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Cancer prophylaxis at woman hyperestrogenism and other hormone malfunctions.

Sandulyak Todor Vasilievitch, post  graduate education academy , city clinic # 19, Kharkov.

Eastern wisdoms says that to heal a disease when it already appeared is like start digging a well when one feels thirsty, or like to forge weapon when the war started. The highest principle of wisdom is a preservation of the order instead of a correction of disorder. What does our medicine today? It is not able to preserve an order yet. And very seldom it can correct the disorder with sufficient quality.

The wisdom, created and proved at the Center Region company says: Who will learn to control the state of water, will master the control of entire human organism.

European society of medical oncology in 1980 set as its aim, and as an aim of all doctors of all specializations, the increase of the prophylaxis and early diagnostics   levels of the oncology diseases, treatment of the patients, the support and rehabilitation of  patients. Of all specializations! I stress it.

For the fulfillment of that task it is necessary to ensure the education of all physicians, especially the family doctors,  pediatricians, everyone who stands in the first row, not only the oncologists. The oncology problems are thrown on the oncologists. They at the last row in this problem, they face the patient when the tumor is already developed, when it progress and grows rapidly, but a lot of times passes from the moment of the disease start till the tumor growth.

We should reveal and remove the risk factors at every patient, to carry early tests and treatment of the disease. They start to implement the concept nowadays, but the task of early testing is solved rather superficially. In most cases we have late diagnostic.

The development and implementation of rehabilitation methods, the modification of the way of life and diet, popularization of the health way of living, hygienic enlighten  are required among people with the risk of oncology diseases.

Revelation and elimination of the risk factors is exactly the invaluable contribution of the Center Region company people who modify  the patients way of living.

If you introduced Functional State Correctors to a patient, you have to work with him at least 4-6 weeks until he will start to change his way of life. You have to talk to him a lot, and we have a lot of literature to study, one have to learn to communicate with people. Everyone of us is doing it. If there will be 25-30 distributors around every physician, which will help to modify the way of living of his patients, then the slogan of our company For the general good would be fulfilled.

Three stages  of  carcinogenesis are marked out. The first stage initiation. The second one the promotion. And the third one the progression. From the moment of first mutation in a normal human cells (or initiation)  till the appearance of a single cancer cell (nom it is already the promotion) about 10-12 years passes. It is a golden period for the prophylaxis measures, because all the people who belong to the risk factor (and there is a vast number  of them) require prophylaxis measures during this period. And we are able to help them in time. In case of the immune activity decrease or in absence of the prophylaxis measures (and to today we have both these factors) form cancer cells, who have unlimited division ability, and ability to block terminal differentiation that means  progression, forms a clinically detectable tumor,  more than 2 millimeters in diameter , it takes from 3 to 15 month.

Even 2 millimeters tumors are seldom diagnosed nowadays. Modern oncology tests are non-specific, they appear in big  titre after four, six, ten millimeters, but more often after 2 centimeters and larger. By that time, after 3-4 millimeters the tumor metastasis  through lymph  and blood.

Today we will speak about  hyperestrogenism and other hormone malfunctions in tumors. Breast cancer metastasis when the tumor diameter is 2 millimeters. And the first metastases appear  at  distant  areas, often we found  metastases before the tumor itself.

Modern clinical  instrumental and laboratory methods allow  to detect a tumor, which has a diameter about 1 centimeter even at the best clinics. Low diameters are not detected. If we were able to detect and  remove the tumor at the early progression stage, we should not encounter with the metastasis process. But from this very moment the process becomes  irreversible  for  the prophylaxis measures. From this moment on especial oncology treatment should be conducted, and the therapy should not be delayed. From the moment of the tumor detection, that means from the moment of uncontrolled division, from the moment of the beginning of the progression phase, an oncologist should deal with a tumor. Our help is backstage. It is tremendous by its abilities, but it is backstage.

Oncology diseases one of the medical problems which could be solved by prophylaxis measures, including lifestyle alterations.  We, distributors of the Functional State Correctors, are doing the same job with doctors we alter the peoples lifestyle. We find people, give them information, show them how to use the FSCs, they found risk factors of their own and start to deal with them.

More to it, protection from electromagnetic irradiations, protection from stress, the consumption of pure structured water, along with nutrition support I mean rational nourishment. All these factors help to ensure adequate immune-biological responsiveness and onco-protection itself.

Immune-biological responsiveness is a subject area Im working in for 25 years, Im a developer of its evaluation methods. Yesterday many speakers stressed that our medicine stands on three whales. Along with the state of our organism, which reacts at  the outer medium changes. These three inseparable, constantly interacting parts are: vegetative nervous system,  neuromediator  reactions, endocrine or hormonal regulation, and immune system. In this triangle any signal is transmitted from one part to another, and our organism answers with the third part simultaneously.  Immunity  consists of complex  cellular humoral  defense mechanisms  form outer medium  antigens.

Normal  immune-biological responsiveness  of  a healthy  human performs  his oncology  protection at  the  initiation stage.  It means  it does not allow genetic changes  and  mutations  in those  gens, which carry  information about risk factors.  And  the  healthy  immune  system  eliminates already mutated cells, not allowing their progression stage. Thats why it is very important  to carry  out  prophylaxis measures  at early  stages.

Woman hyperestrogenism and other hormone malfunctions   considerably  alter  immune-biological responsiveness,  increasing  the risk  of  cancer  development  at  every  stage  of its  formation.  The development of the immune-biological responsiveness  correction and  onco-protection  methods  for people with high  risk factors  is an actual  task of the  oncology prophylaxis.

I want  to thank  once  again Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov, because  (knew he or not, wanted to do that or not)  he  is  a direct  developer  of  the  preventive  onco-pathology  prophylaxis  through  his  Functional  State  Correctors.  It  is the  correction  of  the  functional  state  of  a human  organism  which  is  its   strong  defense, and I will  try  to  prove this  in my  report  by means  of  demonstrative  medicine.

During 5 year period in a large district  city clinic  a  controlled  research  of influence of the prophylaxis  measures  complex  on  estrogen-depended  forms  of  breast  cancer,  ovary  cancer,  neck of uterus cancer  sickness  rates  was conducted  under conditions  of   hormone malfunctions.

From march of 2009 by march of this year (2011), literally in front of the conference  the statistics  was processed, in order to show it here. The research is going on. Along with lifestyle modifications and nutrient support, we used  Functional State Correctors for pure water structuring,  for pumping, and for placing on the diseased organ projection.

The research design was the following:  the main group included  110  women with hyperestrogenism and other forms of hormone malfunctions,  to whom a full  complex of measures  was  conducted. It was  an ovary form of hormone malfunctions -  the most  prevailing  one;  it was  hypothyroid  form the decreased thyroid gland function; superarenal form; and old age  form at people older than 65. We took 35 people into the control group,  initially they had  similar sates at the initiation and promotion stages, but no measures  were  conducted to them and they developed a classical  breast  or endometrial  cancer.

Comparing these two groups it  is  possible  to  investigate  the  risk  factors, to  calculate  the  chances  of getting  the  disease, and  the probability  of  the  disease  development  in absence  of  the prophylaxis  measures.  It is shown  in the research materials  what forms  of mammary  dysplasia  were observed, and at both  groups they  grew  malignant  in consequence.  The  international classification of diseases  was  used.

In the course of the research epidemiological analysis  of  the  oncology  diseases  risk factors was performed.  It was done by a questionary  at both  groups. Women, in whos families  were oncology  cases, were questioned  by means  of preliminary  prepared  forms, where  the oncology  cases were  registered  in two  or  more  generations.  These forms allowed  to sort out women with  risk  factors.

After  that ultrasonic testing of the mammary glands was  performed. Nowadays  any  mammograph  is  able  to  measure  the thickness  of  fatty  tissue,  the thickness  of  connective  tissue,  the thickness  of  epithelial  tissue.  In case of  hyperestrogenism  epithelial  tissue  expands  abnormally.  It  is  even  worth  when the fatty  tissue  expands,  because  it  contains  a  large  amount  of  the  estrogen  deposits.  It is the estrogen deposits  who provoke  the promotion  stage  and further development  of the cancerous  tumor.

Hormonal status analysis  were conducted by standard  methods  which are  used  at  every  city  clinic. immune-biological responsiveness was analyzed by  mine  own method. Chuykova  Irina Rodionovna  who is  my co-author  studied  hormonal status. The  state  of the nervous  system  was  analyzed  with  the  help  of  computer  diagnostics.

We included into  the  following  measures into the  prophylaxis complex :  Modification  of  lifestyle  in  accordance  with  the risk  factors  discovered.  Consumption  of water, structured on Functional State  Correctors  no 1,  2,  5  up to  2 liters  a day.  The bone system  pumpings  with  the  use  of the FSC no 1, 2, 5, 7. And  placing  the FSCs  at the projections  of  active  organs. The use of  biologically  active  supplements  for 6 8 month  in  a row,  with  a big amount  of pure, and starting  from  2009  with  FSC structured,  water.

How  to  use Functional State  Correctors for  the lifestyle  modifications  in  cases  of  woman hyperestrogenism and other hormone malfunctions?  Our  recommendations:

The  normalization  of relations  at work  and  at  home. You  already  know  that  it is  possible  to  use  plates  no 2, 3 and 5 for harmonizing  the surrounding  space.  If  You  have  other recommendations  on harmonizing, we  would be  glad  to  hear  them  at  the  discussion.

The restriction of the electromagnetic influences at the organism, one should use Functional State correctors when using the cell phone, the methods are ready, it is possible to work in that direction.

The normalization  of sleep depth and quality at the FSC no. 8  If women does not sleep 8 hours, and the sleep is not deep, she would not have Immune-biological responsiveness, she would catch absolutely everything that happens around her, her immune system will  allow  the propagation  of any  gens, which  lost  control  over cells  in  result  of  mutation, and any mutated  cells.

The normalization of  the   body  weight, it is very  important  for  women   -  it is  appetite  regulation. The implementation of the FSCs no. 2, 5, 7, 8,  for  the fat  tissue  reduction  and muscular  tissue  augmentation. One should use  FSCs no. 1, 2, 3, 5  for pumping,  and one should  set  to the BMI  24-25.   As a rule women with  hyperestrogenism  have BMI  29-30,  and  those who have  hypothyroid  form  have  BMI  25-40.  Hormones are  accumulated  in  a fatty  tissue even  if their  concentration in blood is  normal.  With the excessive  fatty  tissue they are deposited  in  a  tremendous  quantities,  and  even normal  level  of  hormones in blood  does not  save  from  the  subsequent  cancer  tumor  promotion.

Next  step  is  quitting  smoking.  More  to  it,  the  rejection  from  UV  irradiation  in  the modern  solariums, from  excessive  solar  irradiation  in  summer.  One  must  consciously  refuse  the use  of  cosmetics  products  containing  carcinogenic  substances.  After  that  one  should  deduce  them  with  the  help  of  Functional  State  Correctors  no 2, 5, 7.  It is  necessary  to increase   motion  activity,  it is  necessary  to  work  intensively  for two  hours  a day.  Physical  activity  enhances  the  curative  effect  of  the  FSCs  no.   2, 3, 5  because  it  helps  to  convert  and  deactivate  excessive estrogen  and  its  metabolites. It is the physical  activity  that  is  the  only  condition  of  the  excessive estrogen  conversion.  One exemption  is  pregnancy.  If there is  a pregnancy  in  the  organism,  placenta  produces  a  great  amount  of  estriol an  antagonist  of  the  estradiol  from  the  cancer  tumor  promotion   point  of  view.  Hence  it  follows  one  should  not  interrupt  pregnancy  if  it  is  possible.  Or at  least do not  interrupt  pregnancy  after  4 6 weeks,  when  the  protective  level  of  estriol  have  risen. Women  should not  interrupt  pregnancy  after  4 6 weeks.

Lets take  some  rest  from  serious  information.  Water  is a  universal  information  carrier,  there  is no  need  to  persuade  you  in  the  fact.  You  are  well informed  that what  is  recorded  on  water  may  be  erased  only  with  some  other  information.  By  daily  consumption  of  the  unstructured  water,  we  bring  some  information  into  our organism.  Of course different  filters do not  clean water  from  the  information  load. We are waiting  for  the  promised  filter  that  cleans  water  and  at  the  same  time  cleans  the  information  content.

Adult  human  organism  consists  of  water  by  72 73 %,  if  it  is  dehydrated,  or if  one is  older  than  65, the water  content  may   be  63 %.  We instantly  record  on  ourselves  the information  from  water,  so  a  great  amount  of  energy  is  spent  on  the  neutralization  of  the  information  content.   So  we  use  Functional  State  Correctors  for  water  structuring, and  we  teach  and  persuade  people  to  do  so.  It  is  recommended  not  only  structure water,  but  every  food,  beverages,  by  placing  them  on  the  FSC  for  5  minutes.  As a result  the structural  state  of  water  will  near  the  state  of  the  intercellular  liquids.   In  case  we  are  using   frozen dried  preparations,  from  which    the  intercellular  liquid  is  removed,  by  adding  structured  water  we  will  get  fully  restored preparations,  which  poses  full value  properties.  The  dosage  of  such  preparations  could  be  reduced  from  400 to 200  milligrams.  Here it was  said in  relation  to indole  3-carbinol.

Water,  structured  on  the  Functional  State  Corrector  no. 7 gives  a new  level  of  super abilities  in  self-regulation  and  adaptation.  Oncology  protection  programs  are  recorded  on  it,  along  with  powerful  adaptation  programs.  It is  recommended  to  use  it together  with  no. 2  and  5.

Algorithm of  the  FSC  implementation:

-        In case  of  the  hyperestrogenism  one  should  structure  water  on  1, 2, 7  plates.  Those  who  have  liver  pathology  additionally  should  use  no. 5  and  8.  The  third  plate  was used  at  some  definite  hormone malfunctions, with the  exception  of  the  absolute  hyperestrogenism.  Hyperestrogenism is  observed  at  16 17 percent  of  women,  it  is  a big  quantity.

-        We conducted  pumping  of hands  and feet  and  the  chakras   every two hours  several  times  a day  with women  who already  had  a promotion  stage who  had  a  benign tumor  with a risk  of  becoming  malignant.  Up to 4-6  times a  day, increasing  the  session  time  from 5  to  20 minutes  during  a week  period.   At the beginning  period  women  learn  to  do  pumping  in  the day hospital   at  our  city  clinic.  Somebody  bought  Functional  State  Correctors.  Those, who did not   get  the  correctors  at  the  clinic.  Those  people  who  bought  the  FSCs  continued  the  work  at  home  on  their  own.

-        In  case  of  absence  of  the  absolute  hyperestrogenism,  during  pumping  procedure FSCs  no. 3 and 7 were  placed  on  the  biologically  active  points  of  the  mammary  glands  or  at  feet.  Mammary  gland  zone  is  situated  at  the back  of  the  feet  between  the  second  and  the  third  fingers the  47-th  point.  The uterus  zone  is  situated  under  the  ankle  - point  no. 55.  The  ovary  zone  is  in  near  the  ankle  area,  mainly  at  the  heels.  Men  have  a prostate  zone  at  this  place.  Men correction  is  performed  at  the  same  scheme  with  the  same  FSCs,  but  it is  a separate  topic.

-        Placing  the FSC  at  the  organ  projection  zone.  FSC  no 3  at  the thyroid  gland  zone  2-3  times  a day for  15-20  minutes  eliminates  hypothyroid  abnormalities, and  hypothyroid  forms  of the  hormone malfunctions.  FSC no 5  - at  the liver  area  3  times  a day  for  3  hours.  It is  possible  to  hold  it  even  longer,  but  gradually.  FSCs  no 1, 3, 7  at  the  tumor  area 4-6  times  a  day  starting  from  3  minutes  with 10  minutes  breaks  between  different  FSCs. Increasing  twice proportionally  the  time  of  the  exposition  and  the break  time.

Phyto-chemical  onco-protectors  in  food.   Indole  3-carbinol, diindolylmethan,  ascorbigen are  the  most  important  phyto-chemicals  in  regulation  and   transformation  of  the  excess  of the  dangerous  estrogens  into  harmless  forms.  They  are contained in  cruciferous  vegetables  (cabbage  family). And we ask  to  add  polarization  of  cruciferous  vegetables    into  the  next  Functional  State  Correctors it is needed  information   today.

Diindolylmethan  actively decreases estrogen  metabolites  level,  which  is  associated  with  breast  and  endometrial  cancer.  Diindolylmethan  causes   mutated  cells  apoptosis,  along  with  cells,  containing  papilloma  viruses. In case  of  the hyperestrogenism  papilloma  viruses  works  as  a  promoter.

In the organism  ascorbigen  turns  into  ascorbic  acid  and  indole  3-carbinol these  are  natural  calcium  and  magnesium ascorbates,  their  activity  is  500 600  times  more  powerful  than ordinary  ascorbic  acid.  And look,  it  regulates  the  activity  of  gene,  responsible  for  breast  and  ovary  cancer susceptibility.  Indole  3-carbinol  increases  this  gene  activity  ipso  facto  suppresses  the  tumor  growth,  restores  DNA,  blocks  estrogen alpha-receptors  production  in  cells  and  tissues,  prevents  the progress  of  the  estrogen-dependent  tumors  growth  - decreases  the  promotion  and  progression  processes.

More to it,  a combination  of  diindolylmethan  and  ascorbigen  performs  function   of  the oxydase  in  the  intestenies.  Oxidase  elements  render carcinogenic  substances  before  their  absorption. It  is  this  powerful  action  which is  characteristic  for   the  cruciferae  cabbages.

Indole  3-carbinol  is  obtained  from the  cruciferae  family  vegetables  - green  cabbage,  cauliflower,  Brussels  sprouts.  There  should   be  about  400 500  grams  of  these  vegetables  every  day  in  the  diet  of  a healthy  woman,  the  one  who  takes  care  of  herself.  Especially if  she  belongs  to  a  group  of  the  estrogen  dependent  tumors. 

Indole  3-carbinol   stops  the  cancer  cell  growth  in estrogen  dependent  tumors  of  mammary  glands,  ovaries, endometrium  and  eliminates  cervical  dysplasia,  erosive  dysplasia.  Food  indoles  change  cell  ferments  activity,  which  are  responsible  for  the  carcinogenic  substances  deducing   and  estrogen  metabolism  in  the  organism,  especially  for  the  transformation  of  the  dangerous  estradiol  into  a  harmless   estriol.  But  I mean  long  time  influences  with  big  doses.  It  is  shown  on  a diagram.

Results  and  discussion.

Epidemological analysis  was  conducted. We  get statistics  of  both groups.  It  is  clearly  seen  that  prior  to  the  FSC  implementation,  the  lifestyle  modifications  and  indoles  alone allowed  to  reduce  tumor  development  chances  in  5,1  times  in  hepatobiliar  malfunctions.  The  results  with  stress  exist  as well, and  we  were  satisfied  with  them,  but  in  lower  degree.   Look  at  the  same  results  with  the  Functional  State  Correctors  implementation.  Neck   of  uterus  diseases  - pseudo-erosion, ectopia  - 4,5  times  changes,  and  without  FSCs  it  was  only  in  2  times.  Condylomatosis, papillomatosis  and  other hyperestrogenism  conditions 4 times  changes. All  hyperestrogenism  in  overall  - 9,3  times  changes.

Our  liver  plays  a  major  role in these  processes, the  aromatization  / transformation  of  the  adrenal  gland  hormones  into  estradiol  takes  place  in  a liver.  Not  only  in ovaries.  Many  women   with  a normal  level  of  the  ovary  hormones, high  level  of  adrenal  gland  hormones  but  with  a  high  level  of   hormones  aromatization  in  liver  obtain  the  same  end  result.  The  liver  is  very   important. The  highest  reduction  was  observed  in  a  group  with  a hepato-capillary  pathology.  We  would  like  to  see hepato-protectors  in  the  next  FSC  series.  Now  we  are  using  biochemical  hepato-protectors.

Look  at the  womens hypophysis, ovaries and  thyroid  gland hormones content.  In  the  ovaries  hormones  there  is  400,  600,  700  nanomoles  of  estradiol  - it  is  very  high  content , its  peak  level falls  on  14-th -  21-th  days  of  the  cycle.  And  the  peak  of  progesterone  falls  at  the  21-th  days  of  the  cycle,  its  peak  value  rises  up  to  50 nanomoles.  The  relation  between these  two  hormones  defines  the presence  of  the  absolute  hyperestrogenism.  In  case  of  the absolute  hyperestrogenism  the  estradiol  level  is  7 times  higher  than that  of the  progesterone. If  the  relation  is  much  higher  than 7  it is  an  absolute  hyperestrogenism.  If  the relation  is  lower  than  7   -  it  is  a  relative  hyperestrogenism.  I  want  to  illustrate  it  with  some  examples:

In the  ovaries  form of the  hormone malfunctions the  estradiole  and  progesterone levels   are  very  high.  In  case  of  poor  liver  function  we  have  simultaneously  the  ovaries  and  adrenal  glands  hormone malfunction.  We  observed  considerable  decrease  after  correction.

The ovaries  form  of  relative  hormone malfunction.  Progesterone level is  lower  and  estrdiol/ progesterone  relation  is  lower  than  7.   The  tumor  developed  due  to  the  adrenal  glands hormones  excess.

Thyroidal  form.  As  you  may  see  in  a given  situation  there  is  a  high  level  of  the  progesterone  metabolites,  due  to  the  liver  function  worsening  in  hypothyroidism,  the   process  of  the  hormones  metabolites  deducing  is  slowing  down.  All  these  levels   up  after  the  FSC  correction.

In  the  adrenal  glands  form  we  did not  managed  to  do  anything.  This  form  did not  give  way  under  any  influence.  While  the  reduction  of  the  estradiol  level  and  its  metabolites  was  observed.  In  this  case  the  liver  malfunctioned  anyway.  In the  adrenal  glands  form  two  women  developed  oncology  processes  despite   the  prophylaxis.

Senile  form  is  the  most  fertile  for  the  correction  and  for  the  therapy.  After  65  women  showed  the  high  levels  of  the  hormones  metabolites,  but  the  hormone  level  were  low.  Due to  the  prolonged  poor  liver  function.  As  soon  as  therapy  and  FSC  correction  were  given  everything  comes  to  norm.  It  is  most  honest  group,  they  perform  what  they  are  told  and  no  one  developed  a  disease.  But  the  main  problem  is  not  in  this  group.  The  main  group  is  a  the  age  from  45  to  55.  It  is  important  to  suppress  the  promotion  stage  at  this  group.  It  is  high  time  for  the  prophylaxis  measures.

On the  next  slide  you  see that  before  curing  the  immune  reactivity   was  lower  than  40 %,  and  it  started  to  normalize  after  the  curing.  Soon  it  came  to  a  normal  functional  state.  Blood  and  lymphocytes  react  on  prophylaxis  measures  very  quickly.  It  does  not  mean   there  would  be  no  disease.  It  means  that  organism  copes  quickly  with  that.

Vegetative  nervous  system comes  from  hyper-stress zone  to  balanced  state after  the  curing  practically  at  all  women.  The  exception  is  hyper-thyroid  form  -  these  are  the  most  offended  women  in  the  world.  They  get  offended  25  times  a  day.   It is  hard  to  mend  without  thyroid  gland  function  restoration.

Conclusions:  Oncology  disease  prophylaxis  with the  implementation  of  the  Functional   State  Correctors,  pure  structured  water,  indoles  in  food, the  lifestyle  modifications  allows  to  reduce  the  probability  of  the  disease  development  in  9  times  with  the  FSCs,  and  in 4  times  - without  them.

Even  4  times reduction  means  a lower  number  of  diseased   women. Complex  correction  of  the  immune  reactivity  and  onco-protection  by  means  of  the  information  programs, natural  medicines, pure  structured  water,  allows  to  perform  these protective  measures  for  years  without  additional  accompanying  complications,  which  are  characteristic  for  the  process  of curing.  But  it  should  be  done  before  the  tumor  progression  stage.

The correction  of  the  functional  state  of  the  patients,  suffering  from  hyperestrogenism  with  the  help  of  structured  water  and  curative  informational  programs  recorded  at  the  FSCs  no. 1, 2, 5, 7,  as well  as  the  use  of  indoles  in  food,  does  not  substitute  but  supplements  the  existing  curative  and  prophylaxis  methods.  If  you  will  be  talking   to  oncologist  do  not  say  that  everything  will  be  done  in  a moment.  Tell them,  that  FSCs  supplement  therapy,  and  show  how  to  do  this they  become  interested  in  prophylaxis  and  in  the  correction  after  the  treatment.  At  the  promotion  and progress  stages medical  supervision  and  the  control  of  the  results  are  required.  If  there  is  promotion  or  progression  the  informed  consent  of  the  patient  is  required,  including  the implementation  of  the  Functional  State  Correctors.  They  are  registered  as a  medical  purpose  devices  in  Russian Federation.  From  the  moment  of  the  malignant  tumor  exposure  send  a patient to  a  specialized  clinic.

What  are  we  trying  to  achieve?   To  conduct  with  women,  who  belong  to  a  risk  group,  the  modification  of  a  lifestyle,  to  use Functional  State  Correctors  for  the  protection  from  geo-pathogenic  and  electromagnetic  influences,  for  the  surrounding  medium  harmonization,  for  structured  water  drinking,  for  pumping,  for  placing  them  on  the  diseased  organs  and  biologically  active  points.  Can we  do  these?  Yes, we can.  At  least  for  ourselves.  In our  clinic  8  doctors  a year  develop  a  breast  cancer.  What  can  you  talk  the  patients  about  if  you  are  ill  yourself?  One  should  consume  indoles  with  food,  do  not  use  hormonal  contraception.  The hormonal  contraception  is  used  at  the  early  age,  when a woman  does not  know  about  her  hyperestrogenism  and  about  the  fact  that  any  hormonal contraception  is  a way  of  adding  and  acceleration  of  her  problems.  Steroids  in  food,  we  do  not  know  how  to  avoid  them,  but  we  pollute  the  liver  and  the  organism  with  steroids,  and  the  liver  should  transform  them.  Those  who  bye  chicken  in  the  supermarket  already  should   carry  Functional  State  Corrector  no.  5  on  the  right  subcostal  area  all day  long.  One  should  normalize  the  body  mass, to  increase  physical  activity,  in  proper  time  to  reveal  and  correct   hormonal  malfunctions.  It  all  should  be  done  in  time.  I reckon  that  all  these  is  clearly  seen  at  19 20  years.  So  we  should  take  care  about  our  girls,  young  women,  future  moms, we  should  check  their  condition,  define  their  type: hypoid,  adrenal, thyroid  -  it  is  all  seen  by  the  outer  signs.  Check  their  hormones  and  change  lifestyle  accordingly. Of  course,  do  not  interrupt  pregnancy.  The  refuse from smoking and  alcohol, from  excessive  Sunlight  exposure, the  implementation  of  the  carcinogenic  substances.





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