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The implementation of Green and Lilac Functional State Correctors.

We strongly recommend to use Green and Lilac Functional State Correctors (which have increased power) after half a year of using FSC no 1, 2, and 5, due to the high probability of acute conditions. In extremis start the use of the new FSCs in parallel with no 2 and 1, at the beginning stick to energy cleaning and harmonization programs, do not hurry with curing specific conditions. The use of the Green and lilac FSCs does not substitutes the necessity of drinking water, structured on no. 1 and 2, and pumping, the action of the Green and Lilac  FSCs should be regarded as complimentary to the Blue FSCs.  But You may stress the action of the Green and Lilac  FSCs by adding some water, structured on them to your water drinking schedule.

The implementation of Green Functional State Correctors.

The implementation of Green Functional State Correctors does not differ from the implementation of the blue ones. Use Green FSCs for water structuring, bath and shower, and for pumping. The Green FSCs are more powerful than blue, so use them carefully, start pumping from two minutes, increase time gradually. In case of some acute condition, switch to intensive use of FSC no 2. You may do pumping with green FSCs, or mix  green and blue series.

The green FSCs deal not only with physical conditions, but influence the soul, work with spiritual categories. Now we will consider their properties:

The success.

This FSC dials with the harmonization of the thinking process and with harmonization of both left and right hemispheres. It strengthens one’s confidence in the righteousness of his deeds. It harmonizes thinking process and   increases the firmness of one’s actions. “The success” provides better understanding of  nuances and vision of the problems.

You may place the “Success” FSC  in front of you during  negotiations. If one will take FSCs  “Love”  and  “Success”  at the negotiations, the devices  will protect the owner from  manipulations and programming, will work as an amulet. Both Functional State Correctors provide you with favor.

It is not the FSC that gains the success for the owner in every sphere of activity, but a human, and his consciousness plays the major role.

When it is convenient for you, you may place the “Success” FSC  at the back of the head.


Water samples from Arcaim mountains, dolmens, and the “Chi” energy of Lena Columns are recorded on the FSC “Love”. The vibrations of Love are the highest possible vibrations of our world, this FSC helps people to tune to these vibration, activates the spiritual hart, activates DNA layers. Nowadays we experience the shortage of this energy, because of fears, because too much ego sits in everyone, this FSC will help to regain love to oneself, unconditional love to other people, to the surrounding world.

Every curative process should be started with the energy of love, it is recommended to drink (gradually) 3 liters of water, structured on the FSC “Love”, it will prepare your brain for subsequent steps.  If You have this corrector, include water, structured on it into your drinking schedule.

One may carry FSC “Love” on the heart chakra,  or at the Solar plexus, drink water, structured on it,  take bath or shower, it is possible to put it at one’s feet or to lay it under the pillow. It is the most powerful FSC in the green series.

“The Healthy Generation”

“The Healthy Generation” FSC very powerfully restores human immune system performance. It is  recommend  in all autoimmune and immunodeficiency  conditions, along with allergic diseases. “The Healthy Generation” Functional State Corrector is needed in every system malfunction case. This FSC disband ancestral programs, it has everything to support mothers and little children, helps to conceive a healthy child.  Use “the Healthy Generation” for water structuring, when you bath your child, use it as an amulet for a child. This FSC forms the psycho sphere both of parents and children, simultaneously pulling up parents to their child’s level. You may carry “The Healthy Generation” FSC at the Solar Plexus area. With children place it in the legs area or under the bed.

Men’s and woman’s amulets

Most of the dolmens pose selective influence, some of them influence men, others women, so there are two different FSCs with the same action: “Woman’s Amulet”  and “Men’s Amulet”

These FSCs have powerful  themes to cope with essences and hex, so do all the FSCs from the Green series. In order to get rid of essences one should do intensive pumping, using the entire set.

You may carry Amulet FSC at the waist. Negative programs often “sat down” on the back. Remember that some “good wishes” are made behind one’s back.

Additional pumping with green FSCs by Merzlyakova Elena Michaylovna (from her report on the third medical conference on the FSC implementation).

1. Put FSC “Love” at the left shoulder, FSC “Success” on the right shoulder, ”Amulet” – at the solar plexus, “The healthy Generation” on the forehead, or at the back of the head area.  The duration  should be defined individually, according  to sensations.

2. FSC “Love” at the shoulder joint,  “Amulet” – at the hip joint area, FSC “Success” on the ankle joint. For women:  first the left side, then – the right side, for men – on the contrary - first the right side, then – the left one. Duration from 3 to 10 minutes for each side.

3. “The pass” – all FSCs are put at the floor at the step width, the consequence is arbitrary. You walk back and forth, stepping over  the  correctors. The effect is reliving from tension, the vigor  rise, the improvement of the way one feels. Do not mix the Green and the blue FSCs make part of the path with green, and another part with blue FSCs. 


Introduction into the lilac FSCs

Cosmo energy is an ancient practice of interaction with the intelligent energies of the Universe. These energies have a specific action and are known as cosmoenergy channels. Until now only initiated people were able to address the cosmoenergy channels, it required a knowledge of an especial password, which was passed from master to a follower during initiation.  Cosmo energy practitioners heal their patients during a series of cosmoenergy sessions. A practitioner openes cosmoenergy channels, harmonizes and cleanse the patients energy field, balances his chakras, dials with specific disease, protects the energy field of a patient.

On the Lilac Functional State Correctors a canvas of a cosmoenergy session is recorded. It is possible due to the ability to record (to store) and reproduce the water structure on the FSC plate  . A probe of water was put in front of the powerful cosmoenergy practitioner, who opened the cosmoenergy channels with her own passwords. So in every lilac FSC there is a set of ready to use healing cosmic  energies or channels.  The channels are grouped into different FSC numbers, because specific condition requires a use of specific channels.  A technology which allows everybody to work with healing cosmic energies is embodied in the Lilac Functional State Correctors. One do not have to know the names of the cosmoenergy channels, recorded at the FSC. There is no need in a password either.

But it is not all that simple. The laws of our Universe allow to pose healing only when one asks for help. A process of awareness should be brought into play, one has to formulate the desired result, some responsibility is involved  here.  The prepared to use cosmoenergy channels are recorded on the FSC, they start to operate, when activated with the sincere gratitude energy. In the case of the FSC gratitude substitutes the specific passwords. This part of the job was done by Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna – one of the leading Russian cosmoenergy practitioners, who in cooperation with Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov worked on the information content of the lilac FSC series.

Lilac Functional State Correctors do not heal people on autopilot like the blue ones (nevertheless they automatically provide very good protection from outer influences), it is an instrument, which implies awareness of the user. The user should work with the lilac Functional State Correctors in sessions. The cosmoenergy channels act in adaptive and communicative way, they work individually with every human. One should set the task for them by saying gratitude and proper visualization. For example one should relax deeply, look inside, to light up beautiful internal light, similar to the sunlight, and direct it at the problem place, and hold it there for a while.     

It is a spiritual technology, one should address FSC the way one address the best friend, the way one agrees God.

How to use Lilac Functional State Correctors?

The main mode of the lilac FSC implementation is conducting cosmoenergy sessions (see below). The duration of the session could be from 20 to 40 minutes. One may conduct several sessions a day, for example in the morning and in the evening. The cosmoenergy  channels stay  opened approximately 1 hour after the session end, the work with the patient continues, then the channels close on their own.

The Lilac FSCs could be used for water structuring, In contrast to the blue FSCs it is possible to set desired commands during water structuring.

It is great to use lilac FSC for bath or shower, during water procedures you may work with the corrector the same way as conducting a session.

Use them for pumping.

When carried in the pocked, on the body, lilac FSCs ensures powerful protection from all kinds of information influences. Especially it is true with the FSCs no 14 and 16.

FSC no 15 poses ability to restructure radiation into energies compatible with living organisms.

The scheme of the  cosmoenergy session.

The scheme of the cosmoenergy session is cited from Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna internet conference. For example, the FSC no 9 was used for this session, with other FSC  number the scheme of the session is the same, one should only substitude the gratitude formulas with formulas  given in the next chapter.

Stand up and close your eyes. It is possible to conduct a cosmoenergy session in laying position, but if standing, you would better feel the energies.  The body should be in a free and relaxed pose. Do not cross your hands and legs. It is possible to do it with an open eyes (someone may be reading text). Take the Functional State Corrector in one hand, place it near (aprox. 30 centimeters)  the cosmic center. And direct the short rib of the FSC plate at yourself.  It is also possible to place the FSC on the cosmic center. Cosmic center is situated between the 4-th and the 5-th chakras. The first stage of the cosmoenergy session is co tuning and cleaning of the thin bodies. Say something like “I am grateful for my thin bodies have being cleaned”; “I am grateful for my thin bodies have being balanced”; “I am grateful for my  chakras have being harmonized”; “I am grateful for all negative programs have being disbanded and substituted with Heavenly Love”. You may think of something yours. Be sure  to set the desired end result, as if it is already achieved, not the process. Take special care to avoid NO particles in your gratitude affirmations.

Those people who conduct a session in the standing position may feel the oscillations. The body may rock. Body rocking indicates the energies turned on. You may feel heat and twinge at the extremities.  The twinge indicates the opening of active acupuncture points. One may feel local pain, which subsides quickly as the co tuning process takes place.  Some people may feel nothing, and it is normal as well.

At the second stage, after the co tuning, you may start saying gratitudes connected with specific disease. At this stage you should hold in mind a mental picture of an absolutely healthy organ/ You may take a look at the anatomy atlas if you need. Visualize organs in wet state, remember that dry organs are the dead ones. You may visualize beautiful golden or silver light inside your body, which surrounds the place you want to heal.  Formulate gratitude affirmation like “I am grateful for my (name organ or system) have being restored / healed / regenerated”. You should hold in mind an image of the perfectly healthy organ, be it a joint, be it an uterus, be it trombophlebitis. In case of trombophlebitis visualize a clear vein, say “I am grateful for my veins / blood vessels have being restored” (with FSC no 9). Some other examples:  “I am grateful for my uterus have being restored”; “I am grateful for my ovary have being restored”. Breathe deeply, stay relaxed, say gratitude, hold on the visualization.

At the end of the session it would be nice to express gratitude for a good session. If somebody will see bright light or pulsating sphere during cosmoenergy session – that means maximum co tuning took place, it is wonderful. If you were lucky to see an eye – that means the clairvoyance is opening gradually, but it should open on its own, not compulsory.

Use your common sense when choosing an FSC for a session, their names are “speaking”, see the next chapter for the implementation hints. It is advised not to name a lot of specific problems during one session, one or two conditions is enough. You should move forward in steps. Dedicate 10 – 20 days to one problem, then move to another. Pay attention to the consequence, first deal with cleaning and main organism systems.

Here is the recommended consequence of the cosmoenergy sessions:

1. Thin energies harmonization and cleaning, the restoration of chakras. If possible use  “The Clear Space” (no 16). Use gratitude affirmations from the co-tuning stage of the cosmoenergy scheme. – 10 sessions. No 15 “The Light of Life” is very good for disbandment of the negative programs of any origin. Those people, who do not have previous FSC experience, should dedicate 20 - 30 sessions to the harmonization period, making first sessions relatively short (start from 5 minutes) and increase time gradually. In case of the acute condition stop for a while, and switch to extensive use of the FSC number 2.

2. The organism cleaning. In order to clean gastro-intestinal tract use FSC no 11 “The  healthy way of life”. For example “I am grateful for my gastro-intestinal tract have being cleaned”. In order to restore cardiovascular system use  no 9 “The Healthy Heart”, for example “I am grateful for my cardiovascular system / blood vessels / capillaries / lymph system / immune system have being cleaned / restored” – 10 – 20 sessions.

3. Only now it is recommended to start dealing with specific problems. Choose the FSC number whish is suitable for your problem and conduct sessions according to a scheme above. 20 – 30 sessions. Work with one (preferable) or 2- 3 specific problems at a time. It is better to conduct 20 – 30 sessions devoted to one problem, then switch to another one. Use common your sense, for example heal kidneys, liver  at the first place.

4. Protect the information processes inside the organism, fortify your aura. Any FSC will do, but  no 14 “The Golden Pyramid” is the best one for that purpose. Visualize Yourself inside the Golden Pyramid filed with golden light. Say gratitude affirmations like “I am grateful for my aura have being protected / filed with Heavenly energies / filed with the energy of Love” 10 – 20 sessions.

5. Switch on the rejuvenation program with the FSC no 15 “The Light of Life”, affirmation example “I am grateful for my biological age was changed to (the desired number of years)” - 30 sessions. It is not recommended to set the desired age below 25, below this age the hormonal system is not stable yet. Visualize yourself at the desired age.

If you need you may start to use  no 11 (in order to overcame unhealthy habits), no 12 (in order to restore a good sleep), no 13 (in order to activate the processes of learning, or to become pregnant) in parallel with working with the other FSC. Or You may switch sessions, for example to restore some organ during the morning session, and to restore normal sleep in the evening session.

Complex conditions and autoimmune diseases often have information based origin. Use FSC no 11 for burning out all negative programs. Be sure to fill your energy field with good Heavenly energies (Heavenly Light / Heavenly Love / The Universal Love) after working with negative programs disbandment, you should substitute negative energies with positive ones.  Say something like “I am grateful for all negative programs in my thin bodies / aura / energy field have being burned out / disbanded”,  “I am grateful my thin bodies / aura / energy field have being filled with Heavenly Light / Heavenly Love / The Universal Love” Visualize yourself inside a sphere of beautiful golden light.

Considerations on the FSC 9-16 implementation


FSC no 9 – “The healthy heart” Along with using in cosmoenergy sessions, use no. 9 through the structured water drinking. Do not put in the heart area, if you want a contact use – put it on the solar plexus area for 2-3 minutes. These Lilac FSCs are very powerful, there is no need to carry them all day long, start gradually from 2-3 minutes at a time.  Use these correctors for pumping up (see later).

Lilac Functional State Correctors are a kind of “markers” for God’s Cosmo Energy channels, in some sense they attract the attention of the Channels to a given person. Just attract attention. Then it is Your turn to formulate the problem, to ask the Chanel to do something for You, and they respond to gratitude. Using the FSC # 9 You may say or think something like affirmations, proposed at the M. A. Zaporojets article:

I am grateful the blood pressure has being normalized;

I am grateful the cardio-vascular system has being normalized;

I am grateful the veins and capillary has being healed;

I am grateful for the stroke prophylaxis / the  recovery from stroke;

I am grateful the harmonious relations with relatives / children / other people has being achieved;

This plate should be used at any vessels and capillary conditions, in conditions related with any inflammation processes, eye diseases.

But You should use them creatively -  think of something Your’s if You like. These plates imply the process of learning and creative thinking from Your side, it is possible to say that they are not “just working” as the blue ones. You should consider a Cosmo-Energy Channel (for which the FSC is only an opening key, and the key works only in pair with a gratitude energy, which you should apply yourself) as a wise living Being, talk with Him, because every Cosmo Energy Channel is a part of God. And, more to it, the sayings – are just an example, which only explains what You should try and do. Really Cosmos understand image pictures much better than words. So along with saying some gratitude for the Channel, it is better to hold in mind a picture of a healthy organ or a system, You should learn to do that – to imagine what you need – a positive outcome, generally speaking.

FSC no 10 – “The healthy joints In case there is a problem with some particular joint – put this FSC on the joint for 2-3 minutes. It is recommended to charge any liniment and apply the structured liniment on the joints. Drink structured water. Use gratitude affirmations when charging liniments or water on the Lilac FSCs. You may set desired specific action, or summon positive Heavenly energies. The examples of the gratitude affirmations to be used with the FSC no. 10:

I am grateful the joints has being healed;

I am grateful the bone tissue has being healed;

I am grateful my spinal column has being healed;

I am grateful the liquor and spinal liquid has being normalized / restored.

FSC no 11 – “The healthy way of life” If You are going to meet a company, where You may encounter with envy, evil eye, or some other negative influence, You may take the FSC in hands, ask the channel for protection, express gratitude, put the FSC into the bag or into the pocket, when return home - express gratitude to the channel for cleaning and protection. This FSC burns out negative programs, disband essences that make a human to practice unhealthy habits.

It “clears up” liver, gastro-intestinal tract, improves energy, and our organs benefit from it. When one feels irritation or anger – it is good to drink some water, structured on the FSC # 11. The ability to take vise decisions returns, one acts not out of his anger, but able to react adequately. Negative emotions lead to diseases: anger and irritation – to ulcer, self-flagellation – to stones.

If one is going to quit unhealthy habits, for example - smoking, it is recommended to put cigarettes on this FSC. This FSC stimulates aversion to bad habits, but the conscious participation of the addicted person is required.

The examples of the gratitude affirmations to be used with the FSC no. 11:

I am grateful  all negative programs / coding in my thin bodies has being burned;

I am grateful  the information  about some given disease (specify) has being erased;

I am grateful  my nervous system have being restored;

I am grateful  my genome have being cleaned;

I am grateful that gastro intestinal tract has been restored;

I am grateful  my liver / cardio-vascular system have being restored;

“The Healthy Way of Life” activates the energy of forgiveness and helps to change one’s consciousness.

FSC no 12 – “The healthy sleep” Put it somewhere near You on the bed, for example near the legs, not directly under the pillow. You may drink some water structured on the FSC # 12 before sleep. Express a request to the channel – something like “I want to sleep well and get up cheerful and healthy, express a gratitude”. You may even set the desired wake-up time. After wake up say a gratitude to the channel again.

This program is very complex, work with it in stages, layer by layer, conducting 20 sessions devoted to each of the following steps:

1. I am grateful for a healthy sleep; I am grateful  my thin bodies have being cleaned during sleep time.

2. I am grateful for my mind / consciousness has been cleaned

3. I am grateful for my sub-consciousness has been cleaned

The formula “I am grateful for my body, all my thin bodies  were restored during sleep time” should be used every time. Also you may add “I am grateful for my body, all my thin bodies  were restored during sleep time”.  You may also use the following formulas:

I am grateful the sleep biorhythms structure has being normalized;

I am grateful for getting Heavenly Information from the thin world during the sleep time;

I am grateful  for the information on (specify subject)  has being obtained during sleep.

FSC no 13 – “The healthy intellect” Use it through drinking structured water. Children should not carry the FSC to school for a day! Children should use it through water drinking. While structuring water one may sat the desired task with the help of the gratitude affirmations. The intelligence “switches on”, psychological  holdups disappear, an interest in the learning process appears. Ask help in mastering  some definite discipline, express gratitude. One may take FSC no 13 in hands and say gratitude for mastering some discipline / knowledge / obtaining information.

Along with the attention concentration, FSC no 13 poses interesting physiology influence: it helps to draw out the spinal column, removes sedimentations between the vertebras, relives the excessive tension from inter-vertebra discs, relives nerve clamps, as a result  the blood and air supply of the brain increases. These FSC reduces blood pressure. They say that after 30 we all “grow down” and this Functional state corrector is recommended to everybody.

You may put it on the spinal column for 2 or 3 minutes, drink structured water, use it for pumping.

It helps women to perceive a healthy child.

The examples of the gratitude affirmations to be used with the FSC no. 13:

I am grateful the information on the (specify subject) has being achieved;

I am grateful the (specify discipline) has being mastered;

I am grateful the spinal column has being drawn out;

I am grateful the healthy child has being perceived.

FSC no 14 – “The Golden pyramid” You may carry it as a good defense. It tunes up the surrounding people to the positive. It harmonizes the surrounding space for everything good and positive.

You may take this Functional State Corrector in hands and ask the Golden Pyramid to protect some object, a home, a territory, an air-flight – anything You need to protect.  Holding the corrector un Your hands  just imagine the object You want to protect inside a big Golden Pyramid,  express gratitude to the channel.  Hold the FSC for a couple of minutes. Visualize the desired outcome (the plane landed safely, somebody arrived at the destination place, and so on, be creative). When everything is over – the aircraft landed safely, the journey is over, and so on – express gratitude to the channel again.

You may visualize a vast territory covered by the golden pyramid, You may express gratitude for the given territory has being cleaned from a virus / protected from some damage. You may even specify the desired time period, name exact dates, or timing if you want. Once started the Golden Pyramid will pose the protection action over the territory in the specified time interval.  In case of long time periods and vast territories, it is recommended to renew the activation of “The Golden Pyramid” Functional State Corrector daily or weekly (listen to  your intuition, if you feel the necessity of reactivation – do it).

This FSC opposes informational viruses, poses antiviral action, contributes to the spinal column cleaning and defense, deduces heavy water from the organism, contributes to the processes of learning, increases potency.

FSC no 15 – “The light of life” The rejuvenation of the organism, the withdrawal of negative. Along with cosmoenergy sessions use it through water, drink structured water, take bath or shower with it. Charge any liniments, You are using, especially for face.  It is good for pumping, especially in pair with the FSC no 11.  Use gratitude affirmations when taking shower and structuring water.

One of the functions of the FSC no 15 is transformation of any irradiation (including radioactivity) to the irradiation compatible with living organisms. This Functional State Corrector is extremely powerful, use it in complex conditions to support the energy of life, it burns out negative programs and cleans the thib bodies, contributes to the stem cells production and activation, to the activation of telomeres and mitochondrion. The names of the channels, recorded on this FSC have speaking names: “The Elixir of Youth”,  “The Elixir of  Life”.

The examples of the gratitude affirmations to be used with the FSC no. 15:

I am grateful the rejuvenation program has being achieved;

I am grateful  my biological age  has being changed to (specify the desire d age, but not less than 25);

I am grateful  the radiation has being transformed into a harmless energy;

I  am grateful my thin bodies have being cleaned. 

FSC no 16 – “The clear space” If You are planning a journey, You may take this FSC in hands for 2-3 minutes, ask the channel to give / ensure You a clear space on Your way, express a gratitude for the clear space during Your journey beforehand. Just visualize You arrived at the destination point in time.  You may specify the desired time of arrival. Express gratitude at the end of the journey. You may ask for clear space if you get into the road jam.

This FSC is great for the cleaning of premises. Put in the electric fuse box, structure some water and splash it or pulverize in the rooms in order to disband negative energies.

FSCs no 14 and 16 harmonize the surrounding space and relations between people.

This Functional State Corrector protects sells, contributes to the self regulation processes and the relieving from stress.

How to clean premises with the help of “The Clear Space”  Functional State Corrector:

Place it on the electric counter, or over the place where the main power cable is laid, when laying on the power cable it provides protection from electromagnetic fields. You may activate the FSC by addressing it with a gratitude affirmation, saying “I am grateful the premises have been cleaned”. Turn on all lights at every room or corner, and live it to work for twenty minutes. The second stage of the cleaning process is consecration of your home. It means that you may activate some positive programs, by doing so you not only disband negative energies, but substitute them with Light, Love and Health, bringing in the enerdies you need. The stage lasts another twenty minutes. Marina Zaporojets recommends to say not more than three gratitude affirmations, and choose the most board categories, such as “Heavenly Love”, “Harmony”, “Heavenly Light”, “Heavenly Power”. During the first twenty minutes you prepare your premises by cleaning it, and during the subsequent twenty minutes you consecrate it.

You may structure water for floor washing and housecleaning on  “The Clear Space” , using affirmations from above. You may incorporate the use of “The Clear Space”  into any energy cleaning practice.

Some general considerations.

As You noticed the time of contact usage of the lilac Functional State Correctors is restricted for 2-3 minutes. They are really powerful. But  later, You may rely upon Your own sensations, and after several month, when You get accustomed to the new energies You may increase the time if You fell it is necessary. But  start gradually, step by step.

In any case do not forget about FCS no 2. It is important to deduce the toxins, leftovers and slugs after the powerful  influence of the lilac correctors.

You may use the lilac FSCs for pumping, but no more than two at a time. The pumping pattern is as usual “hand – leg”,  “hand – leg”, “the coccyx – the cervical vertebra. Hold the correctors for 2-3 minutes in every position. While doing the pumping it is recommended to visualize the healthy organ (or organism, or what You may need).

If You have cardio-vascular or joints problems use the pair 9 and 10 for pumping.

The pair 11-15 is good for the cleaning of the thin bodies and rejuvenation.

You may add an universal powerful positive program: “I  am grateful for complete recovery”.

We also include the affirmation “I  am grateful the initial reasons of (specify condition) has being disbanded”.

Appendix1. Working with fears.

Persistent fears are connected with our heart activity, they could be recognized at the electrocardiogram as an extra systole. There is a simple psychology practice, which could be emphasized by the use of the Functional State Corrector no. 9 “The Healthy Heart”. Very often the lack of love to yourself lays in the basis of fears. One may not even realize it, but the lack of love to yourself (you do not like yourself for some reason) that sits somewhere deep in subconsciousness may be the primary reason of fears.  It is good to perform this practice when you are going to bed, before slipping.  Place  the FSC no 9 at the cosmic center, close Your eyes and visualize yourself in the childhood. You split. In your visualization you see yourself and also you see yourself as a little child. Give love to this child. Embrace him, rock him on a swing, give him something delicious, what he likes. You may think of your own ways to please this child and show him your love. You know better how to please this child. It is a powerful visualization. Fear is an absence of love, and vice versa, these are contrary categories. They could not coexist.

There is another practice, which helps to overcome fears. Doing it you may place several FSCs around you in a circle, the radius should be approx 0,5-1 m.  You may use the FSC circle for other spiritual practices as well.  Try to draw your fear. In colors. Using the left hand, or the right if you are left-handed person. This simple trick engages your  subconsciousness. So you shell take a new sheet of paper and draw your fear every day, until you get a result. There are two results possible: you will either cry or hysterically laugh. The emotional outbreak is an indicator that you’ve done a good job.

Appendix2. The intensive pumping

Intensive pumping could be recommended only to experienced FSC users. It is extremely powerful procedure, one may have excretion in urine, powerful cleaning, externalization. Start from 2-3 minutes, and increase time gradually. In complex cases the duration may be increased up to 1,5 hours. In case of acute condition switch to extensive use and drinking water, structured on no. 2.

Up to 25 FSCs could be used for these pumping. Any numbers, any colors.  4 FSCs are placed under the spinal column, from coccyx to the neck. Two – under the buds, two under the lungs. You place FSCs on the coach and lay on it. A “night cap” is made around the head. FSC no. 8 – on the crown of the head, no 1, 2, 6, 7 – at the back of the head, on the left and on the right sides of the head, on the forehead. FSC no. 8 is always on the crown, the position of  others may be arbitrary changed from session to session.  Two FSCs are put under  the knee joints, another two at the feet, another two – at  hands. Two FSCs – on shoulders like shoulder straps. Six FSCs are placed at chakras.

Take a shower with water, structured on FSC no 2 after the intensive pumping, because the toxins are deduced through skin.

It is a serious physiotherapy procedure, very powerful, so use it carefully. Drink a lot of water, structured on the FSC no. 2. 

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