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The experience of the Functional State Correctors implementation in curing skin diseases

Grodnenskaya Vera Anatolievna rehabilitation specialist of the highest category, the city of Uralsk, Kazakhstan, The report on the 3-rd conference on the FSC implementation.

I welcome you at this conference, thank for reports we already head, and for the reports we will hear. This knowledge and exchange of experience give as wide abilities to help our people to improve the quality of life. It is very important in our troubled time. I want to express my gratitude to the  organizers   of this conference, who supported us, and helped us to attend this event.

Im a business owner, I work in the city of Uralsk in the republic of Kazakhstan, my length of service is more than 35 years, I have private practice for more than 10 years. The main areas are:  therapeutic physical training, massage, physiotherapy. In 2009 I get acquainted  with the  Functional State Correctors and bought them. At first I used them for my family, only after that I started to use them in my practice. Often I use FSCs no. 1 and 2, because most of my patients are children. I have an office where I receive patients. My patients have various conditions. The first place among different diseases belongs to  the locomotive system malfunctions, the second to the orthopaedic pathologies: scoliosis, crookedneck, flat-footedness; the third perinatal encephalopathy, and we already developed original effective methods. More to it, patients with skin diseases consult us. Skin diseases, as you know, average 4 % from all diseases. It is very high percentage, and it has tendency to growth. The treatment of this group of diseases is very complex and requires a strong will both from patient and doctor. Patients addressed me with atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema. In most cases these patients had complications on their skin after the use of the dermatics.

Usually I used herbal therapy in the form of Biologically Active Substances, common physiotherapy, the recovery took 6 month and more. Relapses often took place, followed by the patients reaction, because they pay for the treatment. We explained to them that it is a chronic disease, and relapses are typical, but they pay money and expect quick results.

Gradually I started to implement Functional State Correctors in the disease treatment process. I used numbers 1 and 2, and for patients after 40 numbers 3 or 4, depending on the patients gender. It was water, structured on the Functional State Correctors, structured childish liniment, and other liniments, they use at home.

Let me give several examples from my practice:

A child, 2 years old, diagnosed atopic dermatitis, anemia at the third grade of heaviness. Manifestations: a rash all over the body, the child is troubled because of itching, the disorder of sleep. The first course of treatment was conducted on standard methods, as usual, it was difficult to persuade his mother to use Functional State Correctors, she refused to understand their operational principals, and tried to avoid their use. So by the end of the first course of treatment we regulated his nourishment, introduced soy milk, absorbents, quantum therapy. By the end of the first course the itching decreased, the sleep was improved.

By the beginning of the second course, his mother knew better The FSC devices, we spoke to her, and she agreed to use them, without purchasing them. So we used the correctors in our office, structured water and liniments for him. By the end of the second course the rash remained only at the side of the body, and at the places that touched the clothing.

The third course went relatively calmly, without noticeable appearances of the skin rash, from time to time the rash appeared only at the upper extremities it was the defect of the meals. It was a child, who may deliberately steal something tasty from the table, which was followed by the rash, which passed quickly with the help of the liniment and a structured water bath.

The second case was eczema. A woman, 45 years old came to me with the eczema diagnosis after half of the year unsuccessful dermatology treatment with a lot of medicines consumed internally and externally. When she came to us she was bandaged from shin up to the middle of the forearms, with a cotton fabric shawl at the head, because there were  wet appearances of the skin rash everywhere. From the anamnesis I get to know that her occupation is a saleswoman at the product market, and she was given official order to undergo a medical check.  The problem was proposed to me: in a month time hands should be clean. The credit should be given for this woman for her punctuality, with which she conducted treatment procedures. She bought Functional State Correctors no 1 and 2, and punctually followed the program, I wrote to her.

Along with internal medicines, the treatment included baths for legs and arms, and by the end of the first course this elements started to disappear gradually. By the end of the second course her hair growth became clean, and rash appeared only in periodically at the lower extremities. The third course was conducted in addition.

Next example, a woman about 60, suffering from neurodermatitis came to me. She already suffered for the last 10 years, she undergo treatment and consultations in Russian federation and in Kazakhstan. She tried all liniments it was possible to. They brought her liniments from China, and virtually from every country, but she did not saw any effect. For a number of years she was not able to wear a dress, just imagine: a woman wants to wear a dress and has no such possibility. The localization was the lower half of shin, the knee joints, gluteal folds, perianal itching, occiput, neurologic complications. She used a lot of liniments, because the itching was so unbearable that she combed it to blood, it was all wet. She used wound-healing liniments first, and after them switched to hormonal liniments. She was continuously concerned with her state. And she addressed me with a request of help what could I do for her?

We conducted ordinary herbal therapy, the correction of the micro flora, vitaminization, quantum therapy, and the work with the Functional State Correctors started, I mean structured water and childish liniment. With no 1 FSC till 4 p. m., and with no 2 after that time. We think out with her to tie the FSC to the bid plaques. We started to tie FSC to the plaques for several hours. At first there wet discharge from the plaques, so we started to tie sanitary towels. After several days of discharge a quick regeneration of wounds started.

Step-by-step regeneration is shown at the figures. The first one is a total wounded surface. Gradual the skin cleaning took place. The skin restored, it was thin at the beginning, but after some time it regenerated completely, it was not possible to distinguish it from a normal healthy skin. It took 3 month to work with her.

Using Functional State Correctors I arrived to a conclusion, that with their help affected skin areas sensitivity to liniments the patient uses is increasing. Actually in the ordinary treatment process skin sensitivity weakens, and the skin stops to react on them. But after the FSC implementation the sensitivity restores, patients better endured itching, it was less racking. They switched to childish liniment with time. Instead of hormonal liniments they used childish liniment structured at the Functional State Corrector. Psychological dependence on hormones decreased gradually, it is very important moment. We get used to reach for  hormonal liniments at the first sights of itching. The restoration period shortens, patients acquire confidence at the possibility of the restoration, the remission  periods increase, and acute periods shorten. What is very important for such patients? For a long time we serve guides or a kind of nurses for such patients.  At any sign of breakdown they call us day and night, you know what it is.

Wonderful FSC action I experienced on myself when I developed an acute haemorrhagic cystitis. I had almost nothing at hands, it was in a country, the only thing I had was the Functional State Corrector. The first signs of haemorrhagic cystitis appeared at 4 a. m. frequent unhealthy urination, blood in the urine, and imagine what was a first thought at a doctors head? What troubles us most nowadays? Knock, knock, knock. Psychosis.  I put the FSC at the urinary bladder projection, and structured water after each urge. Started to drink little by little. Urine test was made in the morning. By 10 a.m. the urine color changed, it become visually transparent. It was 70 leukocite, erythrocytes were changed, ultrasonic scanning was made the same day and everything was confirmed. The next day the urine test was repeated, it was transparent, the laboratory assistant was surprised whos sample it is? I had to repeat test. I myself was astonished with such a result, and because of the thinking habits I continued to treat myself with herbal therapy and physiotherapy and FSCs. I was shocked with my own result! Such a rapid restoration! We caught the right moment and get result.

From the auditorium: tell the FSC number!

No one! I like it very much. Thanks for your attention.

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