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Koltsov S. V. And head of Mongolian command are telling about curative springs in Mongolia, information from which was used in Collection FSCs. Meeting at the Center Region office. September 2017.

Gerel – Head of Mongolian command of distributors: They invited me today because there are many curative springs in Mongolia, and for five years in a row we are inviting Sergey Valentinovitch……

Koltsov S. V.: May be more, I lost count.

Gerel: Every summer in the middle of July when weather and nature give plenty of energy we are visiting our places of power. You probably know that Mongolia is high-mountainous country with extremely continental climate. Very hard winter with temperatures falling up to minus 45-50 centigrade. Summer is hot, spring is dry, the best season is autumn – Indian summer, which lasts very long. We have a fine weather now. Mongolian people are proud that Gengis Khan left for us such a beautiful place on Earth, which has all treasures that are underground and has vast territories with powerful energy torrents, and this is proved.

As far as when Sergey Valentinovitch visited our country for first time, we took him into a temple which is situated at a very powerful place. It is not a coincidence, according to religious traditions Mongolian Lamas built big temples at places with powerful energy torrents.

Koltsov S. V.: There is really an energy “discharge” of volcanic origin. There are numerous basalt bald mountains, and energy of the place is abnormal. We spent a long time in search of a cave of first lama, in which he meditated. We climbed for two hours over basalt mountains and then found it at the very bottom. Imagine that prior to Datsan building the Lama spent there 108 days only on water. I can imagine 40-42 days, but 108 is something extraordinary!

From the auditorium: Without the Sun?

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, He does not climbed out of the cave, they carried water to him, that’s all. He simply put the water at a specific place inside the cave and a minute later it was already structured. When women started to jump inside bare feet, they jumped out literally in a minute, I ask: “what is happening?” They reply: “electric discharges at legs”

Gerel: Our people are visiting this place regularly. We believe that one will have complete cleaning in case he comes there three times a year. After the first visit into Mongolia, Sergey Valentinovitch released an FSC with polarization of this cave, he presented it to me, and every morning I take it in hands and prey.

Koltsov S. V.: This is “The Sacred Cave” – where he drunk water for 108 days.

Gerel: We were looking for the place for a long time, when we finally found it I was the first to enter, I felt electric discharges at legs, felt not well and we walked out. After that three years later we went there with Akselrod Aleksander Efimovitch, there were more than 290 people, they had to add additional cars to a train for us. I showed my people exact place where Sergey Valentinovitch was standing – where one has to stand, I draw a circle on the floor, people entered and stood inside. They stood at the place where lama was sitting. And you know what? People with bad, negative energies fainted. There were three such persons. People stood inside the circle less than one minute, and they were shaking.

Koltsov S. V.: They received a good shake!

Gerel: People fell down inside the cave.

From the auditorium: You nursed them back to health?

Koltsov S. V.: They were coming into senses.

Gerel: Such a tremendous power, this is only one place from many we have in Mongolia.

Koltsov S. V.: I have a small remark on the matter. I am traveling at various places and always look for really curative springs. The less people are living around these springs, the higher is the healing power. They are delivering samples for me in great quantity, “saint” and “healing” waters of various kinds. Recently they asked about “Svyataya Ruchka” (sacred hand) spring in Krasnodar district – this water is weak in comparison with Mongolian ones. One shall understand clearly that christianity pronounced many words, but there are not much deeds.

Gerel: Last year after visiting a monastery we kept going. We spent 3 days in one place in search of springs, and a man came to us. He was a man in his fifties, always a kind of drunk and he brought to us 5 liter can of milk vodka, this is traditional Mongolian vodka, made from milk. I say to him: “What for are you bringing this vodka? There is a sacred place, you should not bring it here”. He says: ” As soon a scientist from Russia arrived and he investigates sacred springs, I will tell you one secret”. And he told his story, this way “The Spring of Lamas” appeared. He said that he is from Ulan Baator – Mongolian capital, and now he lives with a wife and daughter in a place close to the temple. He told us about a spring, about which lamas do not tell anybody, such a secret place….

Koltsov S. V.: Which Lamas are hiding from other lamas. This is hard to imagine!

Gerel: This is a sacred spring, as he put it: “When I was at death door…”

Koltsov S. V.: A year ago they diagnosed him cirrhosis in the fourth stage: “this is the end, You have a month - a month and half left” …

Gerel: «At most» they said to him.

Koltsov S. V.: He came to a spring, set a tent and spent a month there, not stepping outside. Actually he lived only at this water. He felt better, took a cubical meter of water with him and drove back to Ulan Baator. They said: “What for you came here?! Healthy”.

Gerel: One Lame told this man about a spring, he said I will show you a place and you will find it yourself. In case you will find it you will live. So he searched and found it, and so he lived close to the spring approximately one month, and when he returned they told me, that there is no any diagnosis. And so we set to this place. We searched and searched…. When we arrived Sergey Valentinovitch went with women over some bumps, it is a swampy place, they looked for a long time in a place this man told us, but it turned out that there were no spring there!

Koltsov S. V.: Local authorities fenced the place it was last year, as it turned out the spring was a wondering one.

Gerel: It wonders every year.

Koltsov S. V.: This year it was 400 meters down the slope!

Gerel: As soon as we found the spring we started to drink the water, it has a taste of mineral water. It was stinky.

Koltsov S. V.: Hydrogen sulfide water, not strong, at Kamchatka it is more saturated.

From the auditorium: Is there radon in it?

Koltsov S. V.: At Kamchatka it should be, do not know about this spring.

Gerel: It was a story of “The Spring of Lamas”.

This year I visited this place on purpose (Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak), because I was not there before. I am already 63 but I was not at the place, people are visiting the spring in order to improve their health, after that it lasts for a year….

Koltsov S. V.: Remission stage, stable.

Gerel: And so we set to these springs, I am going to tell you about them, because I translated all materials for Sergey Valentinovitch. They discovered these springs in 1896….

Koltsov S. V.: They made first description of these springs, they were discovered much earlier.

Gerel: In 1896 they made first description there were more than 360 springs, and all these springs are hot. The lowest temperature is 82 centigrade, the hottest temperature is 99 centigrade.

Koltsov S. V.: The spring for bronchi and lungs is 94 – one may inhale the steam.

Gerel: At one place there are 108 springs, literally here is the one, there is another.

From the auditorium: Similar to geisers field at Kamshatka.

Koltsov S. V.: Even more interesting, imagine a big stone, on one side masculine spring a meter apart – the feminine one.

From the auditorium: Are they for all diseases?

Gerel: For all diseases.

Koltsov S. V.: Well, yes.

Gerel: Mongolian people and practicing doctors are using this place for a long time, and starting from 1962 the place is under protection of the state, under UNESCO protection. Many doctors are working there, there are sanatoriums, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that these waters cure from all diseases. Most our FSCs are targeted at prophylaxis. Healing and prophylaxis are different things. With energy and information influence FSCs improve mental and physical health of people, but these springs are targeted at healing of specific organs

Koltsov S. V.: They are for neglected cases.

Gerel: All chronic diseases. As I can see from the translation all these springs restore PH level. All of them.

From the auditorium: Negative….?

Koltsov S. V.: No, You see, the descriptions are materialistic inclined. All people who made description of these springs, accented at water PH, salts content…..

From the auditorium: At the physical level.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, And they know nothing about informational content of water, actually it works in the first place, salt content is secondary.

From the auditorium: Were there “Oncology” springs?

Gerel: There are! There are all kinds of waters. I myself was wondering why Sergey Valentinovitch made “The Mighty Water” FSC first? Because when we lived in a local hotel we had a kind of baths in our rooms.

Koltsov S. V.: A wooden tub, one may pour water into it and flop there.

Gerel: The spring that heals tiredness, depression, insomnia is far away up the hill, and they made piping form a spring directly into our room. Hot water comes into rooms.

Koltsov S. V.: They are making pipes from springs directly into buildings for heating. No other heating is needed.

Gerel: 96 centigrade! Into the rooms! And we had…..

From the auditorium: Why we did not visit the place yet?! All together?

Koltsov S. V.: It is 650 kilometers from Ulan Baator. And there is no railway there. They have few roads there in Mongolia, generally it is directions.

From the auditorium: If I understood correctly “The Mighty Water” influence includes insomnia and migraine?

Gerel: Yes.

From the auditorium: And this is most important in this water!

Gerel: We lived 4 days there, and had a sensation that these tubs are healing. I am working a lot, as we all do, I felt great when submerged into this water. Other women who were with us were in line - “May we use your tub?” I said: “No, go and climb the hill!” There are wooden tubs at the hill too.

Koltsov S. V.: They made small buildings with large tubs.

Gerel: I was very glad to know that Company took a decision to make this FSC, which is called “The Mighty Water”, because it quickly removes stresses and tiredness. I have such a load, for two years I suffered with insomnia, I go to bed at 3 a. m. and wake up at 6, I thought it is already chronical, and when I entered the tub I had a feeling that I have a new body! Try yourself and see that I am right! Try it yourself, OK?!

From the auditorium: You invite us there.

Gerel: You have an FSC! The most important the tiredness goes away, one feels light…. Very light.

Koltsov S. V.: There is another spring, called “From Tiredness: I wonder what is the difference between them!

Gerel: I told you a story of “The Mighty Water”, I saw results at myself and I am very glad Sergey Valentinovitch created this FSC.

There are many more interesting springs, for example the one about which Sergey Valentinovitch mentioned – here is masculine, here is feminine, even the rock from which masculine spring is running has a form of a male organ and water drops from it.

Koltsov S. V.: And the water does not merely drops down but gushes forth like a fountain half meter sideway.

Gerel: Here is a male organ gushes and turning back here is a feminine organ – vagina, and water goes down, forgive for putting it so plainly.

Koltsov S. V.: But one would not be able to take a bath with this water, because water flow is very low.

Gerel: I am very glad that we have FCSs, we may not only take bathes with curative water and even escape going at the springs every year, any time one may please herself with such a grace.

There is water for an ear….

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, by some reason for the right one, no water for the left ear. I do not understand how it is possible to differentiate, probably doctors simply noticed with time, they had plenty of time….

Gerel: There is a special spring for those who is suffering with chronic angina, you remember vapor above the water? One bends and the vapor goes into the throat.

From the auditorium: That is doing inhalation.

Koltsov S. V.: There is more interesting theme for inflammatory processes of the nose and nasopharynx – antritis. It is necessary to check, because they are saying very interesting things – one starts to drink water and drop it and immediately sinuses open and green scum goes out.

Gerel: Our women tested everything as guinea pigs.

Koltsov S. V.: They warned us “do not drink from more than 5 springs a day. You never know what might happen.”

From the auditorium: There is an impression that this place is systemic, like microcosmos, everything is present in it, all human organs, then everything shall come from a central origin, what it is?!

Koltsov S. V.: There is a mountain, that carries amulet function, it actually defines energetic of the place. Energy is masculine. We climbed at this mountain too.

Gerel: Imagine: here is masculine mountain. And when crossing a pass a feminine mounting stands. Women go one way, men – another. My husband went there with Sergey Valentinovitch, it started to dangle them.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, it was stormy.

Gerel: A mountain, a very big geyser at its foot, large territory, we walked 4 days along it.

Koltsov S. V.: Really the territory is not so large, some 2-3 hectares.

From the auditorium: And at this 2-3 hectares there are…..

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, hundreds of springs.

Gerel:108 Springs.

Koltsov S. V.: Generally speaking a very interesting place. There are wooden gangways are made for easy walking, instead of jumping like mountain goats.

Gerel: There is a river running close to the place and all springs are flowing down into this river, the river is hot. It is warm.

Koltsov S. V.: What is interesting, it does not freeze in any weather, this is the only river in Mongolia that does not freeze.

From the auditorium: May we ask another question, how did you made these 650 kilometers? On your legs?

Koltsov S. V.: Heck no! They are driving only jeeps there.

Gerel: And Mamma is a rock, water runs down on it…..

From the auditorium: In the form of women’s breast, yes?

Gerel: There is a high rock and women are pressing themselves to it. Big rocks are standing close to almost every spring.

Koltsov S. V.: They made tables from polished granite, and there are gouged lines – the number of a spring and with what it helps. Of course at Mongolian! And what is Mongolian language? Letters are Cyrillic, but it is not clear what they mean.

Gerel: This is a new written language, It was introduced in 1921, traditionally they are writing from top to bottom. It was introduced after revolution, Russians are our neighbors and brothers, so we created a new written language based on Cyrillic.

Koltsov S. V.: When driving there you can read, but not understand what is written.

Gerel: Many Lamas from India, Tibet, healers from China came there , they also wrote a lot about these springs. Not only lamas but also wealthy people visited the place in order to improve their health. Khan and princes came for treatment. Nowadays the place is under UNESCO protection. Many tourists are coming, while we were there a group from Japan arrived, the whole bus of tourists, from Taiwan people arrived specially for the springs.

From the auditorium: Did they built a sanatorium?

Koltsov S. V.: There is everything there, one shall reserve stay beforehand.

Gerel: In order to stay in June one shall reserve rooms in February or march. One shall spend at least 10 days there.

Koltsov S. V.: This is minimum, better to stay for 3 weeks.

Gerel: This is what I am talking about – you do not need to go there! Register in February…. what for? Purchase FSCs, Sergey Valentinovitch creates for you….

From the auditorium: Gerel, you did not tell what is the weather there in July, you said only about winter temperatures.

Gerel: In July we have….

Koltsov S. V.: In Ulan Baator it was hot - 33-34 centigrade. At the springs it was comfortable – 24-25.

Gerel: Now we have 23-25 centigrade. This time! I arrived to Moscow and it is cloudy here. In summer temperature rises up to 40 at our place.

Koltsov S. V.: Springs are higher in the mountains it would not be so hot there.

Gerel: At his first stay in Mongolia, when we set to Shambala Datsan Sergey Valentinovitch came out of Yurta in the night and he was amazed with a view of a starry night, he said: «If I only knew that stars are hanging directly above our heads, I would bring……»

Koltsov S. V.: Milky way in 3D! As if looking into the telescope.

From the auditorium: Sky is transparent….

Koltsov S. V.: As if that were not enough, by some reason everything looks large there! That is the place is far from being ordinary. For example clouds may circle around the Datsan, it could be cloudy weather, but it is always a clear sky above the Datsan territory!

From the auditorium: Sergey Valentinovitch, may ask a question about «The Mighty Water», by your opinion, may it deduce one out of coma?

Koltsov S. V.: No, one shall recover from coma with FSCs which influence is accented at the seventh chakra, at the seventh one. I was amazed when copied a program for «The Mighty Water», it took 4 hours for a program that works only with the first chakra! What could be in it?!

From the auditorium: That is why it gives energy!

Koltsov S. V.: Putting it into Russian, it grounds a human being. Probably it simply connects one to the ground, to Earth.

From the auditorium: It is some fault line…

Koltsov S. V.: It does not look so, everything is at one place. It is Altay foot-hill from Mongolian side.

Gerel: Generally speaking we have lots of work ahead. I found another place which we are going to visit next time.

From the auditorium: Gerel, wait please, give us time to come to grips with this…..

Koltsov S. V.: I like it better in Mongolia – less gnats. Recently we were at Kamchatka, gnats ate me out.

From the auditorium: Are there no gnats in Mongolia?

Koltsov S. V.: No much water n Mongolia.

From the auditorium: But there are many springs!

Koltsov S. V.: They are dying in these springs. Lakes and vegetation cover start only at Mongolian north. Generally it is steppe, highlands. Can you imagine, last year we returned from a place were we took water for «The Spring of Lamas» FSC, we are driving and I say: «What are these flowers?» Neither chamomile nor buttercup. «Whatever, it is edelweiss». The whole field. Japanese like to go there, they are calling this ecology tourism. They take a bus, driving somewhere into the steppe, where there are no roads, only some yurtas are standing here and there, climb out, fall at their backs and starry into the sky for hours.

Gerel: They are sleeping. They are simply sleeping.

Koltsov S. V.: There is motley grass! What odors are there! Motley grass odors! Wonderful. If only there were more moist in the steppe!

Gerel: Language barrier! I myself is Mongolian, I cannot tell, bring to you this sensation we are having in a steppe, when there are many grasses and flowers there, when a breeze is blowing. This is the essence of Mongolia.

From the auditorium: You have a beautiful honey.

Gerel: Honey is very good! We have a government program on beekeeping. Japanese showed interest in beekeeping, Mongolia is a beekeeping country. Our meet is very tasty.

Koltsov S. V.: But during a week the mutton from morning to evening bores…. Word over bees are scattering because of chemistry. What are we going to eat if they all do. They are scattering and do not return. In Moscow district it is already a problem.

Gerel: There is a plenty of space in Mongolia. Our population is 3 millions, there are 90 millions of cattle, 2 hectares of land per a person.

Koltsov S. V.: According to local law every citizen has 0.7 hectares of land. I asked them: «Who is distributing it?» They even did not understand what I mean. I asked again: «How it all goes on?» «Do you see yurta, standing there, 0.7 hectares around it belongs to that man». I say: «Do you mean that any time he likes he changes place, when all grass around is eaten out, establish a yurta in a different place, and again 0.7 hectares around is his?!» they say «Yes».

From the auditorium: What is about the second spring, the one we have at FSC «Mamma»?

Gerel: It is written that it is against mastopathy, mastitis and other breast illnesses. The stone is warm due to the hot water from the spring, and women who are coming to it drink water and press with their breasts to the stone, we saw this.

Koltsov S. V.: It is simpler with FSCs, no need to press oneself to a stone, put an FSC and that is all. I simply have a precedent with «Mamma», I have haircuts at hands, a dame has a diagnosed breast cancer. «Olgyr» does not cope, it is already late, by all probability there is already an open ulcer. I am looking with resonant method, most likely «Mamma» will drug her away, but she shall work.

From the auditorium: What FSC will help with prostatitis, men may have pre-oncology state, benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Gerel: Exactly masculine water, which pours with a trickle.

From the auditorium: Where it is? Is there an FSC with this water?

Koltsov S. V.: Did not assembled it yet!

From the auditorium: There will be «Papa»…..

Koltsov S. V.: One shall sort things out, there are samples from two masculine and two feminine springs. There are several springs of the kind, one shall see what water is more powerful.

Gerel: We saw how men are curing themselves, they are drinking water, dress warmly, all are dressed warmly there.

Koltsov S. V.: All! Everyone who came to heal. From the very beginning they recommend to escape catching cold.

Gerel: Generally in traditional Mongolian medicine, in eastern medicine they always close top of the head, close ears, dress warmly the lower part of the body. During curative process no one washes hands in cold water, do not cool himself. They observe this very strictly during curative process. It is when we are at the place. With FSCs it would not be so, because we are taking information through them. The advantage of FSCs is that we can drink water and receive information, working with FSCs is easier than taking procedures at the springs. FSCs influence us anyway. I am saying this because I am working in this Company for the ninth year. During all this time we are getting very good results, and we do not follow any special rules of eastern medicine, we do not know them, but we are improving our health through water, we are rejuvenating, we all are getting good results, that is why I think there is no need in any special procedures, information influence takes place through water. At the springs, which are hot people are receiving procedures according to recommendations.

Koltsov S. V.: Today I was asked: «Are we switching to curation?» I say: «Under no circumstances! In order to do this one is going to work personally with each case». But in case something recovered on its own – well, it happened so.

From the auditorium: We cannot use the word «curing».

Koltsov S. V.: We pronounce nothing on this topic.

Gerel: Really the whole organism restores, not only a separate organ. Everything is connected, that is why not an organ restores but organism in a whole.

Koltsov S. V.: Generally yes, the action is systemic.

From the auditorium: Is it better to work with DNA with number 1 or with «An Apple of Youth» in order to became younger?

Radkova L. I.: Fifteenth.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, we have many FSCs on this theme, number 15, «An Apple pf Youth».

From the auditorium: Is it number 20, you have there?

Gerel: No, this is «The Sacred Cave», I am carrying number 20 here, pardon me for showing, they are here and here on me.

Koltsov S. V.: I am already not stopping them. Many times I spoke to them on the matter, they are doing these belts and then say "Why something is wrong with me here at the top of the head?!» I say: «Well, take off the belt and let's look what is in it». I say: «I will surely find an FSC which may disband this block. It simply hangs at a wrong place». I am tired to say that it is better to do another pumping instead of carrying them on the body.

Gerel: I was flying for 6 hours, I needed it!

From the auditorium: Energy. You will receive «The Mighty Water» (from the stock) and everything will be normal.

Koltsov S. V.: By far I did not made «The Mighty Water» as samples! Cannot say anything! The cobbler always wears the worst shoes! Replicated for you but did not make for myself.

Gerel: You shall understand, this is important, every FSC “delivered” this year from Mongolia normalizes PH balance. It is very important for good health, all FSCs are targeted at this.

Question: Nowadays there outbursts at the Sun, many people have headaches, what you will recommend?

Koltsov S. V.: Actually, to use number 20 at the first place.

From the auditorium: They are closing upper chakra.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, the upper chakra is closed at many people, nor at everybody. So, what is interesting, start with number 20. After that you may switch to vascular problems.

Question: How many Mayan channels is it possible to open simultaneously? Is it possible to combine them? A wan who learned to open them is asking.

Koltsov S. V.: I am combining thematic channel for a long time. The one who learned to open channels would not be able to open many at a time, the opening of each channel takes time. When I prepared FSCs I opened them myself one at a time, recorded at hard copies, only then combined (for an FSC). The one who can open channels would not be able to do what FSCs are doing. One will have to open various channels separately. Because of laziness, laziness is a mover of progress, laziness makes one to think of optimization, so I took the entire set of golden and inserted them into a ring, not to care what problem prevails.

Question: One hears voices, what FSC will you recommend?

From the auditorium: Number 1….

Koltsov S. V.: It is not the same with everybody…. One shall try number 23 in order to stop this.

Question: What is Golden Section mode of operation and influence?

Koltsov S. V.: Nature “uses” the Golden Section in order in order to prevent resonance in a live system. By contrast in relation….

From the auditorium: Rotation….

Koltsov S. V.: No, it is not about rotation. The golden section is important in dynamics in order to prevent simple harmonicall resonances. In technical constructions we took care to escape these resonant influences. In case we would look at biology when designed all this rocket control system, I would select frequencies from Fibonacci sequence and saved lots of time. The main problem in technical world is to prevent appearance of some parasite resonances, which may swing and destroy something. What is interesting, the nature “used” golden section only for the body “construction”. The entire body is made in accordance with the golden section – phalanx of the fingers – hand – forearm – everything is by the golden section. But not the psychic, I had to spend several years in order to understand that absolutely different laws are working there. It turned out that the whirl structure of the field at the seventh chakra should be multiple to 9. Much later we met with Okoneshnikov, he came to nonary structure of the ether! We came to common grounds pretty quickly. We arrived to the same concept from various ends.

That is why when this wonder-figure with surname Gold started to build pyramids here, which are made by the golden section proportions, I would not call it anything but wrecking. They even showed on TV to what results it leads. I case a person with thyroid gland issue will enter into such a pyramid for some time, in the morning he will awake in intensive treatment department.

From the auditorium: The one at Rizskaya road was destroyed by hurricane.

First of all it will destroy brain control functions! Our brains are working not in accordance with the golden section laws, so be careful with this.

From the auditorium: Is Okoneshnikov well now?

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, September 3-rd he celebrated 70, we talked by phone. He is going to come here in September to present his fourth book, in which he described his ether theory in more details.

From the auditorium: Where it is possible to purchase his books?

Koltsov S. V.: Nowhere, he puts them into the web.

Question: Tell please, what FSCs to use in case of cyst disease of mammary gland and adnexa?

Koltsov S. V.: “Mamma” when it comes to mammary gland, for the adnexa there is a special spring – exactly “uterus, ovaries” I myself is astonished with such precise differentiation!

Question: During prostate adenoma surgery in February they injected narcosis into the spinal cord for additional switching it off. Now I have noises in the head, legs are walking not steadily.

Koltsov S. V.: After anesthesia of such a kind the earlier one will start to use FSCs the lower will be the consequences. The main problem here is to erase the influence of this narcotic in due time.

From the auditorium: That is to make detoxication.

Koltsov S. V.: It is not so, I checked many narcotics from the whirl organization point of view – all of them are destroying brains. All of them.

From the auditorium: Left….

Koltsov S. V.: The situation is worse, they have field structure that is not friendly to physiology. That is why when one is taking heavy drugs for a long time, they say “holes in brains”. What else can one expect, physical damage takes place. That is why after some types of narcosis people are unable to recover. It could not be withdrawn with pills, but it is not amazing that you coped with FSCs.

From the auditorium: Gerel, we used FSC “Spring of Lamas” for a man, who has liver cirrhosis, nowadays his bilirubin and sugar level are in norm. He did not told me about sugar level problem at the beginning, it is not one case when sugar came to norm with the use of the “Spring of Lamas”.

Koltsov S. V.: When filter starts to work properly!

Gerel: Liver is an organism engine, in case engine started to work well the whole organism cleaned well from all dirt.

Koltsov S. V.: In these spring there is a separate theme “Liver, gallbladder”, at that they consider it the main one among the rest.

From the auditorium: Of course, the liver is the central organ of the entire organism, one will die immediately without it.

Koltsov S. V.: That is why we made a number of FSCs which deal with liver from various approaches.

Gerel: «Shambala Spring» also works with the liver…..

Koltsov S. V.: «Shambala Spring», number 5, “Spring of Lamas” - are specific. Also the «Amaranth».

From the auditorium: «Shambala Spring» works with stones in the gallbladder. A man is 70, he had a sack of stones, after 7 months only 3 small stones are left.

Koltsov S. V.: It is not excluded.

Gerel: When they showed the spring to us, they said in case of drinks…..

Koltsov S. V.: Well, they drugged a drunk Mongolian to this spring, hangover…..

From the auditorium: This man spoke (at the event in Mongolia) , remember, he said that he has to clink glasses with 300 hundred people.

Gerel: President of Mongolian advocates association.

From the auditorium: He sat down, he did not went to Lamas with you when they invited, they brought to him a liter and half of water. He said: “I drunk it and grew sober”.

Gerel: That is why he said that one shall take sample and make an FSC with this water. Later lama told that it was expected action of this water. Nowadays they do not open this spring to everyone.

Koltsov S. V.: Most interesting is that Mongolian people themselves even do not know.

Gerel: Only the head lama has keys to this spring. When we arrived with Sergey Valentinovitch he said to us to wait until 4 p.m., so we waited for a long time, then he called his apprentice – a young Lama, and told him to open the spring for us.

Koltsov S. V.: «Shambala Spring» they built a kind of chapel over it.

Gerel: Nowadays it is also under UNESCO.

Koltsov S. V.: They do not pour this water to anyone! He launched a leather bug into the well, poured water for us through the spouting chute.

Gerel: And the spring is at considerable depth. He opened and closed the well for us.

From the auditorium: And we have a possibility…..

Koltsov S. V.: Yes! What is interesting, it is checked at myself. Even in case I drink a bit more than I should, if it was structured at the “Shambala Spring” there would be no punishment in the morning.

Gerel: I will tell you a story of this spring. The Lama sat for 108 day in a cave and read prayers, it is a desert place……

Koltsov S. V.: it is Gobi desert, there is nothing but sand dunes there.

Gerel: When two his apprentices started to learn not well, in order to punish them he said: “Go there…..”

Koltsov S. V.: «To that sand dune, take shovels and start to dig, the water will appear soon”.

Gerel: And so they dug and dug, reached nothing, returned back to the Lama and said: “There is nothing there!”. He said: “What will happen if one hits the head?” They said: “The blood will go trickling”. “Then go back and try more” and so they continued to dig and suddenly the water started to fountain out of the ground!

Koltsov S. V.: Unnecessary questions these guys had disappeared completely.

Gerel: Many people came to this spring, from Russia and from China, India, Tibet. People came there to heal themselves with sacred water, this place has very powerful energetic. The first Lama, who ordered to dig for water, was so powerful that he was able to fly above the ground.

Koltsov S. V.: He was able to levitate.

Gerel: He was enlightened.

Koltsov S. V.: Lama invited us, we drunk tea together, we presented him a couple of FSCs.

Gerel: It is the present lama. Similar to Russia we had severe repressions, many places of worship were destroyed, a number of Lamas were eliminated. This unique enlightened man had many books, his apprentices found his apprenticeships in big boxes, which were hidden in caves. They found these boxes only in the beginning of 60-s. And what is most important, the spring that fountained was leveled with ground along with the temple. There were large temples, large Datsans, nothing was left from them, everything was destroyed. Starting from 1980-s with the help of Russia they started to restore these temples. And they was not able to find the spring again. Local people remembered that it was somewhere close, but as long it is a desert, they were not able to find exact place. There is a story that at the opening of the central temple, it is a very big and beautiful temple, restored by photographs. At the day of this temple reopening the spring made his way through the sand on its own and fountained! That is why they cherish and protect it as an apple of one’s eye, do not give water to the first comer, whichever comes. The head Lama, enlightened is the only keeper of the key from the spring.

Koltsov S. V.: Only He gives permission - to whom give the water, to whom not.

Gerel: He gives permission to open the spring. Everything is under protection there. Starting form 1989 the temple and the spring are under UNESCO protection. And also under protection and supervision of WHO.

From the auditorium: Tell please, do they distribute this water in some way?

Koltsov S. V.: No. One shall reach the place first! Because there are no roads, only directions. Once when we drove we noticed some sign in the top of the sand dune. We drive closer, look at it, and Homeric laughter starts – the road sign was “bumpy road”, we see this as it is!

Gerel: I want to say that we shall try and purchase these wonderful FSCs, with information which they are bringing to Sergey Valentinowich from all over the world, it is such a good investment!

From the auditorium: they will be inherited.

Gerel: Recently Company created Collection FSCs, they are invaluable. What I am about….maybe someone will go to Mongolia after listening to our stories, but definitely not all of you will go. But you may have these energies and while sitting at home….

Koltsov S. V.: Well, one shall know where to drive there, because the road ends and then there are only directions. It is Gobi. First go thorns then only sand dunes.

Gerel: That is why I am very glad to work in this company, glad to possess all these FSCs, I am purchasing every FSC that is created for us by the Company, with time all these FSCs will be priceless.

From the auditorium: Gerel, may I ask you a question, are Mongolian partners themselves glad that such FSCs were released? They may save their time…..

Koltsov S. V.: They have two sports there: races and wrestling. Two world leading sumo wrestlers are Mongolian. Japanese already gave up on them: “One would not win these guys anyway”. And so, they consider it vulgar manners if one goes without an FSC! I am about these giant wrestlers.

Gerel: I want to repeat myself. I am over 60, living myself in Mongolia close to these springs, I only heard that it makes wonders. But until now I had no idea what exactly are they doing. This year I realized with astonishment that I am living in such a wonderful country, with numerous curative springs and interesting energy places, which to our sorrow, not all local people are able to use. Due to FSCs we all may test these wonders in our homes and together with our family members.

Koltsov S. V.: What is interesting about Mongolia?! It is easy to reach all these places of power. We too have many, but how one shall wade through taiga?! You have no idea, what a derby we had recently at Kamchatka mountains, it is not for someone with weak nerves.

From the auditorium: And how they dragged zenith rockets there? By the sea? They are writing that C-400 were deployed there.

Koltsov S. V.: They have their places. I am talking about Kamchatka, when one have to climb up the sugarloafs, it is not possible to drive there! We waded there recently, it was a middle of June! There was a snow between sugarloafs, which not melted yet. We have to wade 7 kilometers one way and 7 kilometers back, half of the way was along the snow patches. I say: “What is the snow thickness?” – “About 4 meters” I say: “Will it melt till August?” – “Well, may be it does by the end of August”, starting from September there is winter again.

Gerel: I want to invite you into Mongolia. I invite you in July, it is the best season, you may spend a night in our national yurta, the way our ancestors did…..”

Koltsov S. V.: They are calling it a hotel!

Gerel: When Sergey Valentinovitch was at our country for the first time, and he entered yurta, he said himself that yurta is the only thing that amazed him here. He said that construction of the Mongolian housing is very clever, it was the second one on his count, where everything is in harmony with nature. The first one is chum (reindeer skin tent).

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, northern nations have chums, and here is yurta, its construction is in Guinness book of records.

Gerel: Now Sergey Valentinovitch wants to install yurta at his dacha in Moscow district.

Koltsov S. V.: No, I do not.

Gerel: Why Mongolian nomadic people are so calm, not twitchy, more or less stress-less and with calm energetic? Because they install yurtas directly on the ground, and we are sitting straight, with our first chakra at the ground, and a window opens at the top, and we are looking at the stars, we see the whole sky. In yurta, as you know, there are 108 “uni”, and the yurta itself is round, that is why it keeps energy and people….

Koltsov S. V.: Generally all nuances are working there, including inclination angles…..

Gerel: That is why I invite you, if you want. Me and Sergey Valentinovitch are leaving in July, exactly at this period.

From the auditorium: Come in July, we will be off!

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, we will drive again somewhere to a far away corner.

Gerel: I was planning to go directly into the desert, there is a Monosh mountain, I gave you a translation….

Koltsov S. V.: I did not really understand what it is……

Gerel: I brought a translation.

Koltsov S. V.: Very good. By the way, one vial is not interesting, but the second one I recorded.

Gerel: This is exactly Monosh! There are sands in the desert, a sand in a restricted area, I brought a translation to Sergey Valentinovich.

Koltsov S. V.: There was a sand, not water.

Gerel: It was packed, I thought that it is water! Where from a water may appear in a desert! Of course it is sand!

Koltsov S. V.: There were two bottles with sand, one is totally waste, the other is interesting.

Gerel: There is such a space, people are coming there to heal for years.

Koltsov S. V.: It is something of “The Golden Sand” series.

Gerel: One comes there, lays down, they dig him into the sand, the sand heals kidneys, all issues of kidneys. The sand is hot, we are calling this the sand bath. People with renal insufficiency are coming there.

Koltsov S. V.: It is clear why they are digging into the sand, there is not much water in Mongolia, we would pour a bath instead of digging into the sand.

From the auditorium: Say please, what FSCs sumo wrestlers are using?

Koltsov S. V.: I even did not looked.

Gerel: They have “Fortune’, they have “The Golden Sand”. Our young woman became Olympic champion, she came to us, they sew up pendants into the closes and go out at the arena.

From the auditorium:«Energy of Life» ?!

Koltsov S. V.: Wou!

From the auditorium: Did not WADA object?

Koltsov S. V.: It is not a doping! It is not a doping and it does not leave traces neither in blood nor elsewhere.

From the auditorium: At chess competitions extrasensory practitioners from both sides start to zombie.

Koltsov S. V.: We remember history. Korchnoy.

Gerel: It is not only sumo wrestlers. We have three kinds of national sports, they call it “Games of three men”, they are in July, exactly when Sergey Valentinovitch comes. They are: archery, races and wrestling. Nowadays owners wear FSCs at their racehorses. Why am I telling this – you also have home animals…..

From the auditorium: Sew in (FSCs) to all our Olympic team…..

Koltsov S. V.: The problems are more serious there. I kept an eye at our joined team members. Someone starts to work with them targeted in prior to competitions, one really goes mad.

Gerel: Our sumo wrestlers and national style wrestlers simply drink water when contest. They drink water prior to going out at the arena. They pump up, it is important, they do not get tired.

From the auditorium: What FSC to use in order to prevent animals being sick?

Koltsov S. V.: I made one for bulls and horses, but did not replicate.

From the auditorium: Will you do such an FSC for us? We also have pets.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, it is possible and actual to do, because it works with all animals: cats, dogs – any.

Question: Say please, is it possible to get rid from cataract, is it possible to put FSCs at eyes and what FSCs to use?

Koltsov S. V.: Well, at «Clear Vison 1» there was nothing for this theme, but in «Clear Vison 2» there is a specific channel which works with glaucoma and cataract.

From the auditorium: After surgery?

Koltsov S. V.: What is the difference?! The question here is in degree of neglect.

Radkova L. I..: Has no importance.

From the auditorium: At what time it is possible to apply an FSC, a minute? two?

Koltsov S. V.: You should not be afraid, it is not pills. It will be silent when works off everything, it will simply do nothing.

Gerel: May I ask you, Who has «The Golden Sand» FSC?

Thank you, I am glad you have it. You probably know that when one puts this sand into mouth it melts, but it does not dissolve in water.

Koltsov S. V.: A strange sand that is – dissolves in saliva, not in water. Lama gave we a small bag.

Gerel: They gave you a clean sand, they passed it through many many generations.

Koltsov S. V.: It is strange – very thin, and not really yellow.

Gerel: It glows at the Sun like gold.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, judging be appearance it is sand, but one shall look at its chemical composition.

Gerel: 13 enlightened people was born at this territory – sacred Lamas. The 14-th one is already born, they consecrated him not long ago. That is why it is really sacred place, Sergey Valentinovitch, when copied this information, said: «Gerel, the Golden Sand not only restores health, but it also leads to the success, wellbeing, prosperity», He said exactly this, thou in that time we did not have such information. And you know, two years ago the lama who brought us the sand came to us and said: «Gerel, it turned out that Sergey Valentinovitch was right that this place brings lots of wealth, now they discovered gold deposits».

Koltsov S. V.: Stream gold. If I am not mistaken the sand dunes last at 400 kilometers.

Gerel: Nowadays people set for gold.

From the auditorium: Gold rush started.

Koltsov S. V.: Well, yes.

Gerel: And he says that now they will dig this place over, will cut it up. I am terribly sorry that I have no power to stop all this. The Gold Sand, which is beneficial to health and other things will disappear soon. Why I asked who has it? Because in your hands you have the variant, with full information from the old golden sand, not the kind we have now……

Koltsov S. V.: We have similar situation with «Danilovo Lake». As soon it became well known they built cafes around and play hard rock! Water hears everything!

Gerel: That is why you better keep this FSC, it will bring good luck to you. Almost all our Mongolian partners have it. Because it brings lots of good luck, brings wealth.

Koltsov S. V.: And at the same time it erases lots if informational dirt.

From the auditorium: It erases, then fills up.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, it cleans.

From the auditorium: Then may be we shall carry it at the top of the head for some 20 minutes? To clean out brains…..

Koltsov S. V.: Surely it would not harm!

From the auditorium: Where to carry «The Golden Sand»?

Koltsov S. V.: Wherever you like, it works at all levels.

Luzfinova S. I.: Do pumpings.

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