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The FSC and health restoration phases

Stasiv V. A.  Psychologist

Our organism is organized in such a way, that it is able to recover after some imbalance or aberrations. But sometimes it is difficult for our organism to cope alone. Or maybe it would be better do not allow such a situation to develop. Everybody heard the saying all diseases come from nerves, but few people gave a deep sought on its sense.

Observing the process of the FSC promotion I came to a conclusion that a lot of people do not really understand, what they are working with. It leads to mistakes and even to the negative testimonies.

FSC is not a food additive, nor a medicine which has a definite destination, and influences some given organ or the organism system. It is much wider, and we should have in mind what is a human being and how he is connected with the outer world.

Everything develops in these world and we should clearly understand that the information age came. And it means that time has come for us to grow up from a silly childish state, and undertake the responsibility for our own health, our deeds, our words, our thoughts, actions and for the whole life in case You are a reasonable man. A wise man always has an aspiration for the outer world cognition, not only from the material  point of view, but also a desire to investigate his own personality, as a thin-world structure, and his own significance in this world. So we have to understand  the laws of the universe.

As an open system, human being is inseparably connected with the surrounding world, and every moment a variety of different information flows are going through  everyone of us. They are received with eyes, ears, by tactile and temperature receptors, and by other receptors, every one of which is tuned on its own vibration frequency, of a wave, particle, light or sound.

Organism has 6 systems for receiving and conversion of energy-information streams. Five of them are well known to everybody five senses: sense of smell, sight, hearing, perceptibility and taste.

Information which was received and conversed by all the reception systems is channeled to the definite brain segments, which could be called the energy nodes, and the united picture of the outer world forms. According to the individual abilities, heredity, sensitivity, individual  inclinations, upbringing, life experience, received in the family, educational institutions, to the personal education level, knowledge, every man forms his own picture of the outer world, which is often distorted and different from the others. The information transformed by a human being forms reciprocal information. It is a system of receiving and answering.

All 6 main sensitive systems operate in the receiving and answering mode, they are:

1. Our own electromagnetic field;

2. liquids of the organism (lymph, liquor, blood);

3. liquids of the internal organs (tears, urine, gastric and  stomach juices, intercellular liquid, and others);

4. Biorhythms;

5. Mechanical motion;


Partial usage of the received information leads to the busy schedule for the given intuitive channel, which in its turn leads to the cessation of the information inflow, and switching of these channel out of the general  activities of the organism.

Energy and information which remains after the transformations in the receiving answering systems are used by a human being for the interactions with the surrounding environment. Power is a characteristic of these interaction. Power is an ability to creation (in any manifestation), or the width of the informational channel, divided by the degree of the waste products content in the organism. The clearer the human organism, the higher is the sense of power. To be more powerful means to have access to a bigger information flow. In addition the power does not have a sign. It could not be good or bad. It is a volume if knowledge, collected during some time period, and generally it is called the development stage.

Only moral criteria and principles, which are  harnessed by breading, and  by self-development later on, will define in what way the knowledge will be used: for good or for evil. That is one may have a powerful energy potential, but these potential has a sign: plus or minus, and these in turn affects the occurring events, the state of health, the relationships and so on.

If we will take into account only one of the numerous FSC functions Cleansing, it will became already clear what happens with our electromagnetic field. These process alone helps to turn on the intuition sphere, to reduce blocks, to enlarge the flow , to increase both speed and quality of the incoming information proceeding.  As a rule, the majority of people having some problems with health expect specific quick results, without taking into consideration and even not knowing how the process of the organism restoration is working. It could be described in terms of subsequent phases.

1-st phase - Turning on It means that a moment in life comes when the situation with the state of health, or any other situation has gone so far, that a problem develops and one realizes that something should be done with it. One understood the problem, but that is not all, some steps should be taken: one will go to a doctor, another one will start self-healing, the third will resort to the traditional medicines and so on. In our case one starts to use the FSC. But if will be from time to time, or one will remember about the device only when something is hurting, feel better ceased using, forgot about drinking structured water one should understand that it will take a long time for the mechanism of Turning on will really start to function. It depends on the problem depth and the stage of the problem. After that a very important  phase is following.

2 nd phase Accumulation at these period our organism should accumulate the sufficient energy resources, because the failure in some organs and organism systems occurs due to the luck of energy. For every human these phase lasts  for the different period of time: in one case it may last 2-5 days, in another a month, in the third case a year. It all depends on the process depth and heaviness. One should be patient during these phase. It often happens so that one is waiting for the solution of one problem, but gets a different result (with some other problem), showing displeasure with the fact that there is no result with the problem one is focusing at. Not knowing that everything in the human organism is interconnected. It takes time to accumulate energy. In these case it is important to use the FSC systematically and as a complex approach, combining its use with the other methods. The next phase turns on when the sufficient amount of energy is accumulated.

3-rd phase Cleansing. First it takes place in a system with the highest energy resources accumulated. For example: in one case the bowels may react first, in another the discharge through the skin takes place, at the third case the cough starts without any obvious reason, it only means that the detoxication through the mucus has started the lungs and tubes are cleaning. It is necessary to drink a sufficient volume of water during such periods (structured on the FSC no. 2). These phase may turn on several times in different time periods, it depends on what organs and systems are turning on cleansing

4 th phase Transformation. At these stage one should understand, that with his own negative thoughts, words and deeds contributes to the reduction of ones own energy potential. The energy which spends on the restoration of these potential is taken away from the creation and the development processes. It often happens that one has a powerful field, but the energy has negative direction. So try to think positive, and carry good and love into outer world. FSC give us  a support in these case: positive information images are recorded on them. We perceive these images through the water structured on different FSC numbers.

5 th phase Consciousness. Every mature human is responsible for his own life, to be precise for the way he leaves. Somebody is coursing others on his failures or poor living conditions, and few people  understand that they create their own reality. It is a good thing when somebody stops amid these life fuss and gave a thought on who am I as a human being, what am I leaving for? What did I came on these Earth for? And Why (remember these favorite word of all children at the age of how's and why's), why do we ceased to ask these question to ourselves? Did we became too wise or all-knowing? Or maybe we are afraid? Or are we in a harry? Or too lazy? Try to ask Yourself some whys? Why these happened to me? Why I feel badly? Why it is repeating? At these stage the FSCs again let us a great help. How? From the first day of the FSC use it starts to bring us to the state of harmony. Were few people are in the state of harmony now. Quite often one is in the state of the emotional tension, even if these tension does not shows out, one may look calm but passions may rage inside. Two hypostasis  are getting along inside us: energy and information. Making it simple? The energy is our heart (the emotional sphere), and information is our brain (thinking).

When the energy starts working, that is the emotions are turning on- the brain turns off, and vice versa when the brain is working, the hart turns off.  There is a saying these fellow fell in love, and lost his head completely.  Everybody knows -  when one is obsessed by  emotions, one should not take any decisions. Morning is wiser than night another Russian saying. The FSCs bring us to a calm state, and in these state we are already able to realize and analyze the majority of the situations, do less mistakes. Even our brain when it is getting additional energy is able to work better with greater quality. Realizing these moments, we should understand the support  which the Functional state Correctors are giving to us in changing the quality of life, in improving our health, but devises are not able to make decisions instead of us in different life situations.

FSC do not decide for us how we should react, and what emotion to turn on at any given moment. They do not rule our thoughts and wishes. These privilege is given exclusively to a human being to express a free will. It is a law of the Universe!

These law works in the Functional State Correctors. At the Consciousness phase we encounter with most difficult and at the same time most interesting part of work upon oneself. In these phase the discoveries are happening, the hidden talents are opened, many problems pass away, life turns from head to heels, and we suddenly notice that life is beautiful.

6 th phase Renewal. Ones consciousness widens, the spiritual word enriches, one switches from everyday necessities to creative problems, regardless of the job occupation, one starts to approach his job with creativity, because the job brings him joy and satisfaction. And the surrounding world is not hostile any more.

7 th pfase Health and Harmony. It is important to support these state. And in its turn it depends on ones spirit and consciousness.

Functional State Correctors create conditions for the harmonious development of  the personality. One defines his own position in relation to oneself and to the surrounding reality.

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