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Bozko Vladimir Grigorievith a nuclear physicist, manual therapist, the head of the Russian ancient medicine school JiVa.

My own life situation resembles the fate of other people who started to practice healing, I came to it through my own diseases. I am a Military Fleet officer by my first profession the third rank captain. It happened so that I get a serious disease (after the professional exposure) a severe form of neurodermatitis, 40 % of skin were missing. 12 years of the official medicine treatment produced no results, they only spoiled all organism by the hormonal treatment, I was held on the prednisolone. When it came to the edge, I started to seek ways to help myself. Of course one wants to be alive, to move, so one starts to look for some methods, which would be able to help. I just started reading books. I always say: one with high education is able to master any subject. And I managed to solve my problem in 3 year time. For 17 years now I do not know what is neurodermatitis. It was hard, but I did it. Neurodermatitis is a system disease, a lot of organism systems are affected: gastro-intestinal tract, the nervous system, the endocrine system. Thats why doctors say that the neurodermatitis aetiology is not known. It happened so, that after healing myself, I started to help other people. I am in the constant process of learning through all these 17 years, and in a process of helping other people. I am in healing for 15 years, so I have big practice and experience now.

I am an informational medicine practitioner, and coming into the Centr Region company, I get to know about the Functional State Correctors. These was the first device in my practice which was built competently, which operation is based upon natural laws of human life and health, the first device which speaks with the human organism, using the natural language of nature, the language Mother Nature uses to interact with cells, and we will speak about that later. I found what I was seeking. I may say by my own experience, and by the experience of my patients, that we have very good results.

I represent the Centr Region company the developer and distributor of the Functional State Correctors. I am proud to say that our devices are used in 40 countries all over the world. The author of the FSC devices is Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov. In Russia they are also known as the Koltsovs plates or the live plates. What are the main features of the Functional State Correctors? For the first time in the world practice we learned to record on our plates not just frequencies, or plant extracts, but a holographic picture of a whole curative plant. Why it is so important? Lets do a little experiment: close your eyes and imagine an ordinary cup. Everybody did it? Now analyze what you did. You imagined a three dimensional picture of cup. No one did imagined a flat one, or just a word cup written on a sheet of paper, or some other variant. Why? Because human thinks with images. Image is three dimensional picture it is what is called a hologram. It is a universal language of Nature, it speaks to us using these language. Look wider. All surrounding world is built from electrons and protons, but these charged particles exist in such diversity, that everything could be built from their combinations: a tree, some metal, a human body. But there should be something which is able to organize these particles. Since they are charged it is the electromagnetic field which is able to organize them. And a balanced electromagnetic field do organizes these particles. But what is a balanced electromagnetic field? It is a hologram, or an image. The holographic images lay at the basis of all the information interactions in the Universe. When the curative plants are reordered at the FSCs, they influence us in their full natural image and we get full and natural healing. It is wonderful!

What else Id like to point out? All serious doctors are concerned with this question. The production of the first Functional State Correctors started at 1987. And the first FSC made is working by now. Why it is so important. In medical practice they distinguish between short term and long term effects. It happened many times before when newly invented methods showed positive short term results, but after some time the state of the patient worsened. Wt do not have such effect here. For more than 20 years of the first FSC exploitation, there were no negative reactions. Only positive, of course, it is wonderful, of course it is good.

Every time I start my lection with a question: please, tell me what factor is always present where life is present? The motion, of course! If there is a motion there is life. No motion no life. The motion takes place un some unit of time. But imagine a cell inside our body, it does not jump up and down, in what way it moves, then? It oscillates. The oscillation is a kind of motion. Oscillations are characterized by their frequencies. Every single cell in every organ has a frequency of its own. Everything is built from the protons and electrons. These particles bear electric charges, but invariably the electric current starts, and electromagnetic fields generates between charged particles. If we are dealing with the electromagnetic field we are dealing with oscillations at some frequency. Everything in the surrounding world has its own frequencies.

If we start to look at the human body structure, we may see a parallel with Russian dolls. How many dolls are there in a classical Russian doll? Seven! Our ancestors knew how we are built, they possessed the knowledge. The seven dolls represent seven levels of our body organization.

And the first level is an information hologram, which we call aura, or the biological field. On the information level it fully determines our body and its structures constitution. My congratulations: last Year the Ministry of Public Health officially acknowledged the fact of the biological field existence. So it is an acknowledged fact. In Novosibirsk under the closed Strannik program they created equipment capable to detect biological fields and measure some parameters. Many years the existence of biological fields was denied, and only now they are recognized by the official science.

The second level of our body organization is human physical body.

The third level is systems of which our organism is composed.

The fourth level organs.

The fifth tissues.

The sixth cells.

The seventh cell organelles.

It is interesting to note, that every level lives and oscillates on its own frequencies. For example, cell organelles oscillate at extremely high frequencies, ranging from 10 in 14-th order to 10 in 34-th order Hertz. Cells oscillate at a range from 10 in 8th order to 10 in 14-th order Hertz, but integrated information field of a human organism oscillates at a low frequency 14,5 Hertz. Each level has its own band, so we are complex creatures.

May be it is still difficult, then I want to give You a very simple example of oscillations: it is a bell. If one takes a bell and knocks it with a tongue it will start to oscillated, and we perceive these oscillations as a sound. They say: The bell lives as long as it sounds. But what will happen if one will cease knocking the bell? The oscillations will fade and the sound will disappear. We should understand, if there are vital oscillations in our body, then something should support them. You may be interested if there is such a tongue inside our body? No! it is completely missing! All these oscillation, which are necessary for our life we get from the outside. It was proved by the academician Komissarov in 1974 in Novosibirsk. In his experiments he took an empty sphere, in wish the ideal conditions for the development of tadpoles were created. There was everything: a warm water, air, food, but the sphere was wrapped by the 40 types of different absorbing materials, so the inner cave was cut off from all known outer influences. What was the amusement of the scientists when after 6 hours, in an ideal living conditions all tadpoles were dead. After 8 hours they started to dissolve in water without rotting. It was the first time it was proved that we are not able to exist without outer influences.

What is the energy, or what is the force, that brings life to us? If we turn to the ancient philosophy, then we may see, that many nationalities new such concept as a universal energy of life or the universal vital force. The ancient Chinese well developed these concept. They say that every organ of a human organism is supplied by the two kinds of energies: Yin the nourishing energy of Mother Earth, and Yan the energy from the outer space. When these two energies are equal, a universal vital force arises at these organ, which is known as Chi and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner says that these organ has a healthy Chi. If there is an excess of Yan he would say that the organ has an excessive Chi. If there is an excess of Yin he would say that the organ has a lack of Chi. Well, it is possible to question this concept. Not a single Chinese medicine practitioner is able to define what is Yin, and what is Yan. They do not know what it is. It is called an empirical knowledge. But it is hardly possible to question their implementation experience, counting more than 5000 Years. And these knowledge does not belong to the Chinese, it is even more ancient. They were taught the needle-therapy and reflex-therapy by Koreans, which were seized by Chinese, they were taught the healing with herbs by the Vietnamese, and the concept of Yin and Yan was received from our ancestors. In Ukraine, under the city of Chernigov there is an excavation of Cherniahovsk culture, the seventh century B. C. there are pictures of Yin and Yan symbols on the clay pots, along with the pictures of spiral galaxies of 7 kinds. To see them people should fly into space. The history is not as unambiguous as we are taught nowadays. This concept could be found in different ancient systems of knowledge. In Japan these universal energy was known as Ki, in Spain and France as life-giving air, in India and Pakistan Parná or Prana. But what I am telling you, that several centuries before the ancient Chinese our ancestors ancient Ross were well informed, and they called these energy The Energy of Life. It was divided into two kinds of energy the Ji energy and the Va energy. Ji was the feeding energy from Mother Earth or the energy of life itself. Ancient Slavs called the sky Sva. An ancient Slavic goddess Jiva was devoted to the energy of skies, the direct translation of her name will sound as the one, who gives life.

And now we will look at these energies Ji and Va and learn their influence on us. It is not a secret that we live on the Earth surface. And as it was estimated by Shuman our Earth has an electromagnetic field of her own. And we live inside these electromagnetic field. What it does? It oscillates constantly. It is the bell tongue, which constantly supports the oscillations if all living systems, not only humans, but plants, animals, insects and even minerals. Why do we say Mother Earth? Because our body consists of her micro- and macro elements and water. She sets vital vibrations of our organs.

For a long time the frequency of the Earth magnetic field oscillation was constant, it was 7,8 Hertz. But from the end of 1999 these field started to change. The military people was the first, who discovered these effect, they tuned up their equipment by these frequency. I remember the fuss at the end of that august, it is necessary to calibrate the equipment but it does not tune up. Our Solar System, while moving in the sleeve of our galaxy, came to the boundaries of the Aquarius constellation. The Aquarius constellation is the center of electromagnetic masses, and its strong electromagnetic fields started to pose their influence on the Mother Earth, and the whole Solar System. as a result, complex cosmogonical phenomena started to occur, which received a name of The Quantum Leap. We lived through 8 Quantum Leaps by now. It is a very complex phenomenon, but all you should know is that every time the happens, an avalance-like change of the Earth electromagnetic field occurs. Nowadays, according to the Academy of Science Earth Geo-Physics Institute data, the average frequency of the Earth electromagnetic field is 14,5 Hertz. The Earth electromagnetic field power dropped by 40 %. Due to what reason? Human activities and the influence of technical devices built by humans. The North Electromagnetic poke shifted by 376 kilometers, and now it is situated in Greenland. Earlier the Earth axis coincided with the magnetic poles, but now they are shifted, it is possible to say that they sway, these results in powerful electromagnetic fluctuations. What do you think it brings to us? The existence conditions of the human race as a biology species has changed. The frequencies and other conditions of the chemical reactions flow has changed. We should not be afraid of it. Because every human has his own adaptation system. such cataclysms happened on Earth before, not once, and not twice. The Nature already took care about us, for we would be able to survive. But what is the problem, then? The problem is that every human being has his own physiology parameters, and our full adaptation to the unfavorable condition takes 11 years. And we had 8 Quantum Leaps during the last 10 years. That means that we did not have enough time to adapt to all the changes that took place. I always give the following example: recently many people noticed that time flies like an arrow. Barely have time to look round and the day has gone, the month flew away, a year disappeared. A team of Moscow neurophysiologists and physicists was curious to find what happens. There is such a notion as the electromagnetic map of the earth, every year all electromagnetic fields that are present in our atmosphere are measured. It appeared to be that from the beginning of 2001, three new frequencies appeared in these electromagnetic map of Earth. The frequencies of these new fields slightly exceed the brain cells working frequencies. They discovered that under the stimulating influence of these new frequencies the speed of human thinking process raised by 20 %. Due to the acceleration of thinking process, the speed of the human perception increased, so it seems to us that time flies. Really it flows as it did before.

Lets discuss another issue. We all know what is geomagnetic days, how we feel when there is rapid electromagnetic changes. What happens in geomagnetic day, the burst of plasma at the Sun occurs, the tongue develops and the Earths electromagnetic field is distorted. And everybody feels indisposition. As early as in 1987 scientists made an attempt to give advance notice about upcoming Quantum Leaps, at 1989 there was the second open letter of 160 scientists to the leaders of 3 Great States USA, USSR and Great Britain, in which scientists proposed a program: what should be done, how to change the nourishment, what social changes to introduce in order to leave through the upcoming changes with minimal loss. Unfortunately there were now any reaction to the letter, the letter itself is still accessible at the web at some portals.

The only man who started to develop the correction program was Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov. He, and his team spent 4 years to the development of the correction solution, but it came out so universal that that when the electromagnetic field changes the correction changes accordingly. It takes into account even the level of the Sun activity, and these correction programs are recorded at every Functional State Corrector. When one carries the Functional State Corrector he gets 15 times better protection than an ordinary man who lives and works in these rapidly changing conditions and do not have such device. It was the first component of the Ji energy the Earths magnetic field.

The second component of the Ji energy is also well known to us. The prominent Russian scientist Chijevskiy wrote about it. It is air ion irradiation of the planet Earth. What happens? We breath in negatively charged ions with the air, and breath out positively charged CO2 ions. At the cells level and at the level of our tissues a constant and tremendous electro- and energy- interchange is taking place. We are bio-electric creatures, and 45 % of energy human organism gets with breathing! Not any other way. How it happens? What is an air ion? It is a molecule of air to wish an additional electron is attached exogenously. Where these additional electrons do came from? They are generated at the Earth surface. But how? A great amount of nuclear reactions is constantly taking place at the earth core. As a result a great amount of electrons is generated. A powerful electromotive force exists between the Earth core and the ionosphere. The power is 10 in 66-th order joules. These tremendous power drugs free electrons to the surface towards the ionosphere. What happens inside the Earth as a result of these electrons movement? Electric current. Where it exudes? At the sharp rock surfaces, at the sea waves peaks, but the greatest amount of negative air ions is produced at the night time when the lungs of our planet are breathing. Our trees consume CO2 and release oxygen, the air ions are produced in combination with the oxygen. If we breath in these air ions, our blood structure is normal and our cells get an additional energy. We live and work using these energy.

I like to ask a question: please make a guess, why are we bio-electrical creatures? what is the main pulse in our nervous system? An electric pulse. But who generates these electric pulses in our brain for our nerve system? is there a man with dynamo sitting in our head? No. But what supplies the electricity, then? It appeared to be very simple. When physiologist started to study the distribution of metals in the human brain, it happened that they are distributed in such a way, that big inductance coils are formed. When the scientist modeled the coils with the help of ordinary wires, and measured the output, they observed exactly the same 200 mV, which are detected as the output signal of a human brain. So, where do we get the electricity? Again, from Mother Earth, from her electromagnetic field. No other source. And this electricity is used for the control signals in our body.

What happens in a single cell? When a free air ion (here I draw it as an air molecule with an attached electron) gets into our lungs with breathing a micro-explosion occurs. As a result, 14 19 electrons are secreted in our blood. It is not only an interchange gases that takes place in our lungs, but our blood elements are getting negative charge. What happens then? The blood is moving through the arteries and capillary to supply our cells. Look here! I always stress that Chijevskiy in 1937 gave mathematical proof of the moving blood structure. He calculated that al blood elements should be situated in concentric circles. Why it happens so? Because every single element of blood is electrically charged, they carry a negative charge, and the blood vessel walls are negatively charged as well. Everyone played with magnets in childhood. Two minuses repel. This fact causes high rheological properties of blood, due to the fact that all blood elements repel from each other and from the vessels walls. The blood flows freely, does not produce blockages and performs her vital function due to the electric charge.

Now imagine that erythrocyte arrived here here it is a red one, bearing oxygen and nutrition and negative electric charge. As we know from the school biology, our cells produce energy. When hydrocarbons get into the cell, they are fractorized in mitochondrion, in a process known to us as glycolysis. During the glycolysis process in mitochondrion a great amount of protons positively charged particles is generated. Physiologists call this phenomena a proton glycolysis flux. But look, if there is a plus, and here we have nutrition and oxygen with minus, what should happen? They attract each other. With the help of the electric forces all these substances are entering into the cell, and the excess of protons, and positively charged CO2 return to the erythrocyte. When the electric charge of our blood returns to zero, it turns from arterial into venous, and circling back to lungs for recharge and gas interchange. You see, our cells work, using commonplace electricity, and we are not able to exist without it. it is the second type of the Ji energy air-ion irradiation of our Earth.

You see Mother Earth once again! She gives us the nerve signals, She sets our rhythms, She charges our cells with energy, and we are built from Her body. And we are spoiling the Earth we are made from

So we dealt with Ji energies, now lets consider the Va energies the energies of Cosmic control. Who knows, what happens with our cells when we are sleeping? Some people may say that they are sleeping to. No, they never sleep. We are in motion during the day time, a great amount of biochemical reactions is taking place in our body, they require a lot of energy. We have a high level of biochemical activity, but when we are sleeping it drops by 90 %, and we are in the state of rest. Our cells continue their work, but their energy consumption drops. During this time the division of cells is taking place, along with the restoration of our organism. What is necessary to point out here: what activates the biochemical activity of our cells in the morning? What happens in the morning? The Sun rises up! The Sun rays are the electromagnetic energy of a special kind. This special kind of energy starts to fall on us, and our walls and curtains pose no barrier for this type of energy. This electromagnetic field gives an impetus for life, it stimulates all our cells, and our organism starts to work, starts to generate the nutrients which are required for our living. It is an individual process, varying from human to human it may take from 40 minutes to 3 hours, but sooner or later the level of nutrition becomes sufficient for our body to wake up, to open our eyes and say good morning!, to stand up at our legs and to run on our businesses. But remember you are not fully awakened yet. The energy level is not sufficient for a full-scale functioning. The Sun climbs higher, and the energy flux is increasing. At 9 a. m. you are fully awake. At these moment the energy level is high enough, and our organism is fully ready to functioning. What our clever organism is doing at this moment? It starts to produce all the nutrients which are necessary to live through a day. But the Sun continues to climb, at 11 a.m. it stimulates our cardio-vascular system. Do you see what I am going to say? Our Sun governs the daily activity and passivity of our organs. Diurnal biorhythm comes into existence. Why our cardio-vascular system has peak activity at 11 a.m.? Everything is created wisely in our organism. Did you ever gave a thought on what percentage of our body is nourished with blood at a time. It is not a simple answer: 100 % like some people may think. Nothing of the kind. Only 22% percent of our body is supplied with blood at a given moment of time. All the other parts of the body are supplied only when it is necessary, the wisdom of our heart governs this process and sends blood portions where they are needed. But during two hours in a day time absolutely 100 % of our body is sequentially supplied with blood. It happens from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. why it is necessary? The nourishment is created and it is necessary to deliver it to every part of the organism. Some competent cardiologists know about this process and prescribe to take the medicines in that time interval - from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at this time a medicine would be delivered to every tiniest capillary, to every single cell. I knew about this fact from a book, written in 1935 by zemskiy doctor (in the times of tsar Russia administrative districts were called zemstvo) , who get his education in tsar Russia. It was well known at that times, but I wonder why it is forgotten nowadays! So you see how interesting is everything designed in our organism. I am demonstrating you the existence of the diurnal biorhythm connected with the Sunlight. But there is a monthly biorhythm connected with the Moon, the Sun, and the gravity forces, with high and low tide, we are water by 70 % and so we are also subjected to this force.

Look at the next picture. The Sun rays fell on us directly during the day time. This is an influence with a positive sign, which stimulates our living activities. But during the night time the Sun lights the Moon, and we get the Sunlight reflected back from the Moon. The polarity of light is reversed. And we get the light with the sign of minus, it does not stimulate our life, but hinders the activity, causes the phase of deep sleep. But on the other hand these energy stimulates the division of our cells. We are sleeping, but our cells are dividing, they are rejuvenating, and these process lasts till the morning time. As a result of these influences the Moon cycle arises, because the Moon grows in 15 days, and the other 15 days it diminishes. And we established with experiments that our organism is building and nourishing itself on the growing Moon, and deduces waste products, toxins and old cells on the diminishing Moon.

Along with the monthly cycle, we have a year cycle. In summer we have a lot of Sun, and the physical activity of our organism is high. And in winter time we miss the Sun and have low activity level. But what is starting the life in spring? The Sun. Our Earth goes around the Sun by parabola. In winter it is on a long arc and gets little sunlight, but in spring it comes closer, the angel at which the Sun rays fall on Earth changes, and the amount of the Sun energy falling on Earth rises in several times. This powerful energy pulse awakes nature and starts life. During the summer time the Earth goes closely to the sun, and moves away at autumn. You see how interesting everything is organized.

But lets continue with the diurnal cycle. After dinner, the Sun starts to climb down, and from 4 to 7 p.m. people experience a kind of tiredness or sluggishness. There is no any tiredness or sluggishness! The amount of the Sun energy becomes insufficient to support our living processes. Our clever organism switches to an acid mode, and starts to produce acids. It is necessary in order to decompose what we accumulated during the daytime and to switch from the outer energy source to the internal energy supply. And suddenly at 19 p.m., we have a second peak of activity, we go out for shopping, visit friends, and so on. Everyone lusts on this energy recourses exactly as long as one is able to. And the moment youve spent the energy our body says I want to sleep, and we fell to sleep and the energy consumption drops by 90 %. While we are resting, the window is opened, and we breath in the wonderful night air rich with air-ions, generated by the green plants during the night time. Our organism is getting not only the oxygen, but accumulates an electric charge. Like a battery, every single cell is saturating with the bio-electricity. What happens then? Electrons alkalize our organism. The acid levels drops, and by 4 a.m. our organism switches into the alkaline cycle the cycle of creation. At this very moment the division of cells and the regeneration starts. And then again the Sun rises up and the process starts again. How brilliantly is everything created!

Now Id like to stop for a while. It is very important moment. You should have seen my lecture on the acid alkaline balance:http://en.bestlife.su/articles/list-11.html

The point is that our health is based upon the acid alkaline balance. Two mutually exclusive processes are incessantly going inside our body. The process of creation of new cells, tissues, ferments, enzymes; and the process of dying of the old and damaged cells, decomposition and deducing of toxins, poisons, infections. The creation is taking place in the alkaline phase, and the decomposition in the acid phase of the diurnal cycle. Half of the twenty-four hours interval we are in the alkaline phase, and another half - in the acid phase. And you should understand, that the human health is the equation of these two processes. As we know, after 40 years, 80 % of people are encountered with the acidulation of their organisms. Whats the matter? Our blood is a conductor, it conducts the electrons. The cell mitochondrion produce protons. The number of protons, which acidulate the organism should equal the number of electrons, which alkalize it, only in this case our organism will be in healthy state. The conductivity of blood depends on the blood formula, on the electrolytes content and on their proportion. And it is defined by the microelements: potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. And we should also mention the iron, sometimes doctors forget about it. As the practice shows 8 from 10 people after 40 has misbalance of the blood electrolytes. As a result the blood conductivity is decreased, but mitochondrion continue to produce protons as they did it before. It results in the acidulation of tissues, the processes of the premature aging start to prevail, one encounters with the diseases and inflammations. Because any inflammatory process is an acid process. 20 % of people encounter with another misbalance pattern, the quantity of the electrons in their blood becomes too high. As a result, excessive electrons, entering the cells start to block the work of the mitochondrion, and they start to die. The acid phase is missing and there is no decomposition of the old cells. The quantity of the diseased and old cells in the organism becomes high. But new cells appear anyway. The process of the cells division is controlled by chromosomes, but a chromosomes is able to control only a limited number of divisions. As soon as the number of the cells divisions exceeds some threshold, uncontrolled mutations occur. Tumourous process of the alkaline type starts. You see that the acid alkaline balance is a foundation of good health. And I am very grateful to Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov, because he included the programs of the acid alkaline balance regulation, and the blood electrolytes balance regulation into the information set, recorded at the Functional State Correctors.

You should only understand that this program does not work fast. Why? Because it was made very soft, and it takes 1.5 2 years to restore the acid alkaline balance. If wed try to make it fast, there would be a possibility of acute reactions. So it was made soft, and everybody is able to stand it. Even old and debilitated patients are able to endure Functional State Correctors treatment safely.

Lets return to the Va energy and light. Once a military fleet officer came to my lection and he asked a reasonable question: Vladimir Grigorievitch, You say that we cant survive without light, that light activates all reactions in the human organism, but I am a submariner, we stay underwater for six month, where is the light at deep waters? What drives my life? Well, it in not that difficult. First we created artificial light sources, which at least partially compensate the absence of Sunlight. Secondly, Mother Nature created a source of light inside us. We have an unique source of light inside our body! Macro- and Micro- flora of the thin intestine serve as source of light. It happened that our lacto- and bifidus- bacteria irradiate strong electromagnetic field, which has the same spectrum as our Sun. And they light up our organism from inside. As an alternative medicine practitioner I may confirm this fact, because I see these fields when I look at the patient in the altered state of mind. In the Solar Plexus area a kind of a little sun is seen a bright area with rays, diverging all over the body.

Among bio-energy practitioners this little sun inside us is known as an internal star of a man. The bigger it is and the brighter it shines, the more pure it is the more healthy is the man, the higher is his spiritual level. But most persons with extrasensory perception did not guess that they see the irradiation of a healthy micro-flora in the intestine tract just a normal physiology process. In ancient times they did not knew what it really is, so this phenomenon get such a beautiful name.

But it happened that light plays not only energizing and stimulating role in our life, it is responsible for the information transfer. Professor Gurvitch from Simferopol State University was the first who discovered this phenomenon in 1903. What he discovered? He discovered a simple thing, that when any cell of our body is dying, it irradiates three dimensional infra-red signal, or a hologram. When this hologram reaches the neighboring cell the division process starts. With the help of this mechanism the number of cells is regulated, it remains constant. This irradiation was called Metagenetic Gurvitch Irradiation.

In 1907 he does another striking discovery he shows that an a newly sprouted onion germ already contains a holographic picture of a whole plant which has to grow yet. How did he managed to prove this? He took a simple glass and placed growing yeast inside it. An onion germ in a tiny bowl with water was placed on top of the glass. He added sugar to the yeast, they start to grow, come out of the glass, but this pit is left unoccupied. Why? Everything is reasonable in nature, the yeast behaves wisely, it will never approach an onion. Onion phytonzids means death to yeast, so yeast left the space free, because a hologram of the future mature plant was already present. He continued to pour down the germ, after 28 days a mature onion finally grew, and it happened to fit the empty space in a glass with yeast. Really simple! As it was a commonplace practice in those days, in 1926 he was claimed as a spy and exiled. And till 1970 all thus investigations in Russia and abroad were temporary stopped. Thank God, his daughter followed in his footsteps and in 1974 she arrives to Moscow to study at the Moscow State University postgraduate and defend the candidate dissertation. She did a simple experiment. One Petri cap with the brain cells living in physiological solution, and another Petri cap with the alive human liver cells. Here is the brain, there is the liver, a glass tube, filled with human collagen between them. And sensitive detectors, which are able to fix all types of irradiation are placed above, along with time measuring equipment. What happens next? They drop some toxin a poison on the liver. Of course it affects the cells and they irradiate a light holographic signal, which is detected by the sensors and registered. The cell itself is able to generate a light, but it is very weak, the wavelength is 45 micron. But even this weak light is able to transfer information. It appeared that powerful electromagnetic field, generated by the intestines microflora, as a carrier wave picks up this little light signal, these two signals combine inside the collagen medium, producing a long wave light irradiation which is able to travel several meters inside our body. At the output end of the collagen structure we have a weak, short wave length signal. To their amusement the experiment was successful only when the laboratory assistant was present. If he was absent nothing comes out. Without the field there were no light amplification. Only later did they what is the matter. So? What was going on in this experiment? From the liver cells the signal travels to the brain cells, they proceed the signal and return it back to the liver, in response to the return signal the liver cells start to produce ferment, which blocks the toxin action it was detected by biochemical methods by the bio-samples intake. Do You imagine what a discovery was made? Aside from the central nervous system, which was reckoned to be the main control system, and the system of the information transfer, another system of the information transfer exists in our organism, and a superior one! It works by means of the light holograms transition between cells and tissues of our organs. What is collagenase? It is a basis of all conjunctive tissue. It forms a set of light guides which crosses our body upside-down and from left to right, and across. From top to heels. You may imagine it like here we have one computer the liver, there we have another one the brain , and a collagen optic line between them, the light signals are running back and forth through it. A tremendous information interchange is constantly taking place between our organs. Now it becomes clear why after a stroke, cells of the paralyzed arm or leg do not dye. Because the control remains on the level of cells and tissues. Why a man is able to strike back a tennis ball, flying with the speed of 190 kilometers per hour. For a long period of time they could not solve this mystery in the Sports Medicine Institute. Because it appeared that the speed of our nervous system reactions is four times lower, than a real performance of a human, striking the tennis ball. No one was able to explain this phenomenon. And now it became clear that a speed of light inside our collagen light guides is several times higher than the speed of light in vacuum. It travels practically in no time! Her clever chief scientist insisted that all these phenomenal things were not included into the scientific article text. In 1974 she could be brought to the Pseudo-Science Committee and into jail for her discoveries. Imagine a young applicant for a first post-graduate degree, announcing that the speed of light in vacuum is not constant! When all the world science reckoned the speed of light as a cornerstone of physics. Only 4 month ago Americans, using new satellite telescope (a kind of Hubble) discovered that in nearby galaxy the speed of light is 1.4 times higher than in ours. This discovery was made only recently. So it was only in the dissertation. Where do I know all this facts from. I knew very well the laboratory assistant, who conducted all experiments with her, and who helped her to prepare the dissertation. I reckon that Gurvitch and his daughter merit the Noble prize. Their discoveries are phenomenal! The role of light in life is tremendous. And it is the Va energy The Light.

The second Va energy is very simple, everybody knows about it, every planet in our Solar system has her own electromagnetic field. So every planet irradiates electromagnetic waves into the outer space. These electromagnetic waves reach the Earth, they are weak, because the distances are big, but still they influence us.

It is an astrology. The first law of astrology says that every planet influences some definite organ of our body. For many Years it was reckoned to be anti-scientific. Until two years ago two Canadian students made a discovery. I must admit that this information I found in the web. One of them studied biology, and after the fourth course he was assigned to a scientific laboratory whish investigated the oscillations of cells. With the help of a special equipment the measured the frequency of the electric oscillations on the cell membranes. And they compose a table of the oscillation frequencies of cells, taken from different organs. Another student learned radio-astronomy, and took a great interest in astrology. He took the astrology table along with the table of frequencies of the planets from our Solar system. When they compared the three tables there was absolutely full coincidence. Our ancestors were not fools, even these weak signals affect our cells membranes. Lets imagine: here is the Sun, here is the Earth, and they are rotating on their orbits. They approach and move away, so the magnitude of their influence changes. The year cycle of organs activity appears in result. When a planet is near, her weak energy slightly stimulates living processes inside the cell, the cell activates, and the organ activates too. When the planet goes away, her influence weakens with a distance, the vibration weakens as well.

You see, how easy it is, all four energies are of electromagnetic origin. They are absolutely electromagnetic. Since there are doctors in the auditorium, they may correct me, saying: Vladimir Grigorievitch, you are cunning, we know that our body has a wonderful protection device, which is called skin, and our skin does not allow any electromagnetic irradiation to penetrate deeper than 7 millimeters inside the body Why is it arranged this way? In order to preserve intact the electromagnetic structure of our organism. It should be preserved in a balanced state. One may ask: why I was telling these long stories? Only now we are to discover the moment of truth. We are close to the moment of understanding what is the universal energy of life, and how it influence us.

Now I want to introduce a couple of conditions, we should remember them for better understanding. The main law of our universe is the law of action and reaction, or the law of harmony. It means that if there is some action, it always cause reaction in our universe. But if there is no action, the reaction is absent as well. It was the first condition. The second condition: as you remember we discussed that our body is built from proteins, fats and hydrocarbons. In their turn they are built from micro- elements and water. But if the oscillations of microelements in the Earth body are supported by the Earth magnetic field, then what supports the oscillation of elements inside the human organism if our skin blocks all electromagnetic influences?Look what happens. The picture is really interesting. Ji energy in the form of electromagnetic waves travels from the center of the Earth to the surface. Mother Earth consists of a number of micro- and macro- elements. They consist of protons and electrons. That means every micro-element has a weak electromagnetic field of its own. And this Ji energy acting like a carrier signal collects all these weak fields and carries them out to the surface of Mother Earth. And the same Va energy with the same vibrations is coming on Earth from space, from other Solar system planets. Because other planets are built from the same micro-elements, and their energies carry the same microvibrations. These two carrier waves have different frequencies, they do not interact with each other, and they have opposite directions of propagation. As a result microvibrations of the (lets say) iron from Earth meet with the microvibrations of iron from Saturn. They balance each other. As a result of the interaction of these two vibrations a new wave is produced. This new wave - thin, balanced, saturated with information, travels around the Earth. This wave is called longitude electromagnetic wave. Since it is balanced the action of this wave is zero. It does not affect our physical world. So it meets no reaction as well. It travels freely through the structure of any object. It is impossible to resist this longitude wave simply because it does not pose any pressure on anything. This wave carries information in the form of vibrations of a number of micro- and macro- elements, penetrates into our body, stimulates our micro- and macro- elements and gives life to us. It is the universal energy of life. It is the universal wave of life. How wonderfully everything is built in Nature! Many people try to object: it is not possible to measure this universal longitude electromagnetic wave. But how to measure zero? How to measure anything that poses no physical action. We do not have proper devices. We only have Kirlian method, when we affect this wave with a high frequency field. With this with a high frequency we disturb this energy and it tries to restore balance, and we are able to detect not the wave itself, but an attempt to restore the balance. We observe how the longitude wave comes to a balances state through the interference.

Here we are, we have a longitude electromagnetic wave as a natural life supporting factor. And a Functional State Corrector is a generator of the longitude waves. Show me another device which uses natural principle of the energy support of the human organism as a curative factor! What Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov did? He understood that every cell, every tissue, every organ have their own vital frequencies. That they are created from the same micro-elements as the plants and animals. On the first FSC he selects 175 herbs and plants which have the same life frequencies as our organs, tissues and cells and systems have. An FSC introducing these information tunes up all living and rhythm processes inside our organism. What happens next? Our organism does the rest by oneself. By the laws of Nature, freely and easily. How brilliantly! How simply and correctly done!

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