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The role of the Functional State Correctors in the prophylaxis of oncology diseases

The results of the FSC implementation in the background treatment of the oncology patients. Tarasova Lubov Alekseevna oncologist, radiologist of the 1-st category, city of Orenburg. The report on the 3-rd scientific-practical conference on the FSC implementation,  Moscow, April 16-17, 2011.

Let me congratulate us all, with  our participation in such advanced project on informational medicine. Make your own comparison: during last 40 years more than 200 000 people became victims of the counterfeit medicines. At the same period about 70 000 became victims of terrorism.  This sad data appeared not long ago, so I decided to start from them. We are given a choice: to take medicines, or do something about it. The theme of my report is prophylaxis of oncology diseases with the use of the Functional State Correctors. And I will start from statistics of the oncology diseases development reasons. Shell I list them?  Smoking is the reason of 30 % of oncology; low quality nourishment 35 %; infection agents 10 %; professional carcinogens 5 %; irradiations 6-8 %; alcoholism 2-3 %. It was data from the web.

The Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health in its 2010 report pointed out that 70 % of oncology diseases had parasitical nature. I was both glad and astonished with that fact. For the first time our official medicine recognized this fact! So, proceeding from this fact we are building our concept of the FSC use. There is another reason psychosomatics. You know, by official statistics it is only 2-3 %. As an experienced doctor I ensure you much more. Cancerophobia the fear of cancer takes much higher percent at least 25 %.

In agreement with the reasons of cancer development, it is possible to go to the prophylaxis. Functional State Corrector is a device of prophylaxis action and background treatment designated for use in different states, including oncology. First it is FSC number 1. Because of anti-parasite program, which is recorded on it. Of course it is also a harmonizing FSC (all of them are harmonizing), but due to the anti-parasite program it should be obligatory used for the oncology prophylaxis and background treatment. The using methods include: caring the corrector on oneself, the pumping, drinking regiment. As it was recommended by the author Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov, I recommend to use the FSC no 1 till 4 p.m.

After that time the FSC no 2, not least important in complex oncology treatment approach. Immune modulating, strengthening the immune system it is very important in such situation. The implementation depends on the disease stage. TA the 1-st and 2- nd stages it is possible to start from both 1 and 2 jointly. But at the 3-d and 4-th stages, when pronounced intoxication is taking place, it is necessary to start from the FSC no 2. It is definitely. Depending on the patients condition, on the intoxication level, we use only FSC no 2 for a week or two. It is individual, pay attention to this, and only after that add FSC no 1.

Functional State Correctors no 3 and 4 we use in cases of genital tumors. No 3 for women, no 4 for men. Also in cases of endocrine system diseases, or endocrine glands tumors.

FSC no5 has rehabilitation destination with hepato-protection program. It is an absolutely necessary thing both in prophylaxis and treatment procedures. People often approach me with questions: cancer in some or other histology, at some stage.  Always one mast have no 1, 2, 5. Numbers 3 or 4 it depends on the given tumor morphology. But FSCs no 1, 2 and 5 obligatory. One should use no5 according with the authors recommendation carry it on the liver projection 2-3 times a day for 1 hour. From the very first day of the FSC use.

Functional State Correctors no 6, 7 and 8 has cosmetology designation. I used them for prophylaxis and skin cancer treatment. They are for cosmetology, but with a wide action spectrum. Now I want to bring some examples of the FSC use.

Pre-cancer state, woman 55 years old, from the city of Samara, diagnosis: Multiple papilloma of the neck skin. She uses base FSC for a year and a half, with the addition of the FSCs no 6, 7 and 8 full disappearance of papilloms was observed during 3-4 month time. Who knows what papilloms are I am often asked what it is. It is non-malignant moles of the brown color. Often they are localized at the neck area. Sometimes they appear at the armpits, in the skin-folds, at the belly, but mostly at the neck.

The devices were used on a standard scheme, with the addition of bath and shower with water, structured on the FSC no 6.  More to it, we structured all shampoos, shower gels, lotions, skin liniments virtually everything on the FSC no. 6

We structured all nourishing liniments at the FSC no 7. FSC no 8 was put under the pillow, and you see what a result after 4 month!

The same woman get the following sight improving result: from two and half dioptre to zero point five. We used additional method in order to get such a result, but I would not deprive the oculists of their bread. Let them tell themselves how to restore vision.

The second example of the pre-oncology state a young woman 33 years old from Orenburg with the stomach poliposis. For a number of years she was registrated in a dispensary, conservative therapy was conducted, along with observation. In such situations they usually observe patients, and in case of the poliposis growth serious treatment in the oncology  dispensary begins. In such a situation this woman get Functional State Correctors a year and half ago. And we are in a process of the long-term FSC use. My own FSC implementation experience is 2,5 years, and I am able to see the dynamics. After 3 month this woman undergo ultrasonic scan testing, clinical blood analysis, blood biochemistry analysis, stomach X-ray photography the poliposis was not detected. She used FSCs no 1 and 2 mostly, thou she had no 3 as well. We observe her for half a year by now and there is no signs of the disease return.

A man 70 years old, his case I also refer to pre-oncology category, because there were no 100 % confidence in the diagnosis. There were no oncology confirmation. But he get into oncology dispensary with an unknown aetiology tumor in the submaxillary area. The tumor dimension was about a hens egg at the September of 2010. Surgery treatment was appointed, which was temporary postponed because of high blood pressure 200 by 120. Functional State Correctors appear in his life. He started to use 1, 2, 4 and 5 with above-mentioned methods. In addition he put no 1 and 2 at the tumor area: FSC no1 at the first half of the day, and FSC no 2 at the second. After a month time the tumor dimension decreased twice, the pressure started to stabilize. After 5 month period of time the tumor was a bean size. The question about surgery treatment is withdrawn now. The histological nature of the tumor is not clear, the man recovered.

Now about diagnosed oncology cases:

Fresh and very inspiring example, a woman 61 years old from Ufa, with a diagnosis: myelomatosis, she undergo treatment in Israel. Expensive chemotherapy was recommended to her, before FSC her state was moderately severe. By the words of her daughter, they left million of rubles (about 25000 Euro) in  Israel, brought chemotherapy medications with them. When she got the FSCs, she already started to chemotherapy treatment. Some people oppose buying the FSCs, but the desire to live was strong in her, she believed in them.  Coming at medicine dropper procedures she insisted on putting FSC no 2 on the dropper, and all chemotherapy medications were injected with correction. Of course she did pumping, structured water shower, drunk water. Three weeks later her daughter rang to me and said her mother in good moods, and the main thing, the pessimism, she already said farewell  to life, the depression has gone quickly. Later on physical powers increased, she feels good now, she plans to build bathhouse. At my next trip to Ufa I hope she will invite me into Russian baths.

About the next example Im telling you for the second time. At previous conference I told you about the man. A man from the city of Syzran, 30 years old, with coccyx sarcoma. We observe him for two years. He laid chained to bed, had bedsores, unable to move, 1-st group invalid, with total care by his relatives when Functional State Correctors appeared in his life. Last year I told you how he started to move. He is alive now, relatively healthy, gained 20 kilos, you understand he was totally exhausted like it happens at the 4-th stage. Here is this young man. You see the quality of life and life duration

And the last example. We observe a 55 years old woman from the city of Aksay, diagnosed mammary gland cancer. With the use of the FSCs no 1, 2, 3 she was crossed from the register without chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But surgery treatment was conducted. Just three weeks  after she started to use them by common methods and out on the mammary gland. After surgery treatment the  malignant cells were not detected at  histology, she was crossed from the register, and she was really happy with that. She is a healthy woman, and You may applaud to her.

Speakers before me spoke about our Biologically Active Additives, which help to support our health. In complex with the Functional State Correctors they build up our health. I encourage you to dare, because as a background therapy our products and our devices play a major role in the treatment of various diseases, and particularly, the oncology.

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