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Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna - Internet Conference

The lilac Functional State Correctors “Cosmoenergy” will be the main theme of our seminar today. At one of his recent lections Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov predicted the appearance of the lilac FSCs. He mentioned that new FSC will be created, which will use the energy directly from outer space. And several weeks after Higher Forces (I am not afraid to use these words here) make us met. He tests me a little, looks at my powers, and it becomes clear that I have a great experience in understanding the essence of things. I understand both atomic und sub-atomic level. Figuratively speaking it is an opportunity to hear what atoms are talking about, and ability to program them with the help of the Cosmo-energy channels. And in joint authorship we are starting to create new formulas, new FSCs – the lilac ones. It was dictated by rapidly changing processes in the Universe, In our Galaxy, our Solar System, by everything that is going on Earth according to all prophesies.

What is the new Lilac Functional State Correctors in the light of Cosmo-energy knowledge? Actually it is energy-informational portal. We put a lot of program patterns – preprogrammed Cosmo-energy channels into lilac FSCs with a task to clean out thin bodies of a human being, his physical body, organs and systems, to activate, to restore and power-up the chakras. If our chakras are in perfect order, then the energy that comes from the Creator into our chakras spreads to organs, and the human begins to get better, self regulation processes are turning on. If the cell is cleared from energy-informational smog, it starts “to breath”, and it’s creative, constructive programs which were suppressed, become activated and they turn into work. The recourses of  the human cells are enormous. Doctors know that the human organism has vast potential recourses. Everything that is necessary is already present inside the human organism, Functional State Corrector helps to clean cells from the energy-informational smog, to turn them on, and to bring into play the self-regulation process.

What meeting points has the Cosmoenergy with medics, doctors, surgeons? For example the “Firast” Cosmoenergy channel is a thin surgery instrument. The surgeon has a scalpel. After some learning it is possible to use the “Firast” channel, for example, to cut  furuncle. I’m telling this in order to explain that Cosmoenergy is the same medicine of the future, which was predicted by many prophesies. For a long time it was a secret knowledge, which was passed strictly from a teacher to a follower, but today all secrets become obvious. In India they created institutes and universities studying thin energies, and Hindu themselves  are speaking that in Russia the technology which will combine science and spirituality will be created. And now we have this very product, this very result. It is clear that we will continue to work on it, we will create new programs which will be recorded at the Functional State Correctors. But today we will switch to practical questions, because people have a lot of them.

So far as it is an information technology, and I’m not afraid to say that it is a spiritual technology, we should properly address the FSCs.  The same way we address a best friend, the way you are speaking with God. There are several levels of interaction. Let’s consider the first one, when one does not know a thing about the Cosmoenergy, about channels, and simply wants to improve his health, to harmonize. In this case  one should take a plate, a lot of questions is asked about how to orient it, it is correct to place it across the “Cosmic center” – it is in the middle between the heart and the throat chakras. Hold the FSC 20-30 centimeters above the “Cosmic center”.  From the “Cosmic center” the information rapidly propagates to the thin bodies and chakras. Holding the FSC across the “Cosmic center” say gratitude, something like “I am grateful for the thin bodies cleaning”,  “I am grateful for the restoration of chakras”. The co-tuning with patient is taking place. Co-tuning takes 1-2 minutes. What does it means? The program, which is recorded at the Functional State Corrector harmonizes with the patient, resonates with him, finds out abnormalities in the thin bodies, in chakras, and organs, and after a couple of minutes the harmonization starts. In order to effectively accept this harmonization, one should close his eyes, take a relaxed stand (who cannot stand may do this while sitting or lying). But it is more effective to stand in order to feel  how the energy flows, to feel warmth at some place, or a little twinge – you should feel the curative influence. Later, when you will get more accustomed to the influences, you may sit or lay down. The session takes 15-20 minutes. What session? An analog to the session with the Cosmo-energy practitioner, it is simple. The session has several stages: the cleaning of the thin bodies, the cleaning of chakras, the “winding up” of chakras and their restoration in order to give them their initial colors, as it was intended by the Creator, the switching of the organism systems into work, self-regulation, the curing of several organs (we do not recommend to order more than 2-3 organs, because it will be difficult for the organism to rebuild itself), then the restoration of the patient’s aura, the defending of the patient, and the defending of the information. After that you may lay the FSC aside, to lay down and meditate for some time if you wish to – and it will be the end of the session. But the FSC action will be prolonged for some more hours. There is no any contraindications you may be afraid of. All the energies are aimed at the creation and harmonization – it is simply by definition. Sometimes people may worry about some evil channels, it is absolutely impossible. There is no such channels at my arsenal. There are only Heavenly channels, tuning the human consciousness on comprehension of the Heavenly information and preparing him for the co-creation. Under the word “Heavenly” I imply an intelligent evolving process, of which we are an active part , and we only need to remember this fact. My task is to activate this knowledge in you. To enlighten the knowledge, you have inside.

Sir Isaak Newton wrote that the equations he opened described in the latent form the existence of God. The Gariaev works (they are accessible in the web), they learned to “hear” RNA, they discovered that RNA answers the Russian speech, the mind image.

If you are seeking spiritual development, meditate, but nothing will come out if the thin bodies are not cleared and “powered up”. It is like a physical eye should be able to see everything clearly. If you are not cleaned up you will act as a blinded man, you would not be able to see anything. You are giving a possibility to become clairvoyant. As a rule, after taking 2-3 Cosmoenergy sessions some clairvoyant abilities start to open at ordinary patients. They may start to see colors, or some recollection from past lifes may appear, or some other information may come. One should not be afraid of anything, because you were born in a spectacular time when all secrets become evident, when humans open their super-powers. Nowadays Gods and Great Teachers are present on Earth in physical bodies – everybody is present on Earth now – in this splendid theatre. Cosmoenergy gives as keys to rapid evolution of human beings as  energy-informational patterns in a most effective, quick and beautiful way. More to it, the task of the Coamoenergy is not only to help people and clean their whirls, if it is possible to use this word – to clean acupuncture points on the God’s body, but also to help the Sun, the Solar system, our Galaxy, and more to it – to return the accumulated experience, love, knowledge back to the Source. Such a continued, interpenetrating process.

For example, Functional State Correctors help the healer to conduct his sessions more effectively, with a greater number of patients, because the session is already recorded at the FSC, it is translated from the corrector, and the patient starts to recover. The knowledge is  reproducible, harmonious, and I recon bringing this knowledge into the world and harmonizing conflicting people  as  my personal tasks. In the process of working with the lilac FSC new creative abilities are opened at people, new talents to drawing, poetry, to clairvoyance appear.

Every human is able to heal himself. And after subsequent learning he may master helping other people. After opening of the creative abilities we have a help to our Planet, our Galaxy and even to the Universe. A human being is a unique creation, as a lens he is able to focus light, to accumulate and redirect it. How to achieve these abilities? By training one’s capacities a pupil: keenness of observation, receptivity, concentration. The most difficult thing is to create the necessary concentration of the mind – image, when the mind – image starts to create.

Turning back to the Functional State Correctors. For example “The Light of Life” we direct at the “Cosmic center”. We may structure water and drink structured water in addition. You may put it on the third eye area – just follow the intensions of your hand. Express gratitude for getting information on how to work with this plate. It is very important moment I want to stress. There are a number of people, everyone on his own level, there could be only one universal recommendation – to co-tune with the informational channels recorded at the FSC plate. For example: “I am grateful for obtaining information on where to put the FSC, and how to orient it J” The co-tuning takes 2 minutes and through your intuition you will receive the information on how to place it – you may want to do it different ways.

The first point is the cleaning of the thin bodies and chakras. The second point is healing organs. Because we are dealing with real rejuvenation here, in order to do this we had to clean out the gastro-intestinal tract. So the next point will be the restoration of the gastro-intestinal tract as a whole. You should direct the plate at the “Cosmic center” and hold the mind-image of the absolutely healthy organism for 15 minutes. You may take a look at the anatomical atlas – to refresh the image, say of a healthy liver – how it looks like. You may imagine organs inside a sphere of light. It may be a pure white light or silver light. At the same time you should have in mind that you are the element of the World, that with your health you are creating the World, and if there is a piece all over the Earth, no wars and flourishing – then you are restoring automatically. Everything is going on in a real time. If you have some diagnostic equipment, you may look how your liver is cleaning. It is proposed that you will have 20 – 30 % of the given organ restoration during one session. May be somebody will be able to achieve greater results, it is possible to collect and share the results. After that we similarly work with the bowels and the stomach. It is desirable to work with 1 organ in a given session, and to spend 5-6 sessions on the same organ. I am not afraid to speak of it as a cure, because it is actually a materialization of health. I have pupils in America and Germany, doctors are curing themselves. The curing and restoration is taking place, what is needed to be said if doctors cure themselves with Cosmoenergy.

After we overlook and restore all organs, it is possible to go to a more difficult job – to the rejuvenation. We assign a cell, or even a DNA and imagine the DNA as an absolutely healthy (one may use abstract, schematic DNA image), and set the desired age. For example we may modestly set 35 years, we may switch to 26 later on J. “I am grateful for switching on the rejuvenation program”, and in your mind connect this healthy cell with you. The information from the cell (or DNA) in your mind will be transferred to your body cells, hold the FSC plate where your intuition is telling you. You participate in the process of your rejuvenation, you hold the mind-image. And a number of Cosmoenergy channels works with you. The more gratitude you express – the more is the effectiveness. The more clear the mind-image is – the quicker the result comes, because the energy followers the intention.

I want to point out again what is meant under the word “gratitude”. What is the sense of the gratitude? Many religions pay great attention to the gratitude. Communicating with people I noticed that  not everyone is able to thank. Of course it is  possible to make do without gratitude, it will work anyway,  but in a different mode. One should have strength, energy, generosity in order to express gratefulness. Not everybody is able to do that, but one should seek this state. Open hearted, emotionally, with reverence: “I am grateful to all thin energies, recorded at the FSC, all programs, for turning on the rejuvenation programs, for the regeneration of tissues (for example, if you need this – for the growth of hair where it is desirable, or on the contrary, for the disappearance of hair in undesired  places), thank for the restoration of the endocrine system, of the hormonal system (2-3 points, not more, the organism will be healed as a whole anyway, but it is possible to accent some systems or organs).

The creativeness is allowed within the bounds of what was above. For example, whom to thank? Thin energies, one’s own cells, one’s own RNA for excellent job. If it is not even so, one should fix the desired end result, as the organ is already healed and hold this mind-image. And this information will win, and the miraculous recovery will take place. It is recommended to keep a diary, what was, what happened, it is interesting and necessary for you.

I want to point out that the Functional State Corrector is not just a technology or just a device, from now on it is methodology. And the methods implies not only the consequence of steps but turning on the consciousness as well. May be it was done for the first time, and one shall get used to this information, to get used to the fact that we are working with consciousness. With 0ne’s own consciousness, and with consciousness of the programs recorded at the FSC. The FSC represents  a living energy that is able to hear you. Just imagine: you are saying gratitude and you are heard. The energy scans you, then it is aimed to the diseased organ. For example, if you pronounce the materialization “thank you for the hemoglobin level rise”, and then watch – in a couple of days it will rise.

If, for example, one has problems with veins, capillaries, blood vessels, with cardio-vascular system, or with gastro-intestinal tract – one should use FSC no 9 in parallel, if the problem with joints – no. 10. In case one wants to get rid of smoking – it is the 11-th FSC. So one shall add 10 or 29 sessions with FSC no 9, 10 or 11, and “The Clear Space” or “The Light of Life” sessions would go in parallel – these are accompany programs which will help . If one, for example, will start to cure the heart without cleaning – the effectiveness will be lower. That’s why I propose You to move in steps: cleaning (of the thin bodies), work with chakras? Then the restoration of organs and so on.

Cosmoenergy works very well in complex with different methods. It has a property to improve the other methods. If one has to take some medicine, put it on the FSC for a couple of minutes, it will get “charged”, then take it. The situation here is not like you are used to: you pay the money, eat it, and everything will work out well. Here the patient should apply some labor of his own. To apply some labor, attention and observation. The technical thought and spirituality is combined here. You touched the miracle, I’m not afraid to use this word, but there is a great effort behind the miracle. The method of implementation is simple, but the patient has to do his job. Conduct at least 10 sessions, to concentrate on positive mind-images like everything already happened.

Questions and answers.


Question: What FSCs can help animals?

Answer: There is no especial correctors for animals, but nevertheless plates no 16, 14 and 13 should help. Activate them with the help of the password, combine the mental – image of the desired outcome with the animal – and the translation is taking place. At the first level of the FSC use, you simply activate the programs, recorded at the FSC through the gratitude password. You do not need to keep in mind the names of the channels, how they are opened, what to do with them and so on. You may forget all that and to operate with them like a user. By analogy with a PC – we may have no idea how it works, but it is simple to operate it. First you have to turn the PC on. In our analogy it is co-tuning with the FSC. Second you enter the password. In our analogy it is the expression of the gratitude. Third you use search engines to find necessary information. Here – you just imagine what you need.

Wide programs, bringing into play living, reasonable energies – the channels- are recorded at the Functional State Correctors. The channel is not a scattered energy, coming from space, it could be compared with a wire, in which the electric current flows. And these reasonable energies are ready to serve, they are glad to pose help.

Question: What FSCs can be used in order to open Cosmoenergy channels?

Answer: Only the person, who understands what he is doing has a right to open Cosmoenergy channels. If one is not trained, there is no sense to explain. One should undergo Cosmoenergy methods training. But if one was born with this knowledge, knows the names of the channels, knows how to work with them, or if one is initiated into the Cosmoenergy methods in other schools – he may request the necessary channel or to reinforce it with the help of the Functional State Correctors, and use this reinforced channel for his work with patients. This may be a good help for Cosmoenergy practitioners in conducting their sessions, even with several patients, they can direct the patterns of the necessary programs recorded at the FSC on their patients, using the FSC plate as a kind of lens. We tried this, everything comes out fine. The results appear sooner, and the influence is more powerful. One should not forget about reasonable limits. Quicker and stronger may not be good in some cases, in a number of situations tenderness, gradualness, carefulness are required. All these moments are provided here, because the intellect is at work. And the patient’s intellect is welcomed. The resonance and synchronization of the FSC program intellect with the  intellect of the individual is  taking place.

There is another question: how to conduct the sessions. If the individual is already a Cosmoenergy practitioner, then he should keep to the session scheme. If the individual is an ordinary man, not a practitioner, the gratitude “password” is pronounced and one should hold in mind the picture of the absolute health. Chakras should be in order. While the one is holding the mind-image of “the norm”, the channels will find the place that requires mending and the harmonization will take place. That is, after you say gratitude and set a mind-image, the channels heard you, they opened by themselves and start to work with you on their own. One group of channels work with chakras, another group works with aura, the third one “burns out” negative programs, which sit deeply and force a patient to smoke or drink. If he pronounces “I am thankful for getting rid of (name negative program)” – the work is reinforced. The work goes on by layers. It resembles the Google Earth program: one may look at one layer of the planet, then magnify and see more details, and it is possible to reach the layer of separate buildings and “walk down” the streets.

Question: How  to treat glaucoma with the help of the lilac FSCs?

Answer: Use the same system: Conduct 5-10 sessions with “The Clear Space”, with “The Golden Pyramid”, then take “The Healthy heart” holding it 20 centimeters above the eyes conduct 10 sessions every day (20 minutes each): “I am grateful for the glaucoma dissipation”, then watch how it dissolves. One should not forget to drink water, structured on the Functional State Correctors.

Question: After the use of the FSC no 9 powerful intestines cleaning begun.

Answer: It is a normal reaction.

Question: Do we need the blue Functional State Correctors if it is possible to recovery with the use of the lilac ones?

Answer: First you may use the lilac FSCs in order to request information – what numbers you have to use at the moment. The information may come in the form of the mind-image. Ask the channel how many days you should use the plates. After the use make a diagnostic, look at the changes. Then switch to the plates with different color (request the information again). I mean: separate the use of the plates of different colors, do not mix them. The probability of recovery with the use of the lilac FSCs is very high. Please try and make experiments. Actually every lilac FSCs user becomes a little scientist and experimentator, or may be even a big scientist  J!

You may conduct a simple experiment right in your kitchen. Take “The Clear Space” FSC and structure water on it, and take some wheat. Pour the wheat in one cup with structured water? And with ordinary (filtered) water at the other cup –the other cup should be placed in another room. Look at the difference at the wheat growth. Or take some peas instead. Try “The Light of life” – powerful rejuvenation, and life-forth-giving programs are recorded at this FSC.

There is a lot of questions, concerning different complex diseases. Every Human is like a separate Galaxy, I need to tune at every person, to look at his diagnostics, to look at the reasons of the given disease. Today I am giving general, universal recommendations, and the practical steps are required from you. And today we will conduct the practical session together.

Who has any lilac FSC, I will take no 9, and I will co-tune with those people who wants to participate in our practice. Lets get tuned. It will be better if you will stand up and close the eyes. Nothing serious if one can’t close the eyes (reading text), and think about at least one condition that requires healing. Let’s begin. Hold the plate opposite to your “Cosmic center” directing  it on yourself.   “I’m grateful for cleaning of all thin bodies, for cleaning the physical body, the vessels, capillary, the cardio-vascular system”. The body should be in a free relaxed pose, hands should be relaxed. And listen. Try to feel the oscillations, the body rocking, the heat at the extremities, may be even some twinge at hands and feet. The twinge indicates the activation of the acupuncture points. Body rocking indicates that the energies has turned on. If somebody has local pain, which subsides quickly  - do not worry about that.  The co-tuning will take place soon. Do not cross the hands, put the legs wide. Who has difficulty standing – it is possible to do in sitting position as well. But it is more interesting to do it in standing position because you will have more sensations.

Now, when co-tuning occurred, everybody starts to say gratitude concerning his own disease, holding in mind the mental image of the absolutely healthy organ. Be it a joint, be it an uterus or trombophlebitis. If it is  trombophlebitis one should imagine a clear vein – “I’m grateful for the vein restoration”. And so on. “I’m grateful for the uterus restoration”;   “I’m grateful for the ovary restoration”. If you feel hot in the hand that holds the Functional State Corrector – it is normal. Breath deeply, say gratitude, hold the mind-image of what you need to heal, feel… If somebody sees a bright light or a pulsating sphere – it is wonderful – it means maximum tuning on the job. If someone will see the eye – it means that the clairvoyance is opening gradually. It opens in accordance with consciousness, not compulsory.

I want to repeat once more, that if you are not a cosmoenergy practitioner – you only give  a field of action to the channels, which are intelligent, which help and perform all the job. You only pronounce gratitude and what is to be done.

Now Marina Alexandrovna asks the internet audience to send response.

I see comments, that there were body rocking, warmth, light, the sensations in the organ. Someone says about headache – you should say gratitude to the channels again, to take some rest, to drink structured water. One woman asked to heal nail fungus – she felt subtle twinge at the finger, the body was rocking. There is a reply: tachycardia passed, but there is heaviness in the legs. One may feel heaviness in the legs, it will pass quickly, this person may continue working, the next session tomorrow or in the evening. 15 minutes of working is enough, the after-work will take 2-3 hours more? The channels will close down on their own, when all the job is done and when restoration took place. A lot of comments on twinge, on the heat. Some people saw bright lilac light with the closed eyes. It is wonderful – the majority of channels have lilac color with different schillerizations and shades into blue and rose colors. One man had twinge sensations and subtle pain the heart area – the response took place, it means there is a problem somewhere, you should not be afraid of it, the healing takes place in a real time. Say gratitude to the channels and have some rest. It is really difficult to describe the pleasant sensations, the energies are really blissful, they are coming from the source, I call them heavenly. Actually we are given an instrument for rapid evolution from Above, for rapid turning on of the consciousness, the creativity, the co-creativity with the Almighty in the process of the Universe. It is not just words – it is practice.

Hope you enjoyed the practical session, let’s continue.

Question: How to work with “The Clear Space” if we started from no. 9?

Answer: I’ll tell you a secret: almost all Functional State Correctors are universal. In every one the session schedule is recorded, that is the cleaning of chakras, the restoration of organs, but with accents at different problems. For example, if it is no 9, the accent at the cardio-vascular system is made, there is a big variety of channels which heal that. If it is “The Healthy Joints” the same schedule is recorded: adaptation of the patient, the cleaning, cleaning at the cells level, at the atomic level, even at the level of the RNA programming. Our RNA is able to hear, the Garayev experiments illustrate this ability. They even learned to transpose the RNA sounds into colors, and we are able to see how it sings in the schillerizating colors. We are shown how deeply the human consciousness is able to penetrate. Here we have activated channels which resonate with our consciousness. You may hold in mind the abstract picture of your RNA, and you thank channels for it’s activation and cleaning, for example, for the activation of the code of youth if you are holding no 15. We will do it right now. Let’s get concentrated, co-tuned, counting from 10 to 1:  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – outside thoughts flew away, we get tuned “I’m grateful for my RNA cleaning (for example, you may imagine the RNA from the liver in the first place), for the activation of the program of rejuvenation, for the suppression of the program of aging (there is no such a program in reality), and mentally translate this RNA into the our own beloved liver, it is even possible to place the FSC near the liver…

Question: Some cosmoenergy practitioners in our town feel some negative flows from some lilac Functional State Correctors, and by this reason they are not able to recommend them to their patients. How to explain such situation?

Answer: Ok, I will try. I am tuning to these practitioners, because it will be no use in general answer, it would not be an answer, but a concoction. The question requires attention and concentration, the entering into the space of mind-images  - to look what cosmoenergy practitioners they are. First I would like to ask them: who taught them, how they use the password, what an experience they have? It would be my first question, because I encountered with a number of cases, when people from different schools came to me and said: ”it does not work, we are not able even to heal our children, why?” I asked them how they pronounce the password, and they pronounced it wrongly. I am a representative of a clear line from Tashkent, the password is preserved, the results are observed after the first sessions, not a half year later. 10 – 20 sessions at most. After the first? The second or the third session people are feeling the result. What about the negative energies – they could be the reflection of their own negative feelings towards the FSC, because they perceived them with the feeling of jealousy, and it is a negative energy. Let them try to look at the correctors with love, joy and kindness. The jealousy and envy are very strong and terrible energies, they reflected and they felt this reflection. It is my suggestion, But I think I answered the question. If they are seeking direct communication I am ready and opened, they may reach me through the “Center Region” Office.

So far as the question about cosmoenergy practitioners from different school is concerned, I will comment that it is a spiritual knowledge. The first requirement to people who are going to practice cosmoenergy is clearness of thoughts and intentions, because one has to operate with mind-images, the one should produce bright mind-images when he works with patients or with vast territories, works for the benefit of the Planet and so on. It is the first requirement to a practitioner. He should not think as a human, he is obliged to think as a God. Wants he or hot but he shall try to think as God and obey the rules of the Universe. Such properties as envy, jealousy, cruelty, vanity are not admissible. If a cosmoenergy practitioner has such qualities and works with channels, then the channels work on his cleaning. So the effectiveness to heal others is not so big, but it is possible that such people are able to heal patients, because they heal with the energy of channels but not with their own energies.

Question: It is likely that they feel concurrence not in the field of knowledge, but in the field of getting money. Probably the situation resembles the situation with doctors and pharmaceutics.

Answer: The Universe has such unlimited gifts and treasures, everything is provided for. The rich man is not the one who has millions in banks. The man has spiritual wealth inside him – when one is not in need of especial nourishment, he learned to get energy from Prana, and he is able to have minimum nourishment. The man who is able to see those good things of life that are near to him, to take pleasure in them – to have one sofa and a beautiful book and obtain both delight and knowledge from it. The man who is able to see what happens under his nose, the nature, for example, and who is able to communicate with it. It is more valuable than any palaces. It may happen that someone may have wealth and be unhappy, they have to give money for curing and for the search of joys in life.

A non conflict situation but gradual entry into cooperation could be seen with doctors and pharmaceutics. They are also in need of knowledge and recovery. They need to sell their products, and the products could be improved, the side effects could be neutralized. Like it or not, the creation of the spiritual technology was predicted by Rerich and Blavatskaya. By the words of an academician Viktor Fedorovitch Sharko, who often travels into India, the Hindu are repeating the phrase “Russian Engeneering” – they look at Russia and predict that the science and spirituality should be united, that it is necessary  to build a bridge between them. It happened so that the bridge is built. We did not just build it but a sacrament is administered, the mutual penetration of Heavenly cosmoenergy channels and technology is accomplished. Great thanks to Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov.

Doctors and pharmaceutics should be proposed the opportunity of education. It is a vast field of action.

What could be proposed to the cosmoenergy practitioners? Suppose they buy the FSCs, with their help they may reinforce the performance of the channels they are working with and to increase the quality of their work. If they practice at high level – they may obtain Heavenly channels which are absent at traditional cosmoenergy schools. There is always a possibility of learning. I am always learning myself. The field for cooperation is unbounded.

Question: How to work with offences and fears?

Answer: First of all to have an intention to dissolve them. What gives rise to the offence? May be one’s own weakness. So build up your own powers, your own personal power, have an intension to  have this power. True forgiveness comes only from the generosity of the soul.  It is no use to try, to cheat yourself – you would not forgive. But as soon as you will reach high level of personal power and abilities – then you will be able to forgive those man truly, because you understand the reason he offended you – his weakness. He acted out of weakness, out of misunderstanding, out of ignorance of some kind. Out of the absence of light. I mean: activate your spirit, your soul, your might, develop Heavenly qualities in yourself – and then the offence melts away, and from this moment you are able to help the man who offended you.

Fear is an absence of Heavenly love inside oneself. As soon as it appears, the fear goes away. There are only two states: one may be in the state of fear or in the state of love. And there are two roads: to fear and to love. The middle is fuzzy, there is almost no middle way.

Question: How to dispose of the aggression of the other man?

Answer: Take an FSC plate, you may even direct it, and say “I express gratitude for the neutralization of the aggression” Imagine the man, the intelligent channels will open in accordance with the mind-image,  they  will find him and help him. But here a principle exist: “do not do what you are not asked to”.  

Question: How to work with hair and photos?

Answer: The same way you worked with the blue FSCs. The gratitude is added here and a command. You should activate, co-tune for a couple of minutes, and work with mind-image for 15 minutes, after that you may put hair or photo at the FSC plate.

It will be good to light a candle while you are working. The element of fire is welcomed here. And a glass of water is also welcomed, but you should pour out this water afterwards. So you need a glass of water, a candle, a photo, an FSC, and 15 minutes of working in positive affirmations.

Question: Please give explanations on the use of the photographs. They say it is possible only to use pictures taken after 2008, and it should be black and white,

Answer: As my practice shows it is possible to use any picture, as an object of information about a given person, without making accents  what he was, what happened with him – just like a clue at the object which is connected with a real person. In such a clue any picture will do.

Question: Someone wrote “Your belief saved you”

Answer: I would say not the belief, but knowledge. It is important not only believe in God, but to know Him, not just to know Him but to dialog with Him, speak to Him, invite Him into your already trained thin bodies, into your physical body, to mate your will with His, to try to look with His eyes, to have an intention to look with his eyes, to pass back to Him your experience, your accumulated love.

What about salvation? It will not be Jesus flying on a cloud saying “I’m saving you”. Even if He would appear in our presence in such a way, people would not believe that, they would say it’s a hologram. Yes, it possible to realize it technically. Salvation consists in the return of knowledge to you. And how to return the knowledge? Through perception, through the developed perception. How to return a perception? Through cleaning, and building up of the thin bodies, through their activation, through the intention to bring light and good to people whatever you are doing.

The Salvation consists in the light of knowledge. The human knows, starts to see and understand. It is not possible to explain the rainbow colors to a blind man, it is necessary for a blind man to recovery his sight in order to see all the colors and more to it – the shades of the colors. He may even learn to create these rainbows after that. It is an unlimited creative process.

Question: Diagnostic showed the breakdown in the 1-st and 4-th chakras. What lilac Functional state Corrector to use in this case?

Answer: Any FSC, the schedule of the cosmoenergy session is recorded at all of them. And session schedule implies the restoration of all 5 chakras. We do not touch the 6-th and the 7-th  - they should activate with time on their own.

Question: What reading you would recommend for the beginners?

Answer: I am in the process of writing a book, a lot of material is accumulated, but it is in the process of creation. For the beginners I would recommend to enter “cosmoenergy” into the search engine and read. I would give the only clue for your perception – it is unconditional Love to everything. Accept the information where everything is said in a positive way. Sweep aside the destructive information.

Question: The uterus cancer was diagnosed at 60 years old woman, they recommend a surgery.  Is it possible to avoid surgery with the help of the FSC

Answer:  So far as the disease is severe, she may activate the FSCs step by step, or all of them at once, drink structured water. If the operation is inevitable – you should agree. The FSCs should be at hand for the recovery period. But if you have some time before operation, let’s say a week – and you are ready to take the responsibility, if you have courage and intention – You may start to work with the Functional State Correctors, and repeat the analysis at the end of the week. If you will see the improvement, then there is a sense to continue.

Question: How to get rid of stones in the cholecyst? What command to use?

Answer: “I’m grateful for the dissolving of the stones in the cholecyst”;  “I’m grateful for the restoration of the blood acid-alkaline balance”;  “I’m grateful for the liver restoration”;  “I’m grateful for the gastro-intestinal tract restoration”. You may include other organs to the list. You should to work with every organ separately step by step, you should give every organ some time to restore.

Question: What Functional State Correctors work with the epiphysis and hypothalamus?

Answer: such programs are recorded at the 11-th plate, at the “Healthy heart” and at “The Clear Space”. One may try one of them – which will suit him better. Why there is such a variety in the FSC numbers? The world is diverse, all the people are different. One combination of channels may be better for a given person, another combination better suits another man. But now you are able to tune on getting information, for example, through “The Clear Space”:  what FSC will be better for you at the moment.

Question: How it is possible to restore vision at diabetic retinopathy?

Answer: Here you should use “The Healthy heart” and “The Clear Space”. The channels, which restore gastro-intestinal tract are recorded on them and you may ask to exemption from this disease. At first you work with gastro-intestinal tract, then with the blood formula and finally with the vision.

Why diabetes develops? One of the reasons is:  spleen – pancreas. Why Hindu say “keep your spleen clean”?  The spleen is a thin Heavenly instrument for transformation the information from Heavenly level to the physical level. The malfunction took place here. If one just starts to realize that the connection with the Heavenly level is lost, the spleen begins to  restore. Pay attention at this aspect.

Childish Enuresis is fears. It is liver and adrenal glands, ask “The Clear Space” and “The golden Pyramid” to dissolve fears at the level of the liver, adrenal glands, the Cosmic Center. If children are suffering it is obligatory necessary that parents will take healing courses as well. For example 10-20 sessions, then a week break, then another series of sessions, till complete recovery.

Question: May a grandmother work on a problem of a little child?

Answer: Yes, the situations when it is necessary to help someone may happen. The request of help may be implicit. For example – one  walks alongside with you, sleeps out, near to fall, of cause you will hold him. You would not ask “do you need help?” In such situations it is allowed to help.

Question: A woman can’t sleep after an operation for 2 years, she cries.

Answer: At first let her work 7 sessions with “The Clear space”, after that she may switch to “The Healthy Sleep” – it is Functional State Corrector no 12. It is programmed to heal during the sleep time. You may activate it and put aside, or you may sleep with it.

They say here that on the contrary overxcitation is observed – it is because of co-tuning process. The formula of sleep is complex, the state of sleep has different phases, and the patient’s consciousness may be slagging. The preparatory period is required for “The Healthy Sleep” good working. The sub consciousness should be cleaned first, after that the rest will work well: healing during the time of sleep, learning in sleep.

It is recommended to co-tune with “The Healthy Sleep” FSC, and to express gratitude for the information. It should not be a mechanistic action, but a creative  spiritual work. And remember you are talking not with the FSC, but with thin invisible energies which are recorded on it.

Probably you are not able to see that energies yet, you are starting to use the FSCs with a closed eyes, but our practical session showed that somebody already started to see some light. Here it is! Today we entered into this beautiful, full of divine grace, healing space. The practice is the criteria of truth. During this seminar I tried to pass mind-images to you, and activate the knowledge you already had in your souls. Thank you for attention.

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