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FSC and the PH deviations

The summary of Bozhko Vladimir Georgievitch lection, the head of the Russian traditional medicine school Zhiva.

For more than 15 years I am  working in the field of the informational medicine. Today Im going to tell you about the necessity of the PH determining during the FSC use. These test strips are designed to determine the urine or saliva PH. It is a plastic strip with a litmus paper glued at the end. Why it is so important?  It is plunged down into urine or saliva, and by its color change we can judge what PH level is in our body. The color scale is at the side of the package. The decision on what FSC to start from should be made in accordance with the PH level of the organism.

We encounter with states, that require take into account the PH level of the organism often enough. Mainly it concerns allergic diseases, or diseases connected with the bowels  disbacteriosis. If there is a combination of parasitic  and allergic diseases. Or a commonplace diathesis, little children are suffering with. If we start to implement in such cases the FSC no 1, which leads to the acidulation, we may provoke an acute phase at such patients. In order to act  correctly we need these test strips. When You measure the PH level of yours organism by saliva or urine you are able to take a good decision on how to start the curative process.

As the practice shows, after a month or two of the FSC use, the regulation of the  acid alkaline balance of the organism occurs and it restores to the normal level. It is one of the FSC actions. The metabolism processes are normalized accordingly. After everything comes to norm, you may use any FSC numbers at any combination.

 Now Id like to tell you about the human organism PH, what is internal medium of the human body, and why it is so important. PH characterizes the ratio between acid and alkali in any solution. When PH equals 7 we say that the medium is neutral. Human body consists of water by 70 percent. Water is very important component. Human organism also has acid or alkali ratio, which is characterized with the PH of the organism. It depends on the acid or alkali properties of water You are drinking. You may test Your drinking water with the help of the test strips as well.

Actually, the entire world is created on three particles: negatively charged electron, positively  charged proton and neutral - a neutral one. Protons positively charged particles produce acidic medium, electrons - produce alkaline medium. If a human organism  is in healthy state, no diseases are developing. It happens when the amounts of acid and alkali in ones organism are equal. When all the cells and atoms, from which they are built are stable. Actually all diseases have acid or alkali character. Shift to any side leads to some abnormalities inside the organism. Why and how it happens? When we are dealing with the acidulation of the organism such process is called  catabolism. How our organism reacts in these case? It starts to utilize  nutrients, to generate energy and use it for motion (walking, running and so on). When organism enters into the altered state, it has to create elements which are necessary for its vital functions. During  the nutrients  processing he has to create chemical substances which are necessary for its vital functions. All these processes are subjected to a definite cycle. Note that the blood PH is always stable, it may deviate only by some hundredth. The deviation of the blood PH by one tenth means a chronic disease, two tenth lead to coma state, three tenth and one is dying.

How our organism regulates the ratio of its elements? It has a number of systems, including kidneys, lungs, buffering systems, haemoglobin system. The regulation is a result of all these system working. Depends on the state the tissues of our organism are in: acidized or alkalized. All these is subjected to a definite law. The neutral value of the urine PH equals 6,2. Such condition is observed at 4 a.m. and at 4 p.m. at the night time the maximum quantity of aero-ions is present. At night time the entrance of the electrons into the human organism increases. The blood is saturated with the alkaline elements. As soon as the Sun rises up the activation of all metabolism processes is taking place. The utilization of the nutrients starts to ensure our ability to wake up and start to action. These results in the acidulation of the organism. What happens at these moment?  All our cells start to function. The acidity of our tissues starts to rise. What do we need these acidity rise for? To decompose some nutrients. To obtain from some stable substances, some new ones, which our organism is able to utilize for its vital functions. The maximum value of the acidulation of our tissues is observed at 12 a.m. After that time the acidulation starts to decrease.  By 12 a.m. our organism has created all the necessary nutrients and delivered them with the help of the blood circulation to all its cells. From 11 a. m. to 1 p.m. we have the maximum activity of our cardio-vascular system. Our organism is full with all necessary components, and this function starts to decrease gradually. We observe the fall, and as a rule, by 4 or 5 p. m. our organism comes to a neutral state again. After that time alkalization of our tissues is taking place. As a result of the alkalization the process of extracting of the nutrients from food. The peak is observed at 12 p.m., after that time the decrease of the alkalization till the neutral state is observed. These pendulum is  constantly swinging. At the first half of the day our organism is consuming it is the catabolism  processes, and at the second half of the day we observe the metabolism processes the creation processes. Our youth, health and longevity depend on the balance of these two processes.




In case our organism is  in the acidulated state, and such state has the majority of people, the processes of  the premature aging start to prevail. If the balance is shifted in the opposite direction, the metabolic processes connected with the recreation of the organism cells  start to prevail. New cells are created at the metabolism phase. Look what happens when the number of the dividing cells is increased. There is a luck of acids in the organism, old cells are not decomposed and utilized, but new cells are constantly created in abnormal quantities. Human chromosome as an information cell is able to control only a restricted number of cells. After some definite threshold the uncontrolled division starts. The alkali type oncology starts. How it happens? Lets remember school chemistry lesson. The main type of biochemical reaction in the organism could be represented by the following formula.

+ + + =

Where element A connects with the element B, for these process the energy E and catalyst K are required . the energy resources of the organism are declining with age. The organism starts to compensate the luck of energy with the additional production of the catalysts. What are the catalysts in our organism? They are me hormones and ferments hormonal substances which are produced by the endocrine system. They ensure the correct course of the bio-chemical reactions. More to it if at some moment an exposure connected with the energy deficit is taking place (one is running and the energy spends on the muscle working), to ensure the reaction course our organism has to inject additional portions of hormones into the blood. And the reaction necessary for vital functions occurs anyway. What should we note in this connection?  Some hormones and ferments are active in the acid medium, others in the alkaline medium. Now imagine the situation when total PH balance is shifted into the acid state. This diurnal oscillation curve does not working, if the organism is totally acidulated. What happens? Half of the bio-chemical reactions which are to take place in the organism, would not take place at the necessary volume. And vice versa if the organism is alkalized another  half of the reactions would not go till the end. It means that organism would not get proteins, carbohydrates, fats in a required form. Doctors call this state the metabolism dysfunction. It is a basis.

There was a famous doctor an American a  Romanian  by birth Emmanuel Revich. He highlighted this problem. He fully investigated it. With his methodology cured the oncology of the fourth stage. He had 98 % of recovered patients when the tumor simply dissolved without traces.

What else I want to stress: for example in case of gastric ulcer the patient is told to eat often. Little portions but often. As a rule the pain subsides at these moments. Why? It happened that process of eating some food alkalizes the organism. The gastric juice with ferments is produced and neutralizes the increased acidulation. The acid stops to eat up the  stomach mucus cover, and the pain subsides. The same effect is obtained from drinking a big amounts of water. The water solves the acid and changes the PH. Investigations showed that alkaline shift is produced not only by food. When one has a burn, trauma or even the irradiation to which the oncology patients are subjected, the organism is also alkalized. Why sometimes the irradiation leads to such good results, due to a very simple reason the patient had an acid type oncology. But if the oncology was of the alkaline type, then as a rule after the irradiation aggressive metastatic diseases are  observed. It is all proved and worked out, there is literature available, but not many people are able to use these results.

I want to quote a bit from Revich, to tell you what he did. At his time he decided to carry out the research in order to establish whether  there is a connection between the PH level and the disease intensity. First of all Revich established that the average PH level of the human urine is 6,2 and that it is subjected to diurnal oscillations (see the figure).  In healthy people PH changes during the daily rhythms. Values  higher than 6,2 appears about 4 a.m., at the beginning of the 5-th hour. And these phase continues more than 12 hours. Approximately at 4 p.m. the PH value equals 6,2 and stays below this level till the next morning. Everything as I told you before. Then he measured the urine PH of the cancer patients. Revich measured the urine PH. I should explain why the urine is significant than the saliva. The saliva represents the performance of digestive ferments. But what does the urine show? The organism tissues are alkalized and acidulated while the blood Ph remains stable. But the acid gets into the blood anyway. It is the urine with which  the acids are taken away from the blood. The excess acid or the excess alkaline is taken away. So the urine us more significant from the point of the state of our organism tissues. It indicates all the metabolism and catabolism processes which are tking place in the human organism. When Revich started his experiment, and it was at 1920, he measured the urine PH every hour. At the same time he asked his patients to evaluate the average disease intensity. The results happened to be very significant in relation between the pains intensity and the PH readings. The PH readings were not subjected to such intensive oscillations as with the healthy people. Some patients always had PH below 6,2, others higher. The pains intensity correlated with the PH changes. If a patient had an increased PH level, he suffered from pains in the morning time, if inside out in the evening time. Revich wrote in his books: In a lot of cases the pain intensity deviations had a definite pattern, they could not be called  spontaneous, we clearly saw the correlation with the time of the day. At one group of patients pain was stronger at the morning time and subsided in the evening, while at the other group the pain was absent but increased in the evening. Revich investigations confirm that the abnormal PH levels could not appear for nothing. It is an integral part of a patients disease. Everyone should keep an eye on his PH balance. As the practice shows most people after 40 has an acidulated organism.

The lack of knowledge of ones own PH level may lead to sad consequences. Why? Because the increased acidulation  in the organism and intensification of the catabolism may lead to a number of serious diseases. What happens in these case? Our organism, and particularly our blood  starts to neutralize the excessive acidity. It is done with the help of ordinary chemical reactions. Such minerals as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium start to put out the acidity and to produce specified compound. It results in the luck of these microelements in blood and organs, the blood electrolyte balance is violated, the blood ability to transfer electrons and supply the nutrients to the cells  gets broken. It results in the reaction which is called athetosis. Very often athetosis  is observed at people who misuse alcohol. Athetosis the increased acidity may appear at people suffering from the pancreatic diabetes. Athetosis is a cause of almost all cardio-vascular diseases. As the practice shows cardio-vascular diseases rate starts to grow in the age from 40 to 50. Its because to that very moment 80 % of people encounter with the organism acidation. It may lead to a persistent vessels spasm, migraines. It definitely leads to the decrease of the oxygen concentration in blood, oxygen starvation occurs, which may lead to the development of such diseases as anemia. It being known that haemoglobin may stay at a normal level, but the erythrocyte quality, and their ability to carry oxygen starts to fall. Sooner or later it results in the blood thickening, to the formation of  clots. To the disbalance of the blood formula, and its ability to perform vital functions. The acidulation definitely leads to a weight gain, it may lead to the pancreatic diabetes start. Commonly after 60 every second human develops  so called metabolic pancreatic diabetes of the second type. The insulin is produces but its quality is low. Why it ceases working? Because the organism is acidulated. Because the proper balance of bio-chemical reactions is broken. Often such disease leads to the kidneys and  urinary bladder dysfunctions. To the formation of stones in kidneys and urinary bladder. It definitely leads to the deterioration of the joints and bones state, and is a main reason of the osteoporosis development. It may lead to the increased bone fragility right up to the femoral neck breaking. The immunity degradation is surely observed. The harmful influence of the free radicals increases, which may promote oncogenesis the formation of tumors in the organism. It may be non-malignant tumors as well. At the acidulated organism  spurs ore often formed. Such disease as gout occurs. As a rule such people experience general discomfort, weakness, the development of the insomnia, diarrhea, the retardation of water in the organism. As a rule such people has  fall back  eyes, black eye and pits under the eyes appear. The teeth go to ruin, caries processes are growing due to the mere calcium washing out from the teeth structure. It may lead to a blood pressure rise or fall depending on the disproportion of the microelements in blood. It is strongly contributing to a hair loss, contributing to the development of ulcers of different nature stomach, duodenum, to colitis, enterocolitis, haemorrhoids. Thats all the acidulation problems. As soon as the acidulation factor is removed, all these diseases disappear somewhere.

At the other side the increased alkaline content may provoke another group of diseases. In these case the problems with the skin and with liver may appear, gastrointestinal diseases may appear as well. In these case the  digestive  ferments activity is decreased and the food starts to digest poorly. On these background disbacteriosis develops, disbacteriosis interferes with the production of the B group vitamins. As a rule it results in haemolytic anaemia, the state when the haemoglobin level is normal, but red blood cells are unable to carry the sufficient amount of the oxygen. Almost all the organs are suffering in result, blood vessels walls start to suffer. Dizziness, noise in the ears and a lot of other symptoms appears. As a rule in these case the chronic diseases are intensified. People start to suffer from constipation and other intestines problems. So called enzymopathy develops when enzymes, which are produced in the intestines and participate at the process of the normal nutrition assimilation cease to be active and organism is unable to supply blood and cells with the sufficient nourishment.

Ive listed only a part of the problems, which appear when the balance is shifted either acidulation or alkalization side. You should understand how important take into account the acid alkaline balance of the organism. You should keep in mind the properties of products and minerals to change the PH of the organism.

Now a few words on how to conduct the PH measurements. The measurements should be conducted not once. Using test strips it is an easy procedure You may conduct at home. If the urine PH readings are in the range 6,0 6,4 at the mornings and 6,4 7,0 at the evenings your organism is functioning normally. You have a normal acid alkaline balance. If during a day time the saliva PH is drifting between 6,4 6,8 it says about a good health as well. It is necessary to conduct measurements 4 times a day during 1 week. It is because the organism PH may be subjected to changes depending on products we are eating. One example: once they brought me some honey just the day before medical testing. They take my blood, and the sugar level is 27. The doctors frightened and say: You are in urgent need of the insulin shoot.  I said calm down, in a couple of days it will settle to norm. The same thing when we are eating lemon. Do You know that a lemon is alkalizing product? But if the sugar is added to lemon it turns into the acidizing product. Our PH strongly depends on the food we are eating. In order to prevent the acidulation of the organism we mast keep an eye on what we are eating. What acidizes our organism most of all? Protein food: meet, legumes, mushrooms everything with high protein content. To keep a right proportion, in order to prevent the organism sufferings, for 30 % of meet 70 % of alkaline products should be consumed. To put more simply greens. Because any green product, having green color, definitely alkalizes the organism. If one will follow these principal  strictly, nothing will ever upset the balance of ones organism. But take a look around what happens, with time we are starting to use quick preparation products, refined products all of them acidulate the organism. We are torn away from nature, we ceased to eat natural cooked cereal (kasha), we are eating peeled ones. It appeared that most useful nutrients are contained in the husk we are stripping of. We ceased to eat green vegetables from the kitchen garden. If I will compare electrical characteristics and PH of the ordinary dill from the kitchen garden and from the store shelf it is two totally different products.  We acidulate ourselves more and more as a result of the urbanization.

It is necessary to measure the PH level several times a day since its value changes during the day time. How to do it correctly? The most optimal time for measurements is 8 a. m., 11 a. m. 5 p. m. 9 p. m. when you are measuring the PH in the morning You should measure the second urine portion. So after you wake up, whent to a toilet, and only when you are going to the toilet at the second time - make a measurement. During the night time in the urinary bladder the urine which was produced during the whole night time is accumulated, such measurement would not be an actual. Only the second urine portion could be measured.

What is to be said about the saliva? All measurements should not be made earlier than one or two hours after the meals. Or an hour before meals. It is needed in order to exclude the food influence on the PH balance. If You are measuring the saliva in order to evaluate the  digestive ferments activity, it should be done in pure form. You should not eat anything during an hour, should not chew a chewing gum, even should not drink water. These rules should be observed in order to obtain a correct measurement.

The main attention should be paid upon the urine PH, but we will discover a shift at any direction, we should measure the saliva as well. If the urine and saliva are in the reversed phase the situation is still bearable. But if both urine and saliva are acidulated one is in a serious trouble!  It is called double acidulation of the organism. Or the double alkalization depending on where the balance is shifted. Immediate measures to establish the acid alkaline balance of the organism are required in both cases. Test strips may help at difficult cases to choose the  FSC number. FSC 1 acidulates the organism, and FSC 2 alkalizes. If one detects he is acidulated he should take the FSC no 2 and start to drink structured water. It helps to normalize the organism state quickly. To return him into a healthy state quickly.

What should be done after that? We are making daily measures. We are drawing a table, measurement time at the columns:  8, 11, 17, 21 as I told you before. The day numbers at the rows. And feel the table with measurements. Summarize the measurements at the columns and divide the sums by the number of days. We are getting four average digits at the result, on which it is possible to draw a graph of your own. It will show You weather it goes out of the norm. Only on the 7 day period it is possible to judge on the acid alkaline balance shift. One time measure could be erroneous.

You may also influence the PH balance with the help of careful products selection. It is possible to create an alkalizing ration for a man with acid medium. It will help to improve ones functional state and ones health.

One should control the PH level periodically with the help of test strips. As the practice shows in case of serious endocrine disorders the PH balance may level up at the beginning then swing at the opposite direction. In these case we should apply the opposite influence for some time. Take FSC 1 and make an acid water, acid food. Level up the balance again. If one is kept on such system for three weeks the organism has time to straighten up on its own effort. The internal health control system restarts. In my own practice there were no patients with a misbalance lasting more than one month. Practically after two or three weeks with the FSC and structured water consumption, the organism starts to regulate these processes on its own. I strongly recommend you to learn to use the Ph testing strips and use the functional state correctors in accordance with the acid- alkaline balance of the human organism. It will give the maximum possible result.

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