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The implementation of the lilac FSCs 9-16

Zaporojets M. A. Cosmo energy practitioner

The mysterious spirit The Word works by the use of the Sun, and newer by the use of any other mediator Hermes Trismegist - Cosmo energy practitioner by the Spiritual Sun.

If You were born You are obliged to be happy the Tribe of True People.

Lets start from the main thing from the understanding the laws of the Universe:

1. At first there was a word, before it there was a thought, and before the thought there was a pre-thought;

2. The sought follows the intention;

3. All substances are a materialization of light;

4. The mental image creates;

5. You must reap what you have sown;

6. By taking the responsibility upon Your own life, You will save both Yourself and the world;

7. The greatest Power in the Universe  is the Heavenly Love.

The consciousness, the spirituality, the ecology of thoughts should be at the first place. The technology should be at the second. If the mental images of harmony, the harmony of Mother Nature, the laws of sacral geometry, music harmony, the intelligence of the Cosmo energy channels are put into the technology, such a technology becomes magic when interacts with human.

Cosmo energetic is an ancient knowledge. Our ancestors were able to use Cosmo energy channels aiming the development of their great abilities, healing, and technology.

At the modern times the Cosmo energy reappeared first at the Uzbekistan, at the city of Tashkent from the Tibet and Indian yogi. Then, at 90-s it came to Russia and showed unique results in healing. The main tack of Cosmo energy was to help oneself. It was available even for the poor people, for the unfortunate working people, for peasants, housewives. The motto was: help yourself, and then help the others. Later on Cosmo energy methods appear in Moscow and all over the world. Nowadays the Cosmo energy method is accepted by the WHO as a scientific practical approach in healing and it is called the complementary medicine. Cosmo energy methods are not frozen, they are in the process of constant development. New healing, information, universal channels are opened by the consecrated people.

So far as the idea of the Functional State Correctors  was based upon the understanding of the Harmonious, Creative, constantly evolving rhythms of nature; as well as the Consciousness, as a primordial source of life, the FSC development program attracted the phenomenon of  the Cosmo energy channels as a most powerful, intelligent, live energies for more effective performance and for better help to people. The structure of the Cosmo energy channels was discovered, which  appeared to be of a complex, multi-level and vortical character. These fact met together with the FSC technology concept. The field structure of the Cosmo energy channels coincides with the field structure, generated by the FSC devices. Cosmo energy channels fell into harmony coexistence with all the picturesque information recorded on the FSCs.

There are two possible modes of interaction with  the Functional State Correctors  the passive mode, And an active mode:

The passive mode: if one is irritated, or in the state of depression, the FSC plate should be placed for 15 minutes at the cosmic center of human body between 4-th and 5-th chakras. After that, place it for another 15 minutes at the pancreas and spleen area. It is recommended to go to the active using mode after that.

The Active mode: one should understand that one is dealing with an intelligent energy. From now on the FSCs are spiritualized, the Creators life-giving channels are connected to the plates. We may compare the lilac Functional State Correctors with the Gin from a jug, which is activated by the magic word Thank You. In the active mode the process of the interaction is activated, that means the interaction of the FSC program with the recipient picturesque thoughts after pronunciation of the code word. The code is the energy of Thanksgiving. For example, one tunes up at the FSC plate, pronounces the word Thank You for the healing and holds the mental image of a sing which requires healing or harmonization for 15 minutes.

While holding the FSC in Your hands, You are actually situated in the energy information field, piercing through every cell from inside. The Carrier frequency  in all formula is the pattern of Heavenly Love, aimed to the evolution, creation, harmony, activation of the human soul and spirit.

Now lets consider the examples of working with the new lilac Functional State Correctors:

FSC no 9 The Healthy Heart:

-          Thank You for the blood pressure normalization;

-          Thank You for the cardio-vascular system performance normalization;

-          Thank You for the veins and capillary healing;

-          Thank You for the stroke prophylaxis or for the recover from the state of stroke;

-          Thank You for the harmony in my relation with relatives, children, the surrounding people.

FSC no 10 The Healthy Joints:

-          Thank You for the joints healing;

-          Thank You for the bone tissue healing;

-          Thank You for the restoration of the spinal column;

-          Thank You for the liquor and spinal liquid normalization.

Under the modern conditions in our galaxy, in the Solar system and on Earth, which are characterized by rapid changes, the cleaning of all thin bodies, all chakra, the restoration and protection are required in order to survival, to self-improvement, to return to the demigod state. The tasks which was set up by Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov in the process of the FSC development fully coincide with the tasks of the modern Cosmo energy. New correctors are aimed to perform (and they successfully do so) these fundamental tasks. The Planet and the People are getting another remarkable chance to wake up for a new beautiful life and become an intelligent co-creator in The Universe.

People are given a chance of rapid evolution, but a long road begins from a single step.

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