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Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna. Internet conference no. 4 from September the 4-th, 2011

Peace to everybody, today we have a fourth lection about the lilac FSC-s, and how to use them effectively. We will consider the implementation of the 11-th and 12-th FSC-s, and we will consider the gratitude programs, which one may pronounce in order to activate Cosmo-Energy channels recorded on these plates, the channels will turn on and selectively and  affect the weak points in the organism.

The technology of Heavenly Knowledge Light allowing the restructuring of the consciousness, and clairvoyance control is implemented in the lilac FSC s.  let me explain.  The Technology of Light channel was received in order to program the regeneration of organs and tissues. This channel  is  recorded at almost every lilac Functional State Corrector, and with Yours I am grateful for the organ / tissue  being restored  in my organism through sincere  gratitude, along with awareness, with great awareness the action, the sacred action will be performed.

What is the structuring of the consciousness, and clairvoyance control? Here, for the FSC users, it is necessary to develop bright picturesque way of thinking, positive thinking, and ability to direct  light where one sees darkness. If You know that something in Your body is not in perfect order, then You should place bright shining sphere at that place. The Cosmo-Energy channels will hear your picturesque thoughts and selectively direct the healing energy.

I will say a couple of words about the technology, which was used in the lilac Functional State Correctors creation. At the moment of the phase transition (the magnetic material of which the active elements of the FSCs are made of is meant here), which took place at the Sergey Valenyinovitch Koltsovs laboratory, the Cosmo-Energy channels were opened, and according to the Cosmo-Energy session scheme they were programmed on the human health. That means cleaning of any negative exposures, manipulations, encodings, the restoration of chakras, organs and organism systems. And the next program is the activation of human spirit and soul, the canalization of the spiritual processes, and, as a consequence, the restoration of the physical body. The programs were created globally, maximum what one can imagine.

Question: A question was asked: how lilac Functional State Correctors influence the soul and the spirit?

Answer: The Cosmo-Energy channels would not act without Your cooperation with them.

The information and energy of the intelligent Cosmo-Energy channels, which are recorded at the lilac Functional State Correctors influence a human being selectively and adaptively. And in a whole. Not just one organ is harmonized, but entire energy-information structure of the human organism what one is built of all the thin bodies: ethereal, astral, casual, bodhic and atmic the tiniest one, known as a Heavenly Spark,  and physical body as well. Catalyzes, activates information bodies, restores them. It is as if our physical eye was blind and started to see after some time, the same way our thin bodies are restored. One starts to perceive thin world, and it is the thin world that is initial, and one starts to read out the tasks that are designated for his spiritual evolution. What is expected here? A wide spectrum of creative thinking, the creativeness in wide meaning of the word is meant here, the activation of talents is possible  - gift to drawing, arts, actor talents, poetry, the field is boundless, whatever one does he starts to create a World, positive information gets stronger, and the Planet saves itself. Since everything is energy and information, it is necessary to manifest zeal and spend some time in order to disband dark information and substitute it with the creative information about health and harmony, in order to help the creative information to prevail. The existing FSC technology was combined with Heavenly knowledge on the same basic principles.

The action of the Cosmo-Energy channels, which are activated through the gratitude password (for uninitiated), has adaptive and communicative character. It means the adaptation to every human being is taking place. Not average program for everyone, but adaptation program is included. The same Functional State Corrector will act differently at every person. On the other side human energetic started to change in such a way, that a chance of cardinal improvement of all the functions and systems in the human organism appears. All bodies they are like one Russian Doll inside the other they pierce through, elapse through each other, and if the thin bodies are cleaned, the physical body automatically starts to restore, self regulation processes turn on, and the human being recovers. The achievement of the self regulation state in order to support ones health consciously by the FSC users is implied. Lets point out that internal work  on oneself is necessary, that is the illumination inside oneself with the light of consciousness, and acknowledgement of ones own harmonious state, even if it is not so at the moment.

By the intention of the Creator the human being is self-regulated system, capable to transformation and processing of any energies, including radiation as a particular case. The human being is formed from light which is grouped in different ways. The state of health is initially laid into the human being, into his physics, chemistry, biology. The  Cosmo-Energy channels remind the human organism of these state. In fact they a catalysts of the adaptation programs to the outer cosmic conditions. To the conditions which constantly  move onto us, which change rapidly, which could be both useful and harmful for us. The technology of the Functional State Correctors is created to catalyze the abilities of a human being to  process them into useful form and to create a harmonious  space around him. In the lilac FSC-s the spectrum of tasks and a set of means to perform them is even  wider. For example, pancreas and  spleen are the thin instruments for the transformation of the Heavenly information to the physical body. If pancreas does not work - the connection is lost. All diseases has initial information origin, and the first thing the activated Cosmo-Energy channels do, is wipe out negative information on different levels and sub-levels, but they do it not in obtrusive way, but in co-creation with the patient. Without the patients consciousness they clean as well, but until some certain degree. Human consciousness, his will, the power of his spirit, his intention are the best transducers of everything. Gods help to those who is moving. The moving man will master the road. You are not alone in the ocean if You try to swim. These sayings reflect the methodology of the lilac FSC implementation. In this lecture there is no one unnecessary world, there is hard work, practice and  responsibility behind every word. Now I will answer some questions:

Question: During some sessions I see very real pictures, hard to describe, but during all the session time. What could it be? Going out of programs, essences / creatures ?

Answer: All  Functional State Correctors are charged to creation, and Heavenly Channels are used: The Heavenly Light,  The Light  of Love of the Universe, The Heavenly Word,  The Heavenly Wisdom,  and since you are starting to see anyway, I may suggest that you see what is going out of you. I want to point out an important moment here: it does not go out somewhere in space, any negative is transformed into human health or dissolves. We thought about where to put the dirt actually it dissolves.

Question: Please specify shell we use the lilac FSC-s one after another, or we may use several correctors simultaneously?

Answer: If You are able to hold several programs in Your head for example the restoration of the cardio-vascular system and the restoration of the brain functions - you may try. How to work with two lilac Functional State Correctors simultaneously?  You may hold one in one hand and another one at the other hand, or you may sit down on one FSC and hold the other in your hands. Any variant is possible. You may do pumping. The point is that there is now difference how you hold them, when the Cosmo-Energy Channels  are activated all points of your body, inside the physical body and inside the aura are in the stream of energies.

Now you become programmers, start to think, to consider things, to conceive it is a very important component, it will help in your future life. You need to learn all these anyway. When carrying  a lilac FSC with you it is recommended to make an inventory in your thoughts and feelings. Are you creating peace around You? With what purpose  you carry it for? what you think?  If you will be aware of these moments the effect will be much stronger.

Question:  A man 28 years old, arthritis of the elbow and knee joints of the autoimmune origin for 4 years, what scheme of healing?

Answer: Did he use only blue FSC s or added the lilacs as well? Everything  concerning joints, knees, even in case of the autoimmune origin is recorded on number 10 Healthy Joints. Everything as before:  structured water and purposefully conduct Cosmo-Energy sessions to oneself. Conduct observations (dairy). I want to point out that work with the both the blue and lilac Functional State Correctors requires to turn on yours internal work, to turn on your consciousness. One should take time for himself, to look inside himself and to light internal light. It is to imagine a bright and beautiful light- like the Sunlight - and simply direct it onto the problem place. I am grateful for my immunity being restored,  I am grateful for the organs and organism systems being restored,  after that:  I am grateful for my joints (name / specify them) being restored.

Note: Be sure to use perfect tense (not continues) for Your gratitude like the desired action is already performed. You should express gratitude not for the process, but for the desired end result.

Question: (incomprehensibly)

Answer: I would like to give a board answer, concerning complex diseases. Anyway all diseases have information origin, and the fact that a man might commit a mistake / error I do not like to use the word sin here, may be even somewhere in his thoughts, or endured a kind of stress everything is recorded at his aura and organs. Functional State Correctors are made to erase this information. So you say I am grateful for the information  about some given disease being erased and after that   I am grateful for the given organ or organism systems being restored.

In the Universe everything is created by image and likeness principle, and on the holographic  principle  - at every point of space there is information about everything. Remember academician Garyaev  experiments with a leaf: a part of a leaf was cut off, but on the Kirlian photograph the cut part was restored, that means the information from the thin word was manifested. If somebody has a missing organ, there is a real chance to restore and regenerate it, first on the information level, that means that diagnostic would show it works by 100 % despite the fact it is absent, it is enough for a good performance of the whole organism. With  future efforts it is even possible to restore the missing organ at the physical level, but it requires a lot of struggle and it is another level of working.

Question:  After oncology surgery what FSC s do I need ?

Answer: It is number 15 The Light of Life, and a Clear Space is necessary anyway. These two are the main.

Question: Children 2 and 5 years old have intracranial pressure, how to cope with it ?

Answer: it is the FSC  The healthy heart a channel for the brain functions restoration is recorded in it. Intracranial pressure is one of the brain functions.

Question: is it possible to change ones karma with the help of the lilac Functional State Correctors ?

Answer: It is possible to change karma even in a second, to make it melt away a colossal  intention to activate your spirit, your will is required, in order to return the likeness to God, including all qualities, put into You by God, and serve to the World and People, and karma will melt away quickly.

Question: Is it possible to return vision to a man who became blind from the alcohol misusing. He is in his forties, doctors say nothing could be done.

Answer: There are at least three exits from any complex and hopeless situation, so try out. There was a case in my practice, when a drunkard fell into aryk (irrigation ditch) and lost sight. I worked distantly with him: I was in Moscow, he was  in Tashkent, he recovered vision after several sessions, and his relatives refused to believe to strange that Cosmo-Energy Channels can heal.

To a man who lost sight from the alcohol, I recommend to use FSC number 11 the Healthy way of life, and 9 Healthy Heart

Question: How to formulate the task in case of disseminated sclerosis?

Answer: First,  disseminated sclerosis is a powerful energy-information influence which was done some time ago. One has to clean off all negative programs, imposed encodings even before the date of birth you may set it these way, using FSC no 15: I am grateful for the antepartum period programs are deleted ,  I am grateful for the postpartum period programs are deleted,  I am grateful for the  programs received in my life are deleted Lets say You have to do 10-15 of such sessions. After that deal with chakras, with the restoration of the energy centers about 5 sessions. The disease is complex, so You have to accent Your attention at every aspect.  After that, lets say, about 30 sessions work with brain, with brain functions, You have to set the program correctly, To learn medicine a bit, anatomy of the brain cells which are responsible for these process.

Question: Is it  possible to help a child with hemophilia ?

Answer:  In any case, no matter how complex the disease is, say gratitude for some definite problem has been healed. Not just for healing in a board sense. And try. In case of hemophilia it is necessary to pay attention at the first chakra, it should work well. Say: I am grateful for my first chakra is restored / normalized / harmonized Channels will hear You and start to work. After that work with the restoration of the blood formula, with the restoration of the lymph formula, restore blood formation organs: kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, bowels. After these accents are made, you should deal with brain functions.

Lets consider the 11-th FSC The healthy way of Life. It is designated for cleaning of all thin bodies, chakras, aura, for protection, for removal and destruction of all negative programs, their disbandment, burning out  essences which force to drink and to smoke. The removal from a dependence from bad habits, turning on the spiritual component the energy of forgiveness, that is it helps a man to forgive, gives energy for the forgiveness, it helps to change consciousness helps to sincerely forgive. It gives the energy of life, supports and restores the central nervous system, cardio-vascular system, gastro-intestinal tract, psychic, restores from the psychic diseases and dependences. Promotes the cleaning at  the DNA level the channels which correct DNA in accordance with the eternal  harmonious  development  program were used. Cleaning off the aggression, a big number of Heavenly channels, for a man would receive  enjoyment not from narcotics, but from Heavenly Energies, and one would be able to see the difference. With the help of these Functional State Corrector it is possible  to activate a clean space  around and a defense. A chance of full recovery and stepping on a very good spiritual  level  is given. It often happens that good people drink, and a human falls out of step with the Heavenly information. These task could be solved with the help of the 11-th Functional State Corrector. If a man is not able to work with the FSC on his own, then his relatives may help to hold mental pictures. It is like in a prayer, when one asks in prayer to heal body and soul of his relatives. A technology is given here: a combination of Heavenly Thought and technical knowledge in order to return a human like appearance to a person, and after that even God likeness.

How to work practically with the 11-th FSC: 

First step:I am grateful that all negative programs have been deleted, I am grateful that all negative coding  have been deleted / erased;

Second step: I am grateful that stress / depression were relieved / deleted / removed;

Third step: I am grateful that essence (at my relative Name) have been burned;

Fourth  step: I am grateful that gastro intestinal tract have been restored, I am grateful that liver have been restored  because very often liver is seriously damaged and requires restoration;

Fifth step: I am grateful that cardio-vascular system have been restored,  I am grateful that spiritual heart have been activated,  I am grateful that Heavenly Energies / Heavenly Consciousness / Heavenly Way of Thinking  have been activated,  I am grateful  for the creativeness have been activated;

Of course you may make every topic more detailed if you wish. Be co-creative.

The 12-th FSC The Healthy Sleep is designated for cleaning of all thin bodies, consciousness, sub- consciousness, intellect, human mind  during the sleep time.  Defense during sleep time. Later on it is a possibility of learning, and even on the thin level,  during sleep time. For example I am grateful for getting Heavenly Information from the thin world during the sleep time.  Rejuvenation during sleep time.  A material action of these Functional State Corrector is a restoration of the biorhythms structure during  sleep, that means restoration of the sleep phases, for each phase would  progress in most effective and favorable way. One should use in steps, layer by layer, because the program is very complex. For example, at first clean all thin bodies during sleep time and I am grateful for a healthy sleep. The second stage may be I am grateful for my mind / consciousness has been cleaned. The next stage is the most difficult one:  I am grateful for my sub-consciousness has been cleaned. And every time use in addition a formula: I am grateful for my body, all my thin bodies  were restored during sleep time. Add as a separate phrase: I am grateful for my melatonin level has been restored and activated. It will boost the melatonin production, which by chain will activate the endocrine system, that means a weight will start to change to norm, sympathetic system and parasympathetic system would be restored. Nervous system will be restored through the activation of the melatonin production.

The development of clear-vision and clear-knowledge is also possible, one should not especially activate these properties, they have to develop on their own with time. Without internal cleaning it is not possible. For example, and excuse me for saying so, if ones stomach is not cleaned, and a person would ask for a clear- vision, he would see his own essences, going out of him, the black plasma which sticks around. So it is very important to clean all internal organs, all the thin bodies, all chakras before the opening of a clear- vision. After total cleaning the clear- vision will turn on automatically, one will receive correct information through intuition, through mind-images.

I want to tell you about co-tuning of the human consciousness with rapidly changing outer processes, which are taking place in the outer space. We are constantly under these influences, and a question arises: how to adapt to them quickly and effectively, what promotes the adaptation process. A human being is initially a self-regulating system, capable to transform and processing any kind of energies including radiation. Functional State Correctors help to turn on self-regulation function, to catalyze them on the cellular level and on the DNA level.  Activated self-regulation will favor the transformation and co-tuning. For example not only co-tune with hard X-rays irradiation of some pulsar, which is capable to destroy cells, but to transform these energy into human health and spiritual development. For these function are programmed the Cosmo-Energy channels, recorded on the Functional State Correctors. But the Channels not just sit on the FSC s, they could be opened with the technology  of light, which allows to activate any object of  information, and allows to transfer vast quantity of Heavenly Programs aimed to creation and harmony into any point inside any object of  information. But the best transformer of these co-tuning with the outer Cosmic space is the human mind, his will power, his power of intention and forward movement. FSC s and Cosmo-Energy channels is materialized thought of high level. You are the thought or consciousness as well. First of all we are a thought and light. We only have to remember these fact, and start to learn to return back to ourselves the creativeness and the ability to create in thoughts. If one is able to think, the thinking processes are developed, one will learn to hear Heavenly Programs. If one hears Heavenly Programs, then one is inside the process of unlimited harmonious development. The rejuvenation and longevity are  particular cases of these process. I am not even afraid to use the word immortal, because if one is always conscious, then one remembers everything even at transitions, so ones consciousness always knows and remembers everything.

I want to encourage you to ask questions if something is not clear. Since our approach to a problem is global and  wide scaled, and it would not be possible to create such a technology without such wide approach. No sense  to heal  a particular human being when all the Planet could die. First we solve global tasks of  prosperity, heal the Planet, and after that as a particular case heal every human being. First at the spiritual level and at the level of thin bodies, then everything materializes at the physical level. A very simple analogy with air: we do not see it but we breath it every second. The same with energies: you are not able to see them yet, but many people starting to see them as a pulsating  spot, rings, colors, warmth, and in the form of tactile sensations some itching, later on you will be able to conduct a dialog. It is not an imposed knowledge. These laws were not thought out. The moment requires that these laws were put into practice. Because we are living in the end of all times. 2012 catastrophe is disbanded due to these technology, there would not be a catastrophe, some local events. The main thing is to change ones consciousness, not simply read  and forget and continue to sin at every step.

Question: What you think about yoga?

Answer:  With great respect, Cosmo-Energy  is a part of yoga, it was discovered as healing with cosmic energies, and we systematically busy ourselves with yoga and sports. Initially yoga was a science about God, which was  passed to us from our ancestors and preserved in India.

Question: People live at low material level in many regions in Russia, they drink a lot, low consciousness level. Is it possible to clean a territory without peoples consciousness, to help people in regions.

Answer: it is possible because you do not  break a law of non-interference, because their soul seeks enjoyments anyway, but seeks them in a wrong place. Of course you may work with a territory, using  Clear Space, The Golden Pyramid, to charge water in the region. We tried these with Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov it works.  That means that for a long period of time Epiphany water flowed out of every tap in Moscow and in some other regions in Russia. It is necessary to recharge it from time to time.

Question: I imagine a Golden Pyramid above my flat. Shell I set some definite time period, or it is sufficient  for a whole time I live in it ?

Answer: It is possible to a whole time of living, but remember to say gratitude from time to time, the effectiveness depends on it. Imagine that Higher Reasonable Forces are at your service! Not just an umbrella above your flat, but a Higher Intelligence.  Of course a cooperation, an interaction is necessary, it is a living system,  so express gratitude. The same way that You need to water a flower every time.

Question: At what lilac FSC s   there are antiviral programs ?

Answer: at the Golden Pyramid and almost at every one.

Question: How long you recommend to work with programs?

Answer: Optimum time is 15-20 minutes, but if you are seriously aimed to a result, it is 40 minutes. These time is not taken by chance. It is a biological time period, school lessons last 40 minutes. If You want to recover quickly and effectively  - 40 minutes.

Question: Woman has umbilical hernia.

Answer:  Number 10 Healthy Joints could be recommended, there is a Channel on it, that heals hernia. But it is necessary that gastro-intestinal tract would be clean, one should fix the hernia, bandage, say gratitude for the healed hernia, and carry the bandage at the same time.

Question:  Rheumatoid  poli-arthritis.

Answer: Poli-arthritis is a complex disease, and one should deal with complex diseases layer by layer. That means  The Clear Space first. Then at these case rheumatism is connected with cardio-vascular system, so The Healthy Heart should be used. And then what disturbs?  Poli-arthritis. That means the disbandment of these disease. Later on: I am grateful  for my ability to move has been restored, I am grateful  for my energy level has been restored. There are all the answers in your question!  You should take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down what for your will say gratitude. Even if it seems impossible for you at the moment, even if you reckon there is nothing to be grateful for. For complete recovery. You want the complete recovery? Then say gratitude for complete recovery it is a powerful positive program. If you are not able to do that say gratitude for a small improvement. You will be given these small improvement, you will be able to believe, and be able to move forward layer by layer.

Question: Is it necessary to pronounce tasks  (gratitude)  during the whole session time?

Answer: No. But first you should formulate them, write down at a piece of paper, and after that start to say gratitude. It is like going shopping.  When you have to go shopping what you do first? You make a list of products, what you need to bye, otherwise you will forget something. Only after that you take money and go to the shop. The same way here: prepare, write down a task, then start to work.

Question: Please tell about working with Channels.

Answer: I should explain that in case of the Functional State Correctors when the channels are opening, they are already programmed. Who is able to control them? The initiated man. At a given case you are not able to control the channels, and you are not able to summon them as well. But when you say gratitude for healing a lot of Channels are opening and they perform their job. So you are in these channels, you help them with your own consciousness, suggest what you need, thou they are finding tasks on their own as well. A scheme of working with Channels is explained only at the initiation.

Question: I am a painter, in what way may I use FSC s, in order to make my paintings irradiate high vibrations?

Answer: It is The Healthy Heart a lot of Channels, devoted to Heavenly Love, Heavenly light is recorded on it, you only need to activate them. You may say I am grateful  for the flow of Heavenly Love Energies flow through myself at my paintings. Program love and harmonization of the surrounding space  and start to create.

Question: Is it important what candle to use during Cosmo-Energy session?

Answer: It is not. The main thing is  that the element of fire is present. You may prepare the candle as well, because  paraffin  receives information very well, so on  The clear Space you may say I am grateful for the candle being prepared for the session, it will make the session more effective.

Question: Is it possible to activate green Functional  State Correctors ?

Answer: Yes it is possible through the gratitude. Even if they were not connected with Cosmo-Energy channels, any gratitude works, it is a known fact. In every religion they pronounce gratitude. = to present good. And the gift returns instantly. If you find it hard to say gratitude, work on yourself.  There may be situations when it seems there is nothing to be grateful for everything around seems bad. But despite everything gratitude allows these walls, blocks  to melt down, it works as a solvent. And after  some time a clear space appears.

Question: Is it possible to imagine an FSC in front of oneself and heal  yourself ?

Answer:  Yes, it is. May be it will work with lesser effectiveness, but it will.

The FSC number 15 is called The Light of Life, but I often call it The Source of Life, these Channel was received not long ago, it was not possible to open it before, because of possible destructions on the Earth. The Earth was not clear enough. But nevertheless the Channel was given, and when I initiated in these Channel, the energy was directed at every human being. In some spectrum  these Source of Life is present inside every one of you. You may ask it I am grateful  to  The Source of Life being activated  and the rejuvenation program being turned on.  And watch what will happen. I encourage you to try. It is possible to burn fat with its help and harmonize everything  as well.

Question: after using The Golden Pyramid there is a feeling of burning fire at the cinciput, is it normal ?

Answer: Yes.

Here is a testimony: By my opinion the lilac Functional  State Correctors widen the territory of Love inside a human being, contributing to the self healing.

What is Heavenly Love? it is a hypostasis of God. Through these technology He already penetrates into our consciousness, into our mind, into our cells. May be somebodys wit does not perceives how it is possible? Believe.

The conference comes to an end. Let the Force be with You, let the Heavenly Light, the Heavenly Spirit, and Gods Grace be with You. Let His information penetrate into Your consciousness,  let Your thin bodies be restored for perceiving these information in the process of eternal  harmonious development. Peace to everyone.

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