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Merzlyakova Elena. Collection FSCs, September 2017

Today we are going to discuss Collection FSCs. Because in the beginning I myself did not understand what is going on. Previously we always had repeated release of correctors, may be after a year, but they repeated. Nowadays by the time you understand “what it is”, the action is already over! Being here with you I send an SMS to my upper partner, I want to purchase “The Mighty Water” for my mother. I tried it myself, I am tired all the time, actually I spent two months in aircraft and trains, in the morning my hostess, my mom here, pushes me a cap of water, structured at “Mighty Water”, and I am riding here and understand that I am feeling light, I run here. That is I need it, I wrote that they would keep one for me, because when I will be back the action will be over. You are closer to Moscow, it is easier for you.

Similarly with “Indi” – I was going to buy one for my son, but they ended. Today the minimum recommended price is 8000, well it makes difference, and I have to buy it anyway. It is a new form of work in the Company. I think it is done correctly, because we tend to be in a stringy state, it takes long to make up our minds “do I need it or maybe not”, these actions are holding us in a good tonus, awakens clearness of mind, we shall decide quickly, they give us a good shake.

I want to explain one moment. In terms of physiology we are built in a very complicated way, that is why we have so many correctors…. And I noticed the following interesting moment. You see, in case one gets some diseases, suppose one awakens, start to change, start to do something, but when the health is restored back, one does not know what to do with it. Life changes radically, everything seems well, but there is no purpose (in life) and the question is what to do? What is next?! This moment “what to do” is very important, why? In case one acquires some quantity of energy, the illness really goes away, but then one shall spend this energy correctly. Generally people have no idea who they are and what for the life is given. Imagine a situation when one sets some false goal for himself, and imagine that in psychology aspect, with cockroaches in his head, in the sphere of relations with his own folks he as if rode over them at a scooter. And when one regains energy power he may “change scooter for a tank” and do more destructions. So it is important that one would not only restore himself, but also started to understand who he is and took proper place. Actually in this world everyone comes at his own place, but it happens so that one comes and he is not needed to anyone in no way. The most difficult violations take place in relations between men and women. The most hard diseases are a kind of requital, receiving a feedback in this aspect.

That is why I am going to remind you how we are built. Every time I start to explain it using a slightly different approach, and hope that even at those people who were not able to understand it for a long time, the token will finally fall down. Yesterday I spent 30 minutes telling one woman the same thing all over again. You know how it happens, you are telling someone the same thing 75 times. Looking straight into your eyes one says “Yes! Yes, I understand!” 75 times, but every time after saying that everything is clear, one continue acting the old way. It goes the same way 75 times in a row, and every time it is the same. I understand that it is hard for her folks to endure this – when one says that she understands and agrees, then bung!, does things the old way. When she realizes that she acted the old way: “What is going on? Why I acted this way again?” – she is not able to stop. That is we are moving on the beaten tracks, and there is no possibility to go off. What it means?  

Our response takes place when some situation goes on. Something hot fell, one jerks hand back, that is we react instantly at the situation. The reaction takes place at subconscious level, one reacts instantly! In life situations such wrong reactions are destroying us seriously. So it is very important to enlarge the time gap between action that happened and your reaction. Not an instant reaction, but with some pause, during which you understand what is going on and only then react. Energy margin in a human being is required for this gap. When one is low on energy, he is not able to make a gap between event and choosing of own reaction, one reacts as he is programmed. Most people react this way. In case one reacts in a wrong way he has to receive a penalty from this World. Our reaction at events is exactly creation of karma. In Russian the law of karma sounds simply: “you would not get what is not yours”. That is as soon as something happened and individual reacts in some way, the reaction starts a process in the Universe. This process goes and goes on somewhere and finally returns back. The time gap between the happening of some event and one's reaction on it is very important. One shall have enough understanding in order not to react instantly, and it is energy. Energy is required to realize that in case I react now in some way: with the thought, word, hand, leg, axe or hammer, then it will cause definite consequences that will return to me. This is what we call intellect. Intellect. What it means? It means one is able to understand what echo will return. Something will return in 2 minutes, something 15 years later, some 100 years later, something 1000 years later, but it will return. You would not get what is not yours. Only yours is coming. This gap of understanding how to react, depends exactly on the energy level inside the given individual. We have litmus paper that helps us to understand what energy level we possess. It is the state of physical health. It is the state of liver, spleen, left heel and so on. It is exactly the state of physical health, that is why they are saying: “a sound mind in a sound body”, do they? That is why it is very important to be both healthy and in a sound mind. We already committed many deeds, and some reactions are on their way, some boomerangs are in the air, and it is important to stop producing new ones at least starting from some moment in time. When all of them will ground then a clear time will come. It is wrong to think that if one will stick FSCs all over the body from heels to head, make pilgrimage at Kailas in Tibet, then karma will end. Karma could not be abolished, it is reaction. If you started boomerang it will make a circle and hit you. So it is important to receive correctly the boomerangs that are still flying. Calmly and reasonably. In order to escape provoking another circle, seventeenth, seventy fifth.

It happened so that all these exclusive FSCs are working with our stereotype reactions, and in case this stereotype reaction is destructive it will form in the body some definite recall – the body will show that you are doing something wrongly.

There is such an interesting thing – kinesiology, and in case you are coming to an experienced kinesiologist, judging by your tense muscles he is able to say what impression, what experience deposited and when it happened, body memorizes and stores / remembers our reactions.

It is important to understand that men and women are built basically differently. Our energy system is based on main energy centers – seven chakras we know well are most important of them. Generally 240 thousand chakras are described in ayurvedic books – these are energy centers, they are like high-voltage substations in the city. Energy supply of any major city is always organized from several energy sources. Hydro electric power plant, atomic power plants there is always a backup. Energy comes into the city at some substation. It is distributed with the use of some other substations. And from these substations it goes into the living blocks. Every substation also has several incoming power lines, so in case some damage takes place at one supply line, it is always possible to switch to another one. We are not able to invent anything that does not already exist here. All ideas here are thought out by God.

And so, human body is approximately the same. We receive energy from the outer world, and this energy redistributes, transforms, but it does not stay inside us, it flows further. That is we receive energy and we give it away. We transform it and then give away. Karma hides exactly in our giving away of the energy. One shall receive what he gives away. You would not get what is not yours. No way.

I am drawing men’s and woman’s energy centers, woman’s are depicted with the blue color, in association with water, and men’s are with the reed. Energy comes from the outside, it is distributed along power stations, and it happens so that energy, entering some definite level of the body, also supplies some definite social activity. That is why it happens that liver, spleen, lungs, blood, or something else, - generally physical body is indicator, litmus paper of states, showing how energy is received and given away. Depending on what started to ache, we may decipher: either we are not able to receive or we are giving out in a wrong way. Or giving out something wrong. It is very important to understand while looking over your body.

People always have a very romantic opinion towards themselves. You see: “I am so good, and all around are bitches”. In our life all people have bitches around them. I do not know where they are coming from, but generally it is the problem. I propose you to do the following practice in order to understand why bitches are gathering around you, why exactly this is happening? You take a sheet of paper and divide it at three columns. In the first column you write all your diagnoses and indispositions. Even if these indispositions are little crackling sounds in some place, or some pricking, or something like, and so you are writing it all here: first, second, seventy fifths…. In the second column right over each indisposition you are writing its psychology subconsciousness pattern, which you are going to find in Loise Hay books. It means that inside you there is information, that is a thought, that shows out through this crackling or pains. This thought lives inside you, it exists, more to it, it governs your deeds. It is what you are real. If you would close the column with diagnoses, with all these cracklings and pains, and read only the second column – who you really are, well people are shocked. Shocked to realize what goes out of them. Nowadays there is plenty of information what organs are governed by what energy chakra, in the third column you write only numbers, corresponding to specific chakras. Large pelvis bottom corresponds to the first chakra. Small pelvis organs are the second chakra. Abdominal cavity organs are the third chakra. Thoracic cavity organs are the fourth chakra. Throat is the fifth. Foreface and head is the sixth. And the brain itself is the seventh. In the third column you note to what chakra correspond the diagnoses you wrote in the first column.

For example, one has varicosity, tachycardia, headaches. So one would write: varicosity – first chakra, tachycardia - violation of the heart rhythm, heart is situated in the thoracic cavity – the fourth chakra, headaches – head is the sixth chakra. This way you are going to write down everything you have at the present moment. No need to remember pneumonic fevers you had in childhood. Only what is aching now –farts not in due time, all things that happen: no pee, no stool or something like. Then you will see at what energy center you have more problems, what chakra has more violations. That is some person may have a number of diagnosis at the third chakra: not healthy liver, stones in the gallbladder, pancreatitis started, some un-clear colitis - everything forms here at the third chakra. Or maybe someone always has problems, connected with the first chakra - endless leg traumas, sprains, or prostatitis, hemorrhoids – several diagnoses at the first chakra. The point is, that it is the state of energetic – every chakra is connected with some specific sphere of the social life. Our body receives energy, body state indicates energy quality, and energy is spent at our activities, energy shows out in the way we are acting in the outer world. In case we are spending energy in a wrong way, great energy loss takes place - very big outflow, chakra shall show that outflow is taking place. Most often it is morbid growth. Cysts, tumors and so on – cells exhibit activity. In case we do not receive energy correctly, we are receiving energy not only out of space, men and women exchange energies of specific qualities, and so in case one does not receive some energy correctly, there will be a deficit. And organs would say about the fact that one does not receive some energy. Our organs have such a duty – to signal what is missing, in some way: with pain, farts, or in any other way.

And so, look, we shall receive energy correctly and we shall give it away correctly. Once I was reading about bees, they are living in large families, they conducted experiments, why one or several bees cannot live all alone. They are dying, thou they feed them with sugar and honey. It turned out that they are chewing something and then pass the stuff to another individual mouth to mouth, they exchange with vitamins of specific qualities. In the bee family there are working bees, there are drones, queen bee, nurses – they all are different and have a complex hierarchy. Each bee race gives out some substances mouth to mouth, other races are not able to produce. When for example they took away working bees from the family, the bees of other races do not receive these substances and die.

Similarly it goes between man and woman. Men shall receive energies of definite quality from women, women shall receive energies of definite quality from men. Things are designed this way. Accordingly some energy centers at women are more active for giving energy out, and other energy centers shall work for receiving of energy. At men also some energy centers shall work for giving out, and others for receiving energy. This balance of giving out and receiving shall work well, it is performance of chakras. Various kinds of diseases indicate that (at the level of this or that chakra) one either do not receive energy or gives it out in a wrong way.

Let’s consider interaction of men’s and women’s chakras in details. Men give energy, their first chakra is more active. In case men have diseases at the level of the first chakra, it says that energy giving out is distorted, he does something in a wrong way.

Women have second chakra in giving mode, in case they have diseases at this level, it indicates that woman gives away energy wrongly.

The third chakra is giving at men. In case a man has diseases at this level – then he gives away incorrectly, if a woman has diseases here – then she does not receive correctly, or may be the receiving is closed totally, that is a person could be closed at receiving.

And it goes on this way. You see a snake-shape pattern. The seventh chakra is receiving both at men and women, heavenly information goes on it – realization of heavenly laws – what and how is working in this world. Actually we are not using it with our materialism. In our lives events are happening as if spontaneously, as if by a game of chance, but in reality there is a system.

Now look, man shall provide care, defense, he shall have power to procreate. All these is the first chakra: care, defense and procreation. These are organs of the pelvis bottom. Man shall have normal spermatogenesis, nowadays 70 % of sterility in married pairs are problems of men, why? Spermatogenesis is violated. Spermatozoons are defect, this is masculine function and man is responsible for a perfect order in this sphere. Along with perfect order (in terms of energies), correct giving out shall take place. And woman shall be available to receive this energy. Women have cervix at this level - erosions, along with legs – varicosity. Both men and women may suffer hemorrhoids. In case a woman has a problem in this sphere, she prohibited herself to receive energy at this level.

Second chakra level. At women this chakra is giving, at men – receiving. So it turns out that if a woman has malfunction here – gynecology or kidneys issues – she gives out in a wrong way. But in order to give out something not-needed one shall receive this something not-nee first. Women’s giving chakras are the second, fourth and the sixth. Men’s giving chakras are the first, the third and the fifth. it turns out that you shall receive something at this chakra prior to giving out. There processes are reflected in hormonal system functioning. Either a woman does not receive energy (at the second chakra), this will be also indicated by specific diseases, or she does not want to give it away. In case she does not want to give out energy myomas are growing. If gives out incorrectly cysts, polycystosis, endometriosis may develop. Things are this way. Men may develop kidneys diseases at the level of the second chakra.

The level of the third chakra – it is everything that is situated in the abdominal cavity, it is liver, pancreas, intestines, stomach. At men this chakra is active. At women it shall be receiving. In case a man does not give away here, he will have illnesses, in case a woman does not receive at this level – she will have illnesses.

The heart chakra is giving at women and receiving at men.

This principle is everywhere. But in order to give away, one shall accumulate energy from somewhere. Where it comes from? Men have more active upcoming stream. Women have more active downcoming stream. Energy goes into human beings similarly to electric power coming into a city, and it comes into the first sub-station, after which subsequent distribution takes place. The most active chakra at women is the sixth, it is intellect. Calamity of the intellect indicates good work of this chakra. At men the most active chakra is the first one. It is courage. Accordingly energy flux in men goes from the first chakra to the third and then to the fifth.

In case a man already has trouble at the level of the first chakra, power lines are laying wrongly, then he will have less energy at the level of the first chakra, even less at the level of the third one, and only some remaining drops at the fifth chakra. We do not see these energies but we see how they are showing out in the character features. Character features correspond to one’s energy qualities. First chakra is courage, the third one is generosity and the fifth is truthfulness.

Women have calamity at the level of the sixth chakra, kindness at the fourth, tenderness at the second. It would not be correct to say that a “woman can give”, she shall dive out calamity, kindness and tenderness. And a man shall, it is his duty, to give out courage, generosity and truthfulness. If one will conduct a questioning “with what are you proud in yourself?”, many women would say that they are proud being witty, bold, she survived everything, truthful, or something like this. That is, even not realizing it, women pump up these chakras – first, third and the fifth. It means they put such very large fences at these energy fluxes from their men, gates with large locks, tucked the gaps, in order not to receive it, under no circumstances.

And so it turns out that in case you do not receive this, you start to pump it up. In order to pump up one shall take energy from somewhere it is available.

In order to pump up truthfulness a woman shall sacrifice calamity. In order to pump up generosity one shall take energy from here. Courage – from here. One shall take energy from where it is available and transfer where it is absent. In case energy was taken from a wrong place, it has poor quality, in this case everything starts to ache. Everything!

About men. Nowadays they are breading men in the key of boys. One remains a boy. Why? I am simply watching after people. When children grow up, parents calmly let a girl to learn two thousand kilometers away from home, to live in community, saying: “You are a good girl, you will cope, you are brave so go and learn!”, and they refuse to let a son the same two thousand kilometers away to serve in the army – it is fearful, you better sit at home. What happens? Energy does not come here at all. In case there is no courage, he would not be generous, and consequently he would not be truthful. First, third and fifth chakras would not work at this guy. He would have nothing to give out. It turns out that a guy would be as if castrated, excuse me. The body would grow old, but a five year old boy will live inside all the time.

How to tell a man from a boy? A man, listening to a problem, starts to solve it immediately. Here, at the first chakra, there is energy that allows him to act, to protect. And what a boy will do? He will react at the energies of the sixth chakra, he will give advices. In case a woman has hysteria, she is in some desperate state, a man will be able to bear it calmly. He has a reserve of courage. You see, he would take it calmly. The storm will calm down soon, everything happens! Some shit boiled inside my girl, karma came – low moods, I understand that it shall pour out anyway, better I would take it on me, than she would tell this shit to another person and acquire an enemy. I can forgive her everything, I love her. Position of a man is a patron. Not a creature that is dependant but a patron. That is a mighty person. On such position man is able to bear this unstable feminine mind. These is a distinguishing point, it could be seen in relations. Because the skin could be old, but inside there could be still a boy - gives advices in case his wife is in low moods.

It happens that they do not teach women to be calm. They are teaching them to be truthful, generous and brave. They teach men to be calm but not brave. This way everything starts to distort. Feminine energy is 9 times more powerful than masculine. 9 times! Nothing could be done about this. That is why in case a woman has no calamity, with the energy of her mind she starts to shoot into her man, and some holes appear at the levels of all his chakras, biofield becomes damaged. Just with thoughts, there is even no need to say anything, simply it is enough to think. Why? Because here is the biggest power.

More to it, there is such a system, our chakras are like communicating vessels. The seventh is communicating vessel with the first. The sixth is communicating vessel with the second. The fifth – with the third. What it means? It means that in case violation takes place at the level of the seventh chakra, it will aftersound influence the first one. In case violation took place at the level of the first chakra, it will echo at the seventh - communicating vessels. If one will add a drop of poison into one vessel, it will penetrate everywhere.

It is similar with men. Courage depends on knowledge. In case a man does not know how this world is built, it is difficult for him to be brave.

Women’s calamity depends on the state of the second chakra. Pacification, joy are “living” at the level of the second chakra. In case woman does not receive energy at the level of the second chakra, there would not be calamity, no matter how many time she would spend in meditation. How she is receiving energy at the second chakra? In case she accepts care and defense from her man at the first chakra, it fills with energy, and the energy goes up. Also this chakra gets energy when a woman is able to have rest and practice some hobby, to get enjoyment from some activity. Also this chakra could be fed with clothes, adornments and sweets. Every month a woman shall receive this from her husband. I am not saying that it should be jeweled eggs of Faberge every time, bijouterie or something, but it is energy. The more expensive is decoration, the higher is the energy. So, if here at the level of the second chakra, everything becomes charged, everything is protected, care is taken about everything, more to it a woman is practicing some hobby art, then calamity comes at the level of the sixth chakra. In case there is no energy at the first chakra, nothing goes higher to the second, and no matter how long you would sit in Himalayas, calamity would not come. You will learn to show it, this is 100 %. It happens that whole Yogi schools are coming to see me – no energy at all, but what outer looks they have!

It is very important – woman’s second and sixth chakras are the giving ones – the state of mind and the state of gynecology and kidneys. Absence of fears and state of the mind. A woman is responsible for this bunch (second and sixth chakras). She shall be able to rest. More to it she should be able to receive care instead of riding before the hounds (taking care of every problem).

And a man is responsible for another two chakras – the first and the seventh. Men are better when it comes to responsibility. Their first chakra is giving, but the first one depends on the seventh – a man shall obligatory know how this world is built. Where there are traps, pits and other things. Man shall obligatory learn this knowledge. Such virtues as truthfulness and generosity ( the fifth and the third chakras) are very important to men, why?

 As soon a man starts to lie here (at the level of the fifth chakra), energy goes away at the level of the third chakra and generosity goes away from him. Generosity is status and money. Status “lives” here at the third chakra – roughly saying chief engineer or conductor, and power “lives” at the fifth chakra. These matters seem to be connected, but energy centers are different. In case a man becomes a miser, he immediately looses power and respect, it works exactly this way.

Woman’s main exam is to learn to rest and receive pleasure in this world. Allow herself to rest, allow herself to dress up, allow fineries, allow to spare money and time for hobby.

For a man it is very important to be generous. But it is very difficult. It is a virtue one shall develop in himself, it is a choice. Man earns money by his sweat and blood, by tremendous efforts, maybe he has to endure some humiliation at work – but the third chakra is giving, money are coming to man, and by some reason he shall give out everything to a woman. Then he sees that she buys some trifles. Men often asking: “What for you need pants for 50 Euro ? cannot you find one for 5 ?”, can you imagine?! The fact is that energies in 5 euro and 50 are radically different. Woman feels this difference, man does not. “What a bullshit it is? What the hell is going on?!” I have to say to men: “You should marry such a woman, who will spend your money and you will receive enjoyment from it”. They reply: “There are no such women”. I say: “It is love that works in such a way”. You are striving with sweat and blood, and bang! there are some lace items in a cupboard. Looks strangely, can you imagine?! Generosity works this way!

For a woman it is very important to keep balance at the level of the fifth chakra – speech. Why? At men it is giving, at women it is receiving. But there is trick, God is a great humorist. Words, speech is born at the level of the fifth chakra. In order to be calm a woman shall say 21 thousand words. For a man 7 thousand is enough. But the chakra is receiving, that means receiving of energy. With all our deeds we either give energy out or became opened to receive it. Energy flow is not just visualizing some pink flux that went somewhere, no, one shall do some action, one shall stand up and do something. Remember a woman I told you about in the beginning, who understood everything 75 times, meditated then stood up and bang! Said something to her man with her tongue. And so, a woman shall accept – that is leave him a right to take a decision, shall know how to ask money, not be afraid to spend them at herself, and in addition when man is speaking woman is silent. This is most difficult part – what to do with 21 thousands of words?! Give then to girlfriends! There should be girlfriends for this purpose. Women are talking in order to exchange emotions, men are talking in order to give information, that is why 7 thousand words is enough for them.

Now listen, nowadays the most popularized modus in relations is a mammy-woman. This how it looks from the outer point of view, they are “breeding” young generation in this manner. What it means – mammy? Mammy is the one who gives out energy and controls everything. In case you are giving out energy, it is natural that you are watching where it goes. In case you are carrying water somewhere with baskets, would you care where it flows? At the sagebrush or at roses? Would you control the water flow? You will rake up soil in order to make water flow the proper way. It goes similarly with women. Control and care are “living” at the level of the first chakra. If a woman is giving energy at the level of the first chakra, she may do it only to a person who is below 14. In the age of 12-14 a child separates and becomes adult. Before 14 a child is as if at the energy umbilical cord, and this energy will work correctly. As soon energy status of a child changes, here, at the level of the first chakra, energy loss starts. How it happens? How it shows out in behavior? In future this energy loss will show out as diseases. A woman is messing about with an adult person: “did you wear socks? Did you eat borsht? Did you take documents with you? Did you visited this or that place?” – such a chopping.

In case a woman is acting in such a mode, misusing the energies of the first chakra, everything becomes distorted here. 

And in case she already installed a cross here, does not receive this energy, consequently she would not receive it at the level of the third chakra either, what it means?

She will solve all money questions herself, and she will have internal mindset to earn money herself. And what is most important, she will start to give advices, that is she will rotate her fifth chakra in the opposite direction. Since feminine energies are 9 times more power than masculine, she will break out her man’s fifth chakra, it will also start to rotate in the opposite direction, and immediately he will lose his status – money. Simply due to adverse style of speaking of his wife. One should not talk to men in imperative mood! “Bring this or that! Go there!” and so on, why? Because simply with their speech women are destroying power, status and money of the family! Just with chatting! In case she is talking too much, if she piles up a man with emotions, it means assault at the fifth chakra takes place, it means that a man will have energy breakdown at the level of the third chakra as well. Both at the fifth and at the third. She dropped poison here at the fifth chakra and bung! It reached the third chakra.

In case a man does not provide protection, does not provide care and security….. what it means? A man pays for premises, clothes, foods. It is his prerogative to watch who’s shoos became worn out, who needs new pencils. That is a man shall totally control household economy. In case man misses this energies, here – at the level of the first chakra – woman does not get energy at the level of the first chakra, consequently she would not have enough energy at the second chakra level, her calamity will go away. In case her calamity will go away, her wit will wonder everywhere, she will cease distinguishing truth from a lie, danger from safety, big energy loss will develop at the levels of the second and sixth chakras. How the anxiety shows out? In speech – she will start to have hysterics. This will strike man’s throat: with quarrels, speech, insult, will breakdown man’s status and money.

This is how it works, everyone has his duties. It takes two to tango. One person is unable to dance both man’s and woman’s part. Man’s responsibilities are provision, defense (first chakra is giving), generosity (third chakra is giving), truthfulness (fifth chakra is giving). That is why women react strongly at what their men are saying? Suppose in a company man is telling some story, and he told something in a wrong way, his wife immediately interferes in front of the people and starts: “No, it was this way….”, why? Men shall take care about their speech, in case he will tell some lies even in company of his friends, away from his wife, she will feel the poison in his speech anyway. People are connected energetically, there are no distances for energies, that is why at the fifth chakra, at women it works in the receiving mode, she will feel the poison of his speech. It is this poison that makes her interrupt and correct – “What it is?! Why he is talking this way?!”. Because this violation at the level of the fifth chakra, if repeated constantly, will lead to numerous consequences. A woman stops to obey, in case woman ceases to obey then she would take all decisions herself, in order to take all decisions herself she will have to pump out energy from calamity, kindness and tenderness. Women who are taking all decisions themselves, are called “iron ladies”, that is such virtues as calamity, kindness and tenderness are not seen at all. A kind of Joan of Arc on a horse.

People tend to take their behavior and moves lightly, not giving a thought to possible consequences, just said something, and that is all to it. The point is, that karma goes after. Action leads to definite events. And these events start to come into one’s life. For a woman it is very important to choose such a man whom she will be able obey. Can you imagine?! In order to understand “will I be able to obey this man or not?” she shall ask correct questions as early as at the stage of courtship and realize what he would do in this or that situation, to see what kind of thinking he has. She shall ask correct questions, art of asking questions is a very important one, why? Because a woman shall understand. It is impossible to go into taiga, stand him in front of a bear and see if he has courage or not! But the energy of his first chakra will show out in talks – it will be noticeable how reasonable a man is. If he knows what deeds to be done? If he sees the chains of events they are causing. Intellect is ability to see, realize the consequences of deeds that will come, may be years later, but they will obligatory come. Nowadays women are looking not so much at the intellect, how energy is working in this sphere, but at his energies at the first chakra level, how madly he wants her, how he is running after her. Alas, everything goes on at the pants level. Accordingly she is thinking only about this king of qualities, marries the man, but the seventh chakra is empty. In case it is emptiness at the level of the seventh chakra, the energy at the level of the first chakra will come to end, in result there will be neither generosity nor truthfulness, and she will have to give energy herself, this will result in her ceasing being calm, kind and tender, and she will turn into the “iron lady”, will bread children in this atmosphere, in a kind of military barrack, later children will start to revenge, they will make a barracks to parents when they will grow old.

So it is very important – what we are doing, what we are saying, how we accept deeds of our folks. One shall not react immediately but give a thought about the situation, not behave instantly but think about reaction. This time gap, I talked about in the beginning. This gap is provided by good energy level. That is why it happens that people who started to use FSCs, say: “My character has changed”. Character had changed, some habits changed, some food habits, bad habits, energy level changed, one started to react at life circumstances differently, and takes it as changes in character. Irritability decreased, less emotional outbursts and so on. Really the issue is deeper – one shall not only think about own reaction and enlarge the time gap , but also to realize correctly – what is happening to me? Shall I receive energy or give out. Correct giving out and receiving of energy are very important aspects, otherwise illnesses will start to wonder in. These psychology stereotypes are dug very very deep inside us. Various practices – retrograde hypnosis, placings (practice in which participants take roles of other personages, living or dead, playing out some key scenes, helping one of participants to realize or live anew through important turning points in one's fate) show that reactions could have very very old roots. Some people replay under hypnosis the period of their birth, or maybe even a period when a child was just conceived in mother's womb, and they were repeating to a mother over and over again: «do abortion, do abortion, you are a fool», or something like this. At this very moment emotional reactions are already planted into a child. How to pull away all these things? If they are deep inside, in case one reacts first then thinks.

This reaction of a woman, do not receive care is planted in childhood age when mother and father are like sadists. It is not obligatory to beat a child to be cruel with him, it is enough to violate rules of breeding of boys and girls. It is very bad that we have joint schools. It is very bad. Boys are boxers, girls are ballerinas. Is it ever possible to teach them something average? No. Why? Because everything here (at the levels of the first and seventh chakras) works differently. And so they are teaching girls to be brave, and boys are coming out passive.

How to notice this in life? Yesterday evening I am riding in a minibus and watching. Courage is a control over the situation. In case a man has good energy at the level of the first chakra, he controls situation around him all the time. And so, minibus brakes suddenly, a man is a passenger, but he is watching the road, what is going on there. Minibus brakes suddenly, and he catches a woman on the fly in the aisle, bang, and he puts her on her feet. Man has good first chakra. And there are men who are in games like boys. They do not control the situation, what it means? No energy at the first chakra. Simply there is no energy here. Accordingly he will remain a boy in 70 and even in 120. What a woman is required for such a man? A Mammy. In case a woman plays a mammy in relations with such a man she will have illnesses. There is nothing could be done.

That is why it is very important to choose a right spouse. Look around – how many such people. A woman may sit with a phone this way, man not. Because a woman has energy at the seventh chakra, for her it is enough to look both here and there. But a man shall always control the situation. By watching people you may understand what goes on inside them. You know, it is not obligatory to read their thoughts, «see» their intestines (with clairvoyance) – what they ate yesterday, it is enough to see how one is acting. It indicates where the energy is.

From the auditorium: Say please, I rode in a metro now and saw similar example – I am reading, a young man in the age of 17-18 is sitting next to me, I see a stick and understand that an elderly person came, I stand up and gave a place to him. He did not, does he has no courage?

No energy here, at the first chakra, it is considerateness, the absence of solicitude.

From the auditorium: It is not upbringing?

No, it is energy deficit. Do you know how mothers are breaking their boys? Mother starts to share her emotions, mother starts to tell him endlessly what a scum his father is, or something like this, or how she is bored to death with this job, that her boss is a fool. She is translating her emotion from the fifth chakra, and this chakra shall be receiving. The trouble is that even if a boy has two and half kilos weight, his chakras are already working men-like. And she starts to pour all these at the child. He is unable to accept that much, everything (energies) break away at his fifth, third and first chakras). By the moment he marries, this box with women's emotions wastes is already full, he is not able to receive emotions of his wife. No free space. As soon as her mood changes a little, he has an explosion! Why? Because he is already broken. In this case spinal column starts to change, scoliosis starts, it starts in case one experiences some moral burden not in due time. You see how many scoliosis at children around there are nowadays. Because parents are making waste baskets from them.

Or a mother uses a girl in order to protect herself from sadist father. That is in terms of energies she really puts a girl on a shield, and covers with this shield from her husband. Will a normal girl grow? You understand yourself, that a girl nailed down to a shield will grow. She would not have an idea what is tenderness, she does not know what softness is, she will crucify her children the same way. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

It is very energy and labor consuming process to restructure all these deep laying processes, it is a hard job, why? Because we have many layers one behind another, we are like nested dolls. What we are seeing is the smallest doll. Then go the second, third, fourth and so on….You see, when carrying FSCs and drinking water and do pumpings, you are changing here…..

You are introducing changes here…. Imagine what energy is required to reach here?! To dig down…. What an energy should be!

All these collection FSCs are working targeted with specific issues. There is a large number of people, who seem to do everything right with FSCs, have results, but in case another crisis situation comes with time, one is acting the old way, and his health ruins. And one shall put efforts again in order to reach the level of health. Again some test situation comes, again one acts wrongly, reacted wrongly under stress, and things go another round.

And so, I am going to start with what is most important for me. For example, a very important FSC for me is «Indi». The first one and most important is «Indi». What is interesting, all our interactions and energy losses could be provoked by various actions from the outside. Being it magic influences, zombying programs or something else. One is passing along some line in his life, and suddenly receives some imperative at his subconsciousness, and instead of continuing going headlong, one starts to wonder in some labyrinths. Is he losing energy while wondering these labyrinths? Of course. Due to magic influences one as if starts to go the wrong way. With some correction techniques or with the use of FSCs it is possible to «switch off» these magic influences. «Danilovo Lake», numbers 20 and 24 are good for this purpose. And it would be good to return this lost energy back, is not it?! And so, FSC «Indi» returns it. Very interesting action. It returns energy. Look, one shall work carefully with it, the elderly is the person, the more various labyrinths he had during the course of life, the more energy was lost during 70-80 years, when the energy starts to return, energy is contained in the blood and lymph – in water medium, the pressure may rise.

That is why people in age 50-60 and higher, especially those ones who already have diagnosed hypertension shall work with this corrector very carefully. Drink 100 milliliters a gay during first two weeks, next two weeks drink 500 milliliters a gay, then add carrying FSC on the body for 20 minutes a day, and gradually energy will start to return, from here and there. This energy rise should be gradual. No need to stand behind Niagara fall from the very start. This is what FSC «Indi» about – restoration of energy, when one starts to wonder between goals that are not his. Many people are coming to see me at consultations, who seem to achieve something, reached some goals, but have a sense of a colossal disappointment. It seems that goals one was striving to reach for years are finally achieved, but there is no joy. What is it?! Because one was mowing towards wrong purposes. There was no need to go there, into this situation there was no need at all to spend this amounts of energy and move there. The goal was not yours, they disoriented you, energy is spent. But when you are reaching the true goal, there is a joy inside. Joy comes, satisfaction comes when one is moving in accordance with his fate. And if one looks around nowadays, there is disappointment everywhere, is not it?!

A young woman came to see me at consultation, she had a kind of crack in her biofield, that I understand: she committed some horrible deed in relation to some female, which is comparable with a mortal sin. I am thinking: «My Lord, is it possible she killed someone?» What is going on? How it could be this way? When they are doing diagnostics, it shows bio-field in the form of an egg, and she had a crack from bottom to top. As if they removed a segment out of an orange. From bottom to top on the left side, that means a woman. It was an assault, and she obviously putt all this energy into it. She was 20-25, and I could not guess what it could be? What could be done in such a young age, to get such deformation? I am creeping and creeping little by little and it turns out that she has a two month daughter, and she is breast-feeding her. The infant is little and she is dreaming that she will become a doctor. That is she is breast-feeding her and dreams. I say: «Stop. By doing so you are structuring milk with a definite information». There is a saying: «Idea, absorbed with mother's milk». «Why you want her to become a doctor?» She replies: «I wanted myself». I ask: «Why you did not?» Times of perestroika, she became an accountant, economist, as if satisfied with her job, but that dream remained not fulfilled. I say: «And why you decided, that you gave birth to a doctor? What if you gave birth to a botanist and she came here, I do not know, to grow some gardens for this country?!» or something else, but why you decided this? It happened so that she structured liquid with information of her thoughts, and she really laid down a fate to her daughter, that absolutely does not fit to her personality. She did a colossal violation. This child will grow, became a doctor and will sincerely believe that it is her dream. But later she will start to hate herself and hate her patients, have you seen such doctors? Such a story.

That is why such a thing as intellect is very important. FSC «Indi» gives understanding «who are you?», and gives energy for a person to change own fate, at that in any age. Really for one will have an algorithm in his head what to do and how. One acquaintee of mine worked as economist all her life, already 56, pension is near, all her life colleagues from the entire department were coming to her and she listened to everyone. I say: «Go and learn at psychologist. You are natural psychologist! You will open a cabinet and have lots of clients, this way you will receive energy equivalent of your talent. You would not put your efforts for free, God will give you (reward)… » She says: «I am already 56.» I say: «With no difference, you will be at your own place». Take «Indi» and thoughts will start to formulate in your head – what you want, and circumstances will start to be favorable, everything will come to places. FSC «Indi» works well with this – predestination. Age does not matter, it is only body that ages. In case one came here with some definite predestination, and does not fulfilled it, he will be torn by heavy illnesses. Why? Energy is not spent. It is accumulated there. It goes from above, and in case it is not given out, it starts to become rotten inside. By my opinion it is a very important corrector.

The next issue: nowadays we are seeing a colossal number of oncology cases. There is an FSC that works with it – «Olgyr». Oncology is a very big petulance. Touchiness is a form of rage. «Things are not my way! How it could be so? You all are bitches!» Ggenerally this type of character repeats in the kin. It means one has very strong adherence to principles. It is important to be adherent to principles for a man. For a woman being adherent to principles is a mortal danger, why? It is a clog in a feminine body at the levels of the sixth and seventh chakras. Information about rules, in accordance with which this world exists comes at the seventh chakra, one does not accept them, and one's own wit forms own rules. And in case some situation developed not in accordance with your own rules, aggression appears quickly, and a program of destruction is bourn – oncology. It often happens as if passed from one generation into another. It is very desirable to have this corrector in case there were some oncology cases in the kin. For women – especially if it were mother, grandmother, grand grandmother, or sisters, cousins. For men it is important if it was in the male line. There are especial time periods, when physiology cycles are changing noticeably. It is when Earth turns with its side to a Sun, It is april-march and october-november – time of all acute conditions, doctors know. And so, it is desirable in case it was in the ancestral line, or one had it and now everything is normal, to carry FSC «Olgyr» at places where oncology was either at a person or at close relatives for four months during a year: april-march and october-november. As prophylaxis. It takes long to structure water. One shall hold a bottle with water at this corrector for half an hour. Then drink this water during the course of the day.

All people are very clever nowadays, everyone «knows» how this World shall function, everyone is God! At least knows how things should be: «Why money are falling down at this bitch, and I am striving here putting tremendous efforts, and still do not have something?! Why such people are coming to power? Why this? Why that? Everything should be differently!» But this world is built in accordance with a definite principle: what is not yours, would not be yours. Principle of justice in other words.

A very important FSC «Yudek» - Thyroid gland. The fifth chakra. Communication. Power. Very important. Many problems with the thyroid gland and very many chondrosis. A number of surgery. These are emotions we experience, it is giving birth to energies of definite qualities. All emotions we have: rage, fear, offence, pain, sorrow, joy, love, kindness, sincerity are energies of specific quality. In case some energy is born inside you and you try not to show it, it means that you are as if blocking it, in order to prevent it turning from potential into kinetic. Is it possible to nail a billet of wood into a geyser? What do you think, will it be effective? Geyser will spit it out with a tremendous fountain! Similar with negative emotions, we are living in the epoch of Kali Yuga, negative emotions are 7 times more powerful than positive. That is it is easy to feel rage, offence, fear, when you say to a person «well, calm down» - it takes time to calm down. Energy of calamity does not get born easily, time is required, it is difficult.

And so it turns out, that it could be dangerous in case they trained someone form young years to control own emotions. Especially for women, why? Their energies are 9 times more powerful, a powerful geyser. For a man it is important to control own emotions and know where and when he may show them out, because their energies is much less. And for a woman it is important to be able to live through her emotions. Suppose the same offence was born, woman did not let it show out, holds it inside, puts into concrete sarcophagus, it will show out in form of some oncology. The energy will be used for a tumor building in a congruous place. That is why it is a very important moment. Thyroid gland is a first frontier, which starts to show us that there is something wrong with the emotions. Cysts, violation of hormonal balance or something else. It means that negative emotions are born inside us, and we pretend they do not. Accordingly everything else starts to be distorted. In case one does not normalized this level, simply nailed a billet of wood into a geyser, then energy will have to find some underground ways and shoot in some other place. And shoot with higher power. It is important to learn to understand and accept own emotions. In the web you may find very good trainings by Oleg Gadetskiy, he works brilliantly with the emotions. Because one feels something and sometimes even does not understand what it is. Parents have responsibility to teach their child below the age of five what he is feeling. In the age of three or four they shall announce to a child what he is feeling now: «Are you afraid now?» he may feel not well and does not understand what is not well. One shall say to child: «Are you afraid now?» «Are you lonely now?» A child shall associate his states with words.

Our parents lead the Country to the communism, they had no time. Nowadays parents are striving to conquer mortgage loan – again they are short of time. In the children garden there are 30 children in a group – is the nurse able to catch the mood of one and spare several minutes in order to explain him the emotion, that he would understand what he is feeling at the moment. Of course she is not. Something else is happening every time, And so Oleg Gadetskiy gives very good keys to understanding of one's own emotions. It is very important, look for his videos and perform exercises, and in case you have a problem of any kind, hold FSC at the throat for 15 minutes.

You wake up in the morning, take a kerchief, FSC is at the front side, a bow at the back and you are doing your everyday morning routine. You folks may laugh, it is very good when they are laughing, much better than crying. Let them laugh, «Yudek» is a very good thing. More to it, it starts to work with the whole hormonal system. Thyroid gland is connected with pancreas, adrenal glands, ovaries. Everything is connected into a loop. FSC «Yudek» starts to work well with the entire hormonal system. For example adnexitis – affection of the uterine appendages is rage. It is even possible to say what gender has the person at whom the rage was directed, depending on the side – left or right – at which the affection shows out. Communication acquires good quality. In case a woman is able to let out her negative emotions correctly and in a proper place, then she is able to feel gladness. In case a woman is able to feel gladness, there will be always money in a family. That's the way it is.

And women reckon that they shall become insensible, «I shall become an iron lady» so instead of irradiating kindness, goodness, tenderness, calamity, women start to irradiate boldness, stiffness. In result the fate collapses, especially at children, because happiness and gladness of mother is good luck of her children.

FSC «Mamma» is a very good one. Recently I refused to do diagnostics to a young woman, because in time of pregnancy one should not interfere into physiology processes. It is highly desirable that in time of pregnancy a woman had numbers 1, 2, 13, «Healthy Generation», and after the delivery this FSC «Mamma». Look around how many children are on artificial feeding nowadays! Why? From the childhood the woman is in the steel armor, trained by her parents, the heart chakra is blocked, no milk. Milk is produced from blood. The blood is a carrier of love. They did not taught a young woman to love. They taught her to be strong and independent. So it comes to this: «Healthy Generation» at the belly, FSC 13 on the back of the spine. Number one removes evil eye – she shall take showers with it, and drink water structured at number 2. This is a program for all for a 9 months. In the period of breastfeeding she shall place at the mammal glands FCSs 2 and «Mamma» – this enhances the milk quality. In case there was fibrosis, or it is present now, or may be it appears and disappears, too many women are suffering with this issue, what it witnesses about? The fourth chakra is giving, a woman gives out energy in a wrong way, what it means? She «switched on» a mammy in herself and unable to «switch off» this mode. All folks around her are already grown up. But she needs to catch up and inflict good! «I know how it should be» In case you know this weak point in yourself – you are unable to step on the brakes in due time – carry FSC «Mamma». «Woman's Amulet» is also good for this. Because this mode - to catch up and inflict good – is a major harm, why? Because in this case we consider our children and our folks to be our property. There is such a man Sergey Nikolaevitch Lasarev, he talks about ties – in case you are tied too strongly to some personality, reckon this person your property, you start to distort his fate. Everyone has his own plan of «shooting oneself in the foot», everything is planned up above, but you hanged up at the person and trying to bent him the opposite way. The entire Universe shall rearrange in order to tear you away, and take this person from you, in order to let him do his shoots. Up to depriving of the body in case the tie is too strong. Lasarev shows these mechanisms very well. It is energy capture, one starts to receive energy of happiness from the deeds of another personality, or just from the mere presence of this person. This person, who is close by, starts to be de-energized, he shall either go away – disappear or to die. That is why one shall be very careful with this program «to catch up and inflict good». FSC «Mamma» helps very well in case of fibrosis.

I mentioned in the beginning that I called home and ordered the plate in order to be in time of the «action». It is «The Mighty Water». When I read the description I thought that it is needed for sportsmen and people who have large physical loads. For example, when driving in a minibus you understand that the driver is terribly tired in the evening time, he has poor reaction, he drives roughly. «The Mighty Water» is a very good thing, it gives resistance to stresses and endurance. I want to purchase this FSC for my mother, dacha is good outlet for her. But the age is considerable, she goes to the dacha, works for an hour and goes back. I called her today, we talked, she said: «I was at the dacha today, finished something», she is already 78, and it is a good exercise for her. One should not judge people who are stuck at their dachas and it is not possible to pull them out, why? The Earth is a big Mama. My mother is an orphan, she did not received this energy in childhood, she became an orphan early. And so the Earth is a Mother, she gives energy, she gives this maternal energy of calamity when close to mother. But on the other hand it is physical labor. When dacha season ends, people are restoring themselves for 2-3 months. I noticed, I drunk water structured at FSC «Mighty Water» for several days and my knee ceased to crack, that is maybe a tendon became more elastic or maybe liquid became to change, I did not made tests, probably articular liquid started to flow better. Physically I am feeling much better.

What is tiredness? It is powerful oxidation, it is when milk acid is not withdrawn properly from the muscles, in case there is too much milk acid, muscles start to ache – they are tired in this way. It all depends on the milk acid molecule flexibility, it unfolds and folds back, apparently FSC «The Mighty Water» enhances these processes, and one is in a good cheerful state. That is why I want it for my mother, maybe not to carry with her, but drink water at home, she is disciplined, she will do as she was told. Think yourself, in case you are working a lot, in case you are coming home on low energy and for 40 minutes you have to pretend that you are watching TV, but actually you are not able to move either a hand or leg, you need this «Mighty Water» FSC. Even in case you are sitting all day in the office, the body shall function normally – resistance to stress. Nowadays our civilization is built on fear, to drive people into fear: fear to lose this or that, fear of their bosses, fear of loosing the job. Management is working the way to drive subordinaries into the sense of fear. Frazzle, suck out and spit out. There is a very good book «99 Franks» by Belgbeder. Read it, it is interesting, about advertising industry, he is a Frenchman, it is a tale of his own life.

«Norm of Life» and «Balance». «Norm of Life» works with the blood pressure. FSC «Balance» works with diabetes. Let's talk about this. Blood pressure is the sixth and seventh chakras. It is the head. Sixth and seventh chakras are information, it is consciousness. In case individual does not know the laws, in accordance with which this world lives, he will always have anxiety at the level of the sixth chakra. One will have fears. One will have a desire to control everything, as if to beat passes at energy level - what should be done and by whom. What is the main activity of all grandmothers? They are thinking about what may happen with their children and grandchildren, and how to solve out any possible critical situation in case it happens. What to do in this or that case? Are not they?! That is, there is no real situation, no scenario. But head plays with invention of additional options: «What if this? What if that happens?» It results in the following: all these events have to form. Then granny says: «This is exactly what I told you about, that it is going to happen!». But she created this event herself with her energetics! Our energy centers are calming down with age, but the sixth one works most powerfully. When this six center becomes most powerful, human being starts to grow grey, one turns grey. Why grayness comes with age? At the East they know a Goddess of Wisdom – Sarasvati, she is grey. She is white. It is a sign – Sarasvati came to power. Feminine body receives energy from three sources, from three personalities: Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Generosity and Kindness and also from the Goddess of War. When either a man or a woman start to control everything very seriously, blood pressure rises.

In case the pressure is low, it means that a person has no desire to activity. I would not say that it is laziness, but at least things one is doing, what one has to do, does not attract this person. Energy does not rise for these activities. In such a case the pressure will be low.

Diabetes is the level of the third chakra. Diabetes is affection of the pancreas. Pancreas is jealousy. It is jealousy. Being it jealousy to folks, or ….it shows in various ways! In case of a problem with diabetes, it is jealousy which popped out, and it settled exactly in this chakra. It turns out that immunity decreases in the place where it settled, there are plenty of microorganisms, and they simply start to shit the pancreas, and gradually this (Langergance) islands are switching off. But the source of diabetes is jealousy character. From what I am hearing now, it turns out that FSC «Balance» works best in complex with FSCs 1 and 2. That is one shall deduce slags first, remove the settlers, and FSC «Balance» will work with pancreas cells themselves.

And what if everything there is clogged with lamblia or with something else? What if canalization is clogged with heavy metals, if all this rubbish lays there? All this stuck at cells, everything is clogged, how it is possible to get things moving?! How to make the cells work? One shall do a good cleaning first. Reaaly. FSCs 1, 2 and «Balance» - they are working very well altogether. In case one paid attention at his own health for some time, took antiparasite, lymph-drainage programs or something else, then FSC “Balance” works instantly. Even high sugar level it decreases at 15-20 points in 20 minutes. This is in case one has clean lymph. Just instantly, to say the truth it is astonishing, a very interesting thing. And one shall understand that the source is jealousy, jealousy character. One shall look for psychology origins, that is why I recommend to do the practice with a sheet of paper, divided at 3 columns. It will help to understand who we really are.

Another very interesting FSC is “Spring of Health” – it works with intestines. There are people who are working a lot, there are people who put efforts into enlarging their money torrents, they meditate, attend schools, use amulets, and so the money torrent is the second and the third chakras. At that at the second chakra these money are gathering in a form of energy. They are gathering at a woman who is in joy, who is in gladness and calamity, but in reality they are coming to her man at the third chakra. At woman the third chakra should receive energy. There is no padlock hanging there, but open gates. And so it turns out, in case a woman of receiving energy from a man, elementary she does not know how to ask, she will have here cholecystitis, pancreatitis, problems with intestines, and so on. I already understood that «The Spring of Health» acts in a very interesting way at people whose third chakra is very tense. It may show out in the intestinal peristalsis – one day diarrhea another constipation.

Stomach and duodenum ulcers – they indicate some hard labor. Stress at men start to show in violations. «The Spring of Health» FSC influence at the intestine is relaxing, and many people are sitting in the toilets. Saying: «Dear me! It could not be that I had lamblia or something of the kind», it simply releases spasmed areas. Suppose a bile duct was spasmed and it restored its normal volume, bile flowed normally, this irritates the intestine and makes peristalsis work, and that is all to it – one stuck to the water-closet pan. All life long at US scanning they told him that he has a viscid bile and this or that, and now it all becomes liquid and goes away freely. Not provoking gallstone colic, but these stones are becoming soft.

And so, it turns out that «The Spring of Health» FSC relives these spasms, and such reaction really could be. One simply should not be afraid of it. In case you purchased this corrector start drinking water structured on it at the weekend. In two days everything will come into norm, this phase would not be constant. The intestine will simply come into norm. This work will come into norm, do not be afraid of it, believe me. People already are stuck to the water-closet pans and say: «no no, I do not need this». It is simply an energy spasm, energy started to go here, and intestine started to work normally.

From the auditorium: You know, when I started to use FSCs 1 and 2, I had to visit toilet 7 times a day.

Most likely it was lambliasis, lamblia started to leave due to the FSC number 1 action.

From the auditorium: We are using the correctors, all chakras are normalized, but how to ask money correctly? After living in soviet time we do not know how to ask. It is a problem of many people.

You shall watch over girls in the age of 3, 4, 5 – how they are asking money from their fathers.

From the auditorium: What if a girls is already 26?

No! No. I say once again: three, four, five years! Or how such a girl lives through her anger. There is a video in the net, a girl took offence at her parents, as I remember it takes place in new year holidays, and she is going to leave for Africa, that crocodiles would eat here there. A girl is in a nice dress, she goes out into a lobby, finds her winter trousers, father is shooting all these, and she speaks out her temper. Father replies. As long as she does not attack but only speaks out her emotions, it is a very good model for an adult woman how she should exhibit her offence. You shall find this video, the point is that a woman shell ask in a mood this girl has. A girl understands that father may refuse her and she may took offence, but would she want to break out her relations with father? Of course not, it is clear. In the age of five I understood, wants father or not, sooner or later, and most probably sooner, he would fulfill my wish. You see, in such a mood that a man may refuse now, or maybe it will come not exactly in the time I want. One shall wish but do not set calendar period for its fulfillment. When you are asking something, you open the third chakra. When you set strict time periods “exactly in so many days”, actually you are closing the third chakra, that is you are trying to break your man.

From the auditorium: Actually our generation of women does not ask at all.

Yes. You shall make yourself to learn. There is a very good book by John Gray “How to get what you want and want what you have”- it is not some magic or meditations, but explanation how these things are working and behavior. Otherwise it is possible to want something for a hundred years, for example you wanted something at 18 and receive in 80! Will it bring a great joy to you? In 80 what you wanted in 18? I am not sure. Everything is good in its season. And so the speed of wishes coming true depends on the specific energy inside, on a specific state. This state name is not “patience”, the name of this state is confidence. Confidence “lives” at the heart chakra. This confidence helps a woman to understand: “I spoke out my wish, not only my man is responsible for its fulfillment, but there is also Heavenly Chancellery. I told both to my man and Heavenly Chancellery what I want. And the Heavenly Chancellery will decide when he would give this to me. The moment I shall receive this, Heavenly Chancellery will give my man the needed resources and he will fulfill my wish” Can you imagine?! All the time we shall remember that our relations is a triangle: Me, my mother and God; me, my child and God; me, my husband and God. Really God shall be at the first place, a man at the second, in this case harmony will start to appear.

From the auditorium: We are talking to men…

Yes, because we are choosing a door through which we want to receive everything. This is correct. Otherwise you may come to God and say with a stamp of the foot: “this should be ready by next Friday”. But why can you say this to a man?! It means that you instantly break down the throat chakra – power, as communicating vessels it is connected with the third, the resource with the use of which he shall do this immediately disappears from his third chakra, and you receive the fruits of your speech! Because you striked the fifth chakra when set exact timing.

From the auditorium: …. Our generation does not ask, the generation of our younger daughter does – I am about this.

Now it is mind offers excuses. I understand this very well. Mind is at the sixth chakra. It is even possible to teach a rabbit to smoke! It is even possible to teach a woman of soviet hardening to ask! You understand? It is really possible. Going to pair dancing helps well in this. Women are breaded as warrioresses. Once a woman told me they were at some party and there was a dancing group from Tahiti – they danced in reed skirts, everything so smooth. Later they talked with women dancers, and she asked a question: “What are you thinking about our woman?” This Tahitian woman answers: “They are always fighting for something” Can you imagine?! It is seen from the outside. You would not meet a woman smiling to herself with Gioconda’s smile. They are fighting all the time.

From the auditorium: Historical reasons as well – wars …

Do you think they are fighting less there?! They eat people there!

From the auditorium: Russian history….

You hear me! Hear me! You see, they eat people there! There are wars everywhere! It is this world. Another point is what you are choosing, what emotion are you choosing. No use to take excuses, absolutely no use.

Spring of Lamas. Generally speaking, liver is a gate for money. In what condition is the liver, in the same condition the money flux is. It comes there. Nowadays there are many hepatosis. Even at people who did not have hepatitis. Hepatosis is when liver degenerates into a fatty tissue. When degeneration involves significant percentage we call it cirrhosis. Remember 30 years ago in case they mentioned that one has liver cirrhosis, you understood he is chronic drunkard. Nowadays it is not so. All these chemicals, which is in food – liver is a barrier, it is tall office, in case it does not know what a substance it is, it holds it in itself. When one has hepatosis it means that all storage facilities at this tall office are occupied with some unknown filth. “Spring of Lamas” restores this function very well. It helps liver to deduce all these. Drink water, carry it contactly, and so on. Such a spice – curcuma helps very well – in the morning take a quarter of a teaspoon with water – works very well.

From the auditorium: They do not speak much about “The Golden Sand” recently….

Harmonizer! It is harmonizer, you know absolutely all FSC are pumping energy up. We conducted an experiment, a man came to see me for consultation and we did experiments with him. He took with him some harmonizers of his own, and we also experimented with “The Golden Sand”. Look, a man comes and his field has some specific density – there are some distortions, they are larger in some places and smaller in another. Along with this the field has some density, it is either evacuated or dense.

And so almost all correctors are pumping on energies. They will pump up where there is gap, no matter at what level the gap is.

“The Golden Sand” does not pump up, it redistributes harmoniously what you already have. It is very good for people who are working in an aggressive environment, when one becomes frightened and cannot respond. A kind of impoliteness or something like this. One is unable to respond and flatters for some time after. “The Golden Sand” is a very good harmonizer, what is roughness? It is energy assault. It really means making a gap of specific shape in one’s bio-field. It means some physiology misbalance will develop at this level. One shall simply twist “The Golden Sand” in hands like a piece of soap, it will harmonize all gaps and bulges, the field will be like an egg, it will harmonize what you have. In case such mode exists in relations, when one is often frightened, one shrinks, it may often take place in offices, bosses are working in aggressive, pressing mode, then “The Golden Sand” harmonizes well. It helps to cope with sudden fears, when bang! – adrenaline, cortisol releases – stress. It will harmonize and hormones of stress are not already needed, one becomes more calm. Seriously more calm.

From the auditorium: And how it influences money, it is for abundance…..

Abundance comes when everything is calm in you. Money is gladness. It is energy of gladness. In case one is tense, wacky, even if he smiles at the outer level, then money would not come in no way. Calamity. “The Golden Sand” gives this calamity. A man shall do everything calmly without fear. And a woman shall accept everything calmly without fear. Then this things start to work. The point is that your thoughts define absolutely everything. Actually we have scrapyards in our heads, we are dreaming about one thing, thinking about, that is setting goals, about another, speak about the third, work with the fourth information, it turns out that they are pulling out in various directions. Such a twin tip. And individual is hanging crucified at all his mind-streams. Later it turns out that someone else is guilty. FSC “Indi” collects everything into one pile, and one starts to work with his own goals, understands them.

Many people quitted smoking on the background use of “Indi”, especially women. People who cannot rest are smoking. Their psychic is always turning and turning, and here is a kind of ritual and a state “let the whole world wait”. This very stare “let the whole world wait” shall be when one is practicing hobby.

I strongly recommend you to read two books. They are good for your understanding. We have largest problems living through stresses, and, to be honest, with what is going on in a bedroom. There is such an author John Grey, he has wonderful books about men and women. He implies men like Mars-born, and women like Venus-inhabitants. And he gives very good explanation about stresses, it helps to understand how people – men and women are living through stresses, it helps to understand the nature of another person: “Venus on fire, Mars on ice” – it is the name of the book. And the second book is “Mars and Venus in the bedroom”. Women who are working in men’s collective shall read “Mars and Venus at work”. And also men, who are working with women, who are directing women shall read this book. There is a good and correct information in it. One shall understand the nature of a person with whom one is connected in life – being it a husband or a son, grandson, father in law. Because they start to destroy boys from the childhood, they start to destroy them in early childhood, and later he grows up indifferent, their psychic is broken. That is why later he will bring a girl – “it is hard to understand what the creature it is and where it came from”….

From the auditorium: Does “The Black Mountain” help?

Yes, “The Black Mountain” helps and also “The Success”. You shall understand a simple idea: communication is feelings, in case of good communication, when they understand a woman, her production of oxytocine hormone increases. It is reckoned to be a hormone of happiness. Masculine hormone, which creates joy is called testosterone, it falls down – spends at communication, can you imagine this?! For a woman in order to be joyous it is necessary to receive communication, she has to communicate, that is why she sticks to her husband, making a girlfriend from him. It is a great joy to talk with a closest person. At this very moment men’s testosterone falls down. In case a man has low testosterone, he is unable to set a goal, unable to communicate, unable to move towards his goals. A man spends his testosterone during a working process, and he comes home totally emptied. Then prior to talking you shall give time during which it will be synthesized. Man synthesizes it when he is sitting alone and silent. Simply sitting silent. After some time testosterone synthesized, its level in blood rose, he is able to communicate.

From the auditorium: He is silent, but sits in computer…

Let him sit where he likes. He is silent and he is alone there, he controls situation there. He pressed delete and there is no a person, no need to prove anything. Yes it is low testosterone level, it is a big stress during the time of the day. You shall give opportunity for this level to rise. It means that a woman shall have another variant of communication in which she will rise oxytocine level. Girlfriends, sweets, but not in the evening time. One shall understand the nature of this.

Another issue is feelings. You saw many kissing pairs on the streets – hanging one upon another or something like this. Do you understand, that saying the truth, these woman are fools? Why? Because either one or another hemisphere works at men. He either controls situation, that is fulfills his man’s duty, or he is working with feelings and looses this energy. That is, excuse me for putting it this way, he either has erection or control of the situation. In case a woman stuck on him with the entire surface of her body, then he does not control situation, because another hemisphere started to work. And so in case he does not control situation, he will have the decrease of the testosterone level. That is, it is not good to disturb man’s senses endlessly. Any feelings are working in accordance with the same scheme, being it a feeling of sexual lust, being it a feeling of taste or hearing – any, being it tactile sensation. Any sensation: hunger, satiation, surfeit, aversion. You see?! In what situation in relation to yourself it is better to hold a man? A woman awakes very powerful feelings in a man. Hunger, satiation, surfeit, aversion. What is most important? In what state to hold him? Hunger. She is stuck on him at home, she is stuck on him on the street…. That is all! Feelings became satiated, aversion started, the next one. There should be hunger. Not just touching, when a man sees the woman he likes….. Did you saw what is going on with their pupils? What it is? Energy is needed to widen them! Energy started to go on. Dopamine started to go. Euphoria. He starts to yum-yum her. It is just from seeing her! And what if she is stuck on him?! Gorged quickly and aversion comes. Hunger, satiation, surfeit, aversion. It works this way, you see?! And so a woman is dancing this distance with him, the way he would always be hungry. Hunger for her! And not the second, tenth, seventy fifth. Dancing. That is what for women have such colossal wit, when both hemispheres are working simultaneously. Woman sees everything, remembers everything, she has a memory of an elephant – would never forget anything, what for? To be able to build up this distance correctly all the time, there should be hunger!

And so, yes, he sits in this computer for three, six hours, his testosterone raised, during this time you do not appear in the distance, do not harass him. In case you will endure all these at a distance and calmly, and he is your man, he will come to you, see you, and his pupils will start to widen. And you move a little farther. Let him run this way. One shall know a good time. That is why I say “in a bedroom”. Because there are women who start their presentation as soon a man appears nearby: “what a cook she is, what a housewife she is”…. Instead of scanning his seventh chakra – who is he, what he is doing, what goals he has, and what life values, what is true for him and what is wrong? A woman just sees a man. When they start to meet she cooks for him, really all food is saturated with her energies, then she feels her own energy returning from him and think: “Ah, we probably were together in previous life, I am feeling that it is he!” I say: “Did you give him soup or something?” “yes!” in addition with cutlets and all the rest. I say: “You are feeling your own energy in him”. That is all to it. That is why there is an iron law: unless he marries, did not give even soup. Because later on such schizophrenia will start: “We were together in previous life, it is my karmic pair!” – she will fancy such a thing, Lord bless! Later there will be tears, snivel, children are suffering, generally speaking the offence develops. What it means? An iron lock at the first chakra, iron lock at the third, and at the throat chakra there is only offensive language. Here are the illnesses! Because of violations. Simply due to own silliness. That is the way the things are. That is why I also recommend the book “Mars and Venus in the bedroom”. Because people have no idea what is going on. A woman is a colossal energy. A man is just looking – and takes such a colossal energy that dopamine synthesizes in his organism. His own heroin – euphoria. Just from looking. What for to hang on his neck?! Get this straight.

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