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The implementation of the Functional State Correctors for the prophylaxis of complications and stabilization of the patients state under various blood diseases.

Polynskaya Inna Valerianovna candidate of medicine, haematologist from St. Petersburg. A report at the third scientific conference devoted to the FSC implementation, Moscow, 16  - 17 April 2011.

Blood, being one of the main informational mediums of the human organism, carries a lot of information about processes, that take place in the organism. This axiom is beyond doubt. It is the liquid tissue, like it is often called, serves as our main informer about changes, that are taking place in the organism. It is true both under critical conditions and at the withdrawal from the state of disease.

There are many indicators, by analyzing the dynamics of them we are able to judge about positive changes, about the stabilization of the process, remission, or about worsening of the patients state. Nowadays we have a row of diagnostic devices at our disposal, which are able to register both the state of functioning of separate organs and systems and the general performance of the human organism.

At this research the results of the diagnostic data, obtained with the use of the Diakoms and Radomir computer diagnostic complexes are analyzed. We summarized diagnostic data collected during 2.5 years from over than 2000 patients with various problems and diseases. I want to show You the list of conditions,  which we observed and followed, and for which we used Functional State Correctors on the standard implementation rules. Here they are: Gastro-intestinal tract diseases, disbacteriosis, gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis, heartburn and others. Polipus, haemorrhoidis, visual impairments, cataract,  glaucoma, myopia, blefaritis, viral invasions of different localization, disseminated sclerosis, cystitis, pathological climax, mastopathy, myoma, vulvovaginitis and infertility, different erosions, endometriosis, Chlamydia, mycoplasma, papilloma viruses, toxoplasmosis, quincy, cough, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. Along with that chronic tiredness, depression, stress, headaches and other conditions. As a rule, we often encountered with various liver diseases chronic and acute, fatty degeneration, pancreatitis and pyelonephritis, derangement of hepatic metabolism, endocrine and vascular pathologies, and a lot of others.

You already able to appreciate the wideness of our observations, I should notice that people, who turn to us, already had a whole bunch of diseases, a complex of diseases, people who lost belief in traditional treatment methods, but at the same time people who wished to help themselves. It is this category of patients who is motivated, and who really gets positive results with our help and with the help of the Functional State Correctors. The first obligatory recommendation we gave to our patients was drinking purified and structured water at a rate 30 milliliters for each kilogram of body weight. It is not always easy for people, who did not consume pure water for years, but drank only tea, milk, soup, juices and so on. We recommended them to introduce lifestyle changes gradually, not with glasses and liters, but with small steps. Obtaining first positive shifts, people started to change their water regiment. Nowadays even traditional medics acknowledged the necessity of water drinking.  That means that a lot of patients with dehydration,  medicinal intoxication, atopic dermatitis, allergic pharingo tracheitis and other conditions appear.

The second obligatory condition was the implementation of the hydrotherapeutic procedures of various kinds with the addition of the Functional State Correctors. Bath, shower, washing, sponge down, wet sheet packing especially of the problem areas of the body. It is wet sheet packing methods, which is indicative and simulative for the subsequent use of the Functional State Correctors.

The third rule of the health improvement is applying the Correctors to the energy centers of the organism several times a day, and to the problem areas on the skin surface. It is called the pumping up or activization or harmonization of the energy flows in the organism.

The fourth major rule is the treatment of the flat or living space including all electrical equipment. As well as individual carrying of the FSCs while using transport and at work. We provided people with additional individual recommendations according to their specific problems.

In the anamnesis of the FSC implementation results with different states and different patients we get only positive results. Some patients with severe conditions encountered with minor exacerbation, which we explain by the complexity of their state, and which was later compensated by a stable remission. The improvement came, and it allowed us to judge that the implementation of the Functional State Correctors allowed the organism to restore the blood functioning and stabilize blood pressure, to restore the ferments work, the carbonhidrate-protein lipidic metabolism, to reduce the cholesterol level, to restore the blood micro-circulation, to normalize the endocrine system performance, to stabilize the performance of the urinary tract, to remove viruses, bacterium toxins, and more to it to ensure stable antistress, anti- depression effect.

In various acute conditions Functional State Correctors help to deduce toxins rapidly, and promote the drainage function. The severity of the patients condition relieves even in oncology cases, often patients avoid surgical treatment, which is not only traumatic procedure that leads to disability, but also is very expensive. We all know about it.

I want to dwell at length on two cases, which will be followed with a detailed analysis of the disease dynamics.

A woman 60 years old, with a remoteness of a disease about 30 years, has the following complex in anamnesis: atopic dermatitis, ischemic cardio disease, stenocardia, hypertension, atherosclerosis of the aorta and cerebral arteries, malfunction of the protein-production in the liver, a hernia in the esophageal opening, chronic hepatitis C, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis and pyelonefritis, right sided nephroptosis, mineral and carbohydrate exchange malfunction, candidosis and mycosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, allergic polinosis these were her diagnosis. She complained on depression, insomnia, anxiety and irritability, which are well grounded, having in mind her bunch of diseases. This woman actively used Functional State Correctors from 1 to 8, excluding no. 4, during three month, she strictly observed water regiment, drank water, did water treatment manipulations, put the FSCs at the energetically active points on her skin, treated her flat, clothes, electrical equipment, carried the correctors with her.

After repeated diagnostics we fixed, and it was additionally checked at the Medicine Mycology Institute at the scientific and methodological mycology center of the Russian Federation Public Health Ministry. The discharge diagnosis after three weeks of check-ups was: atopic dermatitis, ischemic cardio disease, hypertension, chronic hepatitis C, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis and pyelonefritis are in the state of remission for the recent 30 years. Mineral and carbohydrate exchange are in the normal corridor. Autoimmune thyroiditis, stenocardia, atherosclerosis- out of the acute phase. Depression and long term stress subsided. Sleep, active way of life, adequate family relations are restored. It all took place after 3 month of the FSC implementation. For 30 years official medicine was unable to do a thing! I should point out that a scrape of her skin scales did not indicated the mycosis elements. It shows the deep skin changes took place. The woman was discharged in a satisfactory condition with clinic improvement, under outpatient supervision of the  dermatovenereologist.

The second case. A woman 56 years old. Allergic  cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hypotension, mineral and carbohydrate exchange malfunction, ischemic cardio disease, disbacteriosis,  flatulence, myopia, chronic  tiredness, scattered, surface sleep.  Diakoms computer diagnostic  showed  and confirmed these long-standing chronic   abnormalities, it also showed the increased blood  and bile viscosity, intoxication, skin itching,  lower extremities edema, the state of the malfunction of the cardio-vascular system, gastro-intestinal tract, urine-excretory  system. Take a notion of the accompanying psychological portrait: the state of lingering stress and depression, the reduction of the adaptation recourses of the organism, the reduction of the ability to resist  her situation,  indolence and indifference to life and to herself.  Compensatory damages are revealed in the state of liver, buds, pancreases and other organs, including locomotive system. One third of the compensatory damages was followed  by marked pathology abnormalities.

After 4 month of implementation of all Functional State Correctors, except no.4, using  well known pattern, I told you about, she came out of the state of stress, and it was a primary result. Activity appeared, a stable interest in herself and surrounding people.  At  the organism level we noticed the activation of regulatory functions, and normalization of the performance of almost every organ, mentioned above. We made a widened blood test at the hospital, which confirmed that all blood parameters are in the corridor of normal deviations.

I want to stress the dynamics of the psychological portrait of our patients before and after the FSC use. Regardless of the FSC number, we observed  positive changes towards the decrease the stress level, up to complete evening out of the depression and stress. The state of  anxiety and uneasiness  passes away. Knowing that stress  of any genesis leads to the  cortex activity rise, to the wrinkling of the thymus gland and lymph nodes, to the appearance of ulcers in the gastro-intestinal tract, and that it serves as a powerful  provoker of different internal diseases, the deliverance of the patient from the state  of chronic  stress is one of the main and urgent  tasks.  With the help of the Functional State Correctors it happens quickly, and this is a primary result. After that the restoration of the immune system functions, the capacity for work, and other indicators is taking  place.

With full responsibility I want to state the fact, that Functional State Correctors promote the improvement  of the brain  nourishment and functioning, and after that promote  the functioning  of the whole organism. They favor the restoration of all blood indicators and the performance of the internal  organs. Mental and physical activity normalizes, the regenerative and restoration processes  of the organism are improved.

I recommend to everybody to give a honest report to himself, that our food is a food of empty calories, with a deficit of vitamins, minerals, and a lot of unhealthy fillers.  We experience constant stresses, which reduce our immunity to different diseases. Abuses and unhealthy habits, constant electromagnetic irradiation, ecology pollutions, - they only grow. Thats why I want to turn your attention to the fact that our blood carries the detailed information about our organism problems. The blood could be called the internal information medium of the living organism. The power and the impact spectrum of the FSC devices I recon to be unbounded, but we value not  only the things that we are able to measure.  FSC influences even the imperceptible processes. How can we measure emotions? How can we evaluate charm?  How about uncertainty? Inconstancy? Rapture or flourishing?  The more subtle and invisible the processes are, the more prudence and distrust people tend to feel towards them. But our certainty about the FSC influence on them grows more and more. Functional State Correctors pose wide positive influence on human life and health, and our belief is based not only on facts from the internet. Today we are able to see and check the FSC influence. Everybody is able to check it, nowadays our medicine is demonstrative. Modern level of science and equipment allows to evaluate and control the functioning of all the systems in the human organism, including even psychological  peculiarities and emotional  sphere.

Modern organizations, which are to guard our health by a number of reasons  are unable to ensure effective and working defense from infections, rapid recovery of people.  Especially as per people, suffering from chronic diseases. The absence of the early revelation of the aberrations, the absence of prophylaxis, variant reading of diseases, because 10 different specialists may  put forth 10 different diagnoses. But there is no need in diagnosis for the Functional State Correctors, they work on their own.

Informational medicine, long known  as homeopathy, does not meet  understanding by ordinary doctors. But now we have facts at our disposal, that prove the informational influence,  including changes in the patients blood tests.

In our office at St. Petersburg we have a variety of diagnostic equipment, varying from simple devices, which are able to perform express tests  to elaborate ones, which require about an hour for a complete testing.  It is very interesting when a patient is able to see his own changes.

In conclusion I want to state that Functional State Corrector is a safe, easy to use, but at the same time a very powerful device of a wide action spectrum. It helps to everybody,  young and old alike, not only to recover, but to improve the state of health, it has preventive action. It does not simply improves the way one feels, but  removes depression and stress.  It does not simply helps a patient, but protects him in our aggressive environment.  It brings  beneficial effect and mutual understanding. With full responsibility I want to state that an FSC is a noble, vise and indispensable device, the device of our present and future.

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