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Energy restoration with the help of the Functional State Correctors

Kameneva Nadejda Viktorovna - therapist

For five years we are doing energy-restoration treatment, and by now we did not know a remedy better than the Functional State Corrector. My opinion that these device is priceless. I will try and tell  you about our groundwork today, so you will be able to see it yourself.

At the present moment we have 8 FSCs (these lection was given prior to the new FSC 9-16 release)/ Why are they called The Correctors? Because just in a couple oh hours they are able to restore the energy of the human organism and its immune system performance. I mean that the primary correction really takes 1,5 2 hours. It takes from 1 to 3 weeks to consolidate the results and fully restore the state of ones health. When we do the control check of our patients after a month, or a month and half, as a rule we observe the stable state of energy. We only have to take care about some energy and somatic damages left.

All FSC  possess a row of amazing properties: First of all, they protect human organism from harmful electromagnetic influences, from the geo-pathogenic zones influence, from the other peoples impacts it is very important.

All FSCs structure water. You should pay proper attention to the water it is a priceless remedy. If the water inside the human organism becomes alive and energetically strong a lot of diseases, even such as allergies, or even such unperceptive from the official medicines point of view may take a step back, may give long and stable remission periods, or even be cured. So, the second extremely important thing all FSCs do is water structuring. The water becomes alive, it supports the healthy cells. The diseased or structurally changed, or oncology cells do not perceive these information, and so these cells are deleted from the organism by any possible mode.

The third very important FSC feature is that they carry individual curative programs. Every FSC has its own curative area. We are able to combine our own curative programs by the combination of different FSCs.

When it comes to children they possess the unique energetic of their own, they possess amazing restoration abilities. I can say now that it is possible to implement the FSCs to children right  from the moment of birth. But it does not mean that You may take some correctors and place them all over a baby, nothing of that kind! But we have some really interesting observations. For example, on the physiologic jaundice. You know that on the second day newly-born babies show up the jaundice. And in case it is strong, we have a serious health problem, hospitalization, infusion therapy, and a special treatment. We noticed if a baby is beginning to become yellow and we start to give him the water, structured on the FSC no 2, the jaundice goes out in a day or two, it seems that there were not any. As a pediatrician I know what is  physiologic jaundice, what is conjugated jaundice at a newly born babies, how we have to dropping bottle them out for five days in order to relatively restore their state, how it is difficult to  nurse them, and what neurological complications we may have if the bilirubin level becomes high the kernicterus develops.

Today we work with newly-born babies, but under the pediatric supervision, individually, together with mother, and use soft curative programs. Particularly we use drinking of water, structured in the FSC no 2.

If a miliaria develops, festering shoes out, or the suppurative inflammation problems appear at babies, we bath such children in water, structured on the FSC no 1. An astonishing effect! No need in local antiseptic treatments, just one bath, and the next day the miliaria completely disappears.

Such interesting observations on the newly-born babies we have, and very soft ones. I would say that an FSC is a an absolutely necessary thing for our children. I am going to demonstrate some aura-grams to you.

For example, take a look on how a three year child looks at the energy level. It is an Indigo child. Look at a massive aura he has, how big and velvety it is. It is blue. It is not perfectly uniform because these child has some health problems, but take a notion on how big and beautiful it is.
















Now take a look at a similar child five years old. He goes to childrens garden, but he plays computer games for 4-5 hours a day, look what is left from such a beautiful aura. It is his first diagnostics. Take a  look at the head zone, on the face area the child just seats in front of the monitor. In such cases I say: if the crown of these child  is so weakened, imagine how weakened is the energy of every his cell, which should think, remember things, synthesize some knowledge. No wonder such children have asthenic syndrome.














And the same child after 30 minutes of the FSC no 1 treatment. 30 minutes of soft work we drunk some structured water, did the pumping two minutes on every point. Look how the childs energy restored. Mother brought him to our centre, complaining that he become unbalanced, irritable, capricious, disobedient, that he eats poorly, getting thin, and it is not possible to unstuck him out of the computer screen.















I want to show You how some borderline states look from the energetic point of view. Again the computer dependence, here it is: the aura is not accurate, it has holes, the legs are empty, the problems with head. These patient spends 12 hours in front of the computer at work and seats half nights at home.












Another patient with the computer dependence, these time - the gaming. He is submerged into the web, play games, shooters, and so on. Un addition some alcohol dependence is starting to form. If he will be left in such a state on his own, the disintegration of the organism energy will take place, it will be followed by the personality problems.















Here is the same young men after 1 hour of the FSC treatment. A proper restoration is taking place, and the life support is also good.















I want to show you our experience with the drug addict. Here is a narcomaniac with a big record seven years on heavy drugs, the last two years almost sleepless, at the age of breakdown both psychological and physical. These young man was brought to excess when he came to us. Actually his energetic (by the area) is one third of the healthy man energetic, and you may clearly see that his aura consists of separate pieces, a lot of white places problems. It is the zones of the outflow and brakes in the aura. Pay attention on the empty legs. It was really difficult to work with him. He hardly grasped the correctors. We had hard times with him.














After 4 hours of work we managed to restore his energy state up to the following variant. His energy was increased by 35 % from the initial level, the patient felt better. We worked for 10 days with him after that, he felt better, his state improved, he begun to sleep. But after that he disappeared and we never saw him again. I am afraid, that like other drug addicts, he may have break loose.















I want to show you how a hematological patient looks like. Thrombocytopenia, a serious condition a luck of  platelets in blood. The poor coequality, the possibility of haemorrhages and bleedings. And look what problems with energy these child has.















We took her to a correction with the help of the FSC no 1, and look at the difference between the initial aura-gram, and the second one after an hour and half of gentle work. A soft pumping up, performed on the standard method, and the state of health of these child  improved. We already had an experience of the platelet level restoration for a child a year and two month old. In these case the child is big enough with the good energy, her recovery chances are pretty good, but they are not mainstream, they are energy based.













 Now I want to show You how the stroke looks like. Here is the initial picture. Pay attention at the crown what is above the head what a sweeping energy strokes, what energy bursts are above her head. These is a stroke. These woman suffered not one, not two, and not three ischemic strokes. When she came to our centre she had right handed paralysis of a leg and an arm.
















We managed to restore her completely in three month time with the use of the Functional state Correctors. Now she is capable for work, looks after herself, does not take any other medicines.




I want to show you an oncology example. It is really a serious condition, one should take it seriously. An oncology patient should have several doctors. An oncologist, a rehabilitation specialist and an energy restoration specialist. Because oncology patients are the energy patients at the first place. Now I want to show you our case, we are watching since 2003. A patient with polyvalent medicament allergy came to our centre. It was not possible to use any rehabilitation methods, but energy restoration methods. When she came her energy cocoon was very thin, and nothing more. What it means from the energy point of view? It means that a life is hardly glimmer in every cell of her body. Who knows what will happen next.













It is the same our patient these year. 5 year passed, not a single medicine, not a single herb, not a biologically active substance, only energy restoration treatment.















Take a second look I will show you side projections in dynamic, here is her initial state, and here is she after 5 years of an energy restoration treatment.














Both oncologists and patients take a notice that energy restoration treatment  practically have no contraindications. Almost none. When we encounter with a complicated case, or with a little child, pregnant women, psychological conditions, or with cases no one wants to treat we have rehabilitation methods. But they should be implemented reasonably, and it is desirable to imply them under the supervision of a doctor, in order to be able to adjust our treatment in case of necessity.

I want to say a couple of words about persons with extrasensory perception. First of all, when we started to practice energy restoration with the use of the Functional  State Correctors, we forgot how to work with our hands, we ceased to do the massage. The FSC no. 7 lifting does our hand job wary well. It works as a qualified and experienced masseur.


Persons with extrasensory perception also come to diagnostic to our centre. We were interested to look at how their own energy system works? They heal patients and give them their energy, correct the patients energy. And I want to show you several aura-grams. Here is one woman healer with extrasensory abilities, here is her initial energy pattern. It has no sufficient area the overall energy level is reduced, it is broken which indicates some problems.















Now her aura-gram after the restoration with the help of the FSC. Look how wonderfully she restored herself. The restoration potential is vary good. 















Notice, that her first aura-gram was taken after the work with patients. It is not an easy job, and it poses some health problems for her. It is about a long known fact that when working with patient one may transfer some an energy pattern from the patient to oneself and get his disease. Now I say: is it worth taking chances now, when we have the Functional State Correctors?



 Another example of a powerful healer. A man is practicing healing, cosmo-energy, look at his initial aura. It has a great potential. The potential of his aura is amazing. But look, how many energy problems he has. Now he ia in a calm state, he restored somehow after his healing session, it is a state of relative stability of his health.

















And look at the same man after the FSCs, how he changed!
















Everyone, who is practicing healing, everybody who works with patients, works with his own hands -  masseuse (at the first place), surgeons, therapists, and doctors of almost all specialties, everyone who works with people salesmen, and others who contact other people should have energy protection. It is for that purpose I demonstrated the aura-grams of persons with the extraordinary perception these people are able to work with energies and restore themselves after work, and still they have problems. But imagine us ordinary people, doctors who see 40 50 people daily (in Russian policlinics doctors really see these number of patients, needless to mention the quality of their work, but it is a tough job anyway), everybody coming to speak out their problems, complaints, and so on. In what state do we come home from work? In a miserable state, I should say, because we are torn to pieces like the extrasenses at the  aura-grams I showed to you.

Another thing when we are closed by the Functional State Correctors. Everyone who bought them noticed these effect. A great capacity to work appears, mental abilities become better, the memory improves, the creative abilities are opened according to individual bents, of course. We noticed the complete change of mood, it lightens up, one experiences pacification and enjoys his life. Irritability disappears. It happens when looking at an angry patient with a thought: what are you angry with? All problems could be solved, we should only do some steps, or some others, the only thing we should do is to try out. By some way all problems, which may look as complicated and dangerous before, tend to be solved peacefully. The FSCs are recommended to everyone who works with people, especially if one works with the electronic equipment as well. With any equipment which is plugged to the electric power. I mean computers, physic-therapeutic equipment, radiography rooms. Pay attention to the energy protection, one should restore his own energy.



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