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S. V. Koltsovs lection on lilac FSC 9-16. 07.07.2011


Selecting picturesque information of the curative plants and minerals for the first FSC series  1-8, we did not even thought about the existence of an outer information, which could be accessible  through some consciousness effort. But going our way we inevitably  should have come upon cosmo energy. Because tasks and aims of our efforts with the Functional State Correctors are totally identical  with the tasks solved by cosmo-energy practitioners. At some point I even asked some of them to take a look if the FCS turn on some cosmo-energy channels? Common sense implied that there should be some meeting points. They are at every FSC. I did not wrote about that at the instructions, but on some blue FSC (1-8) I recorded the polarization of water samples charged by wary powerful  cosmo-energy healers. And of course, prior to doing so we thoroughly checked the effectiveness and performance of these water samples.

It appeared that all cosmo-energy channels imply some verbal coding. One should ask the channel aloud (or silently) to do something, and obligatory to thank for cooperation. One should clearly understand that it is a direct dialog, and due to these feature the system of cosmo-energy channels  is extremely mighty and has a lot of branches. And the possibilities that at these field open have no limits!

I had especial interest in a question: why modern humanity has so short lifespan? It is because of the DNA tales become noisy during replications with the presence of  telomeres. And after approximately 50 replications, some error occurs on the fifty first one, leading to aging and death. Who prohibits to eliminate errors on the field level? Nowadays it is absolutely  probed that all cells membrane  structures are tuned  to interact with the outer environment. No one item of medicine equipment, not one remedy take these fact into consideration. Medicine do not solve these problem either. It could be done only on the field level,  controlling the spin orientation of photons exactly what all FSC are doing. And one should clearly understand that all cosmo-energy channels perform the same functions like FSC does: they structure water, clean thin bodies, wind up chakras and so on. But if only one will learn how to speak to them correctly!!!

Cosmo-energy methods existed at all times. By the efforts of Emil Bagirov the international federation of cosmo-energets was  taken into the World Health Organisation at the end of 2009. They do not take anybody into WHO by chance! The volume of efforts the contribution of different cosmo-energy schools is really noticable. We know some names of cosmo-energy school leaders, and a lot of others avoid  publicity. There could not be a leading cosmo-energy school by definition. All these cosmo-energy channels are a possession of all mankind. The experience was gained through thousands of years. It is an international field of activity which is potentially able to conciliate all religions. There are  channels of Holy Moses, Holy Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, of all Slavic Gods Peroun, Ra, Sviatovit, Svarog, Svarga the list is endless.

The ideology of the investigation of the process how all cosmo-energy channels work stumbles upon the virtuality of the phenomenon. The channels appear with the help of consciousness. One moment the channel appears, works performs some given function, and closes as If never existed. The cosmo-energy channels do not disturb the surrounding  space. Due to these fact it is really hard to detect the channel presence. But with the help of the Functional State Correctors it is possible to investigate the cosmo-energy channels on the  scientific basis. Because having at our disposal  the diffraction lattice (the FSC) which turns on the channel without any coding it becomes possible to sit down and investigate them. The implementation of the new lilac Functional State Correctors is basically the same. But if one wants to achieve the prolonged action it is necessary to learn to work with verbal coding. One should learn to formulate the correct task for the channel to work at. And it should not be done in a form of a beggars  weeping prayer. One should clearly imagine the final aim You are going to achieve. Lets say one wants to cure some organ. One should reproduce in his head (imagine) the picture of a healthy organ, or a healthy part of some system which troubles, and so on. It is easy to learn if one knows what to reproduce.

In a literature they write that cosmo-energy originates from eastern philosophy systems.  But at my opinion, it drew from our territory. When I read books on  Vedic culture, Slavic-Arian Veda, which was published recently,- the more I read, the more my understanding grew that Vedic understanding of the Human Nature is the most complete and systematic one. Our ancestors believed it is necessary to  achieve the unity of four hypostasis: the  soul, the body, the  spirit and the conscience many systems omit the clear conscience. When a human Being achieves  the unity of these four hypostasis he becomes a ready Co-Creator. Thoughts about some free market economy to buy cheap, to sell gross disappeared somewhere. Generally speaking,  all cosmo-energy channels are aimed to harmonize all these seemingly hardly understandable hypostasis.

The most valuable thing done by all FSC s  along with any of the cosmo-energy channels is that they accustom a person to orient correctly in the surrounding space and society, to think with his own head instead of using some stereotypes. At the first glance our functional state correctors come across the insurance medicine. But why it wrote a price only on what it costs to cut of something and valued zero pence the to cure a person! Until  present moment the world of cosmo-energy was a prerogative of some secret societies, or definite state structures. But it is used in such utilitarian manner, the main thing becomes completely lost the spirituality. Many people ask these question: what is spirituality? I like one formulation: it is full rejection of ego, when one starts to sink not only about himself, but about his neighbors as well.

The main difference of these new lilac FSC series from the previous ones is that we aimed a total protection on the information level. For it would not be possible to interfere, or violate something, even if one will try hardly.

It appears that starting these FSC series we fulfill one of the WHO tasks  - popularization of the cosmo-energy methods among the peopling. We transfer cosmo-energy out of the available for the chosen ones only rank to the available to everybody rank.

The description of the new lilac FSC series:

, - The Golden Pyramid we reordered  here these channel with the addition of some others for the harmonization of all processes, for the human aura defense from the outer influences, for counteraction with different informational viruses.  People constantly ask as how to get rid of it is a difficult question, but here we added several themes, and it is hard even to imagine that after their use something will be able to stay! I am interested in these question myself, because after every public appearance I need several days to be restored.  Without   fail somebody in the auditorium is trying negative programming. I warn them once again: these channels are absolutely protected, and the punishment will return to them in real time. Who is dare to check please try But I would not cure you!

Now about The Golden Pyramid functions. It compensates radioactive background not only in the human organism but also in the surrounding space you should take the FSC in hands and imagine the place You are going to protect and the Golden Pyramid covering the entire place. Ask for a definite protection time  You need. Or imaging Yourself inside the Golden Pyramid. The channel will follow Your wishes it will cover the chosen place with the desired protective functions.   Even if You do not put it into words- another  way to start working with the channel is to specify what You want in words. It means that it is possible to cover some agricultural field, to protect some flight or car trip, to ensure nothing would happen. Anything You want to protect. It is an instrument of the outer informational conditions control. Really a very serious thing. By the way it helps with the terrorism prevention dissolves all the negative destruction programs. Remember a lot of examples weve being shown - the information about the upcoming event is hanging in the air and no one knows how to dissolve it.

All cosmo-energy  channels are able to prevent the development of such situations. Generally speaking the main FSC function, along with the main function of the cosmo-energy  channels is not to cure some old problems, but to prevent  the formation of problems.

At the physiological level it helps to the spinal column cleaning from different information blocks, and protects it from the informational invasion  of any kind. It mainly concerns those people, who suffer  with the intervertebral  hernia. It is purely  an information origin problem. One may try to use these FSC in prophylaxis purposes.

It removes heavy water out of the organism, contributes the learning processes, increases potency, stimulates different creation processes one wants to do something  reasonable after that.

The cosmo-energy  channels are fully compatible with the plant forms, so we added the oak polarization to these set, as well as common valerian  roots  and thistle polarizations. But the cosmo-energy  channels work much stronger than the plant polarizations? so they are hardly noticeable in these set. The process of these FSC-s action take just seconds compare it with minutes required for the previous correctors to act. The channels are summoned in a moment and their power is so great, that it would be possible to structure, say a heavy truck

- The Clear Space another interesting set which includes new channels, which were opened only these year. Surely we are living in a time of some transition, and these channels appeared just in time. New channels appear which rise the vibration characteristics by orders at 3 or 4 octaves so human adaptation process comes even quicker. I look at people who do not use the correctors, they are starting to moan: the head aches, or a pain in the joints, or something is wrong. But everything is right, it is the way it should be!

In  The Clear Space set  three fundamental channels, which popped out these year are present. Ill give their short description:

The Primordial Purity designated to change the consciousness , to tune the mentality on the spirituality, and has a curative accent. The frequency of these channel is so high that it  is absolutely protected from the outer information influence. The channel frequency is so high that at the first time I had to get accustomed to it.  It is possible to earn  how to program other channels function with the help of The Primordial Purity Yours attention would not be destructed. It has antiviral, antibacterial properties, it is easy to control these function: You take these FSC in Your hands and say a precise formula what are You going to get rid of. And thank the channel later.

The second channel  The  Divine  Consciousness  is also an informational one, it leads to such high frequencies where all the raised teachers are present. In other words it is a direct link to their consciousness.   The  Divine  Consciousness  creates other channels, allows further  development, they describe it as for the eternal  harmonious  development.

It is clear that  with the help of these channels alone it would be possible to avoid 2012 cataclysms, even if other meditating groups  would do nothing on the matter. Everything would come out in evolution form.

It also helps with the childrens education, and it is these channel which will help to switch on any other cosmo-energy  channels. Anybody who is willing will be able to do auto-initiation. It is not a mere chance that the whole cosmo-energy  movement was admitted by the World Health Organization for their achievements in curing people. Not everybody is going to cure other people. For those ones who is eager to do so it would be necessary  to get initialization in these channels, to learn to work with them correctly in pair with an experienced teacher. It is a normal practice of learning.

The third channel is called The  Wisdom of Spirit helps to carry out what was planned in Space, creates the harmony of light and knowledge, meaning the knowledge of the  Great Teachers,  allows to be in a calm state all the time, tuned on the rejuvenation processes, trains consciousness, contributes to the new DNA structures activation. It is not a coincidence that they write in some books nowadays: why do we have only one DNA spiral? What Kryon (Lee Carroll) is righting? Up to 12 DNA layers should be activated. The common sense  suggests: it should!  Because even the saliva has 12 layers. May be it is a coincidence time will tell. At the emotional level The  Wisdom of Spirit promotes the sense of good humor.

I would not mention these three channels later, I will simply refer to them as a whole and You have in mind that they are present at the Clear Space . They are the base of  The Clear Space FSC, and several other channels which help to clean vast  territories are added.

There was one situation at Germany: we are getting late for a train, and a big column of heavy trucks has blocked the autobahn in front of us. We thought that is the end we will be late. I reach for The Clear Space and start to formulate the program: well, guys, please stop somewhere for five minutes, we will bypass you, five minutes will do. Something got broken, the column really stopped, everybody laughed the coincidence!  But it was hardly a coincidence!

The Clear Space  contains themes which help to relive stress. It os recommended to structure water with the help of these FSC and simply to disperse in space: at Your flat, at working place You will see the difference how pure the place will become.

Some set of polarizations of some minerals and  essential oils is added as well. But their power is significantly less than the power of the cosmo-energy  channels.

You do not even imagine what an effort  it was to combine the set of themes for the FSC #1.  The heterogeneity of plants from different  latitudes and places leads to poor resonant characteristics. So the process of the FSC # 1 recording takes 10 minutes, compare it with 15 seconds required to record the lilac ones

  A  Healthy Heart is one of the separate curative plates, it contains a vast set of approximately 40 cosmo-energy  channels. It is senseless even to  enumerate  them even advanced cosmo-energets, who are working with these channels professionally do not master even a half of them. To understand the difference if one will go in these direction in a standard manner, initializing in the channels and mastering their use one by one, will spend  years. Here all coding is removed and they are ready for the implementation of the given function. More to it, with the help of  The Clear Space one is able to initialize in any one of the channels if he wishes to. You are free to try. Once again the  Hippocratic principle is working at these FSC-s. All these channels meet the Do no harm requirement. If the function will be formulated incorrectly it simply  would not work.  The Guys are quick in the uptake!

It  seems that the problems Arkadiy Petrov (one of the famous Russian cosmo-energets, the founder of cosmo-energy  school, the writer, suddenly died after disease) encountered with had the same standard origin the ego surged up within him. Fell ill passed out. Some leaders of modern cosmo-energy  schools may encounter with the similar problem as well. Not everything is going smooth there. Take for example Sharkov he is initialized in a lot of channels, but struggles with a severe form of  diabetes the ego again.

I get shiver even enumerating the main channels from A Healthy Heart set. The whole lot of channels supporting the heart activities, including the Gektos channel which helps to protect and regulate the performance  of all the other channels.  Gektos,  Zevs, Shaon,  Firast, The Divine Fire, a variety of channels connected with Love, about 40 channels to prevent all the different forms of -its people are suffering from. By that A Healthy Heart FSC will prevent criminal situations connected with the cardiovascular system. All these channels are aimed to the cardiovascular system prophylaxis through the capillary restoration,  through the restoration of the nervous, endocrine, hormonal systems, brain functions restoration, and gastrointestinal tract functions restoration. A group of channels is aimed to the blood pressure regulation, connected with the buds  and adrenal gland functioning. You see, the variety of problems human being may encounter with is extremely board we dialed with what we were able to.

- Healthy Joints is another curative FSC in the lilac series. Now we live in the fifth year, counting from 2007, when there were global magnetic field changes. And  we have to stand another 2 years before all our bone tissue cells will completely regenerate. (S. V. Koltsov told many times at his previous lections about adaptation problems connected with the bone tissue cells regeneration period. Our bone system is an antenna which connects us with the Earth magnetic field. The Earth magnetic field went through a big change at 2007. Our soft tissues regenerate relatively quickly, but it takes 7 years for the full change of the bone system cells. So many people  encounter with bone system, spinal column and joints problems during these transition period.) we need to leave through these 2 years somehow, and now we  see a lot of complications connected with joints. These FSC is designated for the liquor and intraarticular liquid functions regulation, for the restoration of the bone tissues. It stands against all possible osteoporosis manifestations.

I stress once again, like at any other FSC it is just the information, which regulates vibration characteristics and harmonizes organism rhythms with the outer magnetic field rhythms. One should not forget about organic supplements. It means that if You decided to dial with joints, You should not eat organic calcium as it is a commonplace practice, but You should eat organic silicon, which acts as a  catalyst for the calcium assimilation.  Zeolite based preparations at the first place. I met with the leading German chrono-biologist Karl Hecht, he is 85 years old, and he conducted absolutely amazing fundamental research on the zeolite cleaning technology. Here is the direct proposal to organize a joint venture between Russia and Germany.  We are planning it now. We mean the production of zeolites as  a food supplements. We have unique zeolite deposits in Russia. Germans investigated the whole world now and cleared that the best zeolites are delivered  from Cuba. They have silicon dioxide content about 70 %, but there are deposits in Russia with the silicon dioxide content up to 98%.

What  cosmo-energy  channels are included into the Healthy Joints FSC ? Here they are: Holy Jesus for the blood pressure regulation and joints regeneration. It will also work with throat area abnormalities, with colds. A vast quantity of problems is connected with the infections from this place. The Buddha Palace contributes  to the chackra winding up, to the aura restoration, works with the thin bodies, contributes to coming out of coma and fainting.  Firast  and Shaon   contribute to the negative programs burning out, to the removal of toxins and excessive salts out of the organism, help to dissolve and remove sand. The Holly Buddha restores the functions of joints and stomach. And the channel The Technology of Light helps for the distant use of all this programs. It gives possibility to treat a patient in a faraway lands. A group of channels which  withstand  the different inflammation processes is added.

-Healthy Sleep another   interesting  FSC. by the way the second sphere of Karl Hechts professional interests is the development of  different methods of the healthy sleep restoration. We touched the theme of good sleep at the cosmetology FSC # 8 but at that corrector the main accent was made to the acceleration of the cells mitosis for their quick renewal. It is required for the cosmetology purposes. But at these plate we concentrated a set of themes aimed exactly for the normal physiological sleep normalization. Recently I sleep only 2-3 hours, put these FSC somewhere nearby , wake up everything is OK. These program is designated for the thin bodies cleaning during the sleep time, contributes the melatonin production, because it is not real to regulate organism timing functions without melatonin. Helps to get information from the thin world during the sleep time people have dreams, prophetic dreams. It is even possible to program what do you want to see in your dream. It is possible to use these theme for the acceleration of learning processes. With time we will see how to do it better. All three fundamental channels I mentioned above are present here:  The Primordial Purity,  The  Divine  Consciousness, The  Wisdom of Spirit, and about 10 specialized  channels, including adaptation to the given personality, because some variants are possible here.

 - The birch bark  appeared spontaneously, we recorded it during the spring time, and it happened to be a nice thing, designated for the attention concentration, promotes interest to the education process, at the physiology level helps to stretch the spinal column, for women  it helps to  become pregnant, contributes the spiritual growth. The basic channel which works here is a runic channel  Berkana. Gektos is added for the protection of the information. Another channel for the consecration of things and for improvement of the understanding  of the essence of things is added.

- The Light of Life  we called another FSC. A very complex set of channels which work on rejuvenation and vital functions support. The main cosmo-energy  channel, which is used in these FSC is called Titan designated  for the transformation of any radiation into normal irradiance, which do not destroy cells, helps to delete all negative programs, and fundamentally cleans all thin bodies.  Contributes to the production and activation of the stem cells and telomerase. The telomerase is present in the process of the DNA replications, and according to the modern scientificall knowledge, after 50 replications cells getting old and  apoptosis is taking place. Here we make a try to turn on  the information channels  which will help the healthy cells to perform their functions. Why oncology cells do not suffer from such defects , but the health ones do? By these reason this FSC strongly opposes different  timorous processes.

-The Healthy way of life.  It is obvious what this FSC is designated for it is a prolongation of our attempts made with the FSC no 5. It is an addition for the anti-dependence channels recorded on the FSC no 5. A great number of channels for the cleaning of the thin bodies and for the erasing and deleting of the negative programs, stimulates the development of the aversion to the bad habits. Again, it is desirable that one will do these consciously, it works better such way. I deliberately did checks on smokers: put the block of cigarettes on  The Healthy way of life for a minute, one starts to smoke  - seems nothing happened the cigarettes are light. Sow with my own eyes, they take the second one, then threw  it away it is impossible to get satisfaction from them! Ask a man why did you through it?  Well, the desire is gone  somewhere. What is important: channels which activate the forgiveness energy are added here. Because many folks who start to fall into a glass or something of the kind are preoccupied with self-disparagement. Themes that will help to overcome such moods are added, with the secondary  task of supporting the central nervous system. These FSC restores  cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, psychic setup, contributes to the genome cleaning, reduces the level of aggression, and what is important restores the liver. May help with epilepsy and schizophrenia. People constantly ask about these conditions at the lectures, but one should have in mind it should be done in close cooperation with doctors, to develop  the methodology. Some really exotic channels are added: Atman,., Heavenly Wind, Clear Space, Makosh, Perun.

You understand, if one will be activated in these themes one by one one will be occupied exclusively by the process. Ive listed only 8 sets here, and I have a dozen in mind which I even did not mention today. Sets connected with the plant grows activation, with the fuel  afterburning,  we do such experiments now. It is possible to create another octet of FSC-s and not the only one.

We hesitated to produce The transformation of the Sun light FSC which includes themes connected with the mentality and psychic setup changes in order to allow oneself  to become a successful person, also the set is ready for the production. Because people should be more prepared. Modern  man wants to have everything and in an instance. But one should understand that these theme is closely connected with the spiritual development. One should learn to regulate his relationships with his own ego first. It is really a difficult problem.

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