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The Lilac Functional State Correctors 9-16

Here is a translation of the official Centr-Region Company information on the new lilac FSC  

Functional State Correctors  are dynamic devices aimed for harmonization of any water containing medium oscillations with the oscillations of the Earth magnetic field rhythms and the outer Cosmic irradiation rhythms in accordance with the set of themes recorded on the FSC.

Cosmo energy  is the sum of knowledge and practices aimed to the development, self-perfection, spiritual and physical healing of a human being.

Its a method of non-verbal influence. Healing takes place due to the influence of the especial Cosmo energy channels, which have curative action.

The main task of the human being health improvement is the restoration of harmony in every aspect of his existence, regarding him as an integrated and an open system, in total of his body, soul and spirit along with the restoration of harmony with his family and the surrounding social medium and with the surrounding environment.

Such systematic approach is an inherent property of all traditional health restoration systems like AyurVeda or ancient Slavic Veda knowledge.

The World Health Organization is concerned with the rebirth of ancient systems of knowledge about physical and psycho wellbeing of humanity, at the end of 2009 it accepted the International Federation of Classical Cosmo Energy.

Cosmo energy is regarded as a scientific-practical method, during the last decade the measurements on the Cosmo energy channels influence on the water medium, water solutions, biological objects, plants, radioactive background were conducted at scientific centers, and the influence of Cosmo energy channels should be regarded as statistically confirmed.

Methods developed in Cosmo energy practices give hints on the self development of consciousness.

The action of the Cosmo energy channels is based on the operators mind images control for satisfaction of different human needs. Liquid crystals including water, are the medium which transfers these programs.

New programs for the lilac FSC were formed exactly these way,  the polarizations of water, subjected to the Cosmo-energy treatments were reordered on the FSC.

In the previous FSC series (1-8|) some health restoring programs were added  the same way, through the water structure changes. Full compatibility of the Cosmo energy channels with the curative plants and minerals polarizations was confirmed with the 3 years of the FSC implementation.

The main distinctive feature of the new lilac FSCs is their total protection from the outer information influence. The possibility of  the Cosmo energy programs mass-printing through the water medium makes them available for wide people masses and does not require special initiations. There are 8 Cosmo energy FSCs:

FSC no 9 The healthy heart contains a set of channels supporting the heart performance: The Gektos Channel cleans and deletes everything which  interfere with the receiving of the information. The channel carries any information, powerfully cleans and widens the consciousness, assists the development of the creative abilities. Also it contains channels favoring the prophylaxis of different illnesses: Zevs, Shaon, Firast, Ninalis, Mother, The Heavenly fire, The Heavenly light, The Heavenly love, Healing love, The light of the universal love, The opening of the spiritual heart. About 40 code channels aimed to the prophylaxis of the different cardio-vascular system malfunctions are added. The FSC takes care about capillary restoration, about the nervous, endocrine and hormonal systems, of the brain functions  restoration. Especial group of channels is aimed to the blood pressure regulation which is connected with the liver and adrenal glands functions. The program of the spiritual heart opening is aimed on the general and harmonic development. Some information from the curative plants after preliminary preparation and minerals is added. They are: the Siberian pine soft resin, hawthorn, dog rose, motherwort, clover, valerian, melissa, calendula, plantain, green tea, horsetail, knotgrass, and minerals: jasper, the rose quartz, onyx, aquamarine.

FSC no 10 The healthy joints is designated for the regulation of the liquor, articulate liquids functions, the restoration of tissues regeneration ability. It includes the following channels:

Farun Buddha helps to pump up chakras with energy, to restore aura, to take out of the borderline states, for example out of  fainting out;

Firast and Shaon help to burn out negative programs, the excessive salts and toxin deducing, dissolve and wash out sands;

The Holly Budha restores the functions of the stomach walls and joints;

A group of code channels which help with the prophylaxis of the different joints inflammation diseases;

A channel for the blood pressure regulation, joints regeneration, ease of the problems connected with throat and colds;

Polarization of the following minerals is added: the rose quartz, turquoise, agate, rock crystal;

Polarization of the following plants is added: horsetail, lucerne, scullcup.

FSC no 11 The healthy way of life is  designated for the cleaning of all the thin bodies of a human organism, the destruction and elimination of all negative programs, stimulation the development of the aversion to the bad habits. It turns on the energy of forgiveness, the energy of life, supports and restores the central nervous system, gastro-intestinal tract, the psychic  setup, helps the genome cleaning, lowers the aggression level, restores liver. This FSC includes the following channels:

Atman, Gibor, Agatha, Vingrado, The Heavenly wind, Raun, Peroun, Makos, and a group of channels from the FSC no 16 The clear space

In addition the polarization of the rock crystal, rock quartz, and the plant of thistle is included.



FSC no 12 The healthy sleep is  designated for the cleaning of all the thin bodies during the sleep time, aids melatonin production. It helps to receive the information from the thin world, to restore the structure of biorhythms during the time of sleep.  It includes about ten specific channels including the adaptation to the given person. The main thing it does these functional state corrector restores the  normal physiological sleep. The polarization of mint, oregano, valerian, melissa, and turquoise is added.





FSC no 13 The healthy intellect is  designated for the good concentration, increases interest for learning.  At the physiology level it helps to stretch the spinal column, helps  women  to become pregnant, helps the spiritual growth. It includes the Runic Berkana channel, the Gektos Channel helps to protect the information. The channel for the  consecration of things and better comprehension of the essence of things is added. The empowered polarization of the birch tree bark and the birch tree juice polarization in the time of spring juice movement is added.




FSC no 14 The Golden pyramid is  designated for the harmonization of all processes, for the protection of the human aura from different outer influences.  It  fights the information viruses of any kind. At the physiology level it helps the cleaning and protection of the spinal column, deduces the heavy water, contributes the processes of learning, increases the potency. The polarization of oak tree, valerian roots, thistle, St. John's wort is added.






FSC no 15 The light of life is  designated for the turning on the rejuvenation programs, for the deleting of the negative programs of all sorts, aimed to the harmonious development. It contains the Titan channel, the group of channels called the youth elixir, the group of channels called the elixir of life,  which help the production and activation stem sells, telomeres and  mitochondrion. The polarization of the aquamarine, the rose quartz, schungite, tigers eye, ginseng is added.





FSC no 16 The clear space contains approximately ten Cosmo energy channels, including The Golden Pyramide, The Heavenly fire, Merkaba, Jiva. The main designation is to create optimum field condition for every cell, to protect them, to aid self-regulation processes, to relive stress. It is recommended to pulverize water, structured on these functional state corrector indoors in order to clean them from the informational  contaminations.  The polarization of the geranium, the golden root, ginseng, tigers eye, the rock quartz, aquamarine, the rose butter, the eucalyptus butter, the fir  butter  is  added.

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