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FSC Peace and laws of the Universe. Lusginova S. V. August 20, 2020. Internet conference

FSC Peace Helps to plug into energies of peace and activates emotion of joy due to appeasement.

FSC Peace Activates and harmonizes peace of four elements in nature and in human being.

Opens for human being the space of freedom, and fills human being with awareness of internal freedom;

Helps to fill human being and his surrounding space with harmony, creative positive energies, higher and light vibrations. What are vibrations? In fact, they are emotional states in which we are;

Transmits energy of peace both into human soul and surrounding space;

Helps removal of conflicts at various levels: starting from internal state of human being and up to socium (in various scales). For this purpose you can do pumpings with the use of additional harmonizing correctors, that is pumpings of energy centers and criss-cross pumpings;

Helps activation of Heavenly emotion Navodast () - emotion of joy due to appeasement. Admit, when there is a peace in ones soul, peace in ones consciousness, we are generating these energies of peace into surrounding space. And so, we cannot live through situations of some war or struggle. Thats why this corrector is very important for all of us;

Helps to perceive and accept the laws of the universe, such as peace, love, harmony, teaches one to live in the state of fullness, joy and happiness;

Helps to work up psychology traumas and restoration of emotional state after various tragedies, catastrophes, negative events.

FCS Peace using directions:

It is desirable to practice food and water structuring with FSC Peace at 11 a.m. and in addition to say blessing words for food: Let this food be blessed by You, Nav Goddess, and everyone partaking it would acquire peace. It was so, it is so, it will be so.

It is possible to fix Heavenly emotion of peacefulness at oneself by doing the following: take FSC Peace into your right hand, slightly strain your neck and touch the right carotid artery with your right hand with FSC Peace in it, by doing this we are as if anchoring this heavenly emotion inside ourselves both at conscious and non-conscious levels. Repeat the same with the left side, with your left hand with an FSC in it. Holding time is 11 heartbeats of yours;

FSC Peace grants power and energy with the intake of the following products, structured on it: pistachio, patissons, sweet cherry, oat, cinnamon spice. You can structure any other food on it, but these products are preferable. Goods, structured at FSC Peace will activate energies of peace inside you;

The use of FSC Peace will grant you ability to be all the time in the state of internal peacefulness, it is exactly the energy of peace, energy of Nav Goddess, and experience long forgotten state of joy due to peacefulness.

FSC Peace activates energies of Heavenly peace through listening or playing piano or 11 string ghusli.

FSC Peace is recommended both for solo work with it, and it is especially good to use with the following FSCs: Indi, Lhasa, Sacred Cave, Altarnaya Mountain, Code of Gobi, Gold of Gobi, Manasarovar Kailas, Green Tara Kailas, Wise Man Secret, Lurking Lake.

Polarization of cosmoenergy channel of Goddess Nav is recorded at FSC Peace.

Time of still water structuring at FSC Peace is 6 hours.

Today we are going to talk about basic laws of the Universe.

First about main Gods of the various worlds:

Gods of the world Prav are: Semargl, Lelya, Jel, Tanya, Radegast, Troyan, Bereginya, Kostroma.

Gods of the world Slav are: Perun, Lada, Rod and Mara.

Gods of the world Nav are: Yarilo, Magoch, Stribog and Kupala.

Gods of the world Yav are: Hors, Veles, Sventovit and Vey.

Do you remember fairytale Viy (written by Gogol), they changed one letter in Gods name and made him negative personage turned everything upside down.

Nav. Initially it was called NeYav (something that is not manifested clearly in this world). Later this was shortened to Nav the Goddess was responsible for the kingdom of Elements, for unclear (not manifested, here in this world, that does not show itself clearly, obviously) kingdom in which ruled Yarilo, Magoch, Stribog and Kupala. Why these Gods are called nav Gods? Because storm in the water element, hurricane in the air element, earthquake, fire in the fire element are manifested not all the time, but periodically, thou possibility for their manifestation exists all the time. Thats why they were named NeYav which came to us as Nav.

Remember to work with the universal Runa of Nav Goddess, which you can furnish with FSCs and step inside it. Women are stepping inside any Runa with their left feet, men are stepping into with their right feet. Stepping out with opposite feet and your (spine) back up. When you are standing inside the Runa you can glorify Nav Goddess and activate energies of peace and appeasement inside yourself.

And so, there are unified Kon(s) (Closest translation is Laws, but Kon(s) were given by Gods and laws in Russian zaKon something that is outside the heavenly Kon were designed by people). Why we can have some troubles in life, some situations that are not coming to good solution? Because we do not know basic principles of these energy Kons. Previously humanity on Earth, as any other civilization, lived strictly following these unified Kons of life, they are the same for the entire Universe. They are:

Law of unity of the antipodes. These are Yin and Yan, which cannot exist without each other. Yin passes into Yan and Yan passes into Yin. They are like day and night, like sweet and bitter, like winter and summer, and so on;

Law of Higher consciousness, this is the law of the Creator. This is about the fact that we are children of the Creator and so naturally we can poses similar properties, similar qualities, but at that we should not violate Kons of the Universe, the rules in accordance with which the Universe is living. That is, we shall come to realization that the Higher consciousness exists, and It curates everything in the world, created by Him;

Law of action, or in other words law of balance of power (or law of the karma what you saw you will reap);

Law of parallel worlds it is clear that we are not living here alone in the universe, but there is a number of parallel, adjacent worlds, similarly to matryoshka dolls, nested one into the other;

Law of multidimensionality. How to understand multidimensionality? Along with the physical body we have a row of thin layers, the goal of our spiritual evolution it to create / build for ourselves the thin bodies from these thin layers. First of all, the more thin bodies human being would activate during ones lifetime the longer one would live, and these layers are created by our ancestors. Similarly organized are the Universe and the planet Earth. Similarly, there is ether level of the Earth, and human being passes into Earths thin levels after the death of the physical body visits multidimensional layers of the Earth;

Law of the Higher interaction (Law of Lada) everything that is created at our Earth and in other worlds, everything is created via harmony and love. Laws of harmony and love are exactly the laws of Lada. That is all worlds were created through energies of love. And the law of love is supported with the law of lad (Russian word meaning something done harmoniously and nicely). Thats why in case one is complaining that something in life is not coming right, it means one is not living in the state of harmony, in the state of love. When one is living own life in the state of love and harmony, despite any outer circumstances, then Higher Powers of Light start to help him, because one is in the state of love and harmony and does not destroy surrounding space with own negative emotions;

Law of time that is one should not spend time in vain, why? God Hors is responsible for time. And time flows differently for everyone. Interval between heartbeats is exactly your personal second, so for someone time runs quickly, for someone slowly, someone ages quicker because of this, someone ages more slowly, someone does not age at all those who are living in accordance with Kon(s) of the Universe, know all these Kon(s), think correctly, have correct emotions, then they allow such a person to live longer, such a person is as if a light, one is bringing lite into this world and Higher Powers will be interested in such a person, they would curate such a person in his life process, they would guard, help and so on. Thats why one should not waste time the way many people are doing nowadays returned home from work, switched on the TV and thinks that he is taking a rest in front of this TV, but actually one is filling himself with not needed and often with even non adequate information, thats why you shall chose information carriers with which you are filling yourself and do not waste time in front of TV, every second of your life should be used for good. For your own good and for good of others and for the good of the Earth in general;

The law of free will. You see, no matter what we would say here, no matter what recommendations we would give, we remember that everyone has a free will, and according to the law of free will one can act as one considers right and necessary for oneself. That is, it is possible to talk about Heavenly truth, it is possible to profess some other aspect of the manifestation of the Universe, but for some people it makes no sense various frequencies of vibrations, one does not perceive information. Why some pairs are divorcing because man and wife have various frequencies of vibrations. When people are at various vibrations, they do not hear, they do not understand each other, this results in mismatching. What else is implied by the law of free will? That you yourself have a right to handle your life, your time, and suppose powers of light are seeing this, they are watching us every moment, and even in case they are seeing that you are in error, you are going in wrong direction, but they do not have a right to interfere unless you ask them, and one shall ask not less than three times. They reckon that in case you are going wrong way then you are manifesting your freedom of choice and you have a desire to suffer. Thats why it is important to be conscious and reasonable beings;

The law of measure. It shall exist in everything, we are also calling it the law of golden proportion, that is too much good is also not very good, that is one shall follow the golden proportion and measure everywhere and in everything. Spinal column starts to suffer at people who are not following the measure;

The law of equality. They say we all are equal in front of God. So, it is not good to exceed some your permissions, to show your arrogance in relations with other people or speak out some opinions of yours about relations between countries, criticizing and condemning these are violations of the law of equality. When we are criticizing and condemning some global mega-structures, relations between countries and so on, we are plugging into sharing of national karma. Such people may die in catastrophes and so on.

Previously these laws were well known, not only in pre-flood time, but also in after-flood until Orian starry tradition was alive on Earth, it is also called Vedic tradition.

What other laws of the Universe are?

The law of cosmic unity of all that exists in the Universe;

The law of evolution, that is we do not have a right not evolutionate, any stopping in own evolutionary development is falling down. One shall remember about this;

The law of hierarchy;

The law of spiral;

The law of analogy;

The law of rhythm and cycle;

The law of karma;

The law of polarities, of pairs of opposites;

The law of equilibrium;

The law of consonance;

The law of freedom of will

The law of sacrifice;

The law of sevenfoldness of worlds of existence.

Cosmic Laws Kon(s) are working in the entire space of the Universe, they are universal and pose their influence at everything in space and subordinate everything that exists in space. These Laws are called the basic ones, because everything that exists in space is subordinated to them. Comprehension of eternity and all forms of life that exist in the Universe becomes possible through following these Laws. It is not possible to study and understand all phenomenon of life, taken separately, but by comprehending the Law to which all these phenomenon are subordinated, we are freeing ourselves from the necessity to study all long chain of given phenomenon. In case one comes to understanding of the law, then every phenomenon, subordinated to this law becomes clear. These laws are unified for all worlds, similar to the matter which is unified in all its gradations and aspects.

And so, what is the essence of the law of cosmic unity of all that exists in the Universe? How it shows out, comes to manifestation? The basic principle of unity is everything are parts of one whole. And we shall understand and accept this. Everything that surrounds us, including ourselves are parts of one whole, so everything in the Universe is a whole. Everything that exists in Universe is interconnected, interdependent, interpenetrating, and hence everything influences each other. That is, we are is if fingers of one hand, and so the state of a hand in whole depends on the state in which would be every finger. In case some finger is cut, then you would feel not comfortable, and the hand is a part of united macro-organism. This is true if consider situation at the body level. And there are even larger organisms. Thats why one shall understand that everything is interconnected. No matter what unpleasant happens in what countries, all these is reflected at everyone of us directly or indirectly.

The law of evolution states that everything in the Universe does not stay at its place, but develops. Everything that does not develop becomes self-destroyed with time, falls down and becomes destroyed. Everything that exists tends to more perfect forms of its expression / manifestation. Thats why one should never calm down when received some specific knowledge, reached some knowledge. One should never stop. There should be always an aspiration to comprehension of something even more significant, more useful for you this is exactly the law of evolutionary development.

The law of hierarchy. Everything in the Universe, in Space is subordinated to one goal development and perfection. But the development would not be possible without existence of the Law of hierarchy. Everything in the Universe is subordinated to this law. The basic principle of the Law of hierarchy is that the higher is always leading the lower, enlightening and directing it. The law of hierarchy exists even in our organism, in case we consider endocrine system organs, then there is hierarchical subordination, that is endocrine system organ that is situated higher as if governs organ that is situated below it. It is similarly in business, there is a boss at your job, and you are subordinating to your boss. This is also an example of the law of hierarchy. This shows everywhere and in everything. And the lower always esteems the higher. Suppose we consider the family as an example children always esteem their parents, and according to the law of hierarchy parents shall teach and develop their children.

The basic principle of the law of spiral is that development takes place in spiral manner, not just directly along some line, in accordance with the law it goes in spiral manner. It goes from lower forms to the higher ones, if we are about evolutionary development. And on the contrary, involution also goes on down the spiral.

The basic principle of the law of analogy is that every subsequent phenomenon or object in the spiral of the development is similar to the previous one, but not identical to it. Subsequent phenomenon are taking best from previous ones, but are not their exact copies. Suppose we consider this at the example of our reincarnations, then every subsequent reincarnation of human being should be better than the previous one. We are evolutioning due to this. And every 12 years comes as if manifestation of the law of analogy events are repeated, lessons are repeated, they are assigned repeatedly, thou in sphere of relations the repetition can take place with other people, but situations, lessons to be learned are the same. Thats why in case you did not learned some lesson 12 years ago, then nowadays is 2020 this is a year of Nav Goddess, thats why something that happened with you 12 years ago could be repeated this year. This is exactly manifestation of the law of analogy. Repetitions are taking place through definite time intervals.

The law of rhythm and cycle everything in the Universe is subjected to the rhythm and cycle. And every phenomenon in the Universe has its beginning and its end. Cycle is a circle of some phenomenon or action, and sequence of repeated cycles forms the rhythm.

The law of karma; This is inviolable law of cosmic justice, and the basic principle of the law of karma is there is no consequence without a reason, and what is the cause and what is the consequence. This law sets responsibility for all actions that one committed or did not committed but thought of doing, thats why karma is created by a thought, not only with the action but also with a thought. Life of individual, his luck or ill luck, happiness or disaster are consequences that are generated by human being himself either in this current embodiment or in previous one. Previously it was easier for our ancestors to live, what I mean? There was no transfer of karmic programs at the next life even in case one committed something not good. Suppose one stole something then his hand starts to shrink, by the way this works by far. These Kon(s) of the Universe, that were set by Heavenly Powers and set into action, were followed by our ancestors, and these Kon(s) are working even now. But nowadays some dark ones interfered, and humans do not understand that one shall carry responsibility for everything. In 80-s a portal was opened from the lower astral worlds, and from there flooded low-vibrational souls for embodiments. Lets put it so that they are trying to live in this world in a manner they are accustomed to, they are violating laws, and so there is a transfer of karmic programs for the next generation. And so, one is thinking that it is possible to do anything one wishes, and that there is no any punishment for anything. Thats why it is important to understand that we will be responsible for every our thought, for every our emotion that was shown out, for every action. Sooner or later, in this embodiment or in the next one, but everyone will be responsible.

The law of reincarnation. Previously there were no reincarnation, this also was introduced when the Earth was taken by invaders, some 500 years ago, and during the course of cosmic evolution any form of life is reincarnated from the old form into a new one, including atoms. This way life develops incessantly.

The law of polarities, of pairs of opposites. Any phenomenon in the Universe has two opposite origins, which are the main condition of the existence of a single thing. That is day and night 24 hours, man and woman humans, and so on, we talked about Yin and Yan.

The law of equilibrium. Anything, event, phenomenon has two opposite poles. And in the central point situated the Great Calmness, this is the point of equilibrium;

The law of consonance; This is one of the greatest cosmic laws and the law of consonance is universal one, because first of all it exists in the entire Universe. The great law of consonance rules the world. The basic principle of this law is that similar attracts similar. Similar is bourn by similar, and everything alive consonates with the outer world according to similarity. All these laws show out in movement of the planets, in plants and in flowers, in trees, in plumage of the birds, in color of fish, in body structures of animals, in a healthy human body.

The law of freedom of will. This is the law of conscious choice and ones responsibility. Higher Powers gifted us with mind and simultaneously gave us the freedom of will. So, what I would like to comment about this law, it is the law of free will though which They are testing us, everyone of us. Every second we are making a choice either towards light or towards evil. Some situation is created for the individual in some moment of time, and They are watching what step you would make. If you would solve situation on position of positive emotional manifestations, on position of light or if you would take position of the darkness? You see?! Thats why we shall remember about choices we are making daily. And the more dark energies we are accumulating, the more negative steps we are committing, the more heavy we are becoming at the thin level, the lower are our vibrations, we as if turn into a stone and fall down later. You see?! The more light thoughts you had, the more light deeds you commit and the more positive states you are manifesting in your life, the more positive psychic energies you are accumulating, the lighter you are becoming, like a balloon, then after death of physical body the souls of such people would never come into lower astral worlds (hell), because these souls are light. Light is lightness, darkness is heaviness, one shall remember this. And every day one shall realize in what direction you are making a choice into the light or into the darkness.

The law of sacrifice. This is a great law of the Universe. Everything in the Universe is subjected to the law of evolution, but evolution is not possible without sacrifice. The law of sacrifice teaches that there is no evolution without sacrifices. In order to achieve something one shall sacrifice something. This could be something personal. Suppose you want to receive high education, so what shall you sacrifice? You shall sacrifice some 5-6 years of your life, that is you shall sacrifice your personal time. That is, you are investing your energy into learning. In case we want to develop and improve ourselves, suppose we want to clean our physical bodies, setting a goal of cleaning of our physical bodies, then what shall we sacrifice in this case? Our taste preferences, that is you are accustomed to eating meat, some cookies and so on, you see, if you are switching to vegetarianism, this is a sacrifice, that is you are refusing tasty things you are accustomed to eat. This is exactly sacrifice, the refusal of something good that was imposed on us.

Consequences of the law of free will:

It is not allowed to help anyone if they are not asking you. Everyone of you probably noticed that in case you are doing good and no one is asking you to do so, then this good always turns into evil for you. Everyone of us is an owner of own fate. And one shall remember that road to hell is paved with good intentions. By the way, this is also true about parents, in case parents are interfering with lives of their children, then they are punishing them too.

One should not force individual to follow your advice or try to change something with force. Nothing could be solved due to energy of power. There should be voluntary agreement. Suppose parents are forcing their child to enter some high school, and child does not like this high school, that is this violates freedom of choice and freedom of will of the child, that is they would punish parents for this later.

Also no one has a right to help you without your request, thats why you shall solve your problems on your own, and do not wait that someone would solve them without your request. Generally we can ask for help close people, our folks, acquaintance, friends and so on. In case you feel that you are not coping with the situation and you need help. But we do not have a right to address God with requests, in such a case we would be beggars. One should not ask anything from Gods. They know Themselves what you need, and in case you simply start to glorify Gods, then you are receiving what you need in life. One of my teaches told me about this case. A woman was living alone, she found Slavonic knowledge and started to glorify Gods in a specific hour. Suppose 11 a.m. is an hour of Nav Goddess, 2 p.m. is an hour of Goddess Magosh, and so on. And she started to glorify some God in specific hour, and naturally she had situations that needed solution. She earned not much, and for a long time she could not afford winter boots, you know nowadays winter boots cost more than 20 000 Rub, and so she had not possibility to save up such a sum. She lived alone without a husband, with two children. And just imagine, after another glorification, some evening she glorified one of the Gods (in sequence) and then came to sleep. Children were not at home, this was school holidays time, children were at her grandmothers, when she wake up she saw some box close to her sleeping place, a new box for shoos, she opens it and sees winter boots there! Exactly the kind she was dreaming about, and her size, she also said that she has a wide shin, it is difficult to find proper boots, usually zipper closed with difficulty. And here everything was sewed for her leg. She was stunned! Gods have ability to materialize anything from the ether, thats why we are glorifying Gods with open heart. Simply when we manage to receive anything in life we do not connect this with the work of Higher Powers of light, but this is so. One shall notice these connections.

It is useless to help individual in case one does not want to work with his problems. You see, there is a notion of carrot and stick. In case one is laying and does not want to rise up, do something and go along the road of his life, then it is useless to carry him into paradise at your own back. You will simply become tired to pull this person, no mater who is this person for you. Thats why individual shall rise up and go. We can do what? We can light the road for this person with our internal potential of light, being close to him during some period of time and showing him direction to the light. You know it is possible to help a person in two ways: it is possible to give one a fish and it is possible to give one a fishing rod and tech one fishing. In such a case it would be right to give this person a fishing rod, not a fish.

One should not blame a person for his deeds, no matter what are these deeds, because one have a right to do as one desires, but one shall take responsibility for this.one shall remember this. We can say similar to our children: You can commit any deeds, but remember that later you will have to answer for everything. That is you can eat what you like, suppose do not follow the principles of separated eating, but then your organism would suffer, that is there will be definite illnesses and definite problems with internal organs.

Now lets consider Kon(s) of the Universe that are to be applied not to the Universe in a whole, but to every specific person, that is everyone of us.

God is love. God is in everything that surrounds us. In case we do not love God we do not love anyone, including oneself. That is, Love is omnipresent energy of the Creator of the Universe. This all was created due to energy of Love. In case we are not generating Love, in case we do not love ourselves, then we are not able to love anyone. This means we do not love God and we do not love people, do not love anything at all. In what shows out love to oneself? First of all, this is not doing harm to oneself. Via own incorrect emotional manifestations, mental manifestations, some physical activities, and so on. That is do not destroy the temple of own spirit, do not destroy own body in any way.

What you saw you will reap. Here also everything is clear: if you saw turnip, you would never reap a pumpkin. That is, what seed you saw, what we are irradiating, the same we are receiving.

What you put above the God, you will lose. What is the essence of this Kon of Universe? One should not put anything in life higher than God, higher than the Creator. Because everything will be lost, this is well described in Sergey Lasarevs book Diagnostics of Karma

Do not do to other what you do not want to yourself. You see, we are always wishing all the best for ourselves, at that we can commit some.. There are people who are committing nasty things in relation to other people and not giving a though if a person would like to have in his life a similar situation, that someone would do similar things in relation to him. Things that we are doing for others, the Universe does for us via other people. This is a Kon of the Universe. Sooner or later, after 7 years at most you will receive similar for yourself from the other people.

As much as you give, as much you will get. You see, nowadays the perception of this law is highly distorted people are trying to get more and give out less. But the more we are giving out, the more we are receiving. This is as a simple example, many times people noticed that if they gave a tip, suppose to a taxi driver of hair stylist, then someone would pay more to you for your services, that you are giving. This works 100 %.

No one has a right to violate ones will. This is true about exactly every person, everything should be done on free will.

You have a right to do anything you wish, both good and bad, but there are consequences after every deed. This is as if manifestation of personal law of karma what you saw you will reap.

If you want to be healthy and wealthy honor your father and mother and it will be good for you on Earth. To our sorrow, nowadays this Kon of Universe is almost not followed. May be it is followed by someone, but there are few such people, honoring of own father and mother is often neglected. One shall remember why it is important to honor own father and mother? Look, mother is matter, relations with matter are build through relations with mother, in case relations with mother are harmonious then one will always have money. And harmonious relations with father are giving guidance, direction in life for a human being. That is, one starts to go along own road in life. Father gives direction, gives a person a true road in life, and mother provides with all resources in life. Thats why in case you want to have wealth, and that everything were good for you, that you would go exactly along the life pass that was defined for you in your ancestral line, esteem of mother and father is very important. To honor means to build Heavenly relations, harmonious relations, based at mutual understanding and love to father and mother, no matter what kind of people they are.

Seeking peace and harmony in family life do not take and wish others. What this Kon is saying about? That one should not admit any love triangles. Suppose nowadays it is fashionable that a man has a mistress, especially if the man has money and can afford a harem. This is alien. One should not start relations with married men. Among people they are saying a bit differently: you cannot build own happiness on someone elses misfortune. I am repeating once again, maximum period of time they would give you to swagger is 7 years, not more.

The one who can forgive others would be forgiven. The one who can give to others will be rewarded. Remember that forgiveness could be of various kinds. We discussed this many times previously, forgive other people means to take at oneself problems, karma, illnesses of this person. This is similar both with forgiveness and with criticism, we are taking problems of other people at our own shoulders and start to work them out, we start to live with their lives. One shall forgive himself for similar deeds in previous embodiments, which we do not remember to our sorrow, and release situation for Higher solution. That is, in case they are asking you, and you are doing, performing the request, then in case situation appears in your life when you yourself need help, need that someone would give you something, you will be rewarded.

Behave with others exactly in a way you would like others to behave with you. This is equivalent of what you sow you will reap, just formulated differently.

If you are changing, then everything is changing around you. Some people do not realize this Kon of the Universe, because they are thinking that it is possible to change a son or a daughter, possible to change worldview of a husband and change him for better, many women are thinking this way when marry. But all people have their own disadvantages, there are no ideal people. But we are falling in love and do not notice these disadvantages, they do not suit you and you are trying to redo this person. Actually it is not possible to redo anyone. It is only possible to change your attitude to disadvantages that are irritating you. First of all look at yourself, what this person may dislike in your behavior, in your manifestation of yourself. And only by changing your internal attitude (internal worldview), it is possible to change the world around yourself. No other way. The world would not change unless we ourselves would change, why? Because similar attracts similar. In case you are not changing yourself and what to change situation around you for better. In case you want to heal, to become a healthy person, but at the same time you are smoking, drinking, exhibit negative emotions, do not change yourself nothing would change in your health, on the contrary the health would worsen.

Everything that takes place with you and around you, is for yourself. For yourself and only for better. How it is possible to understand this Kon of the Universe? No matter what happens, one shall always understand that we may not realize now that this is only for the better.. everything for the better. In case something bad happens, you say: This is for the better, this is for good. There is a parable: in one village there lived a father and a son, there lived a family, once a son was riding a horse, fell down and broke a leg, and everyone in the village was feeling for him and saying: oh, how bad it is! For this the father replied: But you do not know is it for bad or is it for good, this is for good. Well, for some time the son limped, that is he was not able to walk well. Nevertheless some time later there happened to be a war, they took all children from this village to fight, and many of them died, but the son remained at home. You see, such an explanation no matter what bad happens, this happens for good that may happen to us in future. We are incessantly curated by Higher Powers of light in case we ourselves are irradiating light. In this case They would organize everything in such a way that everything will be good with you, despite the fact that things could be not good for others.

I would like to give comments to some of these Kon(s).

We talked about Kon: Behave with others (treat others) exactly in a way you would like others to behave with (treat) you. It is known that our relation to someone or to something is formed through desire and intention, also through the mind-image and mood. You see, this is not that simple. In order to follow this Kon one needs correct mood, mind-images, wishes and intentions. We shall work with all this. If we would miss something from this list we surely would not pass the lesson. Under what condition is it possible to have all four aspects? Only in case you are loving yourself. Not pity, not cherish, not admire yourself, but exactly love. As you know love comes into total contradiction with justice. Justice is a global program of lower worlds, that has nothing to do with our middle world. We introduced this virus of justice into this middle world through our genome code, through the thin field structures of our soul when we received permission for incarnation in this world of humans. This virus is not eliminated because it is not a virus of degradation and destruction but is a transition link to acceptance of energy of love of single and true Creator of everything that exists. Thats why suppose they would awake you in the middle of the night and ask who you are?, you shall answer: We are son or daughter of a single and true One this is in short. It seems ridiculous! Justice not from the light, not from powers of light?! Due to the virus of justice we are starting to understand gradually the difference between lower and middle worlds. In case one would not have possibility to compare, then one would have to move forward on sheer belief, and this is not enough. The result will be similar to the one received in Judaism or Christianity, where everything is built on belief, and love exists as some abstraction, inaccessible to human beings. Thats why they are talking about love but live and do in accordance with justice. What is needed in order to love oneself? One shall clearly understand that you are a son or a daughter of the single Creator, and you are not a slave. That is our ancestors were not monkeys. Not mythically created or cloned from the seventh rib of Adam, but our Father is single and true Creator of everything that exists. Imagine that you lived some 20, 30, 50 years in reception family and were absolutely sure that your father and mother are from a kin of some Lusin or Popkov (no name, just ordinary surnames), and suddenly they are telling you, and this is absolutely for sure, that you are Svetozarov (derived from a name of a Russian bogatyr (warrior) from legends. Svetozarov could be translated approximately as light of a dawn). How much time you would need to become accustomed to this and start to associate yourself not with Lusin or Popkov but with Svetozarov? Until you realize yourself deeply, that you are a child in spirit and consciousness of the single and true Creator. It is useless to discuss anything else before this realization comes. They taught us to bow shamefully in front of gods, some of which are even not really worthy this. They taught children of single and true Creator to consider themselves slaves of gods. Not a one light God, not a single creature in the Universe would humiliate Himself to communication with us unless we restore our internal dignity. As soon as we really and sincerely understand who we are and the will and spirit of our Father immediately would rise us up from the knees. As soon we reach a hand to Him, the fetter would fall down and obsession would go away. Children of true and single One could not be slaves. If this is not possible then these slaves do not exist. And would the gaze of true and single One be directed towards something that not exists?! No one canceled Kon of freedom of choice! And so, remember: suppose they would awake you at the middle of the night and ask who you are? You shall answer: We are son (daughter) of a true and single One. This is a first step towards evolution and self-realization in our world, the start of a pass of love. This is a starting point of performing of a Kon Behave with others exactly in a way you would like others to behave with you. And remember who are you at the levels of consciousness and non-consciousness. This is a big job. Daily communication with our Father true and single Creator of everything that exists is possible only via this internal acceptance. This is a first sign of your success.

The second sign is to stop being beggars, a kind of God help, God give

Third sign you will free yourself from many fears, because you are truly understanding that you are a child of the true and single One, and it is not inherent to have fears for the children of God in case they are acting in accordance with Kon(s). and everything that happens with them and around them is for them and only for the better.

This is a small piece of wisdom. But it takes time, patience, will, communication with own soul, spirit, astral and mental bodies. One shall revise the sense and purpose of own being on Earth and appeal to own consciousness. That is one shall enter into the space of own consciousness, into spheres of events and internally forgive oneself for some misconducts that drove one into a corner and you do not realize that you are carrying some responsibility for them.

One shall understand that any civilization exists due to following Kon(s) of the Universe. This is true both about humans and non-humans. suppose you would bread your child, encouraging permissiveness and impunity, well, such a child would not live long. Simple example: when individual is thinking that everything is allowed to him, and goes at the red light and really dies under the wheels. Or when everything is allowed and individual comes into a shop and takes everything he likes and does not want to pay comes into jail. Because one has a program he is allowed to do everything. Suppose they offended someone, then he takes a knife and kills, why? Because everything is allowed to him, there is such a directive in his non-consciousness. Look what is taking place in our society a fraction of people separated who reckon themselves untouchable, that is there are no Kon(s), no laws for them, and so on. They are not only children of wealthy people, they could be not noticeable men and women who learned to use magic, parapsychology, witchcraft, who are using this knowledge for their personal goals.


In his book Behind the Seven Seals Georgy Sidorov brings several universal Kon(s), which should be known to people, that is people shall not only know but follow these Kon(s). they are exactly Kon(s) of Measure, Kon of Maintenance of Energy, Kon of equality, Kon of Extremity, Kon of Freedom of Will. This echoes with what we were discussing today.

In case our socium starts to learn, investigate, practice these Kon(s), then precepts of fascists and other .ists are falling apart automatically. When following these Kon(s) the necessity in cults disappears. Some people reckon that civilized person is the one who has education, a house, family, status, beautiful clothes. But in case this person has no conscience, honor, nobility, in case his basic principles are lie, cunning, corruption, greediness, aggressiveness, immorality, permissiveness, then is it possible to count him civilized? Animals do not allow to themselves many things that people are doing, because of selfpreservation instinct.


Please, go deeply, excess similarly as deficiency shortens ones life. What could be an example? In case one would eat too much, one will die either from excessive weight or his intestine would break. Thats why there should be a feeling of measure in everything, everything should be in measure of necessity, and those who do not understand this start seeing doctors already in 40.

Violating Kon(s) of the Universe, people as if cutting themselves at the thin level from down-coming stream of Heavenly cosmic energy or decreasing it to minimum. This can lead to energy vampirism. What are manifestations of energy vampirism? These are scandals and worries, sufferings, anger and aggression. Here is an example: one monkey wants to take away banana from another one. Look around, how many families are living in accordance with these laws. Pay attention at yourself. Only knowledge makes individual a human. We are not about ability of creation of atomic bomb, but about how to became a human. In case you would know these Kon(s) at least partly, and you would remember about them, then large mass of your complains would disappear. You will learn what is respect and would be able to understand what is piety and transfer this to your children. So, learn to live without fears, marry for love, and you will found that around you there is everything that was given by single and true One in order to make you happy at this Earth in this reality. It is very important to realize internally what we said now, that is to do reassessment of values inside you and start to live differently, start to live realizing that there are Kon(s) programs, directives that are defining harmonious development of the Universe, human beings and everything that exists. It is possible to put this in a different way: Kon(s) are the rules, following which it is possible to live in given reality without problems. Yet another variant: Kon(s) are the rules, knowing which we can live own life the way we reckon is necessary for ourselves. In our society it is convenient to say ZaKon (zakon is equivalent of English law, has a root Kon and prefix za= English Outside / Behind), but initially zakon meant violation of some Kon. Nowadays there is power standing behind zakon. Kon, similarly to any rule, carries information. Violation of zakon brings punishment, violation of Kon brings problems. Punishment one served and forgot, but problems are to be solved.

Illnesses and sufferings are not sent to us by God or by Creator, they are side product of our learning process here at the planet Earth. Illnesses and sufferings are created by ourselves as a result of not correct use of own creative power. Energy of creation, that we are possessing, is tremendous, and free will of human being allows to use it in a wide spectrum. And we are just learning to use this energy and thats why we are doing numerous mistakes in life. I think everyone made mistakes in the process of life, one shall realize them in due time what Kon one violated and what for one is suffering.

And it is necessary to remember who we are. Slaves, shepherds, demons, vampires. No. we are children of the true and single One. In this case our Father is God, and Gods are giving birth to gods, then whom we shall love in accordance with two basic Kon(s)? It turns out that we shall love God and gods our Father and our sisters and brothers. God is love, then children of God are children of love, that is we are love. We cannot be different. Evil, pride, rage, envy, aggression, hater are not inherent to us. There is a fear standing behind all these, this is blocking of evolutionary development. Put your love at one bowl of weights, ant another one put your fears and look intently into this picture this is you! Say what you are not afraid in this world. No sense to ask what you are afraid, the list would be too long. But what one shall remember? There is no love in the fear. Then there is no God and His children, that is us. Can God be afraid of something? Of course not! Thats why wake up, sleeping gods! And then your fears would disappear and you will understand what it means God is love. Physical body is just a bio-energetic machine, at that with a beautiful intellect, with beautiful intuition, it understands much and hence experiences fear. Paradox is that our body is afraid that you would violate Kon(s) and would destroy it. Via violation of Kon(s). And you are understanding that these fears have grounds under them. Someone activated too much energy of fears in order to block our evolutionary development. Fear blocks love. Like a dam, the fear overlaps the river of love, and only scruples are left for us. Sometimes long ago, to be more exact at the beginning of Kali-Yuga period we allowed fears and evil powers. And this was enough for them to install generators of fear at this territory..It seems so easy to say to yourself: You are children of God, therefore you are possessing heavenly abilities. Thousands of people are saying this, but nothing follows after. When you wake up and would go out of the state of illusion this would resemble spring forest, and you yourself and everything around you would start to change. And one shall awaken for this, and in order to awaken one shall remove programs of fears. Fears are unbelief, despondency, fear of death and other mortal sins. You would not move until you overcome this barrier.

Ones spirituality is defined not by magic abilities, not by power and might, but ones spirituality is defined by love. The more love you have in yourself, the less is left for fears. When you would say: I am God, then you would be able to say that you are light and love. That is the very first Kon is basis of all other Kon(s). God is love, all other Kon(s) are derived from it. Understanding this Kon you will able to understand and interpret all other Kon(s). And following / fulfilling this Kon you would follow all other Kon(s).


Train yourself to fulfill Kon of Love. Write novels, books, songs, that would be based on the Kon of Love, instead of stuff they are producing now.. look at the cartoons they make nowadays! Evil and fear are in them. Restore the border between darkness and light, by doing this you will help others.

Kon is a rule, it is a dome, it is a circle. Live in accordance with Kon means to be in harmony with the Universe, to interact well with its alive organism. Rotation and internal design of the Universe is a sphere of Rod God. Rod is a parent. (in Russian the root rod is present in the word rodit = to give birth). Rod is God whos body is entire our universe with all its star systems, planets habitable worlds, forms of life that inhabit these worlds, gods and semi-gods. The basic principle is that this universe is based on love, this is gifting the light of life which is irradiated from the depth of the universe and propagates all over the universe. At that this gifting is gratuitous, that is not demanding anything in return. For example Yarilo (the Sun) acts and lives following the Kon of Rod, gifting entire Himself to inhabitants of the worlds of the Solar System, not making difference because of their skin color or intentions. We are saying this a bit differently: The Sun is shining to all both good people and bad, and our goal is to learn from the Sun. Try to illuminate all who are around you with your internal potential of light. In the intelligent nature following the Kon of Rod is a natural process, to which all gods creatures are following, with the exception of todays human, to our sorrow. Ants and bees are working, following their heavenly program, they do not demand anything in return of their efforts, they are executing their predestination, fitting harmoniously into common program of development. Do not follow own predestination means to fall apart from the program this means to suffer, to be ill and to die.

Human civilization does not perform heavenly program of development, it is similar to cancerous tumor at the body of the Earth, thats why people are suffering, have illnesses and dying in pains. And human civilization is living in accordance with laws, that is out of Kon(s), out of sphere of Heavenly truth. To follow the Kon of Rod means to hear own soul. The soul is conscience, when living in conscience one is closing to the Kon of Rod, starts to hear and feel the life, living in harmony, coexisting with the live body of the planet.

Kon of Rod is prav, the truth, to live in prav means to carry this prav that is the truth into this world. Lie, even a little one, is oblivion of prav. When individual accepts the truth into own life, it becomes his weapon.

Kon of Rod is love to everything that exists, to everything that was created by Rod and reflected in a live nature plant world and animals, kingdom of stones, and other forms of life, which we do not see but sometimes perceiving with thin senses.

And our soul, incarnated in Yav, that is in human body, is living following Kon of Rod and avoids doing something evil and ruining nature. At least shall behave this way. Such a man without a need would not break a branch of a tree, would not offend an animal. Nowadays eating of animals is taking place in the world, that is people are eating those whom they shall protect and to whom they shall help in spiritual development and formation. This is oblivion of the Kon of Rod, this is wrongdoing against life and nature, such individual could not be called judicious, and in the level of own development such individual comes closer to such animals, which one is ruthlessly exterminating. And life of such individual has no value, because such a person does not appreciate the gift of life himself and plays a role of its extinguisher.

By the way, WHO identified meat as a reason of cancer development. Meat products called carcinogenic and would be enrolled into a black list, similarly to arsenic and asbestos. At the current stage of development, program of Rod envisages nutrition of humanity with specially grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on.

While recognizing principles of life and by following the Kon(s) of the Universe, we can change our lives, own health for better, along with worldview. And we are carrying full responsibility for every our deed, for every ritual being conducted, .including own fate. And in case we start to help someone, then this should be done honestly and with open heart.

Now I will tell you several principles of Vedic people:

We are taking complete responsibility for each deed / action of ours;

The truth is continuous and one shall be in activeness without a right for random deeds;

Healing shall bring joy, similarly to any other activity;

Every did / action of individual who belongs to the Vedic tradition is an act of his will and should be well thought;

Our fate is consequence / reflection of our spiritual level;

Sacredness is when human being is perfectly creating own world, non dependant of outer circumstances;

The world of human being, who is following Kon(s) of the Universe, is the kind of action, as is his any deed. Every did of his shows up / influences at all levels. By embedding correct mind-forms into ourselves and other people we are creating the world righteously;

First it is very important to control own wishes for everyone of us, these wishes are building our karma. A wish is some definite quantity of energy that was not put into realization, it changes a world in such a way that it would come true. Any energy tends to lowering of its potential and to realization. In case a wish does not set in motion in Yav (physical, manifested) world, then it starts to seek realization in NeYav (Nav thin world that is not manifested in reality). . For example, one shall create a mind image of a healthy person, if want to help.

Omissions are stipulated by poor quality of conference recording.

Question: How to say gratitude to the Creator of the Universe, in case it is not good to say thank you, I am grateful? what worlds to say?

Answer: No need to say any worlds! Gratitude is not words! Gratitude is emotion of joy. The true gratitude is when we are in gladness, when exhibiting the higher joy of our soul and of our heart, Gods are expecting from us exactly this kind of gratitude. Then no need for any words! This is internal potential, which we are irradiating joy and love. And accordingly we are receiving exactly what we are irradiating.

In essence the Great Laws of the Universe are simple and naïve, but sometimes luck of knowledge prevents us from discovering this simplicity.

I hope today someone woke up, heard what we were talking about, realized some Kon(s), maybe realized that violated some, and connected this with own life situations, came to understanding why one was given some negative situations and had to pass some life lessons. Why you had to live this through in your life? For violation of what Kon you suffered?

Question: How to remove fears?

Answer: The easiest way to remove fear at the physical layer is to start laughing. Laugh versus fear. Fear is pain, fear is often a crying, it is usually associated with negative psychic energy, the most opposite energy is laughter. Thats why as soon you started to fear something, some fear appeared, you shall remember, read some anecdote laughter takes over the fear, and internal potential of love appears immediately.

Our time is over, I am grateful to all for participation in this internet-conference, for your questions. I wish everybody wisdom, prudence and irradiate joy and avoid violating Kon(s) of the Universe!

Testimony sent by Katalin from Humgary (it is Sergey Valentinovich whom we shall thank):

The new KSFs (Eternity, Peace) have arrived, thank you very much! They are fantastic. As I take them in my hands, I feel a subtle tingling, and in a deeper state of consciousness, subtle music flows from them, each one different. The new CCPs are majestic!

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