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Nanotechnology in medicine. Harmonization of the human being with the help of the Functional State Correctors.

Eliseeva Olga Ivanomna, candidate of medical sciences, Moscow. A report at the third scientific conference on the FSC implementation, Moscow, May 16-17, 2011.

In the third millennium the humanity entered into a new phase of its existence, recent scientific discoveries favored the creation of the united picture of the World. New terms entered into our life: globalization, bio-field, energy-information, noosphere. Nanotechnology level medical research allow to describe the interaction between the human being and Space, they give a possibility to define what is a disease, to understand its mechanism,  the order of its development, and allow us to develop new approaches to curing , and to prophylaxis of many diseases.

Why did we start to speak about nanotechnologies in medicine? We managed to demonstrate on the material of human blood plasma the connection of a human being with the outer Space. Blood plasma seems to be investigated long ago. But nobody investigated yet how Space interacts with this substance. The connection is  provided  by the gas maser devices on the stimulated hydroxyl molecules molecules consisting of one atom of the oxygen and one atom of the hydrogen. They were discovered by Russian astro-physics in 1964. And they are perpetrators of the oncology development. Maser irradiation  is blown on Earth from the chromospheres and the Sun crown. Hydroxyl molecules, which are in the human blood plasma, respond to the maser irradiation of the hydroxyl maser generators from Space. Interference pattern due to the interaction of these two waves is observed in the  human blood, the interference is followed by the creation of nano-constructions, which are forming on the wave trail.

At the picture you see two waves and their interference, and at the second photo we already see the formation of the resonators in blood on the wave interference tail. Fs a result of the interference pyramidal form nano-constructions  are forming in the human blood. This effect of  the pyramidal form  constructions formation was called The Space Resonator in Blood. Resonators in blood is a direct link of a human being with the outer space.





Lets see how Blood Resonators are changing and becoming more complex, initiating the development of the oncology disease. In a course of living process, free electrons are accumulated in the blood plasma, blood plasma becomes less transparent for the maser irradiation, and new physical effects appear, which are called non-linear effects.  Non-linear effects amplify the action of the maser irradiation of the Sun. As a result of such a synthesis process,  a  new complex spiral  is formed which works as a new coding device. At the second photograph  we already see the formation of the cancer cell.




Our physical and mental health is in close relation with space and noosphere. Noosphere is a new energy-information phenomenon at our planet. For the first time in noosphere human being becomes a major geological force, by his thoughts and labor he should rebuild an atmosphere of his life. Psychical energy, produced by our thoughts, feelings and deeds, is bio-photon pulses, which being irradiated into the surrounding space, influence the nature forces, and at the same time we experience the influence of nature on ourselves. If irradiations of a human being are positive and harmonious, then reaching the noosphere they return back into the starting point by descending positive life-giving stream. The human being who creates negative thought-patterns focuses them in his mind, and starting from a single point by a wide cone this  energy-information reaches the noosphere. In the traveling process this wide vibrating cone will capture strange cones with negative waves. While the oscillations come from different people, the waves from a number of people will sum up and return to the original source. As a result the integrity of the human bio-field is violated and it weakens. Despite our belief or not the humanity will get the return of its negative energy-information, corresponding to the quality of our own irradiations. It is the noosphere that serves as a resonator to the Earth, which defines not only ecology characteristics, but the climate characteristics as well, the development of the Earth, the characteristics of the social and mental health. Noosphere, as well as the blood plasma connects macro-world and micro-world, and the noosphere state depends on us. If a human irradiates rage, envy or hate, his bio-photons will carry his emotional  coloring, influencing the Earth magnetic field. What if billions of people act the same way? What happens to the noosphere?  Probabli it distorts to such a degree, that causes not only planetary scale events, but changes in our Solar system.  And if by our behavior  we attempt the harmony of the Solar system, then adequate Sun irradiation changes will follow. As a result of the Solar crown activation the increase of the maser irradiation will happen, of which I told you at the beginning, the maser irradiation will influence the blood plasma, causing the appearance of the activated hydroxyl molecules. And now independently of what a man it is: a good one or not, sometimes we may wonder such a good man and has an oncology disease why?  Because all our negative downfalls on everybody, the good ones and the bad ones. It is the explanation of the oncology escalation, of the oncology rejuvenation, of the appearance of new pathology micro-organisms, with all know consequences.

As it is known, recently oncology often strikes children, teenagers, and people before 50. Statistics is staggering, it is a result of the negative energy-information from the humanity.

During last three years physicians of our medical center did Bio-Resonance testing of 540 oncology patients in the 3-rd and 4-th stages. 70 % of them had wrong polarity in the organism it is a result of negative energy-information influence.  At oncology patients before 40, the wrong polarity observed in 100 % of cases. In the process of diagnostic of a 1000 patients with different diseases we revealed that negative energy-information, causing wrong polarity, blocks the brain rhythms: alpha, beta,  theta and delta, along with the affection of the DNA, chromosomes and amino-asids. Everything, the existence of the organism depends upon. As a rule it was patients with severe degenerative diseases. In 250 cases we exposed pre-oncology states in some or other degree. It means that oncology was found at 25% of the tested people. As a result of the ongoing patients testing I receive more and more evidence, that patients with wrong polarity revealed are in the oncology risk zone.

So in our research we tried to find ways to eliminate energy blocks in the organism, and to restore normal polarity in cells. For this purpose we used Functional State Correctors numbers 1, 6, 7 and 8. Research showed that it is possible to mend the reversed polarity, to restore damaged DNA, chromosomes and amino-acids with the help of the FSC.

We used Immedis  diagnostic equipment, which allows not only diagnose the diseases and causative agents, but also the presence of the allogenic information. The diagnostic is conducted with the following method: via electrode electric oscillations with the frequencies, corresponding to the pathogenic micro-flora frequencies are supplied into the organism. If the device frequencies meet with the corresponding frequencies inside the organism, the resonance occurs, which is registered by  a device.

Polarity harmonization of a human being is conducted in two stages. The first one is the restoration of the damaged DNA and chromosomes. The second is the restoration of the damaged amino-acids. Recent studies revealed that some amino-acids left-handed, under the negative energy-information influence turn into right-handed. And they become uncontrolled, our organism does not see or hear them, and the oncology starts to develop. So it is extremely important to mend DNA and chromosomes in the organism and to restore the amino-acids spin.

It was done by the following way: we test DNA and chromosomes at the bio-resonant device, enter the characteristics into the complex testing list, and turn on the background. PlaceFunctional State Correctors  number  6, 7, 8 put into triangle on the second electrode, and turn them into the healing circuit.

It was conducted the following way: we tested DNA and chromosomes at the bio-resonant equipment, entered the data into the list of complex testing, and turn on the background mode. At the second output of the equipment we placed  the Functional State Correctors no 6, 7, 8, and turn them into the healing loop. Then we tested meridian, at which we get the best characteristics. In the healing loop the damaged DNA and chromosomes. The FSCs no 6, 7, 8 and tested meridian are in the loop. Treat the patient for 5 minutes, and during subsequent 2 minutes we record the medicine on water or on the sugar groats. The patient receives the medicine for two weeks, then the healing continues, including the home use of the Functional State Correctors.  In such a way we conduct diagnostics and restoration of the chromosomes DNA until the time they get into the norm.

After that we switch to the second stage. We correct right-rotating amino-acids. We test amino-acids in inversion, because they already become right-rotating. Enter the data, place Functional State Correctors at the second output of the equipment, choose the meridian and perform the curing session.  We continue the curing sessions till right-rotating amino-acids will cease testing.

Our patients understand the process, they go to the sessions with pleasure, because they feel better and many symptoms vanish after the healing and the FSC use.

In the process of the polarization harmonization we noticed, that the number of curing sessions  depended on the patients age the more negative information accumulated the patient during his life, the more distorted DNA, chromosomes and  amino-acids were tested. It depended on the disease heaviness: even during the short period of time one may get powerful  energy-information  exposure, influencing the development of the complex diseases.  We pointed out that foetus in the mothers womb may get negative energy-information exposure, influencing his subsequent development and health.  Sometimes we even wonder when healthy looking patients at the age of 35-45 years show melanoma or oncology at the diagnostics and sometimes in the third or even the forth stage. When looking deeply there is enormous amount of the negative information accumulated, very strong abnormal polarity, the defects in DNA, chromosomes and in most amino-acids.

Lets consider several Clinique examples.

Here is segmentary diagnostics of a women organism in the age of 58 with the suspected micro-stroke. You may see changes at the brain area, she had hands weakened, difficulties with speech, headaches (Fig / . 1).   At the second figure her segmentary diagnostics after 10 sessions of the polarization harmonization with the use of the Functional State Correctors, naturally they continued to work with the FSCs at home. You see: after 10 sessions it is practically norm, the patient is feeling well and almost forgot that she go through micro-stroke.



















Diagnosed vascular brain crisis (Fig / . 3). Sharply expressed changes already at the hands area.  At the next figure his segmentary diagnostics after 10 sessions of the polarization harmonization with the use of the Functional State Correctors You see already norm (Fig / . 4).




















Segmentary diagnostics of a women with vertebra-basilar insufficiency  before the curing  (Fig / . 5). It seems that the disease is hard to cure. At the next figure her segmentary diagnostics  after 7 harmonization sessions the spasms had gone (Fig / . 6). Even the state of the cervical spine improved.


















Conclusions: the harmonization of a human being with the use of the Functional State Correctors along with bio-resonant therapy allows:

-         To save a patient from the wrong polarity and blockage of the energy processes in the organism.

-         To bring into norm chromosomes, DNA, amino-acids. AT the normal state DNA and chromosomes are right-turning.  In case of the oncology development they become left-turning.  As I already mentioned, amino-acids are left-turning, and when they become right-turning it is already the development of the oncology.

-         To restore the patients health as soon as possible. 

How I recommend to work with the FSCs  at home: To work with a triangle, comprised by the FSCs no 6, 7, 8. During 2 weeks three times a day to treat each chakra for two minutes from the front side and for two minutes from the back side.  After 2 weeks the time decreases to 1 minute. And crossed  treatment of the meridians the 5-th FSC plate at the feet, the 7-th in the hand.  Patients settle into good shape and use Functional State Correctors with pleasure.

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