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Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna. Internet Conference no. 6 from the 4-th of October 2011

Good afternoon! Today we are going to continue  discussing the practice of working with the lilac Functional State Correctors.

I want to tell in details how to clean premises with the help of the FSC. Plate number 16 The Clear Space. When you place it on the electric counter it provides the protection from harmful electromagnetic irradiation, and  a Golden Pyramid Cosmo-Energy Channel is activated, which booth cleans and protects and in some degree forces out the essences. It is better to activate  The Clear Space FSC by saying I am grateful the premises have been cleaned  (all lights in the house should be turned on during the whole procedure), and leave it to act for 20 minutes. During the next 20 minutes, say I am grateful the premises have been consecrated. What does consecration means? It means that you may say and add additional  programs for defending from any negative influence, for light, love and health. You may consecrate up to 3 topics by saying gratitude. It is better to use High board categories as Heavenly Love, Harmony, Heavenly Light, Heavenly Power all the rest will come along. That means that during the first 20 minutes you prepare your premises by cleaning it, and during the subsequent 20 minutes you consecrate it. I will repeat it once again, that during consecration you bring into your house positive information, which you need. The same way it is possible to consecrate a car and an office, more prepared users may work distantly with schools, children gardens in order to stop epidemics. But in these case you should know what you are doing and understand that you are able to cope.

In Your premises you may light up a candle, adding an element of fire.  And in your mind look all over you premises during both phases of these cleaning ritual.

Question: is it possible to keep constantly  FSC no. 14 on the electric counter?

Answer: Yes, it is.

I recommend to conspect what I say, because the recommendations are precise.

There is no evil Channels in our arsenal, so we are not able to use them in any case. They are not needed. Because it is known that one should not fight with evil, one should transfer to higher frequencies instead, and evil destroys itself at the end. Or we give destructive energies or evil a chance to clean and return into the Gods Kingdom.

Question: What lilac FSC it is better to bye in case of oncology. Is it possible to start FSC use directly from the lilac ones without preliminary use of the blue FSC-s?

Answer: I am only competent to talk about lilac Functional State Correctors. In complex cases, especially with oncology one should work under the supervision of  doctors.  Me do not cure, but help to recover, prophylactic and process of remission support being at the first place. It is in case of complex diseases. But in every case it is possible to say: try, and you should feel released, there should be an improvement. If one doubts then his doubts interfere. Try to take a notepad, write down questions, try to answer your questions, using knowledge from the previous lectures, and after that ask your questions through the Center Region Company.

Question: here is a question about cockroaches They exterminated the cockroaches in the basement, and now they are in  living rooms, I did not saw them before, they are so small

Answer: I will use a bit of black humor here, because if cockroaches appear, no matter what are the reasons, one should do inventory in his own head, in his thoughts and emotions. Do not take offence.  Agree with  cockroaches about them leaving out. And they will leave you. Cockroaches are not Gods creatures, it is a materialization of bad thoughts.

Question: What do you thing about the control  of the Illuminates over humanity?

Answer: If there is such an information, then it is present in any case, even it were not so. In order to escape from the system of manipulation, one should develop oneself up to such a degree, to such frequency, when one becomes transparent to them, and it is possible to escape from the system in such a way. Cosmo-Energy Channels are helping in these process, along with physical training, for example one should perform daily Five pearl movements  of the Eye of Rebirth

Question: What to do if the gallbladder is full of stones and turned off, what FSC s to use ?

Answer: Again a complex question, you may work under a supervision of a naturopathic doctor, who will advise what herbs, or better the herbal decoctions to use in order to normalize the blood PH. You may structure this herbal decoctions using the Clear Space FSC, or the Light of Life in these case they will be adapted especially for you. Lilac Functional State Correctors has a property to adapt any liquid medium for a given patient. What is liquid medium?  Decoctions, beverages, and even liniments.

Question: How to work with the lilac FSC-s when the pressure jumps up to 200 ? There were no such jumps before, a sever arrhythmia as well.

Answer: To structure water on the FSC no 9 with right commands. You should understand, that in order to regulate the blood pressure, you should regulate the adrenal glands function, the kidneys function at the first place, nervous system, endocrine system, all systems are interconnected. Only after that  say gratitude for the blood pressure has been normalized.

Question: I feel itching all over the body for several days like during Cosmo-Energy session, what is It?

Answer: Possible the session continues. You made in inquiry possibly you deserved the situation when the channels did not closed as usually after an hour or two, but continue to work with you. Do not be afraid. It is real. Everything we are doing is real.

While working with Functional State Correctors, it is necessary to imagine what you need first. The question you are composing already contains the answer, so try to write down a plan of your work. The method of working with the lilac FSC s implies the activation of your thinking process, learning to be concentrated and attentive. Concentrated thought creates.

Everything we see around is a collective consciousness despite the materialist philosophy which states that everything is created independently from your consciousness. Objective reality is independent from our consciousness till some degree - in case  we are not consciousness enough. Another thing when we become fully consciousness, the facts are already known to the science. It is confirmed in the experiments with water. Of cause, the question remains with what power. In this short lection I can only pretend to name questions, not all the answers.

Lets look at water as at bio-information computer. There is a good film The great mystery of water. The researches talk about possibility to store, transfer, and receive mind images and any other information with the help of water. Mind images carry thin energy and week and super weak electromagnetic fields. FSC allow not only to transfer mind images on water, liniments, crystals, but through activation of the Cosmo-Energy Channels, recorded on them, to receive in real time a Cosmo-Energy healing session.

Before structuring water you should make a plan, a precise plan of what you need. For example: cardio-vascular diseases, blood pressure, then you need to clean space in your room, actually to clean out your premises the way I told you in the beginning. After cleaning your premises you way come to water structuring, since the Cosmo-Energy Channels on the FSC are already opened. And now it is time for  your plan. You may put a bottle of water on the Functional State Corrector, or place the FSC near to the bottle it does not matter because the Channels are opened and energy is directed on the FSC and around it. If You simply look on your water the energy flows through it, activating information in it. You do it for 15 minutes, saying, for example I am grateful for water being structured to heal hypertension, or what one needs.  You may structure several water samples. For example one sample of water I am grateful for water being structured to clean and heal kidneys and adrenal glands, Another bottle I am grateful for water being structured to heal gastro-intestinal tract. Any creativity is allowable here.

Speaking in general say gratitude for the thin bodies have been cleaned, you may name a specific meridian, they are known from Chinese traditional medicine, if you want. The twinge, you may feel in hands, indicates that acupuncture points are activated and the meridians are in the process of gleaning. Later on Prana or life energy starts to circulate through meridians. What happens in the process of the thin bodies cleaning? Whirl pathology structures, posing the destructive action on the organism,  are deleted from the human bio-field. It is the A stage, it demands 10-15 minutes. B stage is I am grateful for my chakras being restored. Even if you do not know how they look and how they should work no matter the Channels know how to do it, they are intelligent. If the chakras work properly, then organs and organism systems automatically start to work  well. For example, nervous, sympathetic, parasympathetic, endocrine systems. By the way, experiments on space cleaning demonstrated that when one enters into the room, which was cleaned by the Cosmo-energy Channels, better performance of the sympathetic system were observed. These experiments were conducted by  well known American medical doctor Jeff Oranjel, who was one of my talented pupils. After that, stage C - approximately 10 minutes you restore organs you say gratitude for (name organ) being restored. D the restoration of aura and bio-field, it lasts 5 minutes; E I am grateful for protection, and generally I am grateful to the energies which worked with me I mean the intelligent energies of Cosmo-Energy.

If one clean a house with the lilac Functional State Correctors, these will last long enough, 7 month as  minimum, but if in addition people behave themselves properly in these premises, the defense  could last eternally.

On the principal of analogy of the reality structure, its hierarchy, holographic principle and  fractal  principle, the element of Water contains all the other known elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Primordial Love in which everything was created. So the properties of Water, which were opened recently, could be explained through these categories. You know about Masary Emoto experiments with water when it responded to the word Love with harmonious picture, and with destructive picture to the word Devil. The mind-image was perceived by water and it was objectified, it showed. And if will continue to reflect on these matter, that means to develop thinking and keenness of observation, we may remember the snow that falls every winter. All snowflakes have ideal beauty, and everyone is unique. An observation on Gods creative manner could be derived from this simple fact, on observation on the program which is put into the snowflakes creation process. The closer to God, the brighter is individuality. Generally it is Heavenly program and every snowflake is perfect. And the second property whish could be traced here the greatest constant is variability. Everything flows, everything changes, and in harmonious way. and since we are created by The Creators  image and likeness, and FSC s are tuned on these image and likeness, only one thing is left: the machine is created, conscious energies are at help, the only thing left is to turn on ones consciousness, wit, mind and thinking. The developed thinking will allow to promote clairvoyance and clair-awareness automatically. There is no need to pump up the third eye with the help of the Functional State Correctors, it should happen (open) on its own. More to it, it is very useful to think over things, to be a philosopher, in order to strengthen this gifts one should be a good man every second in everyday life, this is the first thing that is required. And to develop fearlessness. More to it, such world-view allows to approach such object as water with greater consciousness. There are known such conceptions like living water and dead water. In short: dead water suppresses pathogenic micro flora, living water activates all living objects. What differs water structured with the help of the lilac Functional State correctors and Cosmo-Energy Channels? Water structured on lilac FSC s perceives structure analogous to the human DNA structure, that actually means life. Someone or something regulates  our DNA, and the main task is to reach these regulator / programmer, which is situated inside a human being. And people asking questions about complex diseases should stop and start to put everything in order inside themselves. And their questions will melt down gradually. That means not to look outside, but inside using the technique of working with the lilac FSC s.

Question: Here is a question about fearlessness, what or whom to be afraid of ?

Answer: Initially there is only two states: Love and fear. The more Love, the lesser is the fear. One should fear nothing, be careful but fear nothing.

Water, structured on the lilac FSC-s, has structure analogous to the human DNA structure, it is not just empty words, it is research, which was conducted with sufficient accuracy in the institute of spectroscopy. We have these data, so every FSC in your hands is not like a pasty swallowed and it is gone, but a technology, and you are developing as masters and creators, and later on as co-creators. You get a chance to become a constructors of your souls, thin bodies and physical bodies. God or Creator initially started all the programs for you, all the programs of development for every living creature. It is necessary to learn to see and find them and catalyze with the power of your intention and concentration. The experiments with water which reacts to thought and to intention of a soul are well known. Snowflakes demonstrate to us their perfect and harmonious forms. And a man should create with his soul, look like one is drawing or singing, or like gymnast is moving, or like mom washes a child in a  babys bath. I think that a device able to measure human emotions will be invented soon. It is possible that such a device already exists. But the most perfect device is a developed human, his consciousness, which is able to receive information from the databank of the Universe. It is a privilege of initiated ones. There is an information about everything in every point of Space. And with sufficient training one may co-tune and receive this information.

The Universe is created on the basis of beauty and harmony: the golden ratio, The Fibonachi numbers, the laws of Love. And a human being is grunted access to Higher Knowledge via following these basic principles, the life is founded on. The first step to Higher Knowledge is to follow the known commandments of Love to everything, Love to good, Serving other people. Then by the law of the this word the likeness will attract the likeness, and a chance to get information appears, at first through initiation, by means of the process of co-tuning with information, and later on through the information channels.

Now we are going to talk about Functional State Corrector no 10. It works with the bone system in general, liquor, by request it normalizes the blood pressure. The first chakra is responsible for the bone system and blood, so the accent is made on the normalization of the first chakra functions. The FSC no 10 works with joints and spinal column. Even it is not a correct medical term, the solution of the salts in spinal column, resolving of hernias, though it is a long process,  anyhow the hernia capsulate and do not cause pains. And a process of straightening the spinal column is taking place. Consolidation of bone tissue is taking place, the metabolism normalizes, and the calcium from milk, cottage cheese or kefir is utilized by the organism

Question: How to normalize weight? We do pumping with no 11 and 14.

Answer: You may also add The Light of Life, and more to it, You obligatory need some physical load, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening, any twisting motions, twist all joints, twist spinal column one way then another, twist hands one way and the other. You need to spin your field structure, the Functional State Correctors will accent your job.

Question: With what FSC can we help a child 6,5 years old to acquire a normal speech?

Answer: With the help of The Clear Space and additionally with The Light of Life.

Question: Do FSC no 16 takes off witchcraft, and a special professionally designed destruction message?

Answer: If you will have in mind the image of professionally designed destruction message and black witchcraft above you, you will create portals for it with your own hands. That means you should cultivate thoughts, that everything is OK, and work with the FSC no 16 The Clear Space. Only this way. Because there is a fight of two informations taking place which one will prevail. Wright down these phrase and think it over during three days, then all your problems will be solved. You should pay attention to correct formulas. It is not correct to say I am turning the essence out of my body. You should say: I am grateful the essence has being dissolved It is most powerful formula, because it contains a desired end result. Categorically.

Question: What shell we start curing from in case of complete organism imbalance ?

Answer: Start from number 16 The Clear Space, it cleans cells and chakras.  Here is a drawing of a human with his  chakras. These circles   depict chakras. In fact human aura is much wider. If chakras do not work properly, the energy and information coming from Creator simply do not reach its destination point, and a human being turns into  bio-vampire with time, because he loses the ability to use unlimited source. In the aura I depicted black spots, ordinary people call them damnation, evil eye and so on. In fact they are destructive whirls. The activated Cosmo Energy Channels clean out all these dirt, everything becomes clean. Because a human being becomes clean, some programmer activates inside him, or we call it self regulation mechanism, which turns on the mechanism of self healing. For example, if you fish in dirty river, you would not throw your catch directly at the frying pan. In order to cook it you will scale it, take out the haslets, salt and pepper it, use the clean oil. The clearance is required. It is very rough analogy. If there is speck in the eye you need to take it of. The scales in the eyes the eye diseases. In order to see clearly  you need to remove  scales from the eyes. The same with thin bodies, when they are cleaned, you start to understand more.

Question: There is a question about karma and damnations. One have to hold the positive thoughts with the help of the willpower, what to do ?

Answer: Well, how to be generous? One should not squeeze generosity drop after drop out of himself, one should become generous in his soul instead. A path and keys are given, as usual. Through the restoration of one own energy, through the cleaning of aura, thin bodies,  through the restoration of chakras, and as I said in the beginning, one should allow himself to return the God-likeness. You will acquire force and knowledge, you will become a different man. And all other problems will be solved quickly.

Question: I feel a kind of blocked in all aspects of life, the health starts to struggle, do not know how to go out of these circle. The blue FSCs help to harmonize things only for a short period of time. How to go out?

Answer: The lilac Functional State Correctors help, but one should act on his own, anyway it is only a help. Implement them using the scheme of the Cosmo Energy Session, but if you would not do this, everything will remain as it was. It implies not only to put the FSC at a certain place, but actually to work with them. In this case the sleeping brain functions will be activated, and gradually you will return to human-likeness, and later with time even to the God-likeness, as the Creator intended. We are situated in His body. It means to return to oneself the God-likeness, the participation in the co-creation process. These are not just abstract slogans, I tell you special formulas, for you were able to write them down. I am grateful that my aura has being cleaned and you may even go to any computer diagnostics and watch what will happen. Then the restoration of chakras, in order to restore chakras and turn on internal organs into the normal working process. If entire organism has being restored, the powerful money flux automatically turns on. Because money is an energy. I would call it the energy of wisdom. When a human develops fearlessness, and never betrays his soul and spirit, and goes through all challenges with a clear soul this flux turns open.

Question: if a man is on the last stage of his life, what is better to support him?

Answer: the FSC no 15 The Light of Life

Question: A cyst at the kidney, how to work with FSC ?

Answer: Use The Clear Space and no 9, because number nine implies healing of the cardio-vascular system, and it works with kidneys and adrenal glands. Use the scheme of the Cosmo-Energy Session,  and additionally say I am grateful the cyst on the kidney was resolved.

It is possible to work in laying position, but do not cross hands or legs. It is possible both to open your eyes during Cosmo Energy Session, and to sleep during it.

Question: What you imply under the term concentration?

Answer: The concentration of attention means the ability to hold on the mind-image. Well, try to look at given point permanently, without drawing your attention from it, you would not be able to do it. Here is a good  exercise, which will help to clean unnecessary weed thoughts out of your head before working with the FSCs. The negative information is burned out  in parallel.  It is counting from 100 to 1, then from 50 to 1, then from 25 to 1, and at the end a powerful command to the sub-consciousness should be given: I am absolutely healthy, everything will turn out well with me. After that you may say your gratitude according to your problems.

Question: Please explain how to hold the mind image of a diseased organ in ones head or to imagine brightly in front of oneself?

Answer: Use your common sense. Where is the organ situated? Imagine it there. Imagine a healthy organ inside yourself, even if you do not know the anatomy. The Cosmo Energy Channels are intelligent,  they knew everything and will find what to heal on their own. If you understand where it is situated, you may imagine it in your head. (Imagine the organ in wet condition. Wet organs are alive, dry organs are dead).  You only have to say gratitude and relax.

What is an image of a perfect health? You may imagine your anatomy inside, or simply imagine a light inside yourself. A pure silver or golden light. You may also say gratitude to Creator, to every cell of your organism it helps.

Question: When the FSC no 16 was on the electric counter, I felt like crying all the time, what it was?

Answer: It was the cleaning of a soul. It is an ordinary phenomenon at Cosmo Energy session, even in case of a distant work.

Question: Please tell how to work with little children, what peculiarities?

Answer: Little children get well quickly, so do the same things but in smaller doses, Use water, bath with the sea salt.

Question: Do children under 10 need pumping?

Answer: If such an information goes, then do pumpings, but make them short.

Question: Blood scabs in the nose, what FSC-s to use?

Answer: You may use The Clear Space, you may put your nose-drops on it, or prepare a sea salt solution, structure it and  drop into the nose.

Question: How to clean karma with the help of the Functional State Correctors?

Answer: Karma could not be cleaned, it should be worked out. Thin bodies and chakras could be cleaned, but it depends on a degree in which one is opened to this process. The effectiveness of cleaning also depends on how one relaxes, and on the degree of ones confidence. And if one starts to do a  good deeds, the karma melts down. In all religions  the gratitude is advocated, the grateful heart, no censuring anyone and anything, simply work on yourself.

Question: How to stop uttering bleeding ?

Answer: There is a herb Orthilia secunda, and Rhodiola gelida, but you should read the instruction and work with gynecologist. Of course, it is dangerous to take hormonal remedies, they make provoke unwanted reactions. High hemoglobin level is required here. In urgent case you may need some remedies that increase hemoglobin level, the best one is walnuts with honey, dried apricots and risings. If non reversible process is going on there is a need to call the emergency and cleaning out the non reversible process is an extreme case. The herbs, I mentioned are recorded at the FSC no. 4, you may structure water, apply tampons inside.

Question: How to define the degree of cleanness or dirtiness ?

Answer: Better to do the cleaning than to define the level of cleanness. Because the truth is always conditional, we move from one truth to another, as long as we deserve it.

Question: If one does not know what to remove, is it possible to remove the reason of the pain, of the illness?

Answer: The activated Cosmo-Energy Channels are doing exactly the same. They find the reason on their own.  May it is difficult to understand how something invisible may purposefully heal you. By the analogy with a fresh air, which you breath in, which increases the hemoglobin level it is also a materialization. Blissful influence of the sea water. You do not see the electromagnetic fields, but use radio, television, internet, receive pictures on your cell phone without wires its a miracle.  But all this is technology. We have similar things in here, the difference is that we are dealing with intellectual, live energies. You need only to express gratitude. Pronounce what you need in an already healed form. And thats all. It is a universal answer to every possible question. I will repeat once again: express gratitude the definite problem was healed, as if it already took place.

Question: Sometimes people feel the state of the peoples soul, what is hurting them, how to put a defense? And what to do with  this?

Answer: If you feel a desire to help this is the Heavenly empathy. You should not take empathy on what troubles them and express a compassion this way you increase negative information. A Heavenly empathy is required, that means you transform and heal with your intention, with your best wishes of health improvement and restoration. By thinking about good, you also protect yourself.


Question: Is it possible to help in case of the  Kron disease ?

Answer: try the ninth Functional State Corrector. A lot of Heavenly Love Channels are recorded on this plate. You may activate them. The program of the gastro-intestinal tract restoration is also recorded on it. The program is built on the system level, that means the harmonization of the organism systems. Try it and then write your testimony how it worked out.

Question: Is it possible to conduct a cleaning session using some melody music as a background?

Answer: Of course, it is. It could help, in order to strengthen the effect, you may charge the computer or the hard disk or CD with The Clear Space. You may hold an FSC close to the CD and say I am grateful the CD is charged with so and so programs.

Question: How to work with FSC no 10 with the resolution of salt deposits in fingers on hands and legs?

Answer: Concentrate your attention on fingers, say gratitude for the salt deposits were resolved. Use the Cosmo-Energy scheme.

Question: I appeal to the forces of light and ask to clean myself from parasites and others? Is it correct ?

Answer: Yes, the main thing is avoiding the use of NO particle. Generally the short phrases are better. Then, there could be different  forces of light. There is a kind of light in the darkness as well. So far as you are working with the Functional State Correctors, then address to the channels recorded on them. In order to avoid discord, what forces of light you are addressing. There are channels of Heavenly Love Channel, The Light of Universal Love, The Heavenly Love.

About the NO particle: when you say I am not thick, our sub-consciousness does not hear the NO particle, it hears I am thick. You should say I am absolutely healthy. I am not thick is incorrect formula.

Question: They ask to repeat the water structuring procedure with the help of the lilac FSC-s.

Answer: I will repeat it in short: First you have to clean the space, and yourself if you want the best results, You should activate a defense for yourself. After that you put water on the FSC, or close to it. First you clean water, the n structure it. If you will add some salt in water, the information will stay longer.

Question: How to work distantly?

Answer: Everything is created with the help of mind-images.  Before God pronounced the first Word, which created, He thought it over, and before this He had a pre-thought. So you act similar, first  think  what you want, the thought is material, it translates by the laws of the information propagation.  The information has the ability of mutual penetration, the ability to friendship with the other information, the ability to coordination and adaptation. The same way the water flows in the aryk  (irrigation channel), the thought may flow to its addressee. Working with such categories requires the pureness of thoughts and intentions. If you are not ready yet, act through water structuring and gratitude.

Now lets conduct Cosmo-Energy Session. Take FSC no 10, or which one you have, and we will repeat the programs in short, because we already discussed them today. I am grateful the thin bodies has been cleaned, I am grateful the meridians / chakras has been cleaned, I am grateful my chakras has been tuned to proper work, I am grateful my physical body has been cleaned. You may spare several minutes for each topic. Hold the FSC at the first chakra, fell the clockwise turning (if looking from above). Then we may switch to the second chakra I am grateful the second chakra has been restored, then go to the third chakra the solar plexus. The forth, the fifth.  Then I am grateful the spinal column thin structures  has been restored imagining the spinal column, you may even look at every vertebra. The main thing is to be confident in what you are doing. A sensation may appear in the ovary, kidneys, adrenal gland areas the regulation is taking place there as well. The restoration of the whole organism is taking place. But with the accent on joints and the spinal column. Say gratitude to your spinal column. Say I am grateful the shoulder joints  have been restored You may add knees and patella,  ankles. You may even imagine all your joints altogether, do it even if you think that you are not able to imagine things. Those people, who conduct the Cosmo-Energy session in standing position will have more sensations, they will be turned  and rocked. Lets concentrate for another minute. You may look at the FSC, understanding that intelligent energies which repair you are going through your body. At the same time hold in your mind the image of the spinal column and all joints, the entire bone system, imagine the restoration of the teeth and the tooth enamel. The resolution of the unnecessary salts is going on. I am grateful unnecessary salts were resolved. One needs to relax as deep as he can. You may even say I am grateful I am relaxed, I am grateful for the help in relaxation. Now everything is activated very well, and for an hour or two the action will be taking place, even if the session is finished.

You may continue working on yourselves after the lecture and send your testimonies.

Question: Is it possible while saying gratitude to FSC and to Cosmo-Energy Channels recorded on them, say I am grateful for deep cleaning and harmonization  of the thin bodies, consciousness, energy chakras, and filling them with Heavenly Light? at the same time.

Answer: it is needed!

Now I am reading testimonies:

Trembling all over the body, fever at the end, gooseflesh all over the body, from head to toes, rocking.

That is the work with you. 

I saw light, hot in the chest, I am grateful for the session, all body vibrates, I did it in a sitting position and there was a rocking.

There is a question: why the eyeballs hurt during sessions?  Because the energy flows through eyes as well. If they hurt, close your eyes.

A gratitude for relaxation, someone managed to relax.

Rocking, quivering of the cells, Slightly expressed pain in shoulders and spinal column. Good!

A gratitude for the session, saw green light and felt rocking.

A  warmth is going from the bottom, especially at the back of the head The right felling.

Eyes become dry wash them with water.

The gooseflesh in the neck area.

The gooseflesh means that the acupuncture points are activated, the meridians are cleaning and activating, the healing is taking place.

It was unresponsive, why?  You need to relax. There is another moment not everyone feels. But it does not mean that there is no action, so do not worry.

I am grateful, warmth all over the body, I am grateful for a gentle work.

A feeling of joy, why do not we pump the 6-th and the 7-th chackras?  The 6-th and the 7-th chackras should open on their own while we are working with lower chackras. Because if you will deliberately interfere with them, you may start to see everything and get frightened.

First darkness, then light and fever, I was sitting, it twisted me clockwise, then counterclockwise, gratitude for a session, a lot of gratitudes.

I had no sensations.  Well, you had not.

Who felt heartbeats, sit down, have a rest, put the FSC aside and relax.

Powerful rocking, violet light, Im grateful with love and  thankfulness, warmth in the cosmic center area, everything relaxed.  Our cosmic center is situated between the throat chakra and the fifth chakra. It should be kept clean. People suffering from hypertension usually have  blocked  cosmic center, they need to clean it.

It became very hot after the session.

You should feel hot. If it is cold that means the organism is contaminated, such a powerful cleaning starts,  that  there could be a lack of energy in the organism. At the end of the session one should say: I am grateful  the organism energy has been restored.

Boom in the cervical area. It really could be, take a rest, I also experienced a kind of  heaviness in the cervical area. That means, brain function which is responsible for the  musculoskeletal  system  turned on. Those people who experienced  heaviness in the head or whos head was brimmed over, calmly say gratitude for the session, drink some water, take a rest, relax.

Many people express gratitude for the session, for everything.

If there is a  lump in the throat dark energy raised, you have to repeat gratitude I am grateful for the cleaning. Lets do it together one more time, now it passed. Write e testimony if it really passed.

If one feels a desire to sleep and calamity it is wonderful!

If a pain in the coccyx appeared at the place where you had a trauma, that means this place returned to life, a signal goes to the brain that I am in the process of healing, that I need something, that I am returning to life.

There is no lilac FSC-s but there is a twinge in the fingers. It is because you were involved anyway. Despite the fact that you do not have the lilac Functional State Correctors, but you were listening you entered this information field.

If you have tears in eyes let them be. Yawning is also normal.

Thats all for today I am finishing now, let the force be with you. Thank  Goodness.

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