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Four methods to restore human health

Human organism is a very complex system, which consists of a number of subsystems. They are well known: bone system, the muscular one, cardiovascular system, lymph system, digestive system and so on and on. A specialist would continue by pointing out, that abovementioned major systems in their turn include organs and subsystems. Each system state is characterized by a number of parameters. For example, one can describe the cardiovascular system state in terms of blood pressure, blood viscosity, the number of red blood cells and so on. When the parameters, describing the state of a system have normal values, one could say, that the system is in a healthy condition. There is always an acceptable range for the value of each parameter. Some range is reckoned to be normal, a little wider a dangerous one, and a large lapse points out to a problem. Of course, all these subsystems are interdependent. A lapse of one parameter value causes aberrations in other parameters values.

With this introduction I meant to give You a picture of a human organism as complex system, which is in a state of dynamic balance. The word dynamic means that an organism is not a marble monument , staying for centuries in its original form. Should one run a little and the breath intervals change and resume normal value later. Every human activity (eating, sleeping and so on) influence some organism parameters. Even an information may lead to their changes If one see a hamburger advertizing, the saliva secretion is activated. Human organism has vast self-regulation abilities, and the balance is supported despite the variations of some parameters. Lets say that a state of balance in which all the organism systems parameters are in normal ranges corresponds to a healthy condition. But there are sets of parameters, that characterize a state of some illness. The organism is in a state of dynamic balance, but the equilibrium is shifted from the optimal healthy point. In case of hypertension, the blood pressure is constantly high, but as long as an organism is alive, it is in a state of balance, but now it is the balance of a diseased organism. All the other systems are trying to compensate the deviation. Their own parameters are subjected to change in order to do this. These changes of other systems parameters we call the disease symptoms.

Different negative factors, which influence human organism, little by little shift the dynamic balance point from the optimum one, which corresponds to a healthy state, to some other point. If the factors are not withdrawn, and they pose their influence for a long time period, the balance may be forced to shift into the disease point. On the contrary, the treatment process aim is to shift the state of organism balance back to a point, corresponding to a healthy condition. Medical treatment influences also have an accumulating effect. It takes longer to deal with considerable deviations, which corresponds to difficult cases. So, what ways to influence the organism balance do we know?

First of all, the physical methods. The most radical and relatively quick one is surgery. When the balance shift is so deep that other methods are not able to cope with the problem one has nothing to do but to resort to the help of surgery. Physiotherapy is well known and widely used nowadays. And all kinds of physical training should be mentioned here.

Then the biochemical methods: all sorts of chemical drugs, natural remedies, biologically active substances. Herudotherapy and apiotherapy are the biochemical method versions whish use living organisms.

The third set of methods is psychological hetero training, auto training and encouraging word from a friend. People occupied with wellness will agree that joining groups provide a good help due to the mutual support of the group participants and the trainer motivation. Psychological methods are admissible by modern medicine. In the best clinics all three methods are used in complex in order to achieve best results. Every doctor will agree, that positive outcome by 50 % depends on the patients spirit.

The fourth method is called energy-informational. It means that an information may influence the state of the organism systems. It was discovered recently that all the objects in nature interact on the informational level, and a special type of electromagnetic fields is used to carry these information. Let me give You some examples. It was noticed long ago, that precious stones pose some influence on definite diseases, definite type of trees pose specific healing influence as well, special pictures, and musical compositions are also known to pose healing effect, the Chinese have an ancient feng shui symbols which help in different situations. Negative examples of the energy-informational influences are known even widely: the other people influence (even a short collision with an unpleasant person may spoil the whole day and the effect has energy-informational explanation), an evil eye and hex. The concept of energy-informational influence is not accepted by the official medical circles yet. There is no place for such conceptions as chakra, energetic body, or human aura as well. Despite the fact that everyone knows that they exist and what they mean. There is no such words in my computer dictionary, so there is really nothing to talk about! The similar situation was 30 years ago with reflexology and acupuncture. The energy-informational method is underestimated because there were no remedies available which are able to pose such influence.

Would it be a rational way to implement a complex approach if we want to restore the human organism balance (or human health in ordinary words)? to use all 4 methods together. From the point of sheer economy we see that everyone wants to find an optimum way in health maintenance both efficient and economical. So what is the proposal? The proposal is: the correctors, that reestablish the homeostatic balance of a human organism by means of positive information influence. The concrete organ gets the right information (is told what to do) and then it copes with the problem by itself in a natural way. An information influence initiates a push in desired direction and self-regulation processes activation. Human organism can cope with the majority of problems by its own. The FSC protects its owner from the outer world negative influencing factors. The electromagnetic smog, the geo-pathogenic zones influence (The Hartmans greed), the influence of other people, the consumption of unstructured water are in the list. These factors are not typical in nature, they are alien to human nature. 99 % of water in nature is in the structured state, but city inhabitants use dead water in biological sense, which is supplied through pipes and undergone chemical treatment. The fact is, that human organism has to spend a great amount of energy to stand against the above-mentioned negative factors. The use of the FSC device allows to economize this energy. It is redirected to the self-regulation processes, and the primary accent is made by means of the informational FSC influence. The Functional State Corrector is a great prophylaxis stand alone solution, and a big help in cases when traditional medical treatment is required, making the treatment process a really complex one.

And why the FSC use could be called an economical solution? Just two facts: It works until physical destruction i.e. infinitely. You can time share it with Your relatives. All Your family will benefit from the FSC use!

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