the calm surface of the lake, and only a light breeze enroughs small waves, which in their turn are breaking over stony shores.

Legends say that numerous spirits and gods are living on the shores. Some of them are living in its pure beautiful waters, others are hiding behind lifeless cliffs, some are walking along the Pangong shores among people. One should not disturb them so local people treat this salty giant with great respect. It is interesting, that boats are prohibited. One of the legends says it is connected with the fact that humans have no right to step on the Pangong-tso waters. It is an abode of ancient gods, which would not take the intrusion of earthborn humans. Wardens say that it is for tourists security, that they can ride where they should not, but it is just a physical point of view. Pangong-tso is a place being at which one shall welcome sunrises and see sunsets. Bright colors of rising or fading sun are falling at the lifeless scenery, the picture changes every minute. People are coming there just to enjoy this beauty. Adepts recommend to stay at the lake at least for a couple of days – to walk its shores in daytime and watch at close stars in the night time. Many people return from this lake transfigured. People, who visited this lake say that that the lake powerfully calms down and harmonizes human consciousness from inside. Pangong-tso is a lake that beneficially influences the state of a human soul.

Now let's look at the photos and later I will tell you what functions this FSC performs. What one may gain when working with it. But first of all I want you to feel the energy of this lake.

Did you take FSC «Lhasa» in hands? Simply meditate and look at the landscapes and listen to your internal sensations – what you will be feeling. You will have a feeling that you are exactly there.

You see, the water mirrors turquoise sky, it is blue, as if in a swimming pool. These are photographs, but they are looking like painted landscapes. The lake has very powerful energy status. As if souls of Gods are living there, so people simply cannot settle in this place due to very high energies.

Just looking at this fascinating cliffs, there is a desire to stroke the crystalline surface of the lake. Fairly beauty! Combination of a lake with stunning energies of the mountains.

While you are looking at the photos, and holding an FSC at hands, try to move your center of attention into thymus area. Not just watching with your eyes, but watch with your heart. Today we are going to talk about thymus and its activation, we will activate our spiritual heart. It is needed in order to connect with energies of this place, in order to feel the powerful energy potential, which you are holding in your hands in the form of FSC.

Now we are contemplating. It looks like the sea, thou shores are not so endless. Combination of cliffs and water is fascinating. Yes, in chat they are writing: «like Rerih pictures».

Not only water is fairly, the sky is fascinating as well. I already noticed – when we were at Okunyovo lakes and also at the Arkaim, the clouds are a kind of mysterious there. The sky itself seems mysterious, and have you ever seen another lake with such a blue water?

And so, what FSC “Lhasa” Does?

Cleans the surrounding space from negative and “heavy” energies;

Increases human energy, cleans out energy centers – chakras, that is why it could be used in pumping;

Aids harmonization of the psychical state, leveling up of the hormonal background, leads to a state of internal pacification. One could work with “Lhasa” in complex with FCSs “Harmony” and “Love”;

Mergence with one’s higher I, which is an unlimited source of the power of the spirit;

Increases spirituality, aids to awake the connection with the Space, to find a state of the internal calamity.

In case you are feeling deficit of energy, exhausted, try to do “voluminous” pumping, using FSCs “Lhasa” and “The Sacred Cave”, because The Sacred Cave is the most energetically powerful place on Earth. You may work with every chakra in turn. Remember, “voluminous” pumping, is when you co-tune two FSCs and place one at the front projection of some chakra and the second – on its rear projection. Then you may change FSCs places and do the pumping of each chakra again, this way both FSCs will work with both projections of each chakra.

You may try “voluminous” pumping with the use of FSCs “Love” and “Lhasa”. Or you may do ancient Slavonic pumping with FSC “Lhasa” and you will see how your internal perception of the world and yourself will change. That is your psychic state will be harmonized, emotional background will become leveled, internal pacification will come.

With the use of FSC “Lhasa” we can unite with our Higher I, and it is unlimited source of one’s own power of the spirit. When our souls came here into the three-dimensional world at the embodiment, many were as if drawn out into material issues and lost connection with own spirits, with Higher I-s. And it is exactly the Higher I that stores the entire torrent of our own power of the spirit. Activation of one's Higher I means reaching own internal most powerful force, the mighty power of own spirit. At the physical level it shows as the will power. To our sorrow almost no one has the will-power. That is one may have an intention to switch at the correct healthy nutrition, or make some other good steps or changes in life, and the will-power is required for this. And the will power depends on the power of the spirit. So people are suffering from the loss of connection with their Higher I-s, and it could be restored with the help of FSC «Lhasa».

This FSC also increases spirituality, helps to realize one's connection with the Space. You see, they say that Higher Spirits and Gods - inhabitants of the skies are living at the place, then energy of the place penetrates into water, and polarization of this water we have at the FSC «Lhasa». Consequently by using FSC «Lhasa» we are increasing our potential of interaction with channeled (lilac and golden) functional state correctors, that is channels would open quicker.

Finding a state of internal harmony, means being ready to any fulfilments and trials. Generally people are afraid of changes and new things, they are afraid of tomorrow, and working with FSC «Lhasa» will help to showing out of internal readiness to any trials and fulfilments.

Question: How to clean out space with «Lhasa»?

Answer: you take pulverizer, structure water and sprinkle your space. But it would be much more effective if you would pump yourself first with this FSC. As I already said I strongly recommend pumping of chakras with this FSCs, “voluminous” pumping in combination with any other FSC. After you pumped yourself up, cleaning would work better.

You know, what else I tried yesterday. After watching and selecting pictures, I put it at the electric socket and plugged into a lightning device – «Fotostimul» (a lighting device which is used for EVOclorophyll activation) and lighted recommended areas. By doing so we are working with information, recorded at the FSC, through structured light, and it is very important at the current moment. That is why when you are doing activation of these 8 recommended areas, you can take any FSC with which you want to work, simply put it at the electric socket and light your points, to be activated. And you are receiving information through structured light. A time came when we shall not only fill ourselves with structured water, but also with structured light. It is requirement of the current time, we are living, and we have such possibility.

FSC «Lhasa» also gives powers and courage, stamina, will power and capacity to work, protects from obstacles at the road of self-knowledge. I also checked yesterday, it is very good to combine «Lhasa» with «The Shamballa Spring». Information themes as if have something in common – they are similar but each one is good in its own way. Both give an individual a spiritual way, both protect from obstacles on the road of self-knowledge.

FSC «Lhasa» increases our willpower and capacitance to work, so in case one has no desire to do something, thou something useful should be done – no will power to make a first step and start, take FSC «Lhasa», drink some water, structured on it, and a desire to do something will come, for the use of yourself and other people.

FSC «Lhasa» also aids general health improvement, posing accented beneficial influence at the heart and coronary energy centers.

I do not know how people in chat are feeling themselves, but here in the auditorium a good cleaning started. It is cleaning of upper chakras that takes place! Because they are closed at majority of people, being it a red beam from the Moon, or some other technique, but they are closing the upper chakras, why, do you think? It is exactly the trial the humanity should pass through in order to get into a new world, where we all want to get. Nothing comes for free, we shall overcome some obstacles. It is like in fairytales, heroes had to go through some tests in order to come to their goals. In what way can we help ourselves?

You may add these position to your regular pumping. Try to do it often. Take “Lhasa” and “Shambala Spring” or “Lhasa” and “Altarnaya Mountain (portals of Sirius and Orion)” or combine it with any other “spiritual” FSC. And you simply perform this position after your regular pumping. You place FSCs at Lada and lelya chakras. On your left side FSC will be at the front, on your right – at the rear. Or you may tie FSCs at the wrists and place palms of your hands at the chakras. By performing this position we open Lada and lelya chakras, open the fourth chakra and the thymus gland chakra, that is our spiritual heart. Try various combinations of correctors, I mentioned. You shall feel intuitively what variant is the best for you. The feeling of warmth in the chest should appear. In ideal case one shall have a feeling as if a stove is burning inside your chest, and the state of absolute love to the entire world, to all people should appear. It is the sign of the spiritual heart opening. I think everyone of us will experience this warmth at the physical level.

Let’s perform this pumping. Here in the auditorium those who have at least one “spiritual” FSC may do it, and people in chat may join, at least for a minute. Spiritual heart is closed at majority of people nowadays. Besides that it is closed on its own, they are closing it compulsory, you see? By using these FSCs we can save ourselves and other people from closing of the fourth chakra. What means the closing of the fourth chakra? It is not only closed spiritual heart, individual stops in his spiritual development. You see, they are going to slow our evolution. With the help of FSC “Lhasa” we may continue our evolutionary development.

I am already feeling warmth, what about you? People who have thyroid gland problems may have irritation in the throat, some hacking cough, minor suffocation, it is all temporary and will pass out in a minute.

What are other issues, connected with the closed fourth chakra? They are illnesses of cardio-vascular and bronchi-pulmonary systems, long lasting colds, with which people are suffering for a month or two nowadays and unable to understand the reason. It is closed fourth chakra! And it would not open if we will do only that simplest pumping. Volhvy explained me this position, that I showed to you. It opens Lada and lelya, fourth chakras and spiritual heart. If you do not want to perform the whole sequence of Ancient Slavonic pumping, then do it least this position after the regular pumping. It is the only way of opening, what they are constantly closing.

If someone experienced blood pressure rise or may be on the contrary it decreased, or may be one had pains in the heart, it is 100 % indication that the fourth chakra is closed. Or the first and the seventh are closed. Then sit down at combination of 18-20-24.

I am already feeling hot, a powerful flux, it feels like burning from inside….

From the auditorium: It is warmth in the heart area.

Yes, warmth at the heart area, shivers are running along my skin. The energy we are receiving through the unique FSC “Lhasa” redistributes all over the body. Energy flux goes via meridians, did you feel it?

It goes into legs, Someone experienced energy in the legs, someone in the arms. Those who are in chat, what sensations do you have? Please write.

- At the physical level, as if a balloon inflates, complete calamity and harmony in consciousness. You see, nowadays as only one turns on the TV, misbalance at the level of consciousness starts. When one goes out into social life, engaged in some activity – emotions are overscaling. You see, we can introduce this quiet harmonious note into our souls with the help of FSC “Lhasa”. You have to seclude yourself somewhere, find some place even at your job, place your hands this way, and you will harmonize yourself from inside. You would not have negative reaction at the events of the day. It is very important to keep internal calamity in outer anxiety. It is the lesson we all shall go through, a kind of testing frontier, let’s put it this way.

And we have these unique helpers as above mentioned FSCs, they are “Lhasa” at the first place, I am going to list them once again, “Shambala Spring” – protects us on the road of spiritual development, “The Sacred Cave” – gives us might and power, it is the most powerful place at the planet, “Golden Sand”, “Danilovo Lake”, “Lurking Lake”. It is very important to work with these correctors in order to keep the fourth chakra opened, we shall do our best to keep it opened, otherwise premature quietus could take place, it happens nowadays with many people. it is exactly due to closed fourth chakra. First the fourth chakra closes and then the seventh. That is why they alternate influences, one period they are closing the fourth chakra, the other – the first and the seventh, in order to remove as many humans from earth as possible. I do not know who is interested in it, but some negative structure does it, it’s a fact. (Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich told about outer field influences in his conference on Epiphany water)

You see, we should have change for better long time ago and awaken in ourselves the sleeping qualities of magicians, which we all have inside. We all are magicians, simply we forgot about it. Not that we have a power equal to God, but we all are co-creators. And we are able to create our physical reality by changing our stereotypes of thinking, directing our thinking process into desired course. To our sorrow we had to go through it, we are living in duality, and duality means two opposites: minus and plus, we already almost overcame this minus phase, we are at the boundary, the night of the Svarog ended, and now it is the morning of the Svarog.

All spiritual teachers are encouraging us to pass over this frontier, it would be a shame not to do it with such helpers as we have in the form of Functional State Correctors. Many other people do not have these helpers! FSCs help us to go through, and not to fell somewhere at the road.

FSC “Lhasa” helps us to come to the internal pacification, and not being so emotional as others. I hope that those who want to live heard me, not just to live, but live in good health.

From the auditorium: What about those people who are not using FSCs?

There are very good broadcasts at REN-TV with Anna Chapman, at the end of the previous year there was a broadcast about “The Quantum shift” and they said openly from the TV screen, many scientists spoke out about things, that take place nowadays. Earth increases vibrations, people are walking and falling down and die. The heart stops, aortic disruption, strokes, heart attacks, not to mention oncology, why? It is all due to closed forth chakra or the first and the seventh.

From the auditorium: Fifty years….

There were no things that are happening now, before!

From the auditorium: Thyroid gland….

Earth magnetic field changed, Earth vibrations are increasing, and the task of the humanity is to overcame this vibrations, adapt to them. These “spiritual” correctors are of help to us. Not long ago Company released another “Natural Antibiotic” and “The Live Water” – this water is given for the entire humanity, but one would not store enough for a year even if will pour the whole bath with Epiphany water! Due to correctors we may have plenty of this helpful Epiphany water, to co-tune ourselves with the vibrations of the earth. And this group of “spiritual” correctors, to which FSC “Lhasa” belongs, reaches higher, they are co-tuning us with spirituality, they have energies of Gods, Gods are speaking to us through them, you will feel it when working with them more closely, not just 10 minutes we did today. For somebody it was enough, for others not, but when you will work a week or two or three, after three weeks everything starts to open. After that it would not be closed in no way, neither with the red beam from the moon, or with something else. As soon as the spiritual heart starts to shine, one becomes beyond the control of the lower negative structures. One already passed the test.

Yes, one does not want to remove the plate (after the pumping). If one has a desire to cry – it is tears of relief. I also cried a lot at the initial period, first they presented it for us at the seventh anniversary of the Center Region Company, I felt it at once, called my spiritual teachers and asked how to work with it, and they showed me this pumping position.

More to it, FSC “Lhasa” aids general health improvement, posing beneficial influence at the heart and coronary centers, which they are closing nowadays. That’s why this FSC is obligatory nowadays for everyone who wants to live healthy.

FSC “Lhasa” causes positive changes in fate. In case one needs positive changes in fate, one shall work with FSC “Lhasa” using the scheme I gave you for working with FCSs “Success” and “Fortune” – remember I told you about three stages of work with intentions? First stage is a precise, short and clear intention in present perfect, for example: “I am grateful this or that happened in my life”. Then joy. The second stage is joy – the feeling of euphoria or drive from the intention that came to realization. The third stage is visualization of what you are going to get. That is: intention, positive emotion, visualization. The intention would not come true without the emotional buck up, emotion is like a fuel, which lifts our intention to the Cosmic kitchen. This way you may work with “Fortune”, “Success”, “Lhasa” as long as with any healing or cleaning FSC (lilac series). We are getting everything through emotions. Emotion is like our own private channel through which we are getting what we want. FSC “Lhasa” also helps to correct life events.

Another important moment: FSC “Lhasa” aids acquirement of inspiration energy. Without inspiration energy one may have no desire to do or to start something. Energy of inspiration, that aids unfolding one’s creative potential should present. Unfolding of creative potential means activation of money channels, because they are activating only through unfolding of the creative potential. It is exactly the way in which we may receive the highest grow of prosperity in our lives. At the thin level creativeness energy and money channels are the same things. Many people are thinking about money and do not know how to develop the creativeness channel. But everyone of us: those who are sitting in this auditorium and those in chat, has some zest, unique creative origin that is adherent only to him, no one can do this better than you. That is why one shall find this zest and awaken it, awake in spirit and realize: “What can I do better than others?”, “How can I express myself in a creative way?” You see?! What it means to express oneself in creativeness? What chakra is used for this? The fifth one! It turns out that FSC “Lhasa” opens not only the fourth chakra, but in measure with the fourth chakra opening, thyroid gland chakra also opens, spiritual heart activates, and the fifth chakra opens. Because realization of our creative origin goes through the fifth chakra. You see what an important FSC it is! It opens four higher chakras. And what is most important, it opens the spiritual heart, it is higher fourth chakra.

You may combine FSC “Lhasa” with number nine. I tried it yesterday – took number 9 and opened channels for the spiritual heart activation, burning sensation in the chest appeared in a moment, much quicker than with any other FSC, because it has special channels for the activation of the spiritual heart.

Everyone has individual inclination to some specific FCSs, everyone has unique vibrations. So you may try making various combinations of “Lhasa” with “Shambala Spring”, 9, “Danilovo Lake”, “Lurking lake” – all these pairs work well.

S. V. Koltsov said not long ago that he does not know what to do with the “Lurking lake”, and many people do not know too, but when we will awake in spirit we will realize what to do with it! It is very powerful, in upcoming years it will open gradually in accordance with individual readiness of every user. Most people are not ready yet. But in measure with the spiritual heart opening and connection with the Higher I with the help of FSC “Lhasa” we may come to understanding of the “Lurking lake” potential, it is very important! The possibilities that are opening are fascinating, including manifold life span increase.

Question: Is it possible to use FSC “Love” with 5 elements and FSC “Lhasa” with 4 elements in this pumping?

Answer: Generally, yes.

And so, we have this unique “Lhasa” FSC, which allows to unfold our creative origin. That is why we may use it both for physical health support and for opening of the fourth chakra for the sake of our serene life in new high energies that are coming to earth nowadays. We may put this into realization with the help of FSC “Lhasa”, you see, in all aspects of being – both for physiology and positive changes in fate and for correction of the events in life – in pair with the “Fortune” and “Success”. You see, we are living in a very interesting time when money and spirituality start to go in pair, that is why one may go to the money flux increase through spirituality. A time came when everything goes in parallel, and you may claim that both spiritual and material aspects are important for you. It is very important that through FSC “Lhasa” we may acquire this balance of spiritual and material.

Now let’s talk what else we can do for opening and activation of the spiritual heart. And so, we have a mysterious organ that belongs to the peripheral endocrine system, it is thymus or the thyroid gland. It is lymphoepithelial organ, situated in the thoracic cavity above the heart. It consists of two main lobes, which in their turn are divided by smaller lobes, formed by the plexus of epithelial cells. Thymus produces a hormone, called thymosin. This hormone influences carbohydrates metabolism, and calcium exchange, that is acts functionally close to the parathyroid gland hormones, that is regulates calcium content in blood. That is at the physical level it is an immune system organ, the main immune system organ. Also thymus hormones regulate skeleton growth, take part in immune system reactions control, that is activate T- lymphocytes production. Thymus zone is situated between the fourth and the fifth chakras.

Greek name of the gland thymus means “life power”. Why human beings are losing living potential with age? Because thymus decay takes place with age, its atrophy. Another thymus name is spiritual heart.

Actually the thymus gland is a very important part of the immune system. Along with that, they also call it “The point of happiness”, it is reckoned that thyroid gland stimulation helps to get rid of depression, to improve moods. Thymus activity peak falls at the first years of human life. Look at children, why they are so joyful? They are glad to everything, why? Because their thyroid gland is active. And starting approximately from the age of five, its activity starts to decline. When thymus significantly decreases its functions, at women it shows as plications at the decollete area, and so-called pigeon-chest forms. A hillocks grows at the back and a hump grows at the front. These are symptoms of gradual thymus atrophy. That’s why human immune status decreases with the age, it is natural because thymus gland already is unable to work in full scale, it does not perform its functions even at the physical level. And so senile depressions appear, various fears, low moods, because zone of happiness comes into poor state.

During the first years of life a sufficient quantity of T-lymphocytes is produced in the organism, and they are able to protect immature organism from pathogens. When immune components, received from mother cease to work, the thyroid gland not only produces T-lymphocytes at the physical level, it also “teaches” them to fight with pathogens and directs them into other organs: lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, and by doing so gradually it delegates own authorities to other organs. Along with this thymus produces thymosin and thymin hormones, also thymopoietin and other factors, showing hormonal properties. Thymus synthesizes 21 hormones, some of them carry out general regulatory functions. Up to the age of 30 this gland stops working approximately at 80 % of people, leaving insufficient amount of lymphoid fatty tissue, which forms so called pigeon breast. At that the age, in which one loses thymus, may vary due to reasons, not yet discovered by science. It has emerged that this thymus gland could be activated. Similar to our human being which has physical body and thin bodies, the function of the thymus thin body is exactly rejuvenation of our organism. It is connected with the seventh neck vertebra, and thymus blocking takes place directly through the seventh neck vertebra. So it is very important to do spinal column pumping with any co-tuned correctors. “Apple of Youth” is very good for activation of thymus through the spinal column. You may co-tune it with FSC number 10 and pump the spinal column. In parallel I am carrying (in neck bags) number 9 on the front and “Apple of Youth” at the back (at the spine).

Only few people realize the importance of the thymus for little children below 5 years. Thyroid gland serves as an academy that teaches lymphocytes, which are forming form the bone marrow stem cells. When these newly born immune system cells are getting into the thyroid gland, they are transformed into killer T-lymphocytes, able to track and fight viruses, infections and autoimmune diseases. Why the lifespan depends on thymus? Exactly due to decrease of the T-lymphocytes number due to atrophy of the thyroid gland, immune status decreases, and one starts to age actively. It is not only an organ of our immune system at the physical level, it is our rejuvenation organ. At the thin level this organ feeds on knowledge, useful for our soul.

How can we activate thymus? Exactly with the position, I showed you. You may also carry FSC number 9, or all FCSs we mentioned today: “Lhasa”, “Altarnaya Mountain” – tie them at the thymus gland and carry. You may use these FSCs in turn, suppose you worked with number 9, then work with “Lhasa”, then a month with “Shambala Spring”, then a month with “The Sacred Cave”, then with “Danilovo lake”, then with the “Lurking Lake” – you may work with this zone with all these FSCs that shift us to spirituality, because thymus is our spiritual heart. We shall open it, and the quicker we do it the better. After that juvenility processes will start quickly, nowadays they are restrained by our collective consciousness. It is collective consciousness that are programmed for aging and premature death. People are as if zombies, they are looking at each other and age, fall ill and die. But through the active work at thymus activation and opening of the spiritual heart it is possible to break away from this wicked circle, there is simply no other way.

And so, nowadays it is possible to regenerate this organ actively, the more so we have all necessary instruments for its activation. The only thing, that should be added for the process, is our consciousness. Because many people even do not realize why they are sick and age and die prematurely. Because chakras are closed, no energy supply – a disease develops, often oncology. It takes short time to remove a human being from life when the fourth chakra is closed. If the fourth chakra is closed, the thymus would not open either. It is interesting that it is possible to open chakras in an opposite way, when one opens thymus the fourth chakra opens as well. The position, I showed you opens both thymus and the fourth chakra.

Question: Is it possible to use “Active Longevity” for this?

Answer: No, “Active Longevity” works at the physical level.

Doctors call thymus decay an involution. It is already scientifically proved that thyroid gland is able to slow down or completely stop processes of human organism aging. But, you see, nothing will happen if you are going to work only at the physical level, nothing would come of bashing your chest with your feasts, even if you pierce your chest you would not became any younger. Rejuvenation goes from inside, from the thin level to the physical world, through activation and opening of the spiritual heart. You see?! In this case rejuvenating correctors would work fast. One shall work for the spiritual heart opening in parallel with cosmetology FSCs, in this case it will work fast. It is exactly evolution in the spiritual sphere, manifested at the physical level as rejuvenation.

American scientists reckon that one shall fight with AIDS not with chemicals but through stimulation of the thymus. However, they are talking about thymus stimulation solely at the physical level, and it is useless, one shall activate a spiritual heart, that implies working with the chakral system. Thymus is a bridge between human brain and its body, that is between the thin level and the physical level. Why someone ages quicker and someone slowly, someone rejuvenates slowly and someone faster? Because of different levels of negative emotions. Someone has more stresses in life, someone less. That is the reaction matters, everyone has stresses in life, there are no people with whom bad things would not happen, but someone starts to complain the way the whole world would hear, and thinking constantly about the problem, and someone calmly solves the situations. And look at the negative situation as if from aside, not being involved into it completely. In the moment of stress the thymus shrinks at the thin level, that leads to the leakage of the vital energy. Any stress as if atrophies the thymus gland. Our goal is to stimulate and activate the thyroid gland with the help of correctors that activate our spiritual origin, they are “Lhasa”, “The Altarnaya mountain”, “Shambala Spring”, “The Sacred Cave”. Then at the physical level we are going to enjoy bright and quick work of cosmetology FSCs.

How to wake up and stimulate our thymus gland? First we have to awake energy center – the thyroid gland chakra through the use of this position. At the physical level we may tap at our chest with our feasts, take two correctors, suppose “Lhasa” and any other form the listed above, tie them to the wrists and tap. Or you may tap the thymus area not with feasts but with the palms of your hands – that is stimulate the thymus. One may do a gentle massage of this area. That is to work, but to work daily, even if shortly. Try various combinations. Someone may like it better in pair with the “Shambala Spring”, someone would prefer a pair of “Lhasa” and “The Sacred Cave”, others may like combination of “Lhasa” with number 9. Someone will like better a combination of “Lhasa” and “Danilovo Lake”, someone will like “Lhasa” and “The Lurking Lake”. That is we are going to try various combinations. We tie them at both wrists and tap the thymus area. And also do Lada and lelya pumping (the position) that I showed you.

Yes, you are correct – more good, positive emotions, less stresses! Stresses are closing the fourth chakra quickly.

You tap the thymus area not more than 20 seconds. But even here there are some secrets, one may tap somehow, and one may listen to the rhythm of own heart and tap in the rhythm of one’s own heart. That is in accordance with your own rhythms.

In case you are feeling emotional misbalance, you may place FSC “Lhasa” directly at the thymus area, cover it with your right hand and then cover it with your left hand in a criss-cross way. And say to yourself: “I am grateful, my world already takes care about me. Everything is already fine in my world” – internal world is implied. This means that Higher Forces and Gods, who are leading us, will manifest right things through us.

As soon as thymus starts to wake up, some side reactions could appear, they are of curative origin. Imagine that you were sleeping and someone starts to awaken you, would you like it? No! Thymus is sleeping at everyone. It may be not pleased at the initial period if we would start to awaken it, the sleeping state is habitual. That’s why some pains are possible, not in the heart area but higher, it is normal and it will go away in a couple of days. You start to tap and in some moment of time it activates – goosebumps all over the body, and you know, the feeling of joy and happiness, coming out of nowhere, one might be in sorrows for some time, and here the joy returns. 20 seconds is enough at the initial phase. One should not do it at the night time, it is desirable the sun would be in the skies, it is better to do at daylight.

Yes, you take an FSC, put at the thymus area, cover it with the right palm of the hand, and the left palm of the hand should be above, you hold your hands this way and say the words I gave you, One should not expect an instant result, give time for your organism, time is required to start something moving at the physical level. We are living in linear time. Not that you placed it here today and tomorrow everything would be opened, time is required. Someone will need forty days, someone ninety, for someone a month will be enough. At every individual this chakra is opened at his own percent. Do regular pumping morning and evenings, the more your chakras will be open, the faster all these processes would go – both juvenility and health improvement.

What else could be done at the physical level? You do thyme decoction and structure it at FSC “Lhasa”. You take one table spoon of the grass with flowers and pour it with a glass of boiling water, let it stand for an hour and half, and take a quarter of a glass forty minutes after each meal. Time depends on the food you ate. If you ate meat – it takes longer to digest, then increase time interval before thyme decoction drinking. You drink this quarter of the glass with small sips. By doing so you activate thymus gland faster.

In case one has frequent sieges of panic or anxiety, it is indicator that the thymus gland is blocked. The constant feeling of anxiety is a hint, organism as if saying…..

The massage of the upper palatine arch gives good effect for premature thymus gland decay prophylaxis. One should open mouth cavity a little and massage palatine arch in clockwise direction with the thumb pillow. You may hold FSC Lhasa in hand when doing it. One may do it either mornings or evenings.

There is a special time interval, designated for any activity that should be done on Earth. Nowadays, at the given moment of time we are closing the final verge, we shall cross this verge to higher vibrations. We either crossing it or not. Everything depends on individual, on one’s desire and readiness to move further on. That is why I repeat once again: closed thymus gland chakra means strokes, infarctions, oncology diseases. It is also premature aging. That is why it is healthy to open a spiritual heart if we want to be in good health, both spiritual and physical. Some people say: “What for do I need this spiritual heart? I am fine as it is!” You see, physical heart may not ache for the time being. They say “God has great patience, but then punishes heavily”. So do not bring yourself to the uttermost, while there is such a possibility to open the spiritual heart, there are instruments for putting it into realization, it would be a sin not to use it! For many people time is already pressing! That’s why they released FSCs with 5 elements, to speed it up. We do not have time, we do not have another thousands of years to hesitate or move to spirituality in small steps. Time has come. Time has come to switch to higher vibrations. Either you are switching or stay behind the border. To our sorrow, many people may be left behind this verge. They are already talking on TV about it, they do not hide it. If they hide it before, nowadays they speak loudly about this. It is important that as much people as possible would activate the thymus gland chakra. So tell people about these wonderful products, we have. You see, who can go there and master this serpentine roads? It is unreal! And here you can find photos of this lake, take FSC in hands, and look at the photos at least 5 minutes a day, activate your spiritual origin. What for I showed you so many pictures? In order you let this information into subconsciousness through your visual analyzers. Subconsciousness “photographs” everything.

I want to add a few words about our biology age, what it depends upon? It is characterized by 3 indicators: the state of the spinal column and joints, it is muscles elasticity, it is the state of the immune system. Biology age depends on the state of spinal column and joints, so one shall obligatory work with number 10 at the physical level. With an “Apple of Youth”. Numbers 6 and 7 are working well with the bone system. Muscles elasticity depends on many things, including our energy status – that is on the pancreas meridian performance at the first place. And also it depends on the immune system state, it is thymus.

Question: From time to time I have a burning feeling in the thymus area, saving myself by placing a corrector at the place, what could it mean?

Answer: It means thymus becomes activated, be happy with it!

My personal sensation is a kind of twitching, something is twitching here, especially when laying at the spine – some internal creeps. It is as if some earthquake coming from inside. Yes it opens gradually, activation takes time.

FSC number 9 which I carry at the neck? I carry it in a passive state. Sometimes I carry it in passive state, sometimes in active.

Question: Does FSC number 11 open the spiritual heart?

Answer: No 11 does not open the spiritual heart, it removes fears.

Question: Periodically I have painful sensations in the thymus area, thou I am using FSCs constantly. Does it mean that the chakra is still closed?

Answer: You see, it may take a year or may be even two or three for this chakra to open at some individual. And what if the entire chakral system is closet by some percent?! Chakras open in sequence, starting from the bottom, so it could take a considerable time for the “wave” to reach the top. That is why it is very important to do ordinary pumping of chakras. Do them daily, do not be lazy! Twice a day as minimum, all chakras will open gradually.

Question: How one may decrease the pigeon breast?

Answer: Massage, just do massage, in a measure with the spiritual heart opening, the pigeon breast simply disappears.

Question: In case of joints, feet and hand arthritis, which becomes worse at cold weather, de-ergizing of the Earth energy takes place, with what to help in addition to FSC 10?

Answer: We are using also numbers 6 and 7 in case of arthritis and arthrosis. “Apple of Youth” works well in this case, “Danilovo Lake” works well with the bone system.

Question: Is it possible to hold (an FSC) in case of nodes at the thyroid gland?

Answer: You see, you are going to hold FSC “Lhasa” not at the thyroid gland, but lower – between the forth and the fifth chakras. One should not place an FSC at the thyroid gland, we do not put FSCs at the thyroid gland at all. Especially when there are nodes at the thyroid gland – we do not put number three on it at all – only drink structured water. Place number 1 prior to dinner at the submaxillary lymph nodes, later use numbers 2, 6, 7. You may activate channels at number 9, because it is an endocrine system organ.

Question: Periodically something beats in the thymus area….

Answer: Yes, this is the twitching, first twitching takes place, then pulsation comes.

“Women’s Amulet” belongs to the green series, and “Love formula” Yin and Yan are close to the golden series, because Mayan channels are recorded at them. Nowadays we have a Mayan channel at the renewed “Women’s Amulet” so it works as a golden FSC too, When it was four element it was like the green series.

Our time is over, I thank everybody for participation in the conference, thank everyone for questions, and thank everyone in the auditorium.

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